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This is a detailed timeline of the history of the Destiny universe. Note that nearly all events are not attached to specific dates; they may not be in exact chronological order, and adjacent events in the list may be separated by spans of only a few days or several centuries.

Note that there are infinite number of timelines with their own continuities, but this page focuses on the primary story from start to current. So Information from the Dark Future Lorebook are not present.

The Ancient Past[edit]

First Conflict of Light and Darkness[edit]

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Year Date Event Information
2 primordial entities, known respectively as the Gardener and the Winnower, are assigned specific roles, with the Gardener being described as the one who seeds life whilst the Winnower is described as the one who takes life. In the evening, the Gardener and the Winnower would play the Flower game in the garden before time.
The Winnower describes the rules of the Flower game as the following: a living flower with less than 2 living neighbors is starved and dies; a living flower with 2 or 3 living neighbors can survive into the next generation; a living flower with more than 3 living neighbors is overcrowded and dies; and a dead flower with only 3 living neighbors comes back to life. While the Winnower enjoys this inevitable victory, the Gardener becomes tired of it.
The Gardener decides to add both it and the Winnower themselves to the rules of the Flower game to delay the Final Shape, a philosophy in which nothing that causes pain and suffering should exist. The Winnower discovers the First Knife, initiating the first conflict between the paracausal forces of Light and Darkness. Light is the paracausal force affecting the physical world while Darkness is the paracausal force affecting the mental world. The conflict begins by bringing down the legendary Tree of Silver Wings. As a result, the universe begins recording time.

The Creation of the Witness[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The Traveler manifests in realspace The Gardener emerges on the home planet of a humanoid species. The inhabitants exhume the sphere which bestows upon them gifts of knowledge, beginning their Golden Age.
Eons later, in the absence of guidance from their benefactor, their society began to crave meaning and sought to find something that would bring order and purpose to an otherwise open-ended existence, eventually viewing their Gardener as a force of chaos capable of bringing creation or ruin.
Discovery of the Veil Now capable of interstellar travel as a result of gifts of the light, the species becomes aware of an object of power antipodal to the Light, one linked to the mind and consciousness rather than the physical world. They called this object: the Veil. In studying the Darkness, they discovered that it held the means to guide the universe into a perfected, eternal form, a "Final Shape" that would last to the end of time and beyond. In this, they found purpose. To achieve their goal, the species schemed to bring the Traveler and the Veil together, which would, according to their research, grant them the ability to alter reality itself. They set off in search of their benefactor's counterpart, eventually finding it and returning it to their homeworld. In response, the Traveler flees to avoid this outcome.
The Birth of the Witness Unwilling to abandon their quest, the civilization used the Veil to bind their consciousnesses together, merging themselves into a single, unfathomably powerful entity: the Witness through a ritualistic mass sacrifice, possibly against the will of many members.[1] Empowered by the Darkness and commanding a fleet of pyramidal ships, the Witness left its world behind and began a crusade to find the Traveler and unite it with the Veil, and in doing so bring about the Final Shape

Rise of the Worm Gods[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The species known as the Proto-Worms, lived a peaceful existence on the planet of Fundament.

Rise of Rhulk, the First Disciple[edit]

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Year Date Event Information
The Traveler arrives at Lubrae, a planet orbited by a Sapphiric Sun and an Umbral Sun. It uplifts the Lubraeans living on the planet, enabling them access to technology capable of driving out dangerous flora attacking the people under the Umbral Sun through the Sapphiric Converter. After the Traveler departs from Lubrae, a division occurs with the Lubraeans between the nomadic Wanderers and The Regime settling under the Sapphiric Converter. Rhulk is born under the Wanderers to his father Rhelik, his sister Kheeta, and his mother Vrhuna. He witnesses his father fight the Stalkers sent by the Regime and shares in his hatred of them.
After witnessing the death of his clan-uncle and Fhent at the hands of the Regime, Rhulk decides to take action. He kills a group of Stalkers and is exiled as a result of his violent behavior's incompatibility with the peaceful culture of the Wanderers. He begins his quest to find his father. He gets captured by the Regime in the process. He learns that his father had defected to the Regime, angering him. He renames the Glaive he had dedicated to the mission of finding his father from Rheliksward to Rheliksbane. He later learns his father has defected back to the Wanderers, angering him further and vowing to kill him.
He reunites with his clan and family, but they push into the Abyss, a chasm that divides the Wildlands the Wanderers inhabit and the city the Regime inhabit. At the bottom of the Abyss, Rhulk makes contact with a mysterious being that would soon be known to him as "his Witness". At the behest of the Witness, Rhulk uses his Glaive to crack open the planet and use the Upended to destroy the Sapphiric Sun and his home planet. He becomes the last Lubraean and the first Disciple of the Witness. He renames his Glaive to Lubrae's Ruin. Rhulk goes on to appoint new Disciples, most notably Nezarec, who was worshipped as a god by the Psions. [2]
The Witness convinces Rhulk to coax the Ahslid into joining its cause. After initial attempts to coerce their kind failed, Rhulk begins grooming the next generation into a fearmongering race fueled by paranoia and terror; one of his most prominent being Uun whom he doted on. His attempt to manipulate the Ahslid backfires as their peaceful way of life turns into warfare, scrubbing their whole planet of life. Uun, being the only survivor of his race, turns away from Rhulk's teachings and is killed by the Lubraean; thus the Ahslid became extinct.
Rhulk arrives on the gas giant of Fundament and seeks out the Worms, in the process grievously injuring the Leviathan. The Worm Mother Xita is taken by the Disciple as the worms are forced into servitude of the Witness and the Worm Mother to produce implantable worm larvae.[3] He allows its larvae to drift into the oceans of Fundament.

Corruption of the Worm Gods[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The Worm Gods would become seduced by the idea of to kill each other to gain power through the Sword Logic. Six of them, Xita and her children Akka, Eir, Ur, Xol and Yul evolve into the entities known as the Worm Gods. [4]
The Proto-Worm Ahsa would escape the onslaught, and travel across space to pursue the Traveler. She would eventually learn of the Witness's origins.
Many of the Proto-Worms were killed in the slaughter. The Leviathan, who was a servant of the Traveler, would imprison the Worm Gods deep beneath the oceans of Fundament, where they would remain for billions of years. The Worm Gods would begin to call out other species to Fundament to free them.

Ascension of the Hive[edit]

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Year Date Event Information
Hundreds of different species migrate to Fundament due to the Worm Gods call. They become stranded there, living on the shards of their broken worlds which become floating continents. One such species was the proto-Hive known as the Krill, whose homeworld collided with Fundament and shattered. The Krill survive and build a new civilization for themselves on the floating shards of their former homeworld, gradually forgetting their original history.[5]

A species of bony six-armed cephalopods named the Ammonites benefit from the Traveler's patronage and build a sophisticated starfaring civilization spanning all of Fundament's fifty-two moons, before eventually coming into contact with the distant Ecumene.[6][7]

Upon discovering that the Krill would be claimed by the Traveler, the Witness would seek to prevent this and claim them for itself. A dead Worm larvae which would become known as the Worm Familiar, would wash up on the shores of the Osmium Court. It would begin to whisper to the Osmium King.
At eight years of age, the Krill Osmium King of the Osmium Court on Fundament sires his final brood of offspring, which includes his three daughters Xi Ro, Sathona, and Aurash who are tutored by sterile mother Taox. At ten years of age, the Osmium King begins to succumb to senility and madness; becoming consumed with ancient texts and obsessing over the movements of Fundament's moons, and the possibility of a catastrophic alignment called the Syzygy.[8][9][10] Unbeknownst to him, the Witness spoke to him through the Worm familiar.
Fearing for the Osmium Court's future and believing the royal daughters were unsuited to rule, Taox secretly contacts the rival continent's Helium Drinkers of the Helium Court, inviting them to invade, assassinate the royal family, and install her as a subservient regent of the Osmium Court in exchange for engines capable of moving their continent.[9] The Helium Drinkers agree, resulting in the Osmium Court's fall and the death of the Osmium King, but the royal daughters escape and vow to take revenge.[8]
Three years after losing their kingdom, upon the advice of their father's worm, Xi Ro, Sathona, and Aurash use a salvaged high-tech ship to dive into Fundament's depths, hoping to discover a secret to stave off the Syzygy, which Aurash had come to believe was imminent.[11][12] They encounter the Leviathan, but they reject his pleas to turn back and continue their pursuit.[13][14] Deep within the ocean of Fundament, the sisters encounter the Worm Gods. The Worms offer the sisters immortality and power in exchange for accepting their larvae as parasites and carrying out the will of the Darkness. The sisters agree to the pact and are transformed into the first Hive: Xi Ro takes the Knight Morph becoming Xivu Arath, God of War; Sathona takes the Mother Morph becoming Savathûn, the Witch Queen; and finally, Aurash takes the King Morph, transforming into a Male and becoming Auryx, the King of the Hive.[15]
Xivu Arath, Savathûn, and Auryx return to the surface and share the Worm parasites among the other Krill, becoming the Hive and creating an army that quickly overwhelms Fundament's other species.[16] Taox flees, at first to other continents[17][18] and then to the Ammonite capital moon where she is granted asylum.[6] Originally, Auryx was willing to negotiate with the Ammonites, however Savathûn following the orders of the Worm Gods kills him as punishment.[19] Instead of dying, Auryx's soul passes to his own Ascendant Realm or throne world, a pocket dimension in the Ascendant Plane where their soul resides after death and the only place where they can truly be killed.[20] Auryx returns, now having purged any sympathy and goodwill that remained in himself, and the Hive continue their war against the Ammonites. Xivu Arath sends her brood to slay the Leviathan and bring the Ammonites to extinction. This leads to a final battle, where the Ammonite champion Chroma-Admiral Rafriit is slain. The Leviathan attempts to flee to the Ammonites' capital moon.[21] With the Leviathan alone, Xivu Arath sends her Knight Ir Uulxal to slay the priest of the Sky, he succeeds tasting its flesh and making it rain upon the Ammonites. Ir Uulxal would be commended, being given the new name of the Leviathan-Eater and the title, Bane of the Ammonites.[22] The Hive continue their assault, bringing the Ammonites to extinction, and forcing the Traveler to abandon Fundament.[23] The Hive colonize and transform Fundament's moons into mobile war-moons[24], and embark on their purge of the universe in the name of the Darkness.[25] During this time the Worms begin instructing Auryx in the nature of the Sword-Logic.[24][26][27][28][29]
The Hive eradicate hundreds of intelligent species, including the Qugu, over a span of twenty thousand years.[30] During this time they grow and expand their. kingdoms, refining and deepening their knowledge of the Sword Logic.[31] Auryx makes war upon Savathûn out of both revenge and love, with Xivu Arath fighting them together.[32]
Approximately twenty-four thousand years after the fall of the Ammonites[7], the Hive reached the frontier of the Ecumene and invaded seventeen worlds for over a century[7]. The Dakaua, a client species of the Ecumene, discover Taox in cryo-stasis aboard an ancient ship.[7] Taox shares her knowledge of the Hive's leaders and motivations with the Dakaua, and the Ecumene unleashes its most powerful weapons against the Hive, who immediately suffer setbacks.[7]
The Hive suffer many defeats against the Ecumene. Auryx summons Savathûn and Xivu Arath to his Throne World, realizing that their Worms' hunger was growing faster than their ability to feed it. Seeking the power necessary to allow the Hive to continue their crusade, Auryx slays his sisters[33] and then his Patron Worm God, Akka[34], creating the Tablets of Ruin, Auryx’s harnesses the ability to Take. Auryx becomes Oryx, the Taken King and uses his newfound power to create the Taken, Darkness-corrupted entities bent to his will. During his war, Oryx revives Xivu Arath through an act of war, and Savathûn through an act of cunning. For one thousand, one hundred and forty years the resurgent Hive triumvirate annihilated the species of the Ecumene so utterly that no trace of them remains.[35][36] Taox escapes yet again, however, and the Hive resume their pursuit, ravaging the galaxy along the way.
Creation of the Tithing System To grow quicker and more effectively in power, Oryx creates the tithing system. In this system, all Hive take some tribute to feed their Worm and tithe the rest to their superiors. Thralls tithe to Acolytes, Acolytes tithe to Knights or Wizards, and Knights and Wizards tithe to Ascendant Hive, until all this tribute reaches the Hive Gods.[37]
Golden Amputation Ten thousand years later, after destroying the Taishibethi,[38] Oryx communes with the Witness, which tells him the purpose of the Sword Logic is to bring about the Final Shape.[39][40] He decides to produce children, and sires two sons and twin daughters: Crota, Nokris, Ir Anûk, and Ir Halak.[41][42][43]
Unfavored and looked down upon by his father, Nokris sought to impress Oryx by communing with the Worm Gods.[44] He would succeed but all of them would reject him, except for Xol, the weakest of his kin who was fearing an attack from Yul. Xol and Nokris would strike a bargain, Nokris would trade Xol his heart in exchange for learning Necromancy, the power to revive others from the dead and considered by Oryx and his brood to be heresy to the Sword Logic. [45] Later Oryx would learn about Nokris's act of heresy and was outraged. Nokris and his brood were exiled with Xol fleeing alongside them, and all mentions of the disfavoured son were removed from The World's Grave and Books of Sorrow.[46]
While Oryx is absent from his court to observe the Darkness destroy an ancient fortress world, Crota, after being tricked by his aunt Savathûn, inadvertently opens a portal to a place containing Vex while experimenting within the Ascendant Realm.[47] The Vex, unable to comprehend the physics of Oryx's throne world, manifest Quria, Blade Transform[48], who begins experimenting with the Hive, learning to worship the Darkness, and continue to plague Oryx's realm for a hundred years.[48] The Worm God Eir finally calls Oryx home to deal with the problem after the Vex come close to conquering the High War.[48] Oryx Takes many of the Vex, dividing them against one another, before finally expelling the cybernetic machines from his realm.[49] Oryx comes to consider the Vex a worthy rival, and resolves to follow the Darkness and document the destruction it wreaks in a "grave of worlds"[49], so that he may learn from it and use this knowledge to succeed in his crusade against the universe.[49] With his Ascendant Realm having been compromised by the Vex incursion, Oryx builds the Dreadnaught from Akka's corpse and houses his realm within it.[49][50] This takes place before Earth's formation (at least 4.54 billion years ago)[51]
The Hive destroy the Harmony, another species that had built a peaceful and advanced civilization with the aid of the Traveler[52], and topple the fabled Gift Mast over a period of a hundred and fifty years.[53] During this conflict Oryx defeats Quria, Blade Transform and the remaining Vex who were attacking him, and gives the Taken Hydra to Savathûn.[50][54][55] Quria's last act is to share what it has learned about Oryx's origins as Aurash with the rest of the Vex collective mind.[56] Afterwards, Oryx's sisters part ways with him; Savathûn takes her war-moons into the black hole the Harmony's worlds orbited, while Xivu Arath ventures into unknown space.[53] Oryx continues on his journeys in the footsteps of the Darkness, continuing the Hive's crusade and still seeking the elusive Taox.[57]

Birth of Sol[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The Sol System is created. When life began to develop and evolve this led to the creation of the IX, dark matter entities connected to the system. The Nine can only stay awake as long as there is life.
The Vex embed themselves in every known celestial body. [58] They would create the Vault of Glass on Venus, to study what Quria had learnt about the Hive with Atheon, Time's Conflux serving as its Axis Mind. [59] [56]
At an unknown period of time, Ahsa would arrive in Sol and inhabit the seas of Titan.
The Hive led by Crota would arrive on the Moon, infesting it for hundreds if not thousands of years.

History of the Cabal[edit]

Year Date Event Information
According to legend, three Cabal warriors sought to claim the Sun for their people guarded by a mighty beast. The first two were killed attempting to evade the creature, but the third would die with honor leaving a mark on the beast. Inspiring her kin to fight the creature despite the repeated deaths. However, the beast would meet its end to Acrius, claiming the sun for his people and becoming the first Cabal Emperor.
At some point, the Cabal forge a vast interstellar Empire and incorporate the telekinetic Psions as a client race, who previously worshipped an unknown calamity that eventually strikes the Cabal and forces the Empire to flee.[60][61]
Over time, the Cabal Throne loses most of its power and the military aristocracy, the Praetorate gains control of most of the Empire's power. They popularize the Rite of Proving, a tradition for Cabal to prove their right through battle.
Calus, Prince Designate, leads a revolution and overthrows the Praetorate, becoming the Emperor of the Cabal Empire. He shifts the Empire's roots from militarism to art and philosophy and makes Torobatl the Cabal's home planet. He later has a daughter named Caiatl. The Consul, who previously had ties with the Praetorate would find the young orphan Ghaul, taking him in and training him as a weapon to overthrow Calus.
Ghaul would become a Gladiator in the coliseum, becoming favoured by the Emperor. Calus promotes Ghaul to Primus of the Red Legion, and eventually his right hand.
Ghaul, with the aid of the Consul, Caiatl and others leads a military coup against Calus, who is exiled to the Leviathan. Ghaul becomes the new leader of the Cabal Empire.[62]
As Calus is too popular among the Cabal populace to execute without risking rebellion, the conspirators exile Calus and his surviving supporters to the Leviathan and lock its course to a destination far outside of the Cabal empire.
After wallowing in despair for an unknown amount of time after his exile, the Leviathan comes across an expanse of nothingness, which shorts out the navigational systems. Calus then looks into the void and gains a renewed sense of purpose. [63] With control of the Leviathan back in his hands, Calus begins exploring the galaxy and planning to retake the empire.

History of the Eliksni[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The Traveler visits the Eliksni home planet Riis and provides them with limitless Ether.[64] The Eliksni prosper under the Traveler's patronage and revere it as "the Great Machine". During these years, the House of Judgment enforces law and peace.[65]
The event known as the Edge Wars brings infighting amongst the Eliksni. This conflict is ended by the House of Kings and the House of Judgement, entering their people into a Golden Age.
The House of Rain tell of a prophecy that the Great Machine would dub a great warrior as the "Kell of Kells".
Sometime after, the Eliksni civilization is destroyed by an event known as the Whirlwind. The Black Fleet invades the Eliksni system, causing the Traveler to flee from Riis. Oryx and his forces later arrive. Chelchis, Kell of Stone is slain by the Taken King himself, becoming a legend amongst his people.[66][67][68] Many Eliksni perished their civilization was left in ruins. In the aftermath, the House of Judgement attempts to maintain order among the survivors but is unable to prevent the outbreak of a bloody civil war and is itself nearly eradicated. The remnants of House Judgment are forced into servitude by the remaining Kells.[66] They begin their search for Traveler in hopes of returning to greatness, beginning the Long Drift and becoming the Fallen.

The Golden Age[edit]

Main article: Golden Age - According to various in-game quotes and Grimoire entries, the Golden Age lasted a few centuries. It came to a devastating end in the wake of the Collapse.[69]
  • Present Day—Humanity detects and tracks the Traveler as it enters the Sol System and terraforms Mercury, Venus, and the moons of Jupiter.[70] When it reaches Mars, the multinational Ares One mission is launched to make contact with it.[71] The Traveler promises humanity the universe [72] and imparts its vast knowledge to the species,[73] spurring the colonization of the Solar System.[74]

Early Golden Age[edit]

  • The Cosmodrome is built in modern-day Kazakhstan where humanity first takes to the stars in search of what lays beyond and ultimately in hope of escaping their overcrowded planet.[77][78]
Year Date Event Information
The Beginning of the Golden Age The Golden Age, a centuries-long[75] era of widespread prosperity and technological miracles, begins.[74]
Arrival of the Ahamkara The Ahamkara, a species with the ability to shapeshift and grant wishes, arrive in the system following the Traveler's arrival.
The formation of the North American Empire The North American Empire is formed.[76]
50 years after the Traveler's discovery At the age of 90, Commander Jacob Hardy records his experiences from the Ares One mission in his diary and explains how the Traveler's dramatic impact on human well-being and civilization changed everything[79] while studying the properties of Light-influenced terraforming.[79]
The Cloud Walkers lead the first Exodus.[80]
The First off-Earth Colony The first off-Earth colony is established in the Ocean of Storms on the Moon[81] and an exobotany laboratory is built in Mare Cognitum.[82]
The foundation of Freehold The city of Freehold is founded on Mars with the support of Clovis Bray. It becomes known as one of humanity's greatest achievements.[83][84]
The Colonization of Venus The Hesperonauts first descend into Venus's boiling mists and place terraforming engines in caldaras, beginning the planet's transformation into a habitable world.[85][86][87] They were later remembered by the Last City and the Guardians through a set of armor forged in their honor.[88]
The Discovery of the Vex During the initial exploration of Venus, ancient Vex ruins are discovered. Early Vex research outposts like Campus 9 attract Earth's brightest minds, leading to a colonization rush on the planet. The researchers found the Ishtar Collective and the Ishtar Academy.[89]
Birth of the Warmind The Clovis Bray Corporation take the code of the "R", an AI designed by M. Mihaylova and upgrade it into the sentient interplanetary defense system Rasputin. Clovis Bray I intended for him to take the Traveler's place, however Dr. Anastasia Bray goes against Clovis's orders, teaching him the different things of humanity. Rasputin goes on to rewrite Clovis's protocols, locking him out.
A copper box with a red lid is discovered, its lid dented, one hinge shattered. Inside is a small quantity of the finest, driest powder, more brown than gray, more blue than green. The powder is weighed by the grain and studied closely. One hundred billion bits reside inside, all of them tiny and nearly spherical, and etched with the outlines of continents and islands and icecaps. Each sphere represents a planet. One is found on Earth, Mars, and Venus. Many studies presume that the box is a message of how minuscule all of creation is, and some wonder who delivered this message, and why.[90]
A father on Venus shows his son a representation of what their world used to look like before the Traveler arrived.[91]

Mid-Golden Age[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The colonization of the Asteroid Belt Human settlements are established in the Asteroid Belt, subsequently becoming a treasure trove of industry.[92][93]
The creation of Silver A currency known as Silver is developed, and is later used by the Reef post-Collapse.[93]
The colonization of Jupiter Jupiter and its moons become a cornerstone of human civilization, lunar cities buried deep in ice shelves and within subaqueous oceans.[94]
Discovery of the K1 Anomaly Miners on the Moon discover a strange artifact. The Clovis Bray corporation and the Aeronautics of China create a research site around the artifact. By studying it they learn it is an artifact of Darkness, which Clovis Bray I calls "Clarity". Clovis communes with the artifact, which instructs him to make his way to Europa, with the promise of obtaining the secrets of immortality.[95]
Colonization of Europa Clovis and his team arrive on Europa. They found the colony Eventide and the facility, Bray Exoscience. Clovis begins his plans for the Exo Project, the project to transfer human consciousness into humanoid machines.
Discovery of Clarity Control Clovis Bray discovers the Pyramid artifact, which he calls "Clarity Control".[96] Clovis and his team attempt to move the artifact however this results in the death of nineteen engineers.[97] Due to being unable to move the artifact, Clovis constructs the facility which would become known as the Deep Stone Crypt.
Creation of the Exos During Clovis's attempts to create the Exos, early exominds would fall victim to what is known as the "loop/billboard/crash" cycle, characterized by cognitive and motor stereotypy (abnormal, repetitive behaviors), athetosis (slow, involuntary writhing movements of the limbs and extremities), and gradual loss of sapience. tip his claims the life of Clovis Bray II.[98] Clovis steals a Vex from the Ishtar Collective and uses it to construct a gateway to the Vex colonized star system, the Forge Star.[99] He discovers that exposing Vex radiolaria to "Clarity" solves the "loop/billboard/crash" problem. With this problem fixed, the Exos are successfully created. [100]
Despite fixing the "loop/billboard/crash" problem, Exominds would begin to fall victim to Dissociative Exomind Rejection (DER), when Exos do not feel comfortable in their new bodies.[101] To solve this problem, Clovis comes up with two solutions. The first is a "reboot", which does not wipe the Exos memories, but instead wipes the mind's memory post-transfer, however, the procedure will likely have to be repeated multiple times. The second solution is to introduce familiar human organic conceits into their body, such as the instinct to eat or reproduce.
The creation of Engrams and Glimmer Dr. Wilhelmina Bray develops the first Engram matter-encryption techniques based on relic crystals' unique datastatic properties.[102] Glimmer is presumably developed as a byproduct and used as a source of power.[103]
Information about Plutarch's writing on Fabius Maximus was encoded onto an engram. The engram includes the type of warfare termed the 'Fabian Strategy' - the strategy involves attrition tactics and avoiding direct conflict until an enemy makes a mistake.[104]
The investigation of Ishtar Collective The Ishtar Collective captures a live Vex specimen[105] and nearly go mad until a Warmind intervenes.[106] They send a group of two hundred twenty-seven proxies into the Vex ruins to explore the Vex Network.[107]

Late Golden Age[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The Foundation of Future War Cult The Future War Cult is founded by Maya Sundaresh at Lhasa after experimenting with Vex technology. The group disbands, however, after many of its members either go insane, commit suicide, or leave out of ethical concerns. Maya Sundaresh is among them.[108]
The development of The Kestrel The Kestrel, an experimental long-range jumpship, is prototyped. [109]
A pilot designated SABER GREEN piloting the ship Secure ISIS communicates with ICE MINARET. Civilian launches are not scrubbed and colonization efforts are being pushed beyond schedule to preserve secrecy. They are carrying an antimatter payload of one annihilation-pumped caedometric weapon codenamed RIGOR, and two other unknown devices codenamed SKYSHOCK and APEX. ICE MINARET remarks that they both know where the order came from.[110]
Creation of Soteria Using Vex technology, the Ishtar Collective creates the artificial intelligence Soteria, also known as the Augarmind, to research extrasolar colonization.[111]
The development of SIVA Clovis Bray begins developing technologies geared toward the colonization of the Solar System in the form of SIVA and Transmission. After going through several prototypes, SIVA is approved for deployment.[112][113]
Sometime later General Chen Lanshu glides around the Cosmodrome and converses with submind Malahayati about the possibility of invasion and speculates whether or not the Traveler could have been an enemy. Shortly thereafter, Chen Lanshu speaks to Willa Bray about the possibility of accelerating the colonization programs, and whether SIVA could be used for military purposes.[114]
The construction of Site 6 Site 6 is constructed.[115]
The Exodus Black crash 500 years before the Red War,[116] the colony ship Exodus Black, carrying a cache of SIVA, is launched.[117] Although Exodus Black's intended destination is the Kepler-186 system, the ship is intercepted by the Vex-inhabited centaur planetoid Nessus and crash-lands.[118] The survivors briefly try to make contact with Earth and send for help, but their signals are never received. The Vex soon exterminated the survivors, leaving only Exodus Black's failsafe AI, Failsafe.[119]
The colony ship, Yang Liwei leaves Earth to find a way to live without the Traveler.
The terraforming of Io The Traveler begins terraforming Io.[120]
Members of the First Light colony investigate the tunnels beneath the Moon. They discover the Worms and the Hive nesting deep within but do not survive to tell the tale.[121]

The Collapse[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The Warmind Rasputin detects the sudden arrival of the Black Fleet outside the Solar System, [122] with the aid of the abandoned technology of the Future War Cult and the Augurmind Soteria. [108] He discovers this is the Black Fleet, led by the Witness, alongside its Disciples and Savathûn. Recognizing the threat, Rasputin assumes control of humanity's Planetary Defense Network.[122]
The Traveler makes its "final exodus" from Io, leaving the moon's terraforming incomplete and fleeing to Earth as the Collapse begins.[120]
Rasputin attempts to defeat the Black Fleet using all available weapons, but to no avail. In a last-ditch attempt to stop the impending doom, Rasputin enacts ABHORRENT IMPERATIVE, and prepares to fire upon the Traveler with his most powerful weapons, thereby coercing it into a "pseudoaltrusitic" defensive action, should it attempt to leave.[123] The Traveler, for reasons unknown, chooses to stay and fight.[124][125]
Xol, Nokris, and their brood arrive on Mars in an attempt to conquer the planet. Rasputin activates "SIBERIAN ENTROPY", freezing and trapping them below the Hellas Basin.
Rasputin commissions the Yang Liwei as a warship, but they refuse to take a side in the conflict. [126] The battle between the Black Fleet and the Traveler, leads to the creation of a kugelblitz. It sucks the Yang Liwei into a newly formed pocket dimension made from Light and Darkness where time passes much quicker. The people aboard would lose their physical bodies and become beings of full potential. Mara Sov is the first to enter. [127]
As all countermeasures fail to affect the entity and defeat becomes a certainty, Rasputin decides to enact YUGA SUNDOWN and shuts down to protect itself, leaving billions of people to perish.[128][129]
First Fleet[130] or quite possibly what comes to be known as the Cassini[131], is lost around the orbit of Saturn.[132]
On Mercury, Venus, and Mars, dormant Vex units reacting to the Collapse reactivate and begin terraforming several worlds. While Mercury is turned into a Machine World in days. [133][134] On Mercury, Dendron, Root Mind]] plants the planet-sized prediction engine which would become the Infinite Forest, with Panoptes, Infinite Mind serving as its Axis Mind. The Vex spread is temporarily stalled by the Traveler.[135][134]
A massive spacecraft bearing a sigil of Golden Age Earth on its prow crashes on an unidentified battle-scarred world where over two dozen Exo soldiers fight a titanic battle with the Vex.[136]
The Collapse The Black Fleet, believed by Humanity to be the Darkness itself, arrives at Earth. The assault is led by Nezarec, who had the Veil aboard his ship, alongside Savathûn. They precipitated the Collapse and the abrupt end of the Golden Age. Earth's defenders are steadily beaten back until humanity is threatened with extinction.
Savathûn betrays and kills Nezarec, cursing his remains and hides the Veil away on Neptune. She tricks the Witness into sparing the Traveler. Humanity is saved by the intervention of the Traveler,[137] which sacrifices itself to stop the Black Fleet.[138] Before going dormant, the Traveler creates the Ghosts, to seek out those who can wield its Light as a weapon.[139]
Crashing of the Lunar Pyramid Nezarec's ship crashes and is buried deep beneath the Moon.
The fall of a shard of the Traveler A Shard of the Traveler lands in the European Dead Zone during its battle with the Black Fleet.[140]
Birth of the Awoken Being the first to enter and awaken in this new universe, Mara would shape the universe according to her will, choosing for her and the rest of the crew to exist as embodied entities. Alice the second to Awaken (now known as Alis) creates the planet known as the Distributary from her memories. Both Mara and Alis awaken on the Distributary. Mara tricks Alis into thinking she is the one who created the rules of the new universe. They both help awaken and incarnate the other members of the crew, including Mara's brother Uldren Sov, thus becoming the species known as the Awoken, a humanoid species made of both Light and Darkness and immortal as long as they remain within the Distributary.[141] Alis becomes their first queen.

Dark Age[edit]

Main article: Dark Age

Early Dark Age[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The Beginning of the Dark Age In the aftermath of the Collapse comes the Dark Age. It is a time of vast suffering and terrible evil.[142]
Founding of Neomuna Members of the Ishtar Collective aboard the Exodus Indigo arrive on Neptune due to Maya Sundaresh's recommendation to pursue a Vex signal. The researchers would discover the Veil on Neptune's surface. Exo members of the crew become braindead when near the Veil. Maya communicates with the Veil and becomes fascinated with it. The Ishtar Collective began the construction of Neomuna, using the Veil to power the city and conduct experiments.
The First Human enclaves Many survivors of the Collapse gather within secret enclaves in desperate attempts to survive.[143] Some Awoken return to Earth and the Exos emerge but their memories have been irreparably damaged.[142] Ghosts travel among the refugee columns, seeking the first Guardians.[142]
The first defenders of the human survivors Before the first Guardians appear, rangers led by the legendary Ayane Takanome protect humanity's survivors.[144][145] They disappear after the Guardians become commonplace.[146][147]
The arrival of the Fallen The Fallen arrived to the Sol System in their Ketches. The Fallen's Houses established throughout the entire System begin to loot and pillage humanity's former worlds and colonies, ending the Long Drift.[148] The House of Devils and House of Kings settle on Earth, the House of Wolves on the Jovians, the House of Winter on Venus, and the House of Rain on Mercury.
Discovery of the Lunar Pyramid The House of Wolves, led by their Kell Inaaks, discover the remains of Nezarec in the Lunar Pyramid. They split his corpse into different pieces to create the Dark Relics.
Rebirth of Lakshmi-2 Maya Sundaresh places dead Exos in the Veil's interface, instead of biological human participants. Directing the data from the Exos to a central recipient. Maya creates her own mental imprint to be overlaid on the central Exo recipient. Lakshmi-2 awakens, now with the mental imprint of Maya and possessing some of her memories.
Creation of the CloudArk Using their studies of the Vex network, and the paracausal energy field from the Veil. The people of Neomuna create the virtual reality environment known as the CloudArk. The Vex are unable to enter the CloudArk, however, the people within the CloudArk can enter the Vex Network with ease.
Formation of the Cloud Striders The Neomuni citizen Mikaela Julaha is caught in a accident with nanotechnology. Mikaela's strength and insurance would rapidly increase, however, her lifespan would be severely shortened. Others would allow themselves to undergo this procedure, becoming the Cloud Striders. Only two Cloud Striders can exist at a time.
The Reawakening of the Warmind Rasputin would be reactivated and discover Neomuna, giving it the codename of "Nefele Stronghold". Chioma Esi sends the Cloud Strider Stargazer to go to Earth to stop the Warmind from learning more. Stargazer takes Lakshmi-2 with them and uses the submind Malahayati to wipe all mentions of Neptune. Lakshmi-2 is left behind on Earth.
The Destruction of London The House of Devils destroy London around this time.[149]
The Arrival of the Cabal The Cabal Empire arrived to the Sol System. The Cabal scout legions established a beachhead on Phobos, constructing their bases, Fleetbase Korus[150] and Firebase Thuria[151] before invading Mars. Their initial intention was to mine Mars for resources, but the scope greatly expanded upon the discovery of the Vex ruins.[152] However the Cabal soon become engaged in a massive campaign of attrition with a native Vex programming called the Virgo Prohibition, who desperately attempts to protect the entrance to the Black Garden from an ever-expanding Exclusion Zone. This war will continue throughout the Dark Age and well into the City Age with little outside interference.[153]
The arrival of the Hive The Hive's forces, consisting of the Hidden Swarm, Blood of Oryx and Spawn of Crota, invaded the Moon and established their subterranean base, known as the Hellmouth.
The Appearance of the Warlords The first humans to be resurrected by the Traveler become Lightbearers and form the ruthless Warlords, bringing about chaos and anarchy.

Mid-Dark Age[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The Formation of the Iron Lords Having had enough at last the tyranny of the Warlords, Lord Radegast brings Lord Saladin Forge and Lady Jolder together to end the Warlords, and forms the Iron Lords.[154]
Theodicy War The Theodicy War breaks out in the Distributary between the Sanguine and the Eccaleists. The Sanguine led by Queen Alis Li believed that the existence of their people was a gift and did not have to resolve the conflict between Light and Darkness. While the Eccaleists led by Mara Sov with Diasyrm as her puppet leader believe that the Awoken had to play a role in the conflict. Alis Lin steps down, and is succeeded by Nguya Pin.[155]
When the Diasyrm vanished at the end of the Theodicy War, believing she was secretly murdered by Mara Sov, Eccaleist Sjur Eido barges into a court of the Gensym Scribes, vowing to avenge her. Seeking to prevent another Theodicy War, they lend her resources for her mission.[156] However when Queen Pin converted to Eccaleism, Sjur Eido would enter the Queen's court and deduce which one of Pin's courtiers was Mara. However, Sjur could not bring herself to kill Mara due to her beauty. Instead Sjur challenges Mara to a "duel to the agony" against her most beloved companion, Uldren Sov.[157] They agree to three duals: one with knives, guns, and fighter aircraft. The first dual ends in a draw, the second went to Sjur, and the third went to Uldren. Due to this dual failing to determine the victor, Sjur submits her fate to Mara.[158][159]
The Confrontation with the Warlord Segoth The Iron Lords confront the Warlord Segoth as he travels to a secluded village. After a bloody battle, the Iron Lords emerge victorious and Segoth is gunned down by Perun as he attempts to escape.[160]
The recruitment of Lord Felwinter As the Iron Lords gain renown, Exo Warlord Felwinter changes sides, out of a desire for peace and security, and gives his mountain to the Iron Lords, who rename it the as the Iron Temple.[161]
Rumors circulate of a haven beneath the Traveler.[142]
The Death of the Warlord Citan Lord Felwinter meets with the Warlord Citan to broker peace. Citan refuses, and the Exo puts him down. As his Ghost revives him once more, Felwinter uses his Shotgun, Felwinter's Lie to terminate them both.[161]
The Confrontation with the Warlord Rience The Iron Lords challenge the Warlord Rience.[162]
The Defense of Patch Run Lord Saladin, while he was patrolling at the outskirts of a town called Patch Run, he encountered a Fallen raiding party. A Lightbearer named Efrideet joins with him and, together, they defend the village against the fallen until they have no ammo. After the Fallen deploy a walker over a long distance, Efrideet suggests throwing Saladin against the walker.[163] Before he could argue, Efrideet threw him, like a Javelin, against the Walker, destroying it in the process.[164] After the battle, Lord Saladin, impressed with the force and character of Efrideet, convinced her to join with his group at Dwindler's Ridge.[165]

Late Dark Age[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The expedition of Lord Timur and Lord Felwinter Lord Timur and Lord Felwinter traverse the Arabian Shores in search of a facility belonging to Clovis Bray. While en route, they are attacked by a group of Fallen before discovering an old Clovis Bray facility in the secluded wastes.[166]
The Formation of the Pilgrim Guard The first Titans pledge to defend the refugees gathering to the Traveler, forming the Pilgrim Guard.[167]
The Formation of the Sunbreakers The Titans form the order of the Sunbreakers.[168]
Reports are made of a Cabal commander, Bracus Tho'ourg, who secured the Buried City on Mars with merely a fraction of the planet's Cabal forces. The first Guardians who faced him died at some point between here and the City Age.[169]

The City Age[edit]

Main article: City Age - Many legends rise and fall during the City Age—the Lords of Iron; Saint-14; Toland and Osiris; the Speaker; and many others—not the least of which is a single Guardian, resurrected on the eve of the Darkness' return.

Early City Age[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The Founding of the Last City Survivors of the Collapse, human, Awoken, and Exo, travel from far and wide to the site of the inactive Traveler and build the Last City beneath its protective aura.[170][171][172] The City Age begins.[173]
Foundation of the Reef Mara Sov, Uldren Sov, and Sjur Eido lead many Awoken to leave the Distributary and return to Sol. Shortly after getting attacked by a Fallen Ketch, Mara Sov is crowned Queen of the Awoken [174] They would arrive in the asteroid field and found the Reef. Some Awoken choose to make their way to Earth.
Creation of the Dreaming City Mara Sov seeks to create a safe and peaceful realm for the Awoken. Uldren Sov finds and brings the young Ahamkara, Riven to Mara as a gift. [175]. The Awoken Queen with the assistance of Riven's wish magic and constructs the Dreaming City. Riven constructs her lair in secret, hidden away from the Awoken.
Over time, many Ahamkara travel to the Dreaming City. At the Spine of Keres, Riven meets Taranis.[176] Unlike other Ahamkara, Taranis did not twist his wishes and the bargains he made were safe. Taranis invites Riven to his lair in the Black Garden, she accepts. they forge a bridge between their lairs in the Dreaming City and the Black Garden, and produce whims.[177]
The Faction Wars Power struggles between various political factions for the support of the City's refugee masses escalate into a series of violent conflicts. Rezyl Azzir, a great leader and champion during those days, helps unite the Risen and forms the Guardians, gaining him further fame. Together they end the bloodshed before the City is torn apart by the civil war, and focus on a new encroaching threat: the Fallen.[172]
New Monarchy coalesces in the wake of the Wars.[178] In the aftermath,[172] the Titans construct and defend the City's walls.[179][173][172]
The founding of the Consensus The Consensus, a representative body through which the factions could pursue their agendas peacefully, is formed following the Faction Wars to jointly govern the City with the Speaker.[180][172]
As the City continues to rise, Rezyl and the swelling numbers of Guardians see near constant action against the encroaching Fallen.[172]
The first Hive presence on Earth The Hive begin landing Seeder Ships on Earth in a centuries-long process intended to precede an invasion.[181] Guardians eventually first learn of the Hive's presence at the Rusted Lands, the future site of a Crucible arena.[182]
The exile of Toland Toland, an esteemed and highly respected Warlock, is exiled from the Last City for his obsessive and dangerous studies on the Hive.[183] He continues his work unabated.
The first voyage to the Reef At some point, the first known voyage to the Reef is launched.[184]
The expedition to Ceres Dead Orbit launches an expedition in the Reef to Ceres where a space station had been discovered. However, an Awoken patrol ship spots them and cripples their ship, forcing them to move to the space station. None returns except a Ghost.[185]
Six Fronts The first major attack weathered by the City. Four orders of Titans led by the Iron Lords defended six different approaches against an overwhelming enemy force. None of the orders faltered, and what could have been a disastrous defeat would instead become a decisive victory.[186][187] At this time, the Iron Lords become known for their invincible patrols. [187] Towards the battle's end, two Firebreak commanders including Lord Radegast, led a march against the Fallen and reclaimed five miles of scorched ground beyond the City's walls. [188] [189]
The Speaker appoints Osiris as Vanguard Commander despite the Concordat's objections and dire claims[190] following the battle of Six Fronts.
The Iron Lords stumble on an old Clovis Bray research on SIVA, which points to its source, designated Site 6 in the Cosmodrome, Old Russia. There the Iron Lords, having grown to the hundreds (including the Iron Wolves), accidentally awaken the old Warmind Rasputin, who activates his defenses in retaliation, killing all but nine of the Iron Lords, who sacrifice themselves to contain SIVA after it proves uncontrollable to even Rasputin; only Saladin Forge returned to the City.[191][192][193][194][195]
The formation of the Six Coyotes The Six Coyotes, a legendary fireteam of Hunters, make the first survey beyond the Cosmodrome wall.[196][197]
The Formation of Cayde-6's crew Cayde-6, alongside Andal Brask, Shiro-4 and another Hunter, made a crew and take actions out of the City. They ran scout parties to search for survivors and lead them back to the City, mapped lost sites and hunted Fallen. [198][199]

Mid-City Age[edit]

Year Date Event Information
Great Ahamkara Hunt The Ahamkara are made extinct by order of the Vanguard to prevent Guardians from self-destruction.[200][201] The Warlocks preserve some Ahamkara bones and fossils for study,[202] and a few Hunters adorn their armor with scales.[203] Riven and Taranis are the only survivors of this hunt and are separated, however they continue to whisper to each other. Mara Sov wishes for Riven to be trapped within the Keep of Voices to keep her contained.[204]
Warlord Naeem learns from Shaxx of an Ahamkara he had slain known as Hefnd. Seeking the power to start anew, she arrives at the castle where Hefnd was buried and greets the dead Ahamkara, wishing for his kindness. She attempts to convince him to allow her to use his bones to grant wishes to villages, to make up for her past as a ruthless Warlord, however Hefnd would refuse as it would barely feed his hunger. Naeem would then propose that she would face the consequences of the wishes, Hefnd agrees and a bargain is struck.[205] Overtime a friendship forms between the two of them. However the House of Kings attack the castle and kill Naeem, in her final breath she wishes that her vengeance follows them into the grave.[206]
Rezyl Azzir goes to the Moon to "search [for] nightmares", and finds Hive Wizard Xyor, the Blessed[207] He kills her consort and takes his chitin as a trophy to adorn Rose.[208]
Battle of Burning Lake The Hive invade Earth and make first contact with the Guardians. Though the Guardians successfully repel the invasion, Shaxx attempts to dissuade the Consensus from ordering a counterattack,[209] arguing that the Hive's power needed to be understood before a proper offensive could be launched.[209] In the years after, he begins developing the lost art of swordsmithing, reverse-engineering the dreaded Hive blades for use by Guardians.[210]
Great Disaster The Guardians launch an audacious offensive to reclaim the Moon from the Hive. The Ascendant Hive warrior Crota, the son of their God-King Oryx, brutally repels the attack, personally leading the Hive's forces and killing scores of Guardians with his fabled sword. Humbled, the Vanguard orders a full retreat and declares the Moon off-limits, hoping that the Hive will lose interest and refrain from invading Earth.[211][212][213]
Within the Ascendant Plane, two Knights - one of Oryx and Xivu Arath engage in a duel. Proving to be equally matched, the Knights decide to cast themselves into the Sea of Screams, to let its current decide their fate. This results in one of Crota's champions failing to receive a significant amount of tribute, which leads to his defeat against a sergeant of Xivu Arath. Due to losing a significant amount of temples and tributaries, Crota decides to sleep in his throne world to recover his tithes. He attaches his soul to an Ascendant crystal, so he can quickly return once his strength has returned, and entrust his sword with the Swarm Princes.
The Tragedy of the First Crota Fireteam Seeking to avenge their lost allies and her lover Wei Ning, Eriana-3 leads a fireteam of Guardians consisting of Eris Morn, Vell Tarlowe, Omar Agah, Sai Mota, and Toland to the Moon to hunt down Crota. They camp out at the Anchor of Light,[214] and enter the Temple of Crota after hearing the screams of Omnigul, Will of Crota. They are confronted by Alak-Hul, Verok, and their spawn. Underestimating his foes, Vell Tarlowe becomes overwhelmed by the spawn and is slain by Alak-Hul.[215] The fireteam is separated, with Eriana-3 and Sai in one group, and Eris, Toland, and Omar in the other.[216][217] Toland seeks our Ir Yût, Deathsinger, the song kills him and casts his soul to the Ascendant Plane.[218] Omar is captured by the Heart of Crota,[219] who uses his Light to feed unborn Hive, resulting in his soul being transferred into an insect-like creature.[220] Sai is killed by Omnigul,[221] and Eriana-3 arrives at the entrance of Crota's Throne World and meets her demise to Ir Yut.[222] Only Eris would evade the Hive's wrath, losing her Ghost Brya and her eyes, surviving in the Hive's tunnels for years before escaping and later becoming one of Ikora Rey's Hidden.[223][224]
The Tragedy of Kabr's fireteam A fireteam consisting of Praedyth, Pahanin, Kabr, and three unknown Guardians lands on Venus and breaches the Vault of Glass, hoping to destroy Atheon, along with whatever secrets the Vex have hidden there, and return to the City in glory. The assault is a disaster, as Kabr's team encounters The Templar, whose impregnable shields and powerful weapons force the team deeper into the Vault of Glass.[225] Only Pahanin escapes the Vault.[226] One member, Praedyth is trapped by the Vex and lost in time, and the remaining Guardians are erased from existence.[227][228][225] Kabr himself is not killed but instead goes mad, becoming obsessed with the Vex, fashioning armor and weapons from their corpses.[229][230][231] In the end Kabr does not die but is assimilated by the Vex.[232] In his last act Kabr creates the Aegis, a weapon capable of piercing the Templar's shields so that future fireteams will not meet his fate.[233]
The disappearance of Kauko Swiftriver Kauko Swiftriver, The Hunter Vanguard, disappeared without a trace. His disappearance left the Hunters without a Hunter Vanguard for the next two years. [234]
The First contact of Cayde's crew with Taniks Two years after the disappearance of Kauko Swiftriver,[235] Cayde-6's crew are targeted by Taniks and in the first encounter the mercenary fallen killed Nian Ruo and let without ghost another hunter, Lush.[236]
The Dare between Andal Brask and Cayde-6 Andal Brask and Cayde-6 make a dare, whoever failed to kill Taniks would have to become the new Hunter Vanguard.[237]
The Hunt for Taniks Andal Brask and Cayde-6 took the hunt for Taniks. At the same time, Osiris and the Speaker sent Saint-14 to kill Taniks, but Cayde-6 killed first him. [238]
Andal Brask, new Hunter Vanguard Andal Brask lost the Dare and became the Hunter Vanguard. [239]
The Exile of Osiris Osiris begins to tire of repetitive strike missions and seemingly unproductive sessions with the Cryptarch before he is eventually noticed by the Speaker, who makes him his apprentice. Osiris' desire for truth, however, about the purpose of Guardians and the nature of Darkness causes division.[190] His subsequent misuse of resources and the diversion of Guardians from their duties would result in the Speaker sending him exile shortly after the Battle of Twilight Gap[240], as the Speaker believed he had become as obsessed with the Vex as Toland had with the Hive. After a bitter argument with the Speaker, Osiris is also exiled from the tower, and Ikora Rey replaces him as the Warlock Vanguard.[190]
The Battle of the Twilight Gap The Fallen leads the combined might of the united Houses of Devils, Kings, and Winter in an assault against the City.[241] The battle is joined at Twilight Gap, just outside the City's walls. Vanguard Commander Lord Saladin Forge coordinates the City's defenses with his students Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx.[242] Though many Guardians fall in the ensuing battle, the united Fallen Houses are driven off with heavy casualties. In the aftermath of the Guardians' hard-won victory, the outermost sections of the City are evacuated and converted into fortifications, and the Vanguard decides to take a more proactive stance in fighting the forces of the Darkness by deploying strike teams against high-value enemy targets.[173][243][244][245]
The Crusade of Saint-14 After Twilight Gap, the legendary Titan and Exo Saint-14 rallies an army of Guardians to attack the Fallen surrounding the Last City.[246] His campaign is successful and Fallen attacks on the City temporarily abate. During the campaign, he fights and kills Solkis, Kell of Devils.[173][247][248] Shortly thereafter he goes in search of Osiris at the behest of the Speaker, heading for Mercury.[247] Saint-14 enters the Infinite Forest and comes into conflict with the Descendants, who create Agioktis, Martyr Mind to drain Saint-14's Light. The Great Titan eventually meets his end. [249] Zavala becomes the Vanguard Commander and Titan Vanguard after Saint-14's disappearance.
The Reef Wars As Twilight Gap rages on Earth, the Awoken of the Reef, allied with the IX, subdue the powerful House of Wolves. Battles include the Hildian Campaign and the Raze of Amethyst.[250][251][252] After their Kell Virixas is killed, a brutal civil war among the Wolves ensues which sees Skolas emerge as the new Kell. Following Skolas's capture at the Cybele Uprising, the Wolves surrender and swear fealty to Queen Mara Sov rather than be totally destroyed.[253] The Queen seals their nobility in the Prison of Elders and allows the rest to serve as her personal guards and servants.[254][255]
The Exile of Petra Venj Petra Venj is exiled to the Last City to serve as the Queen's Emissary as penance for murdering 9 Guardians and their Ghosts because of a miscommunication between the Awoken and the Vanguard. Sometime during this exile, she writes a letter asking to come home.[256][257]
Following the Reef Wars, the Cabal commander Valus Trau'ug attempts to authorize an invasion of the Reef.[258] When he is denied by his superiors, Trau'ug massacres his own officers in an act of mutiny and leads his most loyal soldiers against the Queen.[258] Trau'ug fails utterly as both he and his Broken Legion are interned in the Prison of Elders by unknown means.[258] Their ships end up as part of the Reef graveyard.
In the aftermath of the Reef Wars and the Twilight Gap, numerous rogues and outcasts of the Fallen houses band together to form the House of Exile on the moon and start to plunder the Hive fortress there.[259][260]
The Uprising of the Concordat The Concordat attempts a coup against the Consensus, fighting a battle against the New Monarchy at Bannerfall. In the wake of their defeat, the faction and their founder are expelled from the City. The Vanguard and the Speaker then approve the ascension of Future War Cult to replace the Concordat.[261][262]
Approximately 126 years before the SIVA Crisis The Faction Accords The negotiations known as the Faction Accords occurred. Andal Brask was involved in the process.[120] Ikora Rey achieved the first recorded 25-match win streak in the Crucible[120]. The Centaur planetoid Nessus re-enters the Solar System after an unexplained delay.[120]

Late City Age[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The Death of Andal Brask Andal Brask, the Hunter Vanguard, falls in battle with the vicious Fallen mercenary Taniks. Cayde-6 reluctantly assumes Brask's post in memory of his deceased friend.[263][264]
The investigation of the Dust Palace Holborn's Host investigates the Dust Palace on Mars, seeking a Warmind. While preparing for their assault on the Dust Palace, Holborn discovers a lost Ghost and attempts to communicate with it before inviting it to join them on their mission. The "sick" Ghost then wanders off, and Holborn continues on his quest.[265][266]
The Fall of Rezyl Azzir Rezyl Azzir becomes Dregen Yor,[208] corrupted by the Hive trophies he has collected,[267] and begins his campaign of destruction.
The Campaign of Dredgen Yor Dredgen Yor murders fellow Guardians and civilians alike.[268] His victims include the Crucible champion Thalor and the Hunters Pahanin and Jaren Ward.[269][270][271]
The Death of Dredgen Yor Yor is finally killed by Jaren Ward's adopted son, Shin Malphur and his handgun The Last Word after a fateful duel.[272][273][271][274] All information relating to Rezyl becoming Dregen Yor is redacted by the Vanguard for fear of a demoralization. Only Shin and the Vanguard knew the truth.
The formation of the Shadows of Yor Shin Malphur, realizing that Guardians will still be swayed by Yor's legacy, partners with Teben Grey and forms the Shadows of Yor.[275] He takes on the name "Zyre Orsa", also known as "Dredgen Vale" and he used the Shadows of Yor to determine which Guardians were beginning to be swayed away from the Light. With the Vanguard's assistance, the Shadows of Yor become an established threat and begins to attract Yor cultists. Malphur begins hunting down those who join the Shadows, culling the weak and corruptible Guardians who would be easily swayed by the Darkness's powers. [276]
Fireteam Tuyet traverses the Ishtar Sink in search of Vex secrets. Unfortunately, the Vex find them first and Tuyet is lost in a last stand on the Shattered Coast. The intel they recover though is later used to forge Pocket Infinity.[277]
An unknown Hunter recons the Ishtar ruins searching for the Fallen House of Winter's Kellship. She is ambushed by Fallen troops before finally locating their Ketch. Rather than assaulting it herself, the Hunter instructs her Ghost to alert the Vanguard that Draksis, Winter Kell is at the Cinders.[278]
Creation of the Black Heart Cloud Strider Rohan enters the Black Garden, a mysterious realm outside of space and time occupied by the Sol Divisive, a Vex collective that serves the Witness. He witnesses the Conceptual Mind create the Black Heart using a "seed" planted by the Witness. He concludes that the Heart was the Sol Divisive's failed attempt to create a replica of the Veil. The Neomuni council refuse to take action.[279]
The Black Heart, despite being flawed, and failing to create the link the Witness desired, still shared a connection with the Traveler. This connection would create a cosmic static within the flow of Light and Darkness, weakening the Traveler. The Sol Divisive would prepare the Sol Progeny in their attempt to extend the Black Heart's powers into the Vault of Glass. Uldren experiences the Heart's corruption after entering the Black Garden from a Vex gate at the Valley of the Kings.

The Young Wolf's Ascension[edit]

Main article: Destiny - Based on the Rise of Irons background and introduction, the in-game events can be extrapolated to three years, with Rise of Iron taking place a year after The Taken King.[280][281]


Year Date Event Information
About 500 years after the Collapse 9 September A Guardian Rises A Ghost finds and revives its Guardian in the Cosmodrome just as the "Darkness" threatens to return to the Sol System and finish what it started during the Collapse. While seeking a ship capable of taking them to the Last City, the Guardian is forced to fend off hordes of the Fallen of House Devils, before finally locating an Arcadia Class Jumpship in Dock 13. Ghost repowers the ancient craft, and the Guardian takes off for the Tower as the Exo Stranger looks on.[282]
Restoration The Guardian returns to the Cosmodrome in search of a warp drive to restore their ship's ability for interplanetary travel. Accessing an old information hub, Ghost leads the Guardian back to where they found their ship in order to reclaim a Warp Drive from Riksis, Devil Archon. The Guardian succeeds in defeating him and returns to the Tower to meet with the Speaker. Back at the Tower, the Speaker confides in them that the Darkness is returning and tasks the Guardian with joining the others in pushing back the Darkness until the Traveler can be restored.[283]
The Dark Within The Speaker asks Guardians to look into the renewed Fallen activity near the old Skywatch. The Guardian infiltrates the Lunar Complex and discovers the Hive have returned to Earth, before confronting and killing the Hive Wizard Gotra.[284]
The Warmind The Vanguard reports that the Fallen are tearing into machines all over the Cosmodrome. Convinced they are not just looting the place, the Guardian investigates and discovers the Warmind Rasputin is still alive and keeping the Fallen from accessing the Array.[285]
The Last Array The Guardian tracks down codes to raise an ancient array to connect with the other long-lost Golden Age colonies. After fighting off the Hive, the Guardian reactivates the Array and Rasputin swiftly takes control, connecting with defense constructs all across the system.[286]
On Mars, an Exo Guardian sent by Cayde-6 hunts Valus Ta'aurc by the sound of his radio traffic. Observing a clash between a Vex battalion and Cabal fortifications, a "LIDAR" sweep is sensed by the Exo; moments later, a railgun or ram accelerator in orbit fires, sending thousands of metal "flechettes" to cause havoc among the Cabal and Vex.[287] Other places elsewhere on Mars are presumably destroyed by Rasputin's weapons.
The Dark Beyond The Guardian picks up the trail of another Guardian who went dark searching for a way into the Hellmouth. After hacking the colony base, the Guardian travels to the Temple of Crota where they fight off members of the House of Exile and the Hive, before killing Vurok, Eir Spawn. The Guardian recovers the dead Ghost and learns that the Hive are raising an army to invade Earth.[288]
The Devils' Lair Zavala orders a fireteam of Guardians to assault the Devil's Lair and kill their Prime Servitor Sepiks Prime.[289]
The World's Grave In an attempt to uncover what the Hive are planning, the Guardian infiltrates the The World's Grave and kills Kranox, the Graven. The Guardian's Ghost then steals as much data as possible before the two return to warn the City.[290]
The Sword of Crota Infiltrating the Hellmouth once more, the Guardian claims the Sword of Crota and defeats the Swarm Princes. With its makers slain, the Sword shatters.[291]
Shrine of Oryx Following a lead from the vanished Warlock Osiris, the Guardian searches the darkest corners of the Hellmouth for the fabled Shrine of Oryx. After killing Frigoris, Exiled Baron and his Fallen crew, the Guardian defeats Sardok, Eye of Oryx and destroys the Shrine.[292]
Chamber of Night The Speaker broadcasts an urgent transmission to all Guardians claiming that a Hive ritual is draining the Traveler's Light. The Guardian returns to the Hive temple and after receiving a message from the Exo Stranger, inviting them to come find her if they are successful, kills the Siphon Witches, effectively preventing them from stealing any more of the Traveler's Light. [293]
The Summoning Pits A Guardian fireteam descends into the depths of the Hellmouth and kills Phogoth, the Untamed before the Hive can unleash it on the City.[294]
A Stranger's Call Following the Stranger's coordinates, the Guardian travels to Venus where they are ambushed by the Vex. After defeating the Vex forces in the vicinity, the Guardian meets with the Exo Stranger, who tells them that they must find the Black Garden and rip out its heart to allow the Traveler to heal. Before the Guardian can ask any more questions, the Exo Stranger is contacted by someone unknown before teleporting away.[295]
Arriving at the Reef, the Guardian seeks an audience with the Queen and is informed that they must obtain the eye of a Vex Gate Lord to enter the Black Garden. The Queen then charges the Guardian that they owe her in exchange for her information, and the Guardian acknowledges.[296]
Ishtar Collective The Guardian travels to an old research station of the Ishtar Collective, and analyzes a Vex mind core, giving them vital intel on the nature of the Vex as well as the means with which to summon a Gate Lord.[297]
The Archive While at the Ishtar Academy, the Guardian kills Grayliks, Winter Baron and secures an ancient Golden Age Archive for the Cryptarchs.[298]
The Nexus A fireteam of Guardians descends far below the Ishtar Academy and slays Sekrion, Nexus Mind, dealing a devastating blow to Vex efforts and delaying Venus' transformation into their network.[299][300]
Scourge of Winter Raiding the House of Winter's hideout, the Guardian assaults the Ketch of their leader and kills Draksis, Winter Kell.[301]
Winter's Run A Guardian fireteam is sent to stop the Fallen House of Winter from restoring the soul of Aksor, Archon Priest.[302]
Eye of a Gate Lord The Guardian reaches the Endless Steps, summoning and slaying Zydron, Gate Lord.[303] Returning to the Reef, the Guardian brings the Gate Lord's head before the Queen who gifts its eye to them in sympathy for their Traveler. She then gives them the coordinates to the Black Garden including a way to repower the Gate Lord's eye.[304]
Exclusion Zone The Guardian infiltrates a Cabal survey post and secures their research into the Vex Spire.[305]
The Buried City The Guardian clears out the Cabal occupying the ruins of Freehold and explores what remains.[306]
The Garden's Spire Battling their way through a Cabal hardpoint, the Guardian reaches the Garden's Spire and kills Primus Sha'aul.
A Rising Tide While en route to the Garden, the Guardian shuts down a series of Vex gates beneath the subway tunnels of Freehold, and discovers that the Vex are being summoned to protect the Black Garden.[307] [308]
Cerberus Vae III Commander Zavala tasks Guardians with taking out Cabal High Command and sends a fireteam to lead an assault on the Cabal Imperial Land Tank and take out their leader Valus Ta'aurc, breaking the Cabal's grip on the lost city of Freehold.[309]
Dust Palace The Cabal also unleash the Psion Flayers to locate one of Rasputin's usurped AI cores buried in the Dust Palace to attempt to break his control over Mars' defenses.[287] In response, a Guardian fireteam is deployed to secure it. The Flayers are defeated, and Rasputin locks down the machine.[310]
The Black Garden Successfully recharging Zydron's Eye, the Guardian is transported to the Black Garden. Within the Black Garden, the Guardian confronts the Sol Progeny and defeats them, destroying the Black Heart in the process. Back on Mars, the Guardian is summoned to the Tower, where the Speaker gives a victory speech. Meanwhile, the Exo Stranger converses with the Guardian inside the Hangar and gifts them with her Rifle before leaving abruptly again. The Guardian then repowers their ship and takes off into orbit as they prepare for their next mission.[311]
16 September 'Vault of Glass Using data from a reclaimed Ishtar archive[298] a Raid fireteam of Guardians follow in Kabr's footsteps and pierce the Vault of Glass. They slay the mighty Templar and its Oracles, avoid the Gorgons, and confront Atheon, Time's Conflux in the Glass Throne. Using the Aegis they defeat the Vex overseer and break the Vex's control over the Vault.[312]
23 September The Reef begins offering bounties for high-profile Fallen targets.[256][257]

The Dark Below[edit]

Year Date Event Information
Eris Morn returns to the Tower, warning of an impending Hive invasion led by a soon-to-be-resurrected Crota. She tasks the Guardian with killing Crota’s disciples.
9 December Fist of Crota Under Eris' direction, the Guardian searches the Cosmodrome for Sardon, Fist of Crota and slays the Hive general within the waterlogged caves of the Grottos.[313]
Siege of the Warmind As the Hive lay siege to one of Rasputin's war bunkers, the Guardian repels them, successfully securing the old Warmind within its vault once more.[314]
The Wakening The Guardian halts a Hive ritual on the Moon intended to resurrect Crota.[315]
Before launching an attack against Omnigul, the Guardian hunts and defeats the Eyes, Heart, and Hand of Crota in Old Russia.
Will of Crota A team of Guardians track down and kill Crota's last general, Omnigul, temporarily halting the Hive invasion of Earth.[316]
The Undying Mind The Undying Mind attempts to summon back the Black Heart but is destroyed by a team of Guardians despite its efforts to seal the Black Garden outside of time again.[317]
21 January Crota's End A team of six Guardians infiltrates the Hellmouth and enters Crota's realm, the Oversoul Throne. They kill Ir Yût, the Deathsinger, and confront and bring an end to the Son of Oryx.[318]

The House of Wolves[edit]

Main article: Wolf Rebellion
Year Date Event Information
The Wolf Rebellion Mara Sov gives Skolas to the IX as a gift, in an attempt to appease them over sending the Crows into their territory to search for Kaliks Prime.[319] However Skolas is freed, possibly with the aid of the IX,[320] Skolas unites the House of Wolves back under his leadership and declares himself the Kell of Kells, seeking to become the ruler of all Fallen Houses.[321] The House of Wolves rebel against the Reef. Mara Sov opens the Reef for the Guardians to assist her in hunting the wolf traitors.
19 May A Kell Rising The Guardian arrives on Venus to stop Skolas from taking control of the House of Winter. However, they fail, as the House of Winter pledge their allegiance to the Kell of Kells. [322]
The renegade Wolf, Skoriks, Archon-Slayer, is hunted and eliminated by Guardians after killing one of his own Archons.[323]
The Shadow Thief Taniks, the Scarred is killed by a fireteam of Guardians.[324]
The Silent Fang Skolas' Silent Fang is stopped from usurping power from the House of Devils.[325]
The Ruling House The Guardian, meanwhile, stops the House of Wolves from seizing control of the House of Kings.[326]
Wolves' Gambit Skolas' Wolves begin attacking Vex strongholds across the Ishtar Sink and break into the Vault of Glass attempting to augment their army with its mysterious technology, before being foiled by the Guardian. [327]
Queen's Ransom The Guardian then tracks Skolas to the Vex Citadel where he has begun pulling the entire House of Wolves through time in a last effort to unite the Fallen. After a final battle atop the Citadel, Skolas is captured and sent to face the Queen.[328]
Prison of Elders By order of the Queen, a fireteam of Guardians is sent to clear the prison of Elders of her "trophies", including Kaliks Reborn, Urrox, Flame Prince, Qodron, Gate Lord and Valus Trau'ug.[329]
Skolas' Revenge Skolas is killed in the Prison of Elders at the hands of a fireteam by order of the Queen.

The Taken King[edit]

Main article: Taken War
Year Date Event Information
Petra Venj detects the Hive Dreadnaught orbiting the rings of Saturn and orders all Reef assets to mobilize,[330] following a conversation between Queen Mara Sov, Eris Morn, and presumably Osiris on Oryx's imminent arrival.[331] Mara Sov creates her own Throne World using Riven's wish magic.
Battle of Saturn The Taken War begins with the Battle of Saturn, as the Awoken space fleet engages the Dreadnaught and a small fleet of Hive warships escorted by thousands of Tombships; Uldren Sov leads his fighter wings to scatter the Hive fleet whilst from behind the Queen and her Techeun Coven summon the Harbingers,[332] as part of a predetermined plan.[333] The Harbingers destroy much of Oryx's fleet, ripping through enemy vessels with ease, but leave no marks upon the Dreadnaught itself. Oryx ends the battle by firing his ship's main cannon, destroying both his and the Queen's fleets in a single Pyrrhic stroke and forcing him to forestall his advance.[332] The Queen and major parts of Reef leadership, including Paladin Abra Zire, and Techeun Shuro Chi, are considered missing in action.[334]
The Techeuns, Shuro Chi, Sedia, and Kalli are Taken due to the essence from the Dreadnaught. The Taken invade the Dreaming City. [335] Oryx encounters the Ahamkara Riven and bargains with her, wishing to Take her away. Riven is Taken and her identity appears to merge with Oryx's will. [336]
Scattering of the Clutch Taranis sneaks into the Dreaming City and discovers that Riven and many of their eggs have been Taken. Returning to his lair in the Black Garden, Taranis chooses to nobly sacrifice himself, making his own wish to scatter his and Riven's uncorrupted clutch until someone could protect them, resulting in his death.
Uldren Sov survives the Battle of Saturn and is corrupted, likely a result of his battle with Oryx. He believed Mara had survived the battle as he could still sense her and begins to fall to madness [337]
Primus Ta'aun suspends all Cabal mining operations and recon on Phobos pending investigation of a trans-Jovian threat,[332] while mysterious anomalies are reported across the Skyburners' Keep.[338]
15 September The Coming War The Vanguard intercepts a distress signal on all channels, broadcasting from the Skyburners fortress of Fleetbase Korus on Phobos. The Guardian is dispatched to investigate, but upon their arrival, they find the Skyburners have been slaughtered. Oryx reveals himself to the Guardian, willing into existence the first wave of his army of corrupted Cabal and Hive called the Taken, led by Syrok, Word of Oryx. The Vanguard scrubs the mission and orders the Guardian to return. Fighting through hordes of Taken the Guardian finally reaches the transmat zone where their ship is waiting and escapes.[332]
The Vanguard discusses the arrival of Oryx's Dreadnaught over a hologram Ghost collected,[339] analysing its weapon to find a way to slip past while reflecting upon Mara Sov's sacrifice. Eris Morn interrupts them, proclaiming that her "stone" has spoken for the first time since Crota's defeat and has told her Oryx was coming to finish what his son started. Cayde-6 leaves the discussion to "see about a ship".[332]
Realizing the Taken to be too deadly a threat to take lightly, the Vanguard send Guardians to rediscover the lost powers of their forebearers and unlock their 3rd subclass. Hunters learn to harness the Void and become Nightstalkers,[340][341][342] Warlocks travel to Mars and mediate upon the Arc to become Stormcallers,[343][344][345] and Titans explore Mercury in search of the mercenary Sunbreakers only to find they were obliterated by the Vex, before reigniting the forge with the help of the Sunbreakers' Third Empyreal Magistrate Ouros.[346][347][348]
Cayde's Stash Cayde-6 directs the Guardian to one of the dead colony ships in Old Russia, where he had previously hidden a modified stealth drive capable of getting the Guardian past the superweapon and into the Dreadnaught to face Oryx. Upon touching down in The Blast, just outside of the Fallen House of Devils' lair, the Guardian discovers that the Taken have already reached Earth and have begun overwhelming the Fallen. After defeating an Echo of Oryx, and retrieving the stealth drive, the Guardian returns to the Tower.[349]
In the Hangar, Cayde convinces Amanda Holliday to install the stealth drive on Eris' ship and arrange a "test flight" for the Guardian to infiltrate the Dreadnaught in order to establish a beachhead after disabling its super weapon.[349]
The Dreadnaught With the stealth drive equipped, the Guardian travels to Saturn and reaches the Dreadnaught. Just as the drive malfunctions, causing the Dreadnaught to destroy Eris' ship, the Guardian is transmatted onto the Dreadnaught by their Ghost. They then proceed to disable the superweapon and establish a transmat zone for reinforcements before returning to the Tower. Cayde leaves to speak with Eris about the loss of her ship.[350]
The Cabal deploy their reserve force, the Skyburners, in a direct attack on Dreadnaught. After the Skyburners' Primus is Taken, however, their offensive crumbles.[351] A lone unit aboard the Cabal ship, Dantalion Exodus VI, sends a distress signal to the head of the Empire, only to be wiped out by Guardians. Nevertheless their message is believed to have reached its intended target.[352]
Enemy of My Enemy The Guardian breaks into the crashed Cabal gunship, Dantalion Exodus VI, and steals information that the Cabal have secured on Oryx. The Guardian fights their way to a portal called the Rupture, and after defeating an Echo of Oryx discovers they must become Ascendant to enter.[353]
Lost to Light The Guardian travels back to the Moon where they obtain a shard of the Hive crystal used to hold Crota's soul and defeat its Gravekeeper, but are discovered by Oryx, who sends his Taken after them. While escaping the Guardian stumbles upon an open entrance to Wolfship Kaliks-Syn and rids the ship of Taken.[354]
Promethean Code The Guardian then goes to collect more stealth technology from Rasputin to infiltrate Crota's funeral. Along the way, the Guardian eliminates a Taken Centurion and collects a mysterious item.[355]
Last Rites The Guardian enters Crota's netherworld, sneaks their way to his tomb and acquires enough of his essence to become Ascendant. Crota's sisters lead a procession of Deathsingers in the dirge, along with a full contingent of guards, but the Guardian is successful in their mission. They are discovered by Oryx, however, and he sends his Taken—Ta'aun and Baxx among them—to kill the Guardian. Eris intervenes,and transports the Guardian to safety.[356]
Regicide Armed with Crota's soul, the Guardian returns to the Dreadnaught and, using the Essence, can pass through the Rupture and confront the Taken King before subsequently destroying his physical form and forcing his soul to retreat to his Throne World.[357] Eris meanwhile takes apart Willbreaker and retrieves its shard.[357]
Dread Patrol In the wake of the Dreadnaught campaign, Commander Zavala tasks Cayde-6 with establishing patrol beacons across the Dreadnaught.[358]
Shield Brothers Guardians prevent a Cabal assault team led by Valus Tlu'urn and Valus Mau'ual, from blowing up the Dreadnaught's core, saving the entire system from certain doom.[359]
Outbound Signal Dead Orbit detects the Skyburner's transmission to the stars and sends Guardians to put an end to it. During the op, Vro'ourn, Fist of Oryx is killed.[360]
Blighted Coven The Guardian eliminates two more Taken Echoes on both Earth and Mars.[361][362]
Kill Taken Champions
Kings of Decay
Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Guardians answer Rasputin's call for aid in fending off a Fallen attack led by S.A.B.E.R.-2, a giant super-powered Shank, as the Devils attempt to gain control of the Warsat network.[363]
Paradox On Venus, Guardians destroy an Echo of Oryx and return to the emptied Vault of Glass hoping to rescue Praedyth from his timeless prison, but discover that a Vex Hydra tasked by Oryx to co-opt the Nexus' power, is blighting and corrupting the Vex network. Luckily for the Vex, Morphon, Blighted Mind is destroyed by Guardians and Praedyth is freed from their control, with his centuries-old remains being found in a small room within the deepest parts of the Vault.[364]
Gather Taken Chronoshards
Entropy's Pinnacle On Venus, Ikora Rey tasks the Guardian to travel to the Vex Citadel and destroy the source of the Taken Blight on Venus. At the top of the Citadel, The Guardian faces and kills an Echo of Oryx. With the defeat of the Echo, the Vanguard control the situation on Venus.
Tenebrous Tunnels After defeating the Taken forces on Earth and Venus, Commander Zavala tasks the Guardian to assault the tunnel system beneath the old city of Freehold, on Mars. The Guardian travels to Tharsis Junction and discovers an entrance to the Black Garden and a Taken infestation. Fearing the possibility that the Taken could reform the Black Heart, the Guardian fights against the Taken forces and discovers the presence of an Echo of Oryx. However, the Echo escapes.
Kill Taken Lieutenants
Fear's Embrace After discovering that the Echo of Oryx of Mars is located on Phobos, Zavala tasks the Guardian to eliminate him. The Guardian fights against the Taken and defeats the Echo, securing a decisive victory.
Summoner's Circle The Guardian travels to the Dreadnaught to stop the creation of a powerful Taken Warbeast, and slays The Infantine.
18 September King's Fall A fireteam led by the Guardian, infiltrates Oryx Ascendant Realm,[365] kills his Warpriest, the Ogre Golgoroth, and his daughters the Deathsinger twins, before finally facing the Taken King himself. After a titanic battle, the Taken King is finally defeated once and for all.[365] Eris tasks one of the Guardians with collecting certain items from the Hive gods, and rewards them with a Hive weapon.[366][367][368]
The Sunless Cell Alak-Hul, the Darkblade is found aboard Oryx's Dreadnaught and is slain in his Sunless Cell by a Guardian fireteam tasked by Eris Morn to eliminate a contender for the Osmium Throne.[369]
Echo Chamber The Guardians stop Theosyion, the Restorative Mind from bringing back Sekrion, Nexus Mind from the past and completing its transformation of Venus.[370]
Winter's Run Guardians destroy a Taken infestation blighting the House of Winter's Lair while searching for a missing Archon prisoner and kill Nixis, Hunger of Oryx.[371]
Thin the Pack
Hunt the Archon
A New Den The House of Wolves regroups on Mars and rebuilds their previous Prime Servitor, Orbiks Prime.
Knock, Knock Under Orbiks' direction, the Wolves attempt to establish a base in the Blind Legion's former keep, coming into conflict with local Cabal forces.
Prime's Path The Guardian tracks down Orbiks Prime and eliminates it, scattering the House of Wolves once more.[372]
Pretender to the Throne A Taken Warbeast, Malok, Pride of Oryx, attempts to rally the remaining Taken from the Hellmouth and flees after being engaged by the Guardian.[373][374]
They Can Run The Guardian retrieves Echos by killing Taken and discovers Malok's location.[375][376]
Blighted Chalice Malok is discovered and a strike team eliminates him in a last stand at the Shrine of Oryx.[377]
Tyrants of the Reef Following the end of the Taken War, a group of Dregs cast out from the House of Exile, led by Fikrul, the Fanatic form the "Scorned Barons". They terrorize the Awoken, and the Fallen Houses of the Reef, ultimately playing a role in the demise of the House of Wolves through the destruction of their Servitors.

Rise of Iron[edit]

Main article: SIVA Crisis
Year Date Event Information
The Transmission Incident Field reports are made from Guardians whose armor have become infested with "tech mites", which manifest as swarms of colorful specks that swirl around their heads. Unable to contain the mites' spread among the Guardians, the Owl Sector and Vanguard instead implemented a quarantine on the Last City to prevent non-Guardians' exposure.
Bypass Authority Berriole travels to the Dust Palace to learn the origin of the tech mites. Following a set of tracks to a lab, she finds various locked storage cabinets had been cut or blasted open. Further investigation yields the mites were linked to a Clovis Bray project overseen by a Dr. Zarin Shirazi who worked under Dr. Willa Bray and that the tech mites were actually a nanomachine therapy to improve subjects' intelligence and strength for the Golden Age's colonization effort. After sealing Shirazi's lab, however, Berriole becomes aware that the tracks which led to the lab appeared to have been made by Fallen, implying that a group of Fallen (possibly the Splicers) were responsible for the incident.[378] Eventually, a third of all Guardians become affected by at least one variety of tech mite, prompting the Vanguard to further tighten the City's quarantine.
The Owl Sector's Liaison to the Vanguard, Shun Li, accidentally becomes exposed to a sample of tech mites and loses consciousness soon after, forcing his fellow operative Ramos to take on the duties of Acting Liaison. Fortunately, the countermeasure to the tech mites is discovered among Shirazi's records, and the combined efforts of the Owl Sector's research corps, the Hidden, and the Techeuns succeed in replicating it. Shun is revived, and the cure is administered to the Guardians, much to their dismay. With the crisis ended, the Owl Sector is returned to standby status.[379]
The SIVA Crisis begins when the Fallen House of Devils begins digging into old Golden Age research labs all over the system, eventually returning to the Cosmodrome while shifting massive amounts of resources to a previously dark region of Old Russia. Concerned the SIVA Plague may have been discovered by the House of Devils and unleashed upon the Cosmodrome, Lord Saladin personally leads the counterattack to contain the threat.[380]
20 September King of the Mountain A Fallen force captures ]Felwinter Peak. Unable to get there in time, Lord Saladin orders the Guardian to secure the observatory at the top before it is too late. After defending the mountaintop from several waves of Fallen forces, the Guardian reaches the Iron Temple before defeating Sepiks Perfected in the courtyard, keeping the Fallen from the temple long enough for Saladin to arrive with reinforcements, but Sepiks escapes.[380]
The Walls Come Down Lord Saladin then sends the Guardian to pursue Sepiks Perfected into a transformed Cosmodrome to learn the extent of the SIVA outbreak. In the Cosmodrome, the Guardian encounters the Hive who are being driven into the open somehow. The Guardian then seeks out a monitoring station responsible for keeping the sensor grid online and retrieves vital sensor logs that provide valuable insight into the Fallen activity. [380]
The Plaguelands Pushing further into the Cosmodrome, the Guardian discovers that the Fallen have taken control of several Golden Age gun positions near the Bunker Triglav. Upon reaching the Bunker, the Guardian destroys two SIVA-enhanced shield generators before disabling the enemy guns.[381]
Back at the Iron Temple, Lord Saladin meets with the Guardian and tells them the story of the Iron Lords, and how they attempted to co-opt SIVA against all of Rasputin's attempts to stop them (including eliminating all but nine of the Iron Lords in the process). In the end, revealing how SIVA ultimately corrupted many of the Iron Lords by turning their weapons and armor against them, forcing Jolder to seal herself and all of the Iron Lords except for Saladin within the Bunker rather than let SIVA escape. Saladin then realizes the Fallen have not yet mastered SIVA, and sends the Guardian to meet with Tyra, a Cryptarch well versed in the origins of SIVA, and also one who might know the source of the Fallen's discoveries.[381]
Download Complete The Guardian then travels to an old Clovis Bray research lab following a hunch from Timur, who believes the answer to the Fallen's weakness may lie with the ancient SIVA prototypes. After clearing the facility of the Cabal, the Guardian locates an old archive that reveals information on several types of nanotech designed for differing purposes. The Guardian is then attacked by a Cabal force which they promptly eliminate before returning to the Iron Temple.[382]
The Iron Tomb Communing with the Guardian, Lord Saladin informs them that Shiro-4 has analyzed the Clovis Bray data and found a way to temporarily disrupt the Splicers' control over it. The Guardian is then tasked to descend into the SIVA replication complex to cut its ability to replicate itself. On the way, they reverse the power cells in the SIVA reactor, temporarily cutting off the Splicer's SIVA supply. Infiltrating The Archon's Keep, the Guardian descends deeper into the facility and after confronting the Remnant of Felwinter, destroys the SIVA Replicator via a self-destruct mechanism.[383]
Returning to the Iron Temple once more, the Guardian returns Jolder's broken helmet to Lord Saladin who thanks the Guardian and subsequently gifts them a Sword, pronouncing the Guardian as the next generation of Iron Lord.[384]
The Abomination Heist A Guardian fireteam descends into the Hellmouth to stop the Devil Splicers from stealing unborn Hive Ogres for their crazed rituals, and eliminate them, killing the Hive Abomination the Devils nearly took.[385]
Bad Blood Having observed that the Hive have begun hitting the Splicers near a beached Tanker, Shiro tasks the Guardian with discovering why they are at each other's throats. The Guardian arrives at the Giant's Husk, expecting to encounter hostilities, but finds the Hive engaged in all-out war. After the Guardian recovers a coded relay from a defeated Devil Splicer, Shiro deduces that the Hive may be attempting to reclaim something stolen and tasks the Guardian with exploring the Overpass for further clues. Working off of the pointers obtained from their exploration, the Guardian takes off for the Archon's keep in search of Hive or Fallen activity. At the keep, the Guardian discovers the Fallen Splicers are experimenting with the Hive, prompting them to seek out the Splicer's High Priest to end his madness.[386]
The Wretched Eye Kovik, Splicer Priest invades a Hive nest located within Bunker Triglav. After a team of Guardians destroy a network of SIVA Nodes, which are augmenting the Silos' old defense protocols and keeping the facility sealed tight, they descend into the Hive Nest and kill Kovik, as well as a captive Hive Ogre the Fallen Priest had infused with SIVA.[387]
Sepiks Perfected A fireteam of Guardians tracks down Sepiks Perfected again and kills both it and Dresiks, Splicer Baron in the Devils' Lair. A trio of augmented Captains—the Shock Captain; the Splicer Scorch Captain; and the Null Captain—are methodically eliminated.[388]
23 September Wrath of the Machine Guardians infiltrate Foundry 113 and defeat the Splicers' surviving duumvirate of Aksis and his second-in-command Vosik inside their Perfection Complex. With Aksis and his followers gone, the Devil Splicers are neutralized.[389]
The Will of Crota: Revisited Omnigul returns and the Vanguard tasks the Guardian to go and eliminate her once and for all.[390]
The Shadow Thief: Revisited Brokering an alliance with Taniks' crew the Splicers resurrect Taniks the Scarred using SIVA, augmenting him into Taniks Perfected. Shortly after, a team of Guardians eliminate him.[391]
The Nexus: Revisited The Vex finally discover how to manifest their ontological power outside of the Vault and augment Sekrion with it, but are unable to keep the Taken from corrupting the Mind, transforming it into Sekrion, Subverted Mind. A team of Guardians, with the aid of the Aegis, destroy both it and the Taken, and any lingering Vex.[392]
Age of Triumph Believing that the Darkness has been pushed back, the Last City celebrates the Age of Triumph. However, the Age of Triumph ends when the Red Legion begins their invasion of the Last City.
Emperor Calus learns of Ghaul's plans, and, seeing an opportunity for revenge, sends his Calus to assassinate Dominus Ghaul. However, the plan fails, and the Shadows are killed one by one. With no other opposition left, Ghaul continues into the Sol system.
The Departure of Eris Morn Eris Morn departs from the City, searching for knowledge to fight the Hive. Before leaving, she visited Asher Mir in a hospital to see him one last time.[393]

The Red War[edit]

Destiny 2[edit]

Main article: Red War
Year Date Event Information
Formation of the House of Dusk Uldren Sov allows himself to be captured by the House of Kings so he can raise an army. [394] The Mad Prince is brought to Craask, Kell of Kings, who submits to him and asks him for his assistance in uniting the Fallen. Uldren agrees, he unites the remnants of the Houses of Devils, Wolves, Winter, and Exile to form the House of Dusk. [395]
Heir to the Taken Throne Savathûn gains control of the Taken by using Quria to create a simulation of Oryx.[396]
Fellow Schemers Savathûn infiltrates the Dreaming City and reveals herself to Riven, who has retained some of her free will after Oryx's death, but was left directionless.[397] Riven asks Savathûn to "take up those strings," the Witch Queen accepts, gaining a new purpose, Riven becomes capable of exerting her influence outside of the Dreaming City.[398]. The Taken Ahamkara begins to worm her way into Uldren Sov's mind,[399] impersonating his sister, and quickening the corruption within him.
28 August The fall of the Last City - Homecoming Two years after the Taken War, the Cabal Empire would respond to the losses suffered at the hands of Guardians by dispatching the Red Legion, led by Ghaul, to launch a major invasion of Earth. The Red Legion attempted to steal the Traveler's Light, severing its connection from the Guardians with a cage. This attack would completely devastate humanity's last safe city and the Tower, forcing the survivors to scatter. Hundreds of Guardians perished in the assault, and The Speaker went missing during the invasion.[400][401]
The Salvation of the Fire Victorious Callisto Yin, a titan of the Firebreak Order, saves the most sacred relic of her Order from the hands of the Red Legion.[402]
The extinction of the Stoneborn Order The Titan order known as Stoneborn Order resists the Red Legion on the walls of the City even without their light. They fell slaughtered by the Cabal and became extinct.[403]
The extinction of the Sunbreakers The Titan order known as The Sunbreakers are slaughtered by the Red Legion on Mercury after they lose their light. The order is in actuality extinct.[404]
2 days after the Last City's fall Adieu The Guardian awakens, having survived the fall from The Immortal. Badly wounded, the Guardian makes their way through the now-abandoned Last City and finds their Ghost. Learning that the Red Legion are hunting and executing Lightless Guardians and that the Vanguard has ordered the evacuation of Earth, the Guardian leaves the City behind and ventures into the wilderness.
4 days after the Last City's fall After trekking for many miles in the City Outskirts, the Guardian realizes they are being led in a certain direction by a hawk. Finding a campsite littered with the corpses of killed Guardians, the Guardian scavenges a submachine gun and fights off a pack of War Beasts.
1 week after the Last City's fall The Guardian reaches Twilight Gap, still following the hawk, and kills another War Beast pack led by a Legionary. After missing a jump and falling into a canyon, the Guardian is awoken by Suraya Hawthorne, who has helped many civilian City refugees find and repair old jumpships. The group departs for a safe haven in the distant European Dead Zone.
Spark Heeding a strange vision, the Guardian ventures into a corrupted area surrounding a massive Shard of the Traveler that broke off during the Collapse. Defeating a starving band of Fallen scavengers from the House of Dusk, the Guardian's Ghost reconnects to the Light through a fragment of the Shard. Once more empowered, the Guardian defeats the Fallen band and their leader, Skriviks, the Sharp-Eyed.
A New Frontier The Guardian explores more of the European Dead Zone, encountering and defeating members of the House of Dusk.
Calling Them Home To strengthen the communication network established by Devrim Kay and Hawthorne in the European Dead Zone, The Guardian is tasked to place signal amplification nodes across the EDZ. The Guardian destroyed the Fallen jamming devices in the Outskirts and ultimately traveled to Sojourner's Camp to place another node for the network, defeat the Fallen there, and secure their supplies for the Farm.
Combustion After assisting Devrim Kay and Hawthorne in setting up a comms signal network that will help more refugees find the Farm, the Guardian learns that Commander Zavala has relocated to Titan with another group of survivors and is planning a counterattack against the Red Legion.
A Frame Job The Guardian, aided by Hawthorne and Devrim Kay, embarked on a mission to instigate conflict between the Red Legion and the Fallen to keep them busy during the Guardian's absence.
Hope Upon arriving at the New Pacific Arcology, Zavala and Deputy Commander Sloane informed the Guardian that their plans had been thrown into disarray by an unforeseen Hive infestation. The Guardian helps them secure the facility's command center and restore its power.
Riptide The Guardian is tasked with restoring power. They succeed in encountering and killing members of Savathûn's Brood and the House of Dusk to restore power to the station.
Thief of Thieves A group of Fallen, who had followed Zavala, Sloane and the other survivors to Titan, have broken into the Control Center in Siren's Watch and stolen various supplies from Commander Sloane. The Guardian is tasked to recapture the stolen supplies from the fallen thieves. After reaching them, The Guardian eliminated the crew and recovered the supplies.
Bad Neighbors A conflict between the Hive and Fallen erupted on Titan and to prevent the destruction of the old structures of The Rig from a Fallen bomb, the Guardian is tasked to intervene and intercept the Fallen. After defeating the fallen, who were creating the bomb, The Guardian's Ghost then decided that the bomb could still be useful against the Hive nests at Tidal Anchor. Ghost used the Fallen's bomb components to craft his own bomb, which the player then used to destroy a Hive "Resonator" device, luring out the Hive in Tidal Anchor and killing all their forces.
Deathless A Hive Knight, known as Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable, has been harassing Sloane's repair crews. To stop his attacks Sloane tasked The Guardian to kill him. The Guardian traveled into the Solarium to track him down, but discovered that the Knight was successively reincarnated by a Hive ritual. To stop his constant reincarnation, The Guardian defeated all the wizards responsible for the ritual. After defeating them, The Guardian finally killed Takul-Dar permanently.
Siren Song The Hive produced gravitational waves by Hive magic to destabilize the Arcology. To counteract the Hive's attack, the Guardian tracked the waves back to their source, a Hive summoning ritual. After defeating all Hive forces, The Guardian interrupted the ritual.
Utopia Commander Zavala and Sloane intercepted an encrypted high-priority Red Legion signal which they hope will provide them some insight into how to combat the Cabal. To decrypt the signal, Zavala ordered The Guardian to traverse deeper into the Arcology and retrieve a Golden Age CPU to crack the signal. Unfortunately, the signal revealed that the Red Legion had brought in the Almighty, a superweapon designed to shatter suns and destroy systems. In light of this overwhelming threat, Zavala asked the Guardian to locate the missing members of his fireteam: Cayde-6 and Ikora Rey.
Looped The Guardian traveled to Nessus, the source of a strangely-amplified signal believed to be from Cayde-6. In the Arcadian Valley, the Guardian encountered a Golden Age AI, Failsafe, the sole survivor of the Exodus Black expedition launched 500 years ago. Failsafe confirmed that "the Cayde unit" is on the planetoid, but is trapped in a Vex teleporter network; Failsafe broadcasted the distress signal in the hopes that someone else would arrive to rescue Cayde.
Six After tracking Cayde, the Guardian frees him from the network by stealing the original teleporter pad Cayde used, then defeats a band of Fallen before they breach Failsafe's core. Cayde reveals he wanted the teleporter to board Ghaul's ship and assassinate him, an act that would almost certainly have been a suicide mission but is brightened up when told that Zavala needs him back. Cayde directs the Guardian to Io to find Ikora Rey.
Exodus Siege Zavala detects a Fallen scout near the Exodus Black. After killing the scout, the Young Wolf learns of a planned attack on the Exodus Black. They repel the attack and find the Fallen's lair, which is protected with barriers enhanced with Vex tech. The Guardian manages to break through and destroy their servitors.
Hack the Planet The Ghost has a plan to hack Nessus' core (which contains vex data) and needs Failsafe's help. However, the Vex imprison her in a cube and the Young Wolf has to save her. Ultimately, they manage to save her.
Deep Conversation Failsafe comes up with a fake Vex ID for a friendly Ghost however The Vex soon want to have conversations with him and want to kill The Guardian because they think the ghost is being held hostage by Young Wolf. THEY manage to finish gathering data.
Unbreakable The Guardian collects Vex data at the Artifact’s Edge.
Lost Crew Failsafe tasks the Guardian with what happened to two former members of her crew who left after an argument with the captain. They defeat a Vex Warden guarding the remains of the two crew members. Failsafe concludes that no one even is truly dead as long as someone remembers them.
Release The Guardian investigates the Vex doing behavioural experiments on the Fallen and brings an end to it.
Sacrilege The Guardian finds Ikora at Echo Mesa on Io, where she had gone to reflect on her inability to predict the Red Legion's invasion and the Guardians' loss of their powers. Without warning, a massive gout of the Traveler's energy erupts from Io's surface, a reaction provoked by Red Legion activity. Ikora sends the Guardian to investigate. The Red Legion base is found almost empty, the Cabal having accomplished their goal and now evacuating Io, but the Guardian discovers an unwelcome surprise: Taken. Asher Mir, a Warlock researching the Vex on Io, informs the Guardian that the Taken are draining the Traveler energy still stored within Io. The Guardian stops the dark ritual.
Unexpected Guests The Guardian stops the Taken from attempting to open a portal to the Court of Savathûn.
Road Rage Asher Mir tasks the Guardian with stopping the Vex from attempting to gain access to the Warmind Vault.
Fury When Asher Mir learns that Zavala's plan to save the Solar System is to blow up The Almighty, he insists that he can prove the Commander is wrong to do so. The Guardian infiltrates a long-empty Warmind vault, defeating more Taken along the way, and connects Asher to its systems to crunch data. Asher's fears are confirmed: The Almighty is linked directly to the Sun and will take the Sun with it if it is destroyed without severing that link. Meanwhile, the Speaker persuades Ghaul to earn the Traveler's favor to gain its power, despite The Consul's protests that their experiment on Io has given the Cabal the tools needed to seize the Light.
Cliffhanger The Guardian kills Tekton, Constructive Mind and releases a virus on the Vex, created by Asher Mir.
Postmodern Prometheus Asher Mir orders the Guardian to attempt an experiment to create Light, fighting off Vex and Taken while doing so. The experiment ends in failure.
The planning of a counterattack The Vanguard reunites at The Farm and discusses their next move now that a frontal assault on the Almighty is out of the question. As The Guardian is the only one to have regained their Light, it is decided to send them to disable The Almighty while the Vanguard and a team of other Lightless Guardians carry out a simultaneous attack in the Last City to free the Traveler. Commander Zavala also reauthorizes Strikes at this time.
Payback To reach the Almighty, the Guardian is charged with stealing a Cabal ship and the access code from the base in the EDZ. The Guardian uses a Drake Tank to advance through their defenses and disables the Cabal carrier, commanded by Thumos, the Unbroken, who has the access code to enter into the Almighty.
Unbroken After impeding the escape of the Cabal carrier, the Guardian assaults the carrier and kills Thumos for his authorization codes.
Larceny The Guardian fights throughout the Cabal base to secure the personal shuttle of Thumos and board the Almighty.
1AU At The Almighty, the Guardian breaks through the vessel's security and overloads its core, breaking the link with the Sun and rendering the superweapon permanently inert.
The Death of the Consul The Consul informs Ghaul of the disaster that had befallen their mightiest weapon and berates him for his hesitance. Ghaul realizes the truth of The Consul's words, but strangles him to death for his insubordination.
Chosen The Guardian arrives in the Last City after the counterattack is underway. Fighting through the streets and across the rooftops, the Guardian rendezvouses with the Vanguard and uses the teleporter to board Ghaul's ship and confront the Dominus. Ghaul reveals he has already siphoned the Traveler's Light and gained the powers of a Guardian. Although the battle is fierce and Ghaul gathers more and more Light to strengthen himself, the Guardian prevails. Unexpectedly, Light bursts from Ghaul's corpse and takes his form, revealing that Ghaul has become Light incarnate. As Ghaul proclaims himself to be a god, however, Light begins to shine through the Traveler's cage. Miraculously, the Traveler finally reawakens, emitting a powerful wave of Light that shatters the cage and obliterates Ghaul. The other Guardians regain their Light and the Red Legion is forced to flee from the City, defeated for the first time in their history.
The awakening of the Black Fleet The Traveler's Lightwave spreads across the Solar System and beyond. In intergalactic space, the wave washes over a mysterious fleet of ships that activates and begins moving in the direction of the wave's source.
The Reconstruction of the Last City Reconstruction begins in the liberated Last City. The Vanguard establishes a new headquarters while the old Tower is rebuilt, and plans are drawn up to replace the City districts lost during the Red Legion's attack and subsequent occupation. Although the Red War continues, with the Traveler awake there is hope for victory.
The Arms Dealer Suraya Hawthorne discovers that Bracus Zahn is supplying weaponry to the Red Legion and tasks the Guardian with stopping his weapons supply inside his ship, Orobas Vectura. They confront him in the Carrier and stop him. Hawthorne thanks them for saving the people through this effort.
Savathûn's Song While exploring the Arcology on Titan, the Hive ambushes a fireteam led by Taeko-3. Zavala asks the Guardian to investigate the last known location of the missing fireteam. They learn that the fireteam has been turned into Void crystals by a Hive ritual and that Taeko-3 has sacrificed herself to allow the Guardian to disrupt the ritual. They avenge Taeko-3 by destroying a massive Shrieker responsible for the ritual and report to Zavala on the fireteam's fate.
The Inverted Spire The Vanguard receive intelligence from Failsafe that the Red Legion remnants have uncovered a secret threatening the planetoid of Nessus. The Guardian is deployed near the drill site to defeat Protheon, Modular Mind before the Cabal can use it as a weapon. They combat the Cabal occupants and the Vex defenders along the way and enter the excavation site, where they confront and defeat Protheon.
The Pyramidion Asher Mir tasks the Guardian with slaying the Vex Mind responsible for transforming his arm into Vex: Brakion, Genesis Mind inside the Pyramidion on Io. Along the way, they eliminate the Taken forces invading the Vex structure. They soon defeat him at the bottom of the Pyramidion.
Lake of Shadows The Taken forces have threatened the water supply used by the civilians of the EDZ. Devrim tasks the Guardian with neutralizing the Taken inside the reservoir and defeating a Taken leader who was once a Red Legion soldier: Grask, the Consumed. The Guardians are able to save the water supply by eliminating the Taken leader.
Invitation from the Emperor The Guardian arrives on Nessus and receives an invitation from Emperor Calus.
The appearance of The Leviathan The Leviathan appears in orbit above Nessus and begins to swallow the planet.
13 September Leviathan A fireteam of Guardians is dispatched to investigate the ship and defeat its leader, Emperor Calus.

Curse of Osiris[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The Mind of the Infinite Forest, Panoptes, begins working towards a future where light and darkness no longer exist. The exiled Warlock Osiris sends his Ghost, Sagira, to find help in real space. She is found by Ikora Rey's Hidden, and brought back to the Tower.[405]
5 December The Gateway Ikora Rey sends the Guardian with Sagira to the Lighthouse on Mercury to get help from the cultists there to find a way to revive Sagira.[405]
A Deadly Trial After battling through Vex from the Present and Future, Brother Vance informs the Guardian of a cultist temple on Earth. After battling through the Fallen presence there, the Guardian finds the temple destroyed and the Followers dead. The Guardian places Sagira's shell in a device that allows her to fuse her consciousness with Ghost and temporarily use his body.[405]
Beyond Infinity Sagira-Ghost and the Guardian enter the Infinite Forest in search of Osiris. They meet many of his reflections in the Forest and show the Guardian the Past of Mercury when it was first colonized by the Vex and the dark Future that Panoptes is working towards, where no light or darkness exists in the universe.[406]
Deep Storage The Guardian and Sagira-Ghost return to Ikora Rey on Earth, where she informs them that the Vex must have a map of the Forest, and the only place that can store that much data is the Pyramidion, on Io. The Guardian and Sagira-Ghost depart for Io and battle their way to the center of the Pyramidion. However, they find that the map is not in the Pyramidion, but find a schematic of a node in the Infinite Forest.[407]
Tree of Probabilities Upon their return to Mercury, the Guardian and Sagira-Ghost discover the survivors]] of the attack on the Almighty. After fighting through to the Infinite Forest's Simulant Present, they discover a simulation of the Cabal invasion of Mercury. After defeating the Simulated Commander of the Red Legion, the Guardian retrieves the map. Sagira-Ghost is unable to find Panoptes, and suggests that they head to Nessus to hunt down an Axis Mind with enough processing power to track Panoptes.[407]
Hijacked The pair head to Nessus to find the Entangled Mind, and after chasing it down destroy it and retrieve its Mind Core. After connecting it to the Vex network in the Well of Echoes, the pair find an image but no time point. Ikora suggests that the past might hold the answer.[408]
A Garden World After fighting through the Infinite Forest and Vex from long past, the Guardian and Sagira-Ghost confront and destroy Dendron, Root Mind at the top of the Vex conversion tower. After locating Panoptes' location, however, the Infinite Mind itself shows up and captures Sagira's consciousness. The Guardian and a now-awake Ghost wake up in front of the gate to the Infinite Forest on Mercury.[408]
Omega After informing Ikora Rey about Sagira's fate, the three head to the Fields of Glass to end Panoptes once and for all. Once more battling their way through the forest, the Guardian and Ghost confront Panoptes at the center of Infinity's Crown. The Mind summons waves of Hive, Fallen, Cabal and Vex to defeat the Guardian. After it attempts to finally delete them from the system, Osiris and his Reflections show up and hold off Panoptes long enough for the Guardian to stun it with an Arc Charge and destroy its eye, defeating Panoptes and disrupting the Vex's plans. Osiris regains Sagira and takes over the Forest to prevent any future Vex attempts to destroy both the Light and Dark.[408]
The Guardian assists Osiris with causing Chaos in the Vex network, preventing the Vex from learning about Fallen combat tactics, accruing data about a Cabal Colossus trapped in a maze, gathering data on the Hive Sword-Logic.[409][410][411]
Tree of Probabilities Osiris recreates and loses control of Dendron. Root Mind in the Simulant Past. A fireteam of Guardians is sent by the Vanguard to stop the Root Mind from taking over Panoptes' place in the Forest.[412]
A Garden World The Vanguard sends a fireteam of Guardians into the forest to stop a Cabal commander from retrieving the map of the Infinite Forest.[413]
8 December Leviathan, Eater of Worlds As the Leviathan continues to swallow large chunks of Nessus, Emperor Calus requests a fireteam of Guardians to destroy Argos, Planetary Core, which has clogged the Leviathan's Vacuum. [414][415][416]
Legends Lost An old Vanguard signal transmitted through the Infinite Forest is picked up on Mercury. The Guardian and Ghost once again head inside the Infinite Forest. Upon arriving in the Simulant Present, they discover that it was the signal of Saint-14, long thought to be missing. They fight through Vex from the present, past, and future and arrive back in the Lighthouse. Upon entering the Infinite Forest again and battling their way through the Simulant Present, the Guardian and Ghost find Saint-14's body upon a pedestal and showered in Light surrounded by many hundreds of dead Vex shells. After remarking on the apparent memorial to Saint, they both return to the Lighthouse.[417]


Year Date Event Information
8 May Ice and Shadow Upon hearing reports that the Red Legion is gathering on Mars, as well as the fact that Warsats are crashing onto Mars, the Guardian goes to investigate. The Guardian then lands at Hellas Basin and finds Anastasia Bray, then discovers that a Hive sect known as the Grasp of Nokris has begun to awaken on Mars as a result of Rasputin calling the Warsats to crash on Mars.
Pilgrimage It is revealed that Xol, Will of the Thousands has awoken for the first time since the Collapse, and as a response, Rasputin had called the Warsats down to Mars.
Off-World Recovery To kill Xol, the Guardian, Ana Bray, and Zavala retrieve a fragment of the Traveler from the EDZ and plan to use it to lure Xol to the Guardian.
Strange Terrain The Guardian travels to the Xol's lair. There the Guardian encounters Xol's herald, Nokris. After killing him, The Guardian places the fragment to lure Xol. However, Xol ignores it and, instead, begins attacking Rasputin's core directly.
Will of the Thousands The Guardian kills Xol, and Rasputin allows The Guardian, Zavala and Anastasia Bray an audience, where he explains that he will protect Humanity, but under his own choices, before launching a new network of Warsats under his sole control, claiming that "never again will a threat go unseen".
The Insight Terminus A Guardians' fireteam is dispatched deep into the Vex machine under Nessus to intercept a Cabal expedition, led by Kargen, the Technocrat, a powerful Psion Flayer. The Fireteam slay Kargen preventing him from harnessing power from a powerful Vex machine.
11 May Spire of Stars The remnants of the Red Legion, led by Val Ca'uor, assault the Leviathan in an attempt to kill Calus and repurpose the Leviathan for Red Legion use. In response, Calus calls upon the Guardian once again. The Guardian and the accompanying fireteam then kill Ca'uor, ending the Red War. Calus congratulates them once again.

Cayde-6's Death[edit]


Year Date Event Information
Petra Venj tasks a group of Guardians led by Cayde-6 to hunt the Scorned Barons. Most of them are killed, while seven of them are captured and imprisoned within the Prison of Elders. Only their leader, Fikrul, the Fanatic escapes.
Birth of the Scorn Uldren Sov would faintly detect Mara's presence, leading him to Fikrul, who was on the verge of death. Hoping to save the former Archon, Uldren unconsciously makes a wish to Riven. This causes some of Uldren's corruption to transfer to Fikrul's ether, becoming Dark Ether, raising the Fanatic as the first of the Scorn. Fikrul devouts himself to Uldren, calling him father. [418]
Regicide of the Kings Due to their conflicting ambitions, Uldren betrays the House of Kings. Craask, Kell of Kings is docked of all four arms by Fikrul, and many members of the House are slaughtered and raised as Scorn. [419]
The arrival of the Drifter A rogue Guardian by the name of the Drifter arrives at the Tower and immediately begins asking Guardians to participate in his game mode, Gambit.
Variks, upon hearing rumors that his old friend Fikrul, the Fanatic is still alive, asks Cayde-6 and Petra to confirm the reports. They return to the Prison of Elders with Fikrul and a delusional Prince Uldren who had willingly surrendered. Variks quickly notices that Fikrul has been changed, being sustained by a corrupted version of Ether known as Dark Ether. Through several experiments, Variks learns that the Dark Ether kills any Fallen exposed to it, then resurrects them as Scorn. Wondering what the source of the Dark Ether is, Variks questions Fikrul, who begins placing seeds of doubt within Variks' mind.
The outbreak of the Prison of Elders Upon hearing news of the death of the Kell of Kings, Variks sees himself as the last hope for the Fallen civilization, and resets the security protocols within the Prison of Elders, releasing every prisoner there. Variks then departs the prison to an unknown location, but not before sending two messages throughout the prison urging the Fallen to unite.
4 September, Referred to as "a random Tuesday" [420] Last Call Petra Venj, upon witnessing the scale of the prison outbreak, recruits the Guardian and Cayde-6 to assist in containing the chaos. Petra realizes that Uldren and the eight Scorn Barons are escaping. Cayde immediately gives chase, and after a short battle, Cayde's Ghost is destroyed by Pirrha, the Rifleman, Cayde is then smashed through a wall by Reksis Vahn, the Hangman before finally being shot in the chest with his own Hand Cannon by Uldren. The Guardian is too late to save Cayde-6, who dies before the Guardian.
The funeral of Cayde-6 A funeral is held for Cayde, and while Ikora wishes to send every Guardian to hunt down those responsible for Cayde's death, Zavala disagrees and does not allow Ikora to implement her plan. In response, the Guardian vows to kill Uldren Sov personally.
Uldren alongside the Scorned Barons enters Mara's throne room. He gifts them the Tangled Shore and orders them to release chaos upon the Fallen. With the Barons gone, Riven appears to Uldren as Mara, she praises him and orders him to bring the Awoken to extinction.
High Plains Blues Ikora tells the Guardian that Uldren and his barons are in the Tangled Shore, where the Guardian meets The Spider, who offers to assist the Guardian in eliminating the Scorn Barons.
Scorned The Guardians team up with the associates of the Spider to help clear out the Scorn who are invading his territory. The Spider provides intel about the Scorn barons to the Guardian to help the hunt of Uldren Sov.
Target: The Rider The Guardian hunts down Yaviks, the Rider.
Target: The Trickster The Guardian hunts down Araskes, the Trickster.
Target: The Mad Bomber The Guardian hunts down Kaniks, the Mad Bomber.
Target: The Hangman The Guardian hunts down Reksis Vahn, the Hangman.
Target: The Mindbender The Guardian hunts down Hiraks, the Mindbender.
Target: The Rifleman The Guardian hunts down Pirrha, the Rifleman.
The Machinist The Guardian hunts down Elykris, the Machinist.
The retrieved shard Uldren retrieves a shard of the Traveler in the EDZ after being directed by Riven, and then returns to the Tangled Shore.
Nothing Left to Say Uldren enters the Awoken watchtower in the Tangled Shore, leaving Fikrul and an army of Scorn to stop the Guardian. After Fikrul is defeated, the Guardian progresses through the watchtower, which has become infested by Taken from an unknown source. Upon reaching Uldren at the top of the watchtower, he uses the Traveler's shard as well as the Darkness within him to open a portal, however, instead of Mara emerging from the portal, the Voice of Riven emerges and devours Uldren. After The Guardian slays the Voice of Riven, Uldren emerges unharmed but weakened. The Guardian retrieves the Ace of Spades, and Petra enters the room. Both point their guns at Uldren, who adamantly states that every action he undertook was for Mara. Nevertheless, Uldren is executed by the Guardian and Petra.
Warden of Nothing A fireteam of Guardians is dispatched by the Drifter on behalf of the Spider to neutralize the former, now-malfunctioning High Servitor of the Prison of Elders, the Warden, and stop the chaos, provoked by the massive escape, on the Prison of Elders.
Broodhold The Spider sends a Guardian fireteam to destroy a Hive Nest created by In Anânh, Brood Queen in the Tangled Shore.
WANTED: Silent Fang The Guardian is tasked by the Spider to hunt down the wanted Silent Fang that escaped from the Prison of Elders.
WANTED: Gravetide Summoner The Guardian is tasked by the Spider to hunt down the wanted Gravetide Summoner that escaped from the Prison of Elders.
WANTED: Arcadian Chord The Guardian is tasked by the Spider to hunt down the wanted Arcadian Chord that escaped from the Prison of Elders.
WANTED: Blood Cleaver The Guardian is tasked by hte Spider to hunt down the wanted Blood Cleaver that escaped from the Prison of Elders.
WANTED: Combustor Valus The Guardian is tasked by the Spider to hunt down the wanted Combustor Valus that escaped from the Prison of Elders.
WANTED: Eye in the Dark The Guardian is tasked by the Spider to hunt down the wanted Eye in the Dark that escaped from the Prison of Elders.
The Spider gifts the Guardian a talisman that, when charged, allows the Guardian access to the Dreaming City through the watchtower's portal. Upon arriving, the Guardian is confronted by the three Taken Techeuns who were beside Mara Sov during her attack on Oryx's Dreadnought. Petra then directs the Guardian to the Oracle Engine, which, when given an offering, allows the Guardian to communicate with Mara Sov directly, it is revealed that Riven was the one behind Uldren's descent into madness. Mara orders Petra to assemble a team to slay Riven and extract her heart.
The Hollowed Lair The Guardian kills the recently resurrected Fikrul, the Fanatic.
14 September Last Wish A fireteam of six Guardians is dispatched by Petra Venj to slay Riven. In the process, the fireteam frees Kalli and Shuro Chi from Taken corruption. After slaying Morgeth, the Spirekeeper and opening an ancient Awoken vault, the Guardians encounter Riven herself. After a fierce battle, Riven is slain and her heart is cleansed by the freed Techeuns. However, this is exactly what Riven desired, as she grants the Guardians' collective wish to save the city. The Dreaming City is cursed partially into the Ascendant Plane and trapped in a three-week time loop actualized by Quria.
The Corrupted A Guardian fireteam is sent to free the Techeun Sedia from her Taken corruption. They venture through the Temple of Illyn and fight hordes of Taken, enter the Ascendant Realm]and free Sedia from her corruption.
Broken Courier After defeating Riven, the Guardian and Ghost are commissioned by Petra Venj to help assist an injured Corsair. This Corsair informs The Guardian that the Awoken relics have been stolen from the Hive, and should be immediately saved to preserve the tremendous amounts of information within them. With the help of the Corsair, The Guardian and Ghost must fight through waves of Xivu Arath's Hive to retrieve all stolen relics.
The Oracle Engine The Guardian is tasked by Petra Venj and Sedia with defending the Observatory above the Oracle Engine from an assault by Taken and Hive forces.
Dark Monastery The Guardian is sent to clear Harbinger's Seclude of Taken and Scorn, disrupting a ritual conducted by two Priests of Incaru in the process.
25 September The Shattered Throne Two weeks after the curse was inflicted upon the Dreaming City, the Blind Well is sufficiently charged to allow the Guardians' access to Eleusinia, Mara Sov's Throne World. After a long journey, the Guardian defeats Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return, and is granted a direct audience with Mara Sov, who had survived the events of the Taken war. However, at the end of the week, the Dreaming City reverted to the state it was in when the curse began. It is revealed that the entire city has been trapped in a three-week time loop.
16 October At the end of the second cycle, the Guardian visits Mara Sov again, in which Mara warns the Guardian about the Traveler. In addition, she has several holograms displaying tetrahedral-shaped ships.
27 October The Death of Callum Sol The Guardian is sent on a mission by special request of Drifter to the Dreaming City in order to find a guardian named Callum Sol who Drifter says stole something of his. The Guardian battles through Taken enemies until they come across a shattered Ghost and ashes. Interacting with the Ghost, it plays back Callum's last words and interaction with another unknown Guardian. Callum says "You'll never kill us all" to his killer, who responds "I don't have to. You're killing yourselves," before killing Callum and his Ghost with three Golden Gun shots. The Guardian retrieves the broken weapon at Callum's grave and returns to Drifter. It is later revealed that both Callum and his killer, Shin Malphur, planned for his death in order to scare the Shadows of Yor.
The creation of Malfeasance With The Guardian's assistance, Drifter reforges the weapon into Malfeasance, a new spin on the weapon Thorn, once wielded by Dredgen Yor.
6 November When the Guardian visits Mara for the third time, the queen is finishing a conversation with the Emissary, saying that she accepted the Nine's terms and that the "asset" was to be placed beyond the grave of the First Fleet. Mara then warns the Guardian about the Nine, claiming that their schemes never end.
27 November At the end of the fourth cycle, Mara immediately questions how Uldren had died, stating that she wasn't satisfied with the fact that the Guardian was the one to kill Uldren.

Season of the Forge[edit]

Year Date Event Information
4 December Beginning the Search Ada-1 tasks the Guardian with recovering the last forges of the Black Armory. The Fallen criminal enterprise the Kell's Scourge led by Siviks, Lost to None, the deranged brother of the Spider is also searching for these forges.
The discovery of Volundr Forge The Guardian would rediscover the Volundr Forge, defeating Red Legion forces led by Ghalak the Colossus, Forge Warden.
7 December The discovery of Gofannon Forge The Gofannon Forge would be rediscovered by the Guardian who would encounter and defeat members of the Kell's Scourge, destroying Serekis-9, Kell's Scourge, and Zevious-3, Forge Warden.
Scourge of the Past A fireteam led by the Guardian would be sent to regain control of an abandoned part of the Last City controlled by the Kell's Scourge who were attempting to gain access to an ancient vault. They would destroy Ablazed Glory, Kell's Scourge, and later Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge, a Servitor built into a Brig.
18 December Upon the end of the fifth cycle, it is revealed that Prince Uldren has been revived by a Ghost that had yet to find its Guardian, Mara is nowhere to be found.
The discovery of Izanami Forge The Guardian would recapture the Izanami Forge from the Sol Collective, killing Aegion, Deductive Mind and Sublimating Mind, Forge Warden.
8 January When the Guardian visits Mara for the sixth time, the queen angrily confronts the Guardian's ghost for what he had said about Mara during the previous weeks. After concluding a fit of rage, Mara tells the Guardian to get out of her sight.
The Niobe Labs The Guardian rediscovers the Niobe Labs, killing members of the Red Legion and Kell’s Scourge.
The discovery of the Bergusia Forge The Bergusia Forge is discovered within the Niobe Labs guarded by the Kell’s Scourge. The Guardian kills Siviks, Lost to None and destroys The Black Recluse, Forge Warden.
29 January Upon the Guardian's seventh visit, Mara states that she has dreamed of having a friend, then states that "the next act is about to begin" before disappearing. It was revealed that Mara departed to confront the Black Fleet, leading Petra to recruit a new coven of Techeuns, including Austyn, Ylaia, and Sjari, to return Mara to the Dreaming City.
The Last Word is gifted The Guardian, alongside Drifter, discover the whereabouts of the Hive weapon-smith Enkaar, the Anointed. During the confrontation, The Guardian calls upon the Last Word, legendary weapon of Shin Malphur. The Guardian uses this weapon to destroy Enkaar and takes the Last Word as their own. Shin congratulates The Guardian for their accomplishment, mentioning how the Guardian will be the catalyst for the end of the black and white understanding of Light and Darkness.
5 Feburary Crimson Days A limited time event is held by Shaxx in the Crucible to celebrate the Crimson Bonds of friendship and love Guardians form while competing.

Season of the Drifter[edit]

Year Date Event Information
5 March
12 March The forging of Thorn Along a cliff-side in the EDZ, the Guardian finds a melted hunk of metal in the dirt. They take the metal to Banshee-44 who tells them how to reconstruct the weapon, a replica of the legendary weapon Thorn. After collecting various parts from the solar system and imbuing it with Void Light, the Guardian seeks assistance from Tyra Karn. Though hesitant to assist in the creation of something she considers heretical, she eventually helps the Guardian piece together a ritual known as "The Hated Path" in which the Guardian must bathe the gun in hatred, death, and violence. The Guardian takes the gun to Titan where they successfully complete the ritual and the gun transforms into a replica of the original Thorn. [421]
15 March The Invitations of the Nine The Guardian learns more about the Drifter from the IX's Emissary Orin, a former Guardian who was once a friend of the Drifter, and was later bent to the will of the IX. They would learn about the Drifter’s past, how he was a former member of the Shadows of Yor, his association with the IX, and more.
16 Apr -6 May The Revelry
7 May Mithrax discovers Eramis's plan to steal SIVA tech from a Cryptarch vault on the old Tower and informs his fireteam about his plan to infiltrate within the enemy forces to disrupt the operation.[422] Meanwhile, he sends a Fallen Transponder to the Guardian to rendezvous with him on the the Farm basement.[423]
Zero Hour The Guardian learns from Mithrax]] about Eramis' plan to steal Outbreak Perfected and help him to stop her plans. After infiltrating the old Tower, the Guardian stops Eramis's lieutenant Siriks, Loyal to Eramis before escaping with the stolen weapon.

Season of Opulence[edit]

Year Date Event Information
4 June Menagerie Calus invites the Guardian to participate in glory by fighting Hive and Vex forces he captured inside his Leviathan and promises them sweet rewards should they accept his invitation.
Discovery of the Crown of Sorrow Katabasis, a former hunter and Shadow of Calus, discovers the Hive artifact known as the Crown of Sorrow.[424] Loyalist Psion's believed it was created to imitate Oryx's power to bend wills.[425] To bear the crown and control the Hive aboard his ship, Calus creates the Ceremonial Bather known as Gahlran.[426] However unknown to him the artifact was created by Savathûn to take control of the wearer.[426]
Crown of Sorrow Gahlran becomes corrupted by Savathûn while he is wearing the Crown. Calus calls upon the Guardians one last time to Gahlran down and stop Savathûn's forces from overrunning the Leviathan. They do so and Calus attempts to promote them to become his Shadows. The Guardians refuse the offer.
11 June
2 July
The purification of Thorn and the creation of Lumina Shin Malphur, after being convinced that the Guardian is working for the Light, offers the location of the original Thorn to them. The Guardian finds the remnant of Thorn and cleanses it, revealing the original Rose. They realize that they can use Rose and the Light to forge a new kind of weapon, a Weapon of Hope, the antithesis to the Weapons of Sorrow. With the Light, the Guardian forges Lumina. [427]
Shin Malphur retires and the Shadows of Yor disband After years of battling corrupted Guardians, Shin and the rest of the Shadows of Yor leave their titles behind and go off to adventures unknown. Shin encourages the Guardian to forge a new legend for themselves and leave the stories of Dredgen Yor, the Shadows, and Shin Malphur to fade into the footnotes of history. [428] [429]
9 July
30 July Solstice of Heroes Solstice is held in the Last City to memorialize the Tower and the reawakening of the Traveler after the events of the Red War. Guardians fight and defeat Cabal, Hive, and Fallen in the European Aerial Zone

Return of the Black Fleet[edit]

Shadowkeep/Season of the Undying[edit]

Year Date Event Information
After the deaths of Crota and Oryx, the Hidden Swarm was left divided and weakened. While the Swarm retained their faith in the Sword Logic, the daughters of Crota, Hashladûn, Besuirth, Voshyr, and Kinox schemed to resurrect Oryx as a Nightmare by using the power of the Lunar Pyramid, despite it being a violation of the Sword Logic. [430]
A Rising Champion In the depths of the depths of the Moon, the Knight Zulmak sought to become the new Prince of the Hidden Swarm, becoming a threat to the daughters' plans. [431]
Seeing the Sword Logic as a lie and the daughters of Crota as unworthy.[432] The two sisters Avazath, Malkanth, and their severed brother Akrazul would begin a ritual to transfer Akrazul's consciousness into Avazath's body. Akrazul would begin to hear whispers from Savathûn, convincing him he was a pawn of Malkanth, out of rage Akrazul would kill Malkanth.[433]. He would then challenge and kill Zulmak.[434]. However he would be killed by Avazath now known as Ir Airâm, [435] who had been placed into the body of Malkanth by Savathûn after she had agreed to lead the Swarm's Deathsinger Choir.[436]
Shortly after Akrazul's slaughter, the daughters of Crota would be greeted by Savathûn, she would convince them to take control of the Hidden Swarm and construct a new fortress to stand against the Guardians. She would also offer them the essence of Zulmak, which she had taken after his death, as well as the Choir of Deathsingers led by Ir Airâm. The Daughters agree to the bargain, taking control of the Hidden Swarm and begin their plans. However unknown to them, the Witch Queen wanted them to build the fortress as bait to attract the Guardians, as she believed her brother's bloodline had run its course.
The construction of the Scarlet Keep The Hidden Swarm, under the orders of Hashladûn, Daughter of Crota, begin construction of the Scarlet Keep. The Vanguard is aware of the construction but does not interfere with the Hive's activities.
The return of Eris Morn Shortly before the Guardian's arrival, Eris Morn contacts Ikora Rey to inform her of renewed activity on the Moon. Ikora dispatches Eris to the Moon to scout out the Scarlet Keep.
1 October The discovery of the Lunar Pyramid During her mission, Eris stumbles upon the derelict Lunar Pyramid and is exposed to a Nightmare, either of Sai Mota or Omar Agah, unleashing a curse upon the Moon.
A Mysterious Disturbance Commander Zavala puts out the call to all Guardians; the Hive are active on the Moon. The Guardian rushes to the old Lunar Battlegrounds and drives the Hidden Swarm back to the Scarlet Keep. After defeating a Hive Shrieker and Gothrax, Protector of the Swarm, the Guardian descends into the Scarlet Keep, tasked by Ikora Rey to find Eris Morn. The Guardian discovers the Pyramid and engages in battle against the Nightmares of Crota, Dominus Ghaul, and the Fanatic, They are pulled away by Eris Morn, who plans with the Guardian to breach the Lunar Pyramid's warding.
1-5 October In Search of Answers Eris Morn dispatches the Guardian to investigate the strange Hive behavior near the Scarlet Keep in the Sorrow's Harbor. There the Guardian discovers a Hive ritual which is related to the Nightmares' activity. After collecting some ruined tablets, the Guardian and Eris Morn discover that the Hive doesn't seem affected by the [Nightmare]]s. Before continuing the investigation, the Guardian listen to Nightmare of Omnigul's scream in the comm channel and the Eris' signal cuts out. Quickly the Guardian return to the Sanctuary and discovers that the Nightmare has stormed through the lunar encampment. Eris tells the Guardian that she has survived thanks to the protection of Nightmare of Crota's Essence from her Talisman. With that knowledge Eris believes the Essence dropped by the Nightmare of Crota is a key to entering the Pyramid and learning the truth behind its presence on the Moon.
Ghosts of Our Past Eris orders the Guardian to cleanse the Nightmare's Essence. After cleansing it, Eris created the first piece of Dreambane armor set against the Lunar Pyramid's Nightmares. She then orders the Guardian to hunt the Nightmare of Omnigul.
The Scarlet Keep The Guardian defeats the Nightmare of Omnigul, but Eris cannot cleanse the essence until a more potent Hive arcana is found, so she dispatches the Guardian to the Scarlet Keep to learn more. They learn that the Hidden Swarm is organized under the daughters of Crota, the first being Hashladûn. They ascend the tower and defeat Hashladûn, discovering a tablet mentioning a Cryptogyph hidden in the Catacombs within the Hellmouth.
In the Deep Eris dispatches the Guardian to steal the Cryptoglyph from the Hive Catacombs. After retrieving the Cryptoglyph, Eris uses the Cryptoglyph and a table to create the Lectern of Enchantment and tasks the Guardian with hunting down the Nightmares of Phogoth, Taniks, and Skolas, then cleansing their Essences to create Dreambane armor set needed to infiltrate the Lunar Pyramid.
Beyond After crafting the Dreambane armor set and then equipping it, the Guardian bypasses the warding emitted from the Lunar Pyramid. Their Ghost is possessed by the Voice in the Darkness, the Witness. As they walk its halls, the Witness taunts the Guardian on the Light's fallacies, including the Red War, the death of Cayde-6, and the Great Disaster as they fight the Nightmares of Dominus Ghaul, the Fanatic, and Crota respectively. After defeating all three Nightmares, the Lunar Pyramid presents the Guardian with an unknown, spherical artifact before the statue of a large, veiled figure. Upon interacting with the artifact, the Guardian is shown a vision of the Black Garden, in which the Witness appears as an imitation of the Guardian and declares it to be our "salvation". Eris realizes that the Pyramid predicted and desired the Guardian to enter, and vows to watch over and study the device retrieved from within.
1 October Memory of Sai Mota The Guardian defeats nightmares across the Moon to search for the scraps of Sai Mota's necklace. After restoring the necklace, the Guardian returns to Eris Morn and gives it to her to banish the Nightmare of Sai Mota.
Nightmare Hunts Eris Morn tasks the Guardian with eliminating the Nightmare threat across Luna including the Nightmare of Zydron and stopping the Hive from using the Altars of Sorrow to power up rituals enhanced by the Darkness.
5 October Garden of Salvation The unknown artifact that the Guardian retrieved begins to transmit a signal into the Black Garden. A fireteam of Guardians then utilizes a newly discovered portal on the Moon to enter the Garden and destroy the Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent, and Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent. The fireteam then discovers a statue identical to that within the Pyramid at the end of the artifact's signal.
Vex's Offensive on the Moon Shortly after the events inside the Lunar Pyramid, the Sol Divisive begin to pour through several gates on the Moon. Ikora reveals to the Guardian that the Undying Mind has resurfaced and instructs them to give her Vex chassis components to build a portal to lure out the Undying Mind across every timeline.
8 October Memory of Vel Tarlowe The Guardian defeats nightmares across the Moon] to search for the fragments of Vell Tarlowe's Mark. After restoring the Mark, the Guardian returns to Eris Morn and gives it to her to banish the Nightmare of Vell Tarlowe.
15 October Memory of Toland, The Shattered The Guardian]] searches a secret chest on the Moon and obtains Toland's journal. However, the journal was incomplete and the Guardian searched for the remaining pages. After completing the quest, the Guardian returns to Eris and delivers it to her to banish the nightmare of Toland.
22 October Memory of Omar Agah The Guardian defeats enemies across the Moon and retrieves Omar’s throwing knives. The Guardian gives them to Eris to banish the nightmare of Omar Agah.
29 October Memory of Eriana-3 The Guardian defeats powerful enemies across the moon and retrieves Eriana’s lost letters from Wei Ning. The Guardian delivers them to Eris to banish the Nightmare of Eriana-3.
Pit of Heresy A fireteam of guardians, leaded by the Guardian, descend to the Pit of Heresy to slay Zulmak, Instrument of Torment and interrupt a Hive ritual. After returning to Eris Morn, she tells the Guardian that Zulmak is revived by the remaining daughters of Crota, Voshyr and Kinox, stating, thus, their rejection of the Sword Logic. Eris warns us that the Hive will intend to do the ritual again and the guardians must stop it if that happens. [437]
20 November Defeat of the Undying Mind With the portal finally constructed, the Guardian returns to the Black Garden and duels with every copy of the Undying Mind. It is defeated, finally ending the Sol Divisive invasion on Luna. Upon the destruction of the final copy of the Undying Mind at the hands of the Guardian, Osiris discovers a horrifying revelation while exploring the Infinite Forest: the Black Fleet]] takes the place of the Traveler within the Last City. He warns Ikora of the grim future and makes his way back to Mercury's surface.

Season of Dawn[edit]

Year Date Event Information
The Discovery of the Sundial The Sundial is discovered by the Psion Flayer sisters: Niruul, the Hollow Voice, Ozletc, the Sky Piercer and Tazaroc, the Sun Eater
Time fractures on Mercury After discovering the Sundial, the Psion Flayer sisters study the device for weeks. At the end, they understand the device and seek to obtain a simulated future where the Psion race are free of the Cabal. Their actions, however, fracture the time on Mercury with the planet's past, present and future state.
10 December The Call of Osiris After discovering the action of the Psion Flayers, Osiris calls the Guardian]l to help him and restore the timelines broken from the defeat of the Undying Mind.
Corridors of Time Part 1, Completing An Impossible Task At the instruction of Osiris, the Guardian finds a timeline in which Saint-14 can be averted from his inevitable fate. They find him in the past under assault from the Eliksni of House Rain. After repelling an invasion, he gifts them a different version of the Perfect Paradox before departing.
17 December Corridors of Time Part 2, Completing An Impossible Task The Guardian returns to the task of finding a timeline in which Saint-14's fate can be changed, this time looking into the future. They learn that a specific Axis Mind named Agioktis, Martyr Mind has been created by the Vex to kill Saint-14. The Guardian takes the blow instead, and together with Saint-14, they defeat the Axis. Saint-14 returns to Osiris near the Sundial.
20 December The return of Saint-14 Saint-14 returns to the Tower.
7 January The creation of Devil's Ruin Saint-14 leads The Guardian to Twilight Gap to gather peaces of destroyed Redjacks and build a new weapon, Devil's Ruin.
15-20 January The End, Exploring the Corridors of Time The Guardian explores the Corridor of Time further in search of any more threats within it. The Guardian discovers their own grave in the future, with Saint-14 reading their eulogy.
20 January The recovery of Bastion It is revealed that a Fallen named Reysk had stolen Bastion and that it was still on him after he was resurrected into a Scorn Chieftain. Saint-14 tasks them with assistance from the Spider. After defeating the Scorn Chieftain, Saint-14 rewards them with Bastion.
4 February The defeat of Inotam, Oblivion's Triune Out of desperation, Ozletc, Tazaroc, and Nirrul fuse into Inotam with another sister named Amtec witnessing the joining. A fireteam of Guardians is dispatched to defeat Inotam, Oblivion's Triune within the Corridors of Time. They finally repair the broken timelines after its defeat and Amtec forms a plan to drop the Almighty onto the Last City as vengeance for the death of her 3 older sisters.
4 February-4 March The Empyrean Foundation Following the defeat of Inotam, Osiris and Saint-14 begin their efforts to restore the Lighthouse on Mercury by tasking Guardians with donating collected Fractaline for the reconstruction effort.
4 March The Restoration of the Lighthouse Thanks to the success of the Empyrean Foundation, Osiris and Saint-14 use the billions of Fractaline donated to them by Guardians along with The Lantern of Osiris on the altar to restore The Lighthouse and reopen the Trials of Osiris, so they can train Guardians to prepare them for the arrival of the Black Fleet.

Season of the Worthy[edit]

Year Date Event Information
10 March Seraph Bunker: EDZ Learning that the Almighty is on its way to the Last City to be destroyed in retaliation for the deaths of Ozletc, Tazaroc, and Niruul at the Sundial, Zavala and Ana Bray asks the Guardian to power up Rasputin's Seraph Bunkers and use the Warsats against the Almighty. The Seraph Bunker on the EDZ is powered up.
13 March The return of Trials of Osiris Trials of Osiris returns to the Tower, now under the supervision of Saint-14.
24 March Seraph Bunker: Moon The Seraph Bunker on Luna is powered up.
7 April Seraph Bunker: Io]] The Seraph Bunker on Io is powered up, and Rasputin reveals to Zavala and the Guardian that the Black Fleet are now about to enter the Sol System. Zavala puts aside his suspicions of the Warmind and allies with it to prevent the coming threat together.
14 April-2 June The Coming Storm Through a holographic map on the walls of each Seraph Bunker, Rasputin tracks the movement of the Black Fleet as they enter the Sol System, from the Kuiper Belt to Neptune and finally Uranus.
21 April The Guardian Games The first ever Guardian Games is hosted in the Tower, where each class competes for the winner at the end of the Games. The Tita] class wins the first Guardian Games.
21 May Recovery of Felwinter's Lie Rasputin regrets his role in attacking the resurrected Iron Lord Felwinter and allows the Guardian to take Felwinter's Lie.
5 June The Destruction of the Almighty Rasputin uses his Warsats to obliterate the the Almighty out of the sky, sparing the Last City from destruction.

Season of Arrivals[edit]

Year Date Event Information
False Idols Nokris survives his encounter with the Guardian, now being abandoned by Xol. He lures fireteams into slaughtering him and his brood, gaining enough power to pierce a hole into the Sea of Screams. There, he is drawn into a fabricated version of the High Coven and is greeted by Savathûn. Here they strike a bargain, Nokris will teach Savathûn Necromancy, and in exchange the Witch Queen will grant him a spot on her court and give him access to Quria. With the Black Fleet making its arrival to Sol, Savathûn orders Nokris to intervene with the Witness's attempts to commune with the Guardians.[438]
9 June The Arrival of the Black Fleet The Black Fleet arrives on Io. Rasputin takes notice of this and flags the Ionian Pyramid's arrival. The Warmind would attempt to neutralize this Pyramid with his Warsat network. The Pyramid disappears from the radar, signaling victory. However, the Pyramid then immediately reappears and disables Rasputin. Eris Morn devises a plan to decrypt the messages from the Ionian Pyramid through the Seed of Silver Wings charged with Darkness. The Guardian uses the Drifter's mote banks to charge the Seed and meet with Eris under the Tree of Silver Wings in the Cradle to clear the interference from Nokris.
13 July Evacuation Plan The Black Fleet arrive on Mercury, Titan, and Mars. The Guardian attempts to convince Ana Bray, Sloane, Asher Mir, and Brother Vance to evacuate.
12 October Interference Cleared The Guardian finally defeats Nokris and is allowed entry into the Ionian Pyramid. There, the Witness repeats the fallacies of the Light, but also instructs the Guardian to travel to Europa to seek out an ancient power, hinting at the Guardian wielding the Darkness in the form of Stasis. Eris finishes her decryption of the messages from the Ionian Pyramid.
9 November The Traveler Healed With Ana Bray being the only one to successfully evacuate, all Guardians returned to the Tower to witness the Traveler heal its wounds from the Red War as the Black Fleet closes into the Sol System.
The Disappearance of Mars, Mercury, Io, and Titan The Black Fleet closes in on Sol and Mars, Mercury, Io, and Titan all disappear. Brother Vance retreats into the Infinite Forest. Sloane equips a Golden Age power suit and stays behinds on Titan to fight the forces now under the command of Xivu Arath, eventually meeting Ahsa. Asher Mir goes to the Pyramidion and integrats himself in a Friendly Harpy frame, hoping to prevent the secrets of the Vex from falling to the Witness, eventually discovering information about the Veil. All three are declared MIA by the Vanguard.
Prophecy Shortly after the Black Fleet’s arrival, a fireteam led by the Guardian would enter a realm of the IX to learn more about the Darkness. They encounter the IX’s Taken killing the Phalanx Echo, and later the Kell Echo to discover hints of how to wield the Darkness.

Beyond Light[edit]

Year Date Event Information
10 November Darkness's Doorstep The Guardian arrives to Europa at the instruction of the Witness, but discovers a distress signal sent by Variks and a new Eliksni House. It is revealed to be House Salvation whose Kell is Eramis seen wielding Stasis.
10 November The New Kell Variks explains his role in releasing the prisoners from the Prison of Elders and the death of Cayde-6, and instructs the Guardian to infiltrate Riis-Reborn, an Eliksni city built in honor of their homeworld Riis. They witness a sermon from Eramis and the retrieval of Phylaks' Splinter of Darkness from a giant Crux of Darkness in the center of the room. The Guardian retreats from Riis-Reborn after being spotted by a Dreg within House Salvation and unable to defeat the Stasis-wielding Barons with their Light.
10 November Rising Resistance The Witness reaches out to the Guardian through a Crux of Darkness after assisting Variks in reactivating the communications array on Europa and invites them to follow the Crux to the Europan Pyramid. There, the Guardian witness a skirmish between House Salvation and a fireteam composed of the Drifter, Eris Morn, and the Exo Stranger. The Europan Pyramid projects a Ziggurat in anticipation of the Guardian's arrival. There, the Exo Stranger recaps the destruction of the Black Heart and the arrival of the Black Fleet and gives the Guardian their first Splinter of Darkness so they can understand and eventually wield Stasis against the Barons of House Salvation by interacting with Stasis Locks in the Ziggurat.
10 November Empire Hunts: The Warrior With the Guardian now being able to use Stasis, they work to eliminate the Barons of House Salvation through intel received from Variks. They locate Phyhlaks first by eliminating a platoon of House Salvation soldiers in the Asterion Abyss, then infiltrating the Well of Infinitude. The Guardian receives their second Splinter of Darkness after defeating her.
10 November Empire Hunts: The Technocrat They enhance their understanding of Stasis before they begin locating Praksis, the Technocrat by defending a Vex conduit, then entering the Eternity wing of the Bray Exoscience facility. They receive the third Splinter of Darkness from him and continue their understanding of Stasis before beginning their hunt on Eramis.
10 November Attempted Recruitment The Guardian receives intel from Variks and Zavala that Eramis is recruiting remnants of House Devils from the Cosmodrome and the Guardian travels there to stop Bakris, the Adamantine.
10 November The Glassway They then return to Europa to stop Eramis from opening the portal in the Glassway. Despite the failure to stop her, they destroy Belmon, Transcendent Mind and shut down the portal.
10 November The Kell of Darkness They locate Eramis in Riis-Reborn, but before the Guardian can corner her, Variks them for assistance in evacuating House Salvation defectors to join House Light led by Mithrax. They corner her, but she breaks the Splinter of Darkness the Guardian was carrying. They break free of Stasis by remembering the Exo Stranger's advice to "look within, focus your power." Eramis is defeated by the Guardian and frozen in Stasis matter, allowing them to receive the final Splinter of Darkness from her.
10 November Brig Factory Destroyed The Guardian raids and destroys a Brig factory in the Technocrat’s iron.
10 November Empire Hunts: The Dark Priestess The Guardian confronts and defeats Kridis, Dark Priestess.
10 November-11 May Mastery of Stasis After receiving the final Splinter of Darkness from Eramis, the Guardian returns to the Ziggurat and places it in a Stasis Lock, but this time, the Europan Pyramid allows the Guardian entry inside it and commune with the statue, allowing them to wield Stasis outside of Europa and gain mastery of it. Upon the Guardian's return from the Europan Pyramid, the Exo Stranger summons them, finally revealing her identity as Elsie Bray, and assists them in their mastery of Stasis by unlocking new aspects, grenade types, and fragments through her quest to unlock the journal left encrypted by her grandfather Clovis Bray I.
23 November Raid on the Deep Stone Crypt Before her defeat at the hands of the Guardian, Eramis instructs the future Atraks-1 to prepare the "body" from the Deep Stone Crypt. A fireteam of Guardians follows suit, bypassing the blizzard outside and the Crypt security inside. While pursuing Atraks, the Guardians discover a statue named "Clarity Control" by the awakened AI of Clovis Bray I. The "body" Eramis instructed Atraks, now the first Eliksni Exo, to recover is revealed to be Taniks, Reborn. They defeat her and explore the Morning Star. The AI of Clovis Bray I taunts the Guardians and attempts to drop the Morning Star onto Europa and nuke its surface. The Guardians were able to stop the nuclear explosion while also stunning Taniks Reborn. They manage to survive the crash and battle Taniks, the Abomination. They defeat him, finally ending the threat of House Salvation for good.
The Disgraced Back on Earth, Hive Wizard Navôta, Eir Spawn is attempting to rally the Hive in the Cosmodrome under her leadership. She meets her end by a fireteam of Guardians.

Season of the Hunt[edit]

Year Date Event Information
Fall of Torobatl The Cabal on Torobatl suffer a huge loss. Savathûn had been influencing Umun'arath to trick Caiatl and complete a summoning ritual dedicated to Xivu Arath. Caiatl kills Umun, but she accidentally completes the ritual through this killing, allowing Xivu Arath and her Hive force to invade Torobatl. The Cabal begin evacuating from Torobatl and chart a course to Sol to collect the scout legions sent by Ghaul. Caiatl is crowned Empress aboard her flagship, Eligos Lex V and begins formulating a plan to broker an alliance with the Guardians to retake Torobatl.
10 November-17 November Osiris investigates planetary disappearance Following the arrival of the Black Fleet and subsequent disappearance of several celestial bodies within the Sol System, Osiris seeks out information on the Black Fleet and the Darkness. He promises to provide Zavala constant updates regarding his findings, sending him the Fang of Xivu Arath for further study. During his investigation, he visits the Reef in the hopes of finding out more of Empress Caiatl's plans for recruiting the old Red Legion troops. [439]
Rise of the Wrathborn As Osiris was investigating the Cabal presence in the Reef, he discovered a group of Cabal surrounding a Hive structure called a Cryptolith. The structure itself is organic, growing and rooting itself into the Tangled Shore. Concerned, Osiris scans the Sol System for more of the structures, getting readings on both the Tangled Shore and on Luna. In response, Osiris meets with the Spider, only to discover that there were more Cyptoliths than his scanner was picking up.[439]
Osiris visits the Dreadnaught In order to further understand the nature of the Cryptoliths, Osiris boards the derelict Dreadnaught. He learns of the internal fighting between the Hive, and the disappearance of Savathûn. He also learns that Xivu Arath is now using the disarray to strengthen her own forces. Osiris returns to the Reef to confer with the Spider, learning the name of the Cryptoliths and their effect on the surrounding area. Osiris then heads to Luna to find more information. During his search, however, he is trapped by a powerful Hive; the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath. Osiris escapes the trap, but only thanks to the sacrifice of his Ghost, Sagira. Unbeknownst to everyone, Savathûn steals Osiris' body and voice, replacing him to get closer to the Guardian and gain a victory against her sister, Xivu Arath.[439]
17 November Trail of the Hunted Savathûn, as Osiris, sends a message to the Vanguard, stating that his Ghost, Sagira, has been killed. He requests the Guardian aid him in his hunt for Xivu Arath. Zavala relays the information to the Guardian as they approach the location of "Osiris" on Luna. The Guardian makes their way through the Hellmouth, following "Osiris" and a new Hive: the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath. As the Guardian reaches the Shrine of Oryx, "Osiris" is attacked by a Wrathborn and almost killed. An unknown Guardian steps from the shadows, killing the Wrathborn with his sword. The unknown Guardian then steps into the light, revealing to "Osiris" and The Guardian that he is Uldren Sov. Uldren then introduces himself as Crow.[440]
Crow meets the Guardian It is revealed that after Uldren Sov's death at the hands of the Guardian, he was revived by the ghost Glint. Now a Guardian with amnesia, Uldren did not know about the crimes he had committed as the Awoken prince. Sometime later, the Spider found him wandering along the Reef and brought him in, giving him a new name: Crow.
17 November-4 January Hunt for the Wrathborn Over the weeks, the Guardian and Crow with assistance from "Osiris" hunt down the Wrathborn across the Reef. Using Crow's Cryptolith Lure, the Guardian summons and defeats Wrathborn Fallen and Wrathborn Hive at the Cryptoliths scattered along the Reef and the Moon. As the Guardian kills more Wrathborn, they upgrade the Cryptolith Lure to track down the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath.[439] During this time, Crow begins to receive visions from the Traveler leading him and The Guardian to discovering and reforging a new Hawkmoon from the Shard of the Traveler in the European Dead Zone. In reforging this weapon, the two end up defending the EDZ Shard from forces of the Darkness sent by Savathûn.[439] [441] [442]
5 January Coup de Grâce The Guardian and Crow track the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath to the Dreaming City, using a fully upgraded Cryptolith Lure to summon it out of hiding. While The Guardian hunts the High Celebrant in the Dreaming City, Crow follows it through the Ascendant Realm, keeping pressure on the High Celebrant. The Guardian and Crow finally trap the High Celebrant in the Ascendant realm and together they trap and kill it, preventing the creation of more Wrathborn.[443]
Crow's Freedom After killing the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath, the Spider offers the Guardian a gift of a "prized bauble" from his lair. The Guardian points at Crow, choosing Crow's freedom as payment. The Spider is infuriated by this, but decides to uphold his end of the deal, freeing the Crow from Spider's service. Shortly after, Crow meets with "Osiris" someplace in the European Dead Zone, where they discuss Crow's future and his need to remain disguised within the Last City]]. "Osiris" promises Crow that were anything to happen to Crow, he was someone who could be trusted.[444]

Season of the Chosen[edit]

Year Date Event Information
9 February Arrival of Caiatl Following the defeat of the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath at the hands of the Guardian, Caiatl invites Zavala and Savathûn under the guise of Osiris to her flagship and seeks an alliance on the condition that Zavala bends the knee to her, but he refuses, and the Vanguard goes to war with the Imperial Cabal.
9 February The Rite of Proving begins Zavala deploys the Guardian to Nessus to stop the contenders seeking to fill Caiatl's War Council, with the first one being Commander Dracus stationed outside the Halphas Electus. They defeat him in their first Rite of Proving and retrieve the Bell of Conquests from him. Zavala opens the H.E.L.M. to the Guardian, and after exploring it, Saladin Forge briefs them of their next target: Basilius the Golem, whose soldiers are looking for the Deep Stone Crypt on Europa. They defeat him and retrieve the Hammer of Proving, which allows them to pillage Cabal Gold per Cabal laws.
16 February Hunt for Val Ma'rag The Guardian hunts their next target in the Cosmodrome, where the Cabal are at war with the Hive over the latter's role in the Fall of Torobatl. They defeat the Val in the Rite of Proving.
23 February Hunt for Ixel, the Far-Reaching The Guardian returns to Nessus to find Ixel, the Far-Reaching, who is harnessing Vex prediction engines in the Well of Giants and relaying the information to a sect of Psions led by Yirix. The Guardian defeats Ixel in the Rite of Proving.
2 March-9 March The Psion Conclave strikes The Guardian and Crow work together to gather intel on the information recovered from Vex prediction engines. They learn that the Psions are using a remnant of the Traveler Cage stolen from a Häkke warehouse within the Last City and used during the Red War. Crow's suspicions would be proven correct when a Psion within the Imperial Cabal attempts to assassinate Zavala. The first attempt on Zavala's life was thwarted by Crow.
16 March A Final Gambit After the Guardian defeats a contender for the War Council through the Rite of Proving, Zavala, Saladin, and Savathûn meet in the H.E.L.M., where she reveals that the escalating conflict between the Imperial Cabal and the Vanguard would draw the attention of Xivu Arath. Zavala proposes the final Rite of Proving.
23 March Proving Grounds The final Rite of Proving begins with the Guardian as Zavala's champion and Ignovun as Caiatl's champion. The Guardian enters the Halphus Electus and defeats Ignovun. Zavala and Caiatl would meet to sign the armistice between the Vanguard and the Imperial Cabal, though it was under assault from a pair of Psions named Qalec and Valir. Caiatl reveals that she didn't order Zavala's assassination and vows to uncover the Psion Conclave.
20 April The 2nd Guardian Games The Guardian Games return to the Tower for the second year using the same class competition as the first. The Hunter class wins the 2nd Guardian Games.

Season of the Splicer[edit]

Year Date Event Information
Before 11 May Arrival of Mithrax Mithrax arrives on Europa to pick up the defectors of House Salvation near Asterion Abyss, but Vex artillery shoots downs his Skiff, forcing him to crash-land there and hide the survivors in a cave near Eventide Ruins.
11 May The Endless Night begins The Last City is plagued by an Endless Night created by Quria, a proxy of Savathûn. Ikora Rey asks the Guardian to seek out Mithrax, who had relocated the survivors to a cave near Asterion Abyss. They find Mithrax after clearing the Skiff's crash site of the Vex. Mithrax teaches the Guardian the way of the Sacred Splicer by opening the portal into the Vex Network using a Splicer Gauntlet for them. While exploring the Vex Domain, Mithrax instructs the Guardian to slay the curator of the domain and claim the living code from its corpse. They escape the domain and return to him, where Ikora proposes the integration of Eliksni of House Light into the Last City, and he agrees, angering Lakshmi-2 of the Future War Cult. The Guardian begins the mastery of splicing after receiving a Splicer Gauntlet of their own from Mithrax's Splicer Servitor. They start on Europa, where they slay Tacitas, Subjugated Mind.
11 May Eliksni Quarter After Ikora integrates the Eliksni of House Light into the Last City, the Guardian explores the Eliksni Quarter and interacts with items of Eliksni culture that are explained by Eido.
18 May The Endless Night worsens As the Endless Night begins to affect the denizens of the Last City, the Guardian continues their mastery of splicing by defeating Portunos, Subjugated Mind on Luna. Lakshmi-2 begins to spread propaganda of her vitriol towards the Eliksni of House Light and the Vanguard.
25 May Expunge The Guardian gains the ability to penetrate the deeper enclaves of the Vex Network after using their splicing skills to defeat Thesmotae, Subjugated Mind in the Tangled Shore. They penetrate the Labyrinth domain and defeat Fantis, Oppressive Mind. Meanwhile, Lakshmi-2 organizes [xecutor Hideo and Arach Jalaal to support her coup against the Vanguard. Jalaal rejects her proposal.
1 June The Eliksni Quarter attacked While the Guardian infiltrates the Styx domain and defeats Dikast, Oppressive Mind, the Eliksni Quarter is ransacked by the people acting on Lakshmi-2's propaganda, though Crow was able to drive the perpetrators away. The Guardian returns to the Eliksni Quarter at the instruction of Ikora and witnesses an argument between Lakshmi-2 and Mithrax regarding recent events. Lakshmi-2 leaves the scene and Mithrax recounts the story about the effects of Saint-14's crusades on the Eliksni.
8 June-15 June The Endless Night grows As the Endless Night begins to not just affect the denizens, but the infrastructure of the Last City and Taken blights begin to appear, the Guardian infiltrates the Tartarus domain and defeats Dimio, Oppressive Mind. Then, they return to the Labyrinth domain, now under Taken influence, and defeats the reborn Fantis. Mithrax reveals that Quria is the architect behind the Endless Night, shocking Ikora. Saint-14 begins forming a friendship with Mithrax after learning of the revelation of the horrors he inflicted on the Eliksni during his crusades.
22 June-29 June Hunt for Quria Now aware that Quria is the architect behind the Endless Night, the Guardian returns to the Styx and Tartarus domains to defeat the reborn Dikast and Dimio respectively. With the death of the reborn Dimio, Mithrax finally pinpoints Quria's location within the Vex Domain and relays its location to the Guardian. The Guardian infiltrates the Delphi domain and uses their mastery of splicing to bypass Vex and Taken defenses guarding Quria. The Guardian reaches Quria's lair and defeats it despite its strong powers. Quria's defeat reaches word of the Last City, giving its denizens a sigh of relief as the Endless Night gradually weakens.
5 July The Endless Night ends With the Endless Night finally behind them, the Vanguard enters an official alliance with the Eliksni of House Light, and as a reward, the Eliksni of House Light celebrates Solstice alongside the denizens of the Last City for the first time.
10 August The Failed Coup Despite the Endless Night being gone, Lakshmi-2 continues spreading anti-Eliksni propaganda and begins her coup against the Vanguard by constructing and opening a Vex portal in the center of the Eliksni Quarter, but her coup backfires on her as she is killed by Vex weaponry. The Guardians are deployed to shut down the Vex portal to stop more Vex from invading the Last City. The Guardian successfully shuts down the Vex as Zavala, Ikora, Saint-14, Amanda Holliday and Mithrax defend the Eliksni of House Light from the remaining Vex, and discover that Savathûn still under the guise of Osiris has fled to the Dreaming City. New Monarchy and Dead Orbit leaves the Last City officially.

Season of the Lost[edit]

Year Date Event Information
24 August The Truth revealed The Guardian, Crow, and Saint begin pursuing Osiris to the Dreaming City, encountering the Wrathborn along the way. They, along with Mara Sov, discover a horrifying truth: the Osiris they've known since the appearance of the Cryptoliths throughout Sol was Savathûn all along. Mara traps Savathûn in a crystalline prison and explains her plan to expel Savathûn's Worm to the Guardian. Petra Venj explains the plan further after the Guardian receives the Wayfinder's Compass.
24 August-5 October Assembling the Techeuns The Guardian would use the Wayfinder's Compass to chart a course to a Techeun lost within the Ascendant plane through Ley Lines. As the Guardian assembles the coven of Techeuns needed to expel Savathûn's Worm from her body one by one, they make various discoveries including the evolution of the Scorn]], the restoration of Uldren Sov's memories to Crow, and the manipulations of Savathûn over the year she posed as Osiris. Once the final Techeun is rescued from the Ascendant plane, Mara Sov forbids any access to Savathûn until the cosmic alignment is ready for the Techeuns to perform the ritual.
12 October Mystery of the Headless Ones Glint leaves Crow behind aboard Caiatl's flagship to investigate the myths and mysteries of the Headless Ones with the Guardian's assistance in time for the Festival of the Lost.
14 December A Brigher Dawning The Eliksni of House Light and the Cabal in service of Caiatl celebrate the Dawning for the first time alongside the denizens of the Last City.
15 February The Exorcism The Techeuns begin the ritual to expel Savathûn's worm, but the ritual is under assault from the forces of Xivu Arath led by Kelgorath, Risen from Bones. The Guardian and Saint-14 are deployed to the ritual site to defend the Techeuns as they complete the ritual. The ritual is complete with the return of Osiris and the extraction of Savathûn's Worm. However, Savathûn deceives Mara by transporting herself elsewhere.
Between 15 February and 22 February Savathûn Reborn Savathûn transports herself close to the Traveler, wounded from the exorcism ritual Mara's Techeuns performed on her. She dies near the Traveler, and Immaru resurrects her, now reborn with the Traveler's Light. She returns to her Throne World to cast a curse upon Rhulk, trapping him within the Sunken Pyramid.
Grasp of Avarice A fireteam led by the Guardian arrive in the Cosmodrome to search for a loot cave in the Skywatch, previously discovered by another fireteam. They encounter and defeat Hive led by Phry'zhia, the Insatiable, and later defeat a Fallen crew led by Captain Avarokk, the Covetous. They discover along the way that the fireteam that discovered the treasure turned against each other in hopes of taking the loot for themselves.

The Witch Queen/Season of the Risen[edit]

Year Date Event Information
22 February Reappearance of Mars The Guardian investigates Mars' reappearance with temporal distortions under the orders of Ikora, but are attacked by the Cabal under Caiatl's banner. Later, Savathûn's ship, The Lure, lands above the Martian Cradle. They infiltrate a Cabal bunker and use the cannon to launch themselves onto the Lure. They follow mysterious traces of Void Light upon landing on the Lure, only to discover that they are soon encountering the Hive imbued with the power of the Traveler's Light and Lucent Moths. Before they begin to intercept Savathûn, they recover another artifact linked to the Black Fleet. They intercept Savathûn; however, she escapes, and a Knight takes her place. The Knight in question wields Void Light and possesses a Ghost of its own, a trait shared within the Lucent Hive. The Guardian crushes the Lightbearing Knight's Ghost with its hands to permanently defeat the Knight. The portal opens into Savathûn's Throne World. They follow her there, but she evicts them after they defeat one of her projections in the Queen's Bailey. They return to Mars near The Enclave, the site of the Relic that the Guardian uses the artifact recovered from the Lure to craft their first Glaive: The Enigma
The Investigation The Guardian teams up with Hidden operatives to learn more about how the Lucent Hive were able to retrieve the Light. The Guardian returns to Savathûn's Throne World to gather clues to Savathûn's plans through Deepsight obtained from the artifact they recovered from the Lure earlier. While exploring the Throne World, they are contacted by the turncoat Hive Ghost named Fynch, who requests an audience with them outside the Florescent Canal. They face a Lightbearing Wizard with Arc Light and the Scorn invading the Throne World. They finally meet Fynch, the turncoat Hive Ghost who refuses to revive his Knight, though the Ghost is suspicious of him and has Ikora spy on Fynch in case he lies to both of them. Fynch then gives the Guardian a lead on the first clue: Sagira's Ghost Shell.
The Ghosts The Guardian gets a lead on Sagira's Ghost Shell found inside the Temple of the Wrathful, a temple dedicated to Xivu Arath. Fynch reveals to the Ghost and Ikora that the Scorn are led by Rhulk, a Disciple of the Witness, and are invading the Throne World as revenge for Savathûn placing a Light curse on Rhulk using the Wellspring. They face Brutiks, Lightbane, who is guarding Sagira's Ghost Shell, and defeat him. They recover the Ghost Shell and it plays a memory of Savathûn revealing the identity of the Witness.
The Communion Eris advises the Guardian to return to the Europan Pyramid to enhance their Deepsight abilities so they can uncover the memory of Savathûn further. They enter the Europan Pyramid after clearing out the Cabal led by Valus Dralgur, whose band of soldiers were exiled by Caiatl for their attempts to retrieve Darkness-related artifacts to win the war against the Hive under Xivu Arath. They learn from Eris the devastation the Cabal faced during the Fall of Torobatl after defeating the Imperial Deserter. They defeat the Valus attempting to destroy the statue the Guardian needs to commune with to enhance their Deepsight ability and commune with it.
The Mirror With their Deepsight abilities now enhanced, The Guardian returns to Savathûn's Throne World to gain access to the Altar of Reflection through a passage within the Witch's Echo, destroying Pyramid Spikes and Scorn resistance along the way. The Guardian presents Sagira's Ghost Shell, replaying the memory of Savathûn revealing the identity of the Witness, but also revealing her plan to impersonate Osiris and learn the secrets of the Light. Fynch then briefs the Guardian on the next clue needed to uncover Savathûn's plan.
The Lightblade Fynch reveals that the next clue needed to uncover Savathûn's plan is the Tablet of Ruin located inside the Temple of the Navigator, a temple dedicated to Oryx. To reach the temple, the Guardian would enter a Hive boat to cross the canals, then navigate the dark swamp. They reach the temple housing the Tablet of Ruin guarded by Alak-Hul, the Lightblade, Oryx's adversary reborn in the Light. They defeat him and take the Tablet of Ruin to the Altar of Reflection, where Savathûn reveals her plan to move the Traveler to her Throne World. They inform Ikora of Savathûn's plan to move the Traveler and get a lead on the next clue from Fynch.
The Cunning The next clue needed to uncover Savathûn's plan for the Traveler is located in the Temple of the Cunning, a temple dedicated to Savathûn's younger self Sathona. The Guardian is tasked with recovering a calcified Worm familiar that Sathona and the Osmium King]] heard the warning of the God-Wave forming on Fundament. They retrieve the Worm familiar from the statue of Sathona, but on their escape from the temple, they are forced to fight the illusion of an Ahamkara. They escape the temple and attempt to bring the familiar to the Altar of Reflection, only for them to lose access to the Altar. Upon returning to the Enclave, they overhear a dialogue between Ikora, Eris, and Zavala. Eris receives a tip from Mara on the final clue.
The Last Chance Mara informs Eris of the final clue needed to uncover Savathûn's plan who then relays it to the Guardian: a shard of the crystalline prison Mara used to trap Savathûn, located inside the Apothecary, the site of Savathûn's experiments with the Light. They defeat a Wizard lieutenant loyal to Savathûn, Savathûn's Right Hand, guarding the shard. They bring the shard to the Altar of Reflection, where it reveals the final moments of Savathûn following the exorcism and her rebirth in the Traveler's Light by Immaru. Savathûn tricks the Guardian into recovering the memories for her and attacks them using the Light. The Guardian relays the memory to the Vanguard, where the revelation of the Traveler resurrecting Savathûn shocks Zavala. Ikora and the Guardian leave the Last City, determined to stop a ritual that will bind the Traveler to Savathûn's Throne World. Before they do so, Ikora uses the Relic to unlock the memories of the Worm familiar, revealing that the Hive were tricked into serving the Darkness by the Witness. Ikora relays the memory recorded in the Worm familiar to the Guardian.
The Ritual Running out of time to stop Savathûn's plan from coming to fruition, the Guardian crosses the Court of Thorns and climbs up to the Sanctum of the Brood Queen, where they confront Savathûn. They are forced to defeat a fireteam of Lightbearing Hive, composed of a Lightbearing Knight with Void Light, a Lightbearing Wizard with Arc Light, and a Lightbearing Acolyte with Solar Light while engaging her. They defeat her, but Immaru resurrects her. The Guardian is forced to fight her with a different strategy. The Ghost proposes that the Guardian show her the same memory that Ikora relayed to them of the Witness tricking the Hive into service for the Darkness. The revelation angers her, and for the first time, Savathûn's web of lies is unraveled, allowing the Guardian to gain the upper hand over her. They finally defeat her, but Immaru disappears along with the Traveler from her Throne World. The Guardian tells the Ghost that now they must prepare for the Witness's arrival to Sol and do whatever they can to prevent a repeat of the Collapse.
Birthplace of the Vile Mara Sov summons the Guardian to the Enclave and briefs them of a plan to weaponize Savathûn's Worm. They infiltrate the Dark City to recover an incubator and defend her as she binds the Worm to a grenade launcher, now named Parasite, through a Hive ritual. Before leaving the Throne World, she instructs them to pay attention to the words of Savathûn's Worm in the future.
22 February-15 March The Coalition forms The coalition between the Imperial Cabal and the Vanguard forms when Zavala asks for Caiatl's help in stopping the Lucent Hive on Earth, which she agrees to, and supplies the Guardian with a Synaptic Spear. Caiatl and Saladin form a plan to capture Lucent Hive lieutenants by using the Psions to connect the Guardians to the Lucent Hive lieutenant's Light via the Mindscape. They learn that an invasion force is being gathered on Luna and the Guardian stops them with assistance from Cabal allies deployed by Caiatl. While the Guardian stops the invasion, Crow puts the coalition in danger after he accidentally kills the Psion running the Psisorium, infuriating Caiatl. Saladin repays Crow's life debt by becoming a member of Caiatl's War Council as Bracus Forge, and eventually Valus Forge.
5 March Duel with the First Disciple Before the Guardian enters the Sunken Pyramid, the Witness is seen monologuing in private towards the Traveler, expressing its belief that it is failing the various races of Sol, beginning the war between the forces of Sol and the forces of the Witness. Its first Disciple, Rhulk, invites the Guardian into his Pyramid after the Light curse placed on him by Savathûn weakens through her defeat. They shut down a superweapon located inside, The Upended, and defeat him despite his Dark powers. They regularly return to the Pyramid to clear out the Scorn attempting to gain technology from inside. While exploring the Sunken Pyramid during these clear-outs, the Guardian learns of Rhulk's origins including his home system of Lubrae, his role in the attempted recruitment of the Ahslid, the servitude of the Worm Gods to the Darkness, and his adversarial relationship with Savathûn.
- Vox Obscura Caiatl asks the Guardian to return to Mars to shut down Psionic propaganda broadcasts, which are convincing her Psions to defect to the forces of the Witness, created by Yirix and spread by Qabix. This propaganda consisted of Psion history before their enslavement by the Cabal, the prophesied resurrection of Eramis, the predicted fall of the Last City, the Traveler becoming tainted with Darkness, and the impending return of the Leviathan. It became apparent that Calus is the being rallying the Psion forces to make these broadcasts.
3 May The 3rd Guardian Games The Guardian Games return to the Tower once again, albeit with some changes, but retain the same idea of class competition. The Warlock class wins the 3rd Guardian Games.

The War against the Witness[edit]

Season of the Haunted[edit]

Year Date Event Information
24 May The Nightmares return Calus, now the second known Disciple of the Witness, parks his derelict Leviathan in Luna's orbit and makes a successful communion with the Lunar Pyramid, unleashing the Nightmares intended to be a security force for the Lunar Pyramid. Eris asks the Guardian to investigate the derelict Leviathan. During it, the Nightmare of Zavala's lover, Safiyah, taunts the Guardian. They are forced to flee from the ship after discovering a robotic effigy of Calus sending the Loyalist and Scorn forces to their location. They participate in a seance with Zavala, Eris, and Crow aboard the H.E.L.M., where Eris uses the Nightmare Harvester to bind the Nightmares to the Crown of Sorrow. She and the Guardian would begin working together to assist Zavala, Crow, and Caiatl in severing the Nightmares haunting them.
24 May-31 May Severing the Nightmare of Uldren Sov Eris suggests that the Guardian begin the severance ritual with Crow being the first participant, but before they can do so, they must bind a Nightmare found in the Castellum area of the derelict Leviathan to the Nightmare Harvester. They do so and make their way to the first severance ritual site with Crow. His Nightmare summons the Nightmare of the Fanatic, where the Guardian uses the Scythe to defeat the minions and slay the Nightmare. Crow's first attempt fails. Eris and the Guardian would use a different strategy to sever the Nightmare through acceptance with Crow. The second attempt is a success, turning the Nightmare into a Memory. Crow discovers his purpose and begins his task to fill in the Hunter Vanguard role left vacant since the death of Cayde-6. Eris congratulates the Guardian on their success.
27 May Calus's Darkest Secrets The Guardian enters the Mindscape of Calus in search of his deepest regrets. It is revealed that Calus's greatest regrets are his daughter Caiatl and the birth of Gahlran as evidenced by the Nightmares haunting him. They collect broken Bells of Conquest, where they play the memories of Calus throughout certain events such as his rise to Emperor, the Midnight Coup, his meeting with the Black Fleet, the events that transpired aboard the Glykon, and his desire to join death, giving the Guardian more clues of the Witness' plan. After defeating the Nightmare of Caiatl, Princess-Imperial, the Guardian leaves the Mindscape and relays the information to Eris.
7 June-14 June Severing the Nightmare of Safiyah Zavala is up next to participate in the severance ritual with the Guardian and Eris, but Eris warns them that Calus's connection to the Lunar Pyramid has strengthened in response to the Nightmare of Uldren Sov becoming a Memory. After binding the Nightmare in the Castellum to the Nightmare Harvester, the Guardian infiltrates a different section of the Leviathan's underbelly with Zavala. He is ambushed by both the Scorn and the remnants of House Devils. The Nightmare of Kethiks was summoned by the Nightmare of Safiyah to introduce the Guardian to her killer, Kethiks, the Yet-Proven. Zavala surrenders to his grief, failing the first time. Eris recounts the story of Zavala's life before he became a Vanguard Commander, which includes his son Hakim, to the Guardian before they try the severance ritual again. He succeeds and the Memory of Safiyah gives Zavala advice to let go of his grief. Eris discovers that one more Nightmare needs to be severed before they can strike at Calus.
21 June-28 June Severing the Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul Caiatl is up last to participate in the severance ritual with the Guardian, but without the warding, she is vulnerable to the Nightmares in the derelict Leviathan. She sends a message to the Vanguard declaring her challenge against the Nightmare. Zavala and Eris order the Guardian to find her, fighting alongside the Imperial Cabal. The Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul reveals himself to the Guardian. Caiatl fails in the severance ritual due to her failure to lead the Cabal empire effectively. Eris learns the Loyalists and the Hive under Xivu Arath are working together and has the Guardian investigate a possible lead on Calus. They return to the Enduring Abyss and learn that Calus is attempting to merge his consciousness with the Lunar Pyramid. After Eris performs a ritual that gives Caiatl the warding needed to protect her from the Nightmares, she and the Guardian try the severance ritual again. While making their way to the ritual, Calus begins his plan to merge his consciousness to the Lunar Pyramid with the aid of the Witness. Caiatl can complete the severance ritual by turning her Nightmare into the Memory of Dominus Ghaul, finally breaking Calus's control of the Nightmares. Eris tells the Guardian to continue Nightmare containment while she uncovers more of Calus's plans.
5 July The Final Severance Ritual Eris informs the Guardian that although they were too late in stopping Calus from merging his consciousness into the Lunar Pyramid, it is not yet complete and that the final severance ritual would require the combined efforts of her, Crow, Zavala, the Guardian, and Caiatl. After gathering the necessary reagents needed to conduct the final severance ritual, they finally strike on Calus, but he anticipates their arrival and has his forces ambush Crow, Zavala, and Caiatl. The Guardian infiltrates the throne room of the derelict Leviathan on Zavala's order to find and assist Caiatl before the Lunar Pyramid blocks the comms. They enter the Chantry of the Darkest Hour within the Lunar Pyramid by using the resonant portal in the room full of Calus's robotic effigies and find Caiatl there. With Caiatl's assistance, they lure out Calus, now the harbinger of the next Collapse, with the Nightmare Harvester. Working together, Caiatl and the Guardian defeat waves of Nightmares brought forth by Calus, breaking his connection to the pyramid. His consciousness is defeated and the Memories of Uldren Sov, Safiyah, and Dominus Ghaul fade as Zavala and Caiatl comfort each other. Eris tells the Guardian that Calus's influence is pushed back and that it is only the beginning of the end as the Witness will arrive soon, but she also sends a voice message to the Drifter inviting him to uncover more secrets of the Lunar Pyramid with her.
19 July Bonfire Bash As part of the 5th anniversary of the Solstice of Heroes, now simplified to Solstice, and the Cabal in Caiatl's service celebrating it for the first time alongside the Eliksni of House Light and the denizens of the Last City, Amanda Holliday introduces a new tradition where Guardians light up a paracausal bonfire at the center of the EAZ and stop the Taken from extinguishing the bonfire. To light the bonfire, they need to defeat Ignition Carriers and throw the igniters near the bonfire. They fully embrace the bonfire after defeating a Taken Heat-Drinker and enjoy the new tradition with overwhelming support from Zavala, Ikora, Caiatl, Mithrax, etc.
16 August Calus's Message Calus sends a message at the War Table of the H.E.L.M. telling the Guardian that they will soon meet again in Darkness by declaring his servitude to the Witness. The Guardian speaks with Zavala regarding the message, which was projected across the Last City as well. This prompts Zavala to begin his preparation for Calus's next move.

Season of Plunder[edit]

Year Date Event Information
23 August Eramis' Freedom The Witness breaks Eramis free from her Stasis prison and instructs her to rally the pirate crews to her command to recover relics imbued with Darkness energy. Meanwhile, the Drifter tasks the Guardian to recover an asset captured by the Eliksni of House Salvation on Europa. The asset is revealed to be the Spider, who managed to escape the Tangled Shore through his personal Ketch. Spider instructs the Guardian to rescue his Ketch with assistance from his crew, who the Guardian eventually recruits: Halsiks the Sniper, SCUR-V the Servitor, and the Skiffblades. They learn that Eramis is on the loose again. The Drifter brings Spider to the Eliksni Quarter of the Last City, where his associates ally with the Eliksni of House Light due to the history Spider had with Mithrax when they served under House Wolves. He sets up shop in the Ether Tank, a bar located in the center of the Eliksni Quarter. There, the Guardian meets with the Drifter, Mithrax, and Eido to formulate a plan to prevent Eramis from successfully rallying the old crews of Ketchkillers, Skiffblades, and pirates. The Drifter hands the Guardian a Skeleton Key and promotes them to be a pirate captain on their personal Ketch gifted to them by the Spider. They assemble the crew to travel to the Themis Cluster to board an enemy Ketch, defeat the captain, and plunder their loot. Then, they use a Star Chart and the Captain's Atlas to go on an Expedition in search of clues to a pirate hideout within the Themis Cluster. They discover the first pirate hideout guarded by Cabal defectors under Val'aug, the Brute's leadership. They defeat her and recover a relic imbued with Darkness energy. They present it to Eido through a table adjacent to the Star Chart for further research and insight.
30 August-11 October Recovering the Relics Mithrax, Spider, Eido, and Drifter assist the Guardian in locating more relics after completing an Expedition. They start by infiltrating the pirate hideout led by Iriks, the Sharpshooter on Eramis's behalf, then raid another hideout ruled by a pair of Gladiators named Tagh'al and Thagh'urn. After returning enough relics, Eido learns that the relics they recovered contain body parts of a Disciple of the Witness once in charge of the Lunar Pyramid before the Eliksni raided it and split the parts into various relics. With this knowledge in hand, the Guardian recovers more relics by first stopping a Lucent Hive raid on the pirate hideout led by Ei Arat, Trespasser, who recently killed another pirate lord in charge named Vrisk, the Coward. Then, they deal with another ruthless pirate lord who intimidates his fellow Eliksni: Arask, the Bully. Eido, Mithrax, and the Guardian learn from Eramis that the body parts belonged to Nezarec and the relics containing them were really the tombs of Nezarec. The Guardian continues the hunt by infiltrating the hideout of an Eliksni capable of commanding Cabal war beasts named Alaaks, the Beast Tamer, then enters a hideout of a scrapworking facility with Ithyks, the Scrapworker as its warden, and finally pursue Eido as she recovers the last relic alone by stopping another Lucent Hive raid led by Hiak'ar, Hoardseeker. Eido and the Guardian witness a duel between Mithrax and Eramis with Eido pleading both of them to stop. They do, and Eramis flees on her Ketch. Upon the placement of the last relic, Eido tells them that it will take time to determine how the relics can used for good and warns them of a mysterious curse.
18 October-8 November New Information on the Headless Ones Eido begins her research into the Headless Ones and concludes that the Headless Ones were created during the Golden Age through a holiday known as the Halls Between and reveals that the traditions of the Halls Between survived into the Festival of the Lost through their shared usage of masks.
29 November The Phoenix Rises Again After the Guardian helps out the Eliksni of House Light in making improvements to the Eliksni Quarter, Mithrax discovers a way to harness the relics of Nezarec to be used for good. He uses a conversion ritual to purify the body parts and reduce them to a concoction. He then delivers it to Saint-14 so the comatose Osiris can be its intended recipient. Osiris finally wakes after drinking the concoction and shares his experience of being possessed by the Witch Queen, such as the vision of Neptune, with Saint-14 before they embrace each other.

Season of the Seraph[edit]

Year Date Event Information
6 December Ana's Restored Hope With the Witness fast approaching and all efforts to revive Rasputin bearing no fruit, the newly-awakened Osiris suggests to Ana Bray that they make contact with the AI of Clovis Bray I since he may have the knowledge needed to rebuild Rasputin. Ana is hesitant but agrees to Osiris's proposal, so they send the Guardian to Europa, into Bray Exoscience. After bypassing a deadly security system, Ana is shocked when she learns that Xivu Arath has made a foothold on Europa by using her Cryptoliths to turn the Eliksni of House Salvation to fight for her, thereby turning them into Wrathborn. The Guardian encounters more of Xivu Arath's forces including a Deathtongue Chorister that uses Xivu Arath's Battlesong to enhance her Wrathborn soldiers and suppress the Guardian's abilities through a totem. The AI of Clovis Bray I requests the Guardian's assistance in driving out the remaining forces of Xivu Arath invading the Creation wing of Bray Exoscience, defeating Techwizard Malykuh, Salvation's Warden. They reactivate the security protocols and witness a conversation between Clovis I, his granddaughter, and Osiris. Ana uploads Clovis I into an experimental Exo frame intended for Rasputin in the H.E.L.M., and he tasks the Guardian with recovering a submind of Rasputin: Malahayati. Before they set off to recover the first submind, Mara Sov informs them of Xivu Arath's plan to weaponize Rasputin's Warsat network to be used against the Last City. The coordinates to the submind lay within the Seraph bunker on Luna, so they head there. They learn that the Scorn are attempting to retrieve the submind, so the Guardian stops its leader: Once-Phyris, the Exhumed Tether, a lieutenant of Eramis reanimated as a Scorn. They are then tasked with retrieving an AI framework on Europa, fighting through Wrathborn forces and defeating the Warwatcher, Eye of Xivu Arath. After retrieving data from the submind Malahayati and the AI framework, they travel to a Seraph facility located outside the Last City. They bypass the security systems, clear out the Hive inside and defeat a lieutenant of Xivu Arath: Sumok, Ravager of Torobatl. They inform both Clovis I and Ana of their success and both begin their work to locate the next submind of Rasputin.
9 December Skirmish on the Spire of the Watcher The Hidden reveal to Ikora that a specific facility has reactivated for the first time following the Collapse within a temporal anomaly on Mars. Ikora dispatches the Guardian to the facility on Osiris's behalf. The facility is under attack by the Vex of the Sol Divisive, the collective pledging their allegiance to the Witness. The Guardian uses Arc circuits to open doors and lifts leading to the Ares Spire. They ascend to the top of the Ares Spire and defeat Akelous, the Siren's Current, an Axis Mind used by the Witness to collect power at the facility. After the defeat of Akelous, Osiris reveals to the Guardian that the facility's reactor is experiencing a meltdown and tasks them with stopping the Vex from denying the secrets held inside. They encounter Persys, Primordial Ruin, another Axis Mind used by the Witness and also the first Wyvern of the Sol Divisive encountered by Guardians. Defeating Persys, the meltdown is prevented, and the Vanguard begin collecting important data from the facility. Initial findings are reported to Ikora.
13 December Recovery of Charlemagne The Bray family argue over Clovis I's trustworthiness of the knowledge needed to rebuild Rasputin before Ana and Elsie Bray take it outside the H.E.L.M.. Clovis I apologizes to the Guardian for witnessing their argument and informs them that the next submind of Rasputin they must recover is Charlemagne, and the coordinates to the submind lay near the BrayTech Futurescape on Mars, so they head there next. The Hive are attempting to extract the submind, so the Guardian defeats their leader: Kelgorath, now a Darkblade serving Xivu Arath and uses the root kernel on Charlemagne as they have done on Malahayati. They return to the Seraph facility outside the Last City, defeat a pair of powerful Wizards named Ir Nithra, Scourge of the Ammonite and Ir Hanal, Scourge of the Dakaua, and upload the submind to a Seraph orbital facility above Earth. Clovis I tells the Guardian that Rasputin has changed the old launch codes and encrypted the new ones, so he begins to work to locate the next submind.
20 December Operation: Seraph's Shield Clovis I informs that although Rasputin's subminds have been reintegrated, the data needed to rebuild Rasputin is still missing, so he and Elsie instruct the Guardian to board the Seraph orbital facility and upload a virus developed from Xivu Arath's usage of the Cryptoliths to corrupt the Warsat network. They use the augments dropped by the Splicers of House Salvation to explore the orbital facility and defeat both the Hive and Eliksni attempting to stop them. They willingly surrender and then escape the Ketch belonging to House Salvation before returning to the orbital facility. They defeat a powerful Knight named Haroktha, Scourge of the Helium Drinkers before confronting Praksis, the first Scorn seen using Stasis weaponry made by House Salvation, defeating him. They upload the virus and discover the blueprints of a weapon made from a combination of Häkke and Pyramid technologies: Revision Zero. They inform Clovis I of their endeavors and the frame rewards them with the original copy of Revision Zero before Fenchurch Everis contacts them via the frame. After extracting its weapon pattern, they take Revision Zero to the Enclave on Mars and discover that it is the first weapon capable of changing its Exotic traits and catalysts through reshaping through Deepsight Resonance.
27 December Rasputin's Awakening Ana discovers a way to speed up Rasputin's recovery, but first, the Guardian needs to collect more submind data. She discovers that Felwinter was made as an independent AI by Rasputin following the Collapse and his Ghost Felspring holds the data needed. With Saladin's permission, the Guardian returns to Felwinter Peak to find the remnants of Felspring. Unfortunately, House Salvation has intercepted the communications between them and Ana, so they are tasked with defending Felwinter Peak from their forces with assistance from the Cabal in service of Caiatl. They eliminate the platoon and their leader: Rilliks, Instrument of Xivu Arath before they rekindle the flames and interact with Felspring's remains. After Ana uploads the memories of Felwinter, Rasputin is finally awoken and reveals to both Ana and the Guardian the true nature of Clovis I's plans. Rasputin was created by him to exert dominance over humanity, but Ana's intervention saved them from his hubris, with Rasputin defying him by rewriting his old protocols, locking him out. Clovis I attempted to use Rasputin's network to become a god himself. Ana confronts Clovis I about the revelation aboard the H.E.L.M. with Elsie and the Guardian in tow. He reassures them that his actions were in the best interests of humanity by doing more than the Traveler, citing the Whirlwind, the Collapse, and Savathûn's acquisition of the Light as examples of the Traveler's fallacies. Ana rejects Clovis I's lies and uploads Rasputin into the experimental Exo frame, expelling Clovis I in the process, with Rasputin using his heuristics matrix to speak to the Guardian. Ana warns the Guardian that the instance of Clovis I in the H.E.L.M had relayed to the instance of himself on Europa that "they know," before Rasputin replaced him in the Exo frame. With his diagnostics completed, Rasputin thanks the Guardian for bringing him back and offers his favor in return by doing whatever he can to defend humanity from the forces of Xivu Arath. He needs time to come up with a plan of action, so he asks the Guardian to continue gathering more submind data in the meantime.
3 January-14 February Battle of the War Gods Raaputin tasks the Guardian with recovering more submind data, but before they do, Osiris discovers that Rasputin's data caches contain information related to a location called "Nefele Stronghold", hinting of a city on Neptune: Neomuna. Upon recovering more submind data, Rasputin notes some changes in his personality and concludes that he and Xivu Arath are respectively humanity and the Hive's War Gods albeit with different motives. As they work to gather more submind data and aid Rasputin in his recovery, Mara discovers that by regaining control of the Warsat network and using it against Xivu Arath's army, they are falling into Xivu Arath's trap to facilitate her invasion of Earth. She relays this information to the leaders of the Coalition, a group of allies actively working to defend Sol from the forces of the Witness and its Disciples. She forms a plan to use Rasputin as bait to stop the ritual allowing Xivu Arath a foothold on Earth with Ana and the leaders of the Coalition nodding in agreement. Rasputin informs the Guardian that he needs time to form a plan to stop Xivu Arath's Wrathborn forces without using the Warsats and tells them to follow the Vanguard's instructions. After gathering enough submind data to complete his recovery, Rasputin tasks the Guardian with recovering classified data from a bunker in the Cosmodrome. Rasputin admits that he was ready to shoot down the Traveler during the Collapse before Ana convinced him to abort the firing sequence. After driving out the Eliksni breaching the bunker, they recover the classified data to be handed over to the Vanguard and return to Rasputin. He thanks them for the effort and discovers that he is more than a weapon by comparing the Guardian to his Seraph agents. He realizes that defending humanity was the best decision he ever made and that he and the Guardian will face the next threat together and prepare for the imminent arrival of the Witness in Sol. After weeks of combat simulations, Rasputin discovers that the only way to prevent Xivu Arath's invasion of Earth from coming to fruition would be to sacrifice himself. He informs the Guardian that Eramis has activated ABHORRENT IMPERATIVE, a protocol designed to shoot down the Traveler and prevent its departure, so they must upload him with the Pillory Engram in tow aboard the Seraph orbital station manually for his sacrifice to be successful. They defeat the combined forces of Eramis and Xivu Arath on the way there while the forces of Empress Caiatl assist the Guardian in Rasputin's plan. They confront Eramis at the hangar bay before she flees to complete the firing sequence at the command of the Witness, then goes to the orbital station bridge to defeat a powerful champion of Xivu Arath: Ir Garza, Scourge of Earth. The forces of the Coalition discover that the Traveler is leaving the Last City and Earth as a whole. Eramis attempts to complete the firing sequence, but Rasputin's sacrifice prevents it from completing; therefore, his sacrifice has not only destroyed all of the Warsats in orbit but also prevented Xivu Arath's ritual from invading Earth. The Witness tells Eramis that the Traveler has "nowhere left to run," giving out yet another clue of the Witness's plans for the Traveler as it arrives in Sol alongside the forces of Emperor Calus. The Vanguard learns that in the Traveler's absence, the forces of Coalition: the Guardians, Empress Caiatl's Cabal, Mithrax's House of Light, and the Awoken will unite and stop the threat of the Witness and its Disciples together. They then return to Ana who discovers her purpose, then the Exo Frame that once housed Rasputin before his sacrifice. He leaves a pre-recorded message confirming the existence of Neomuna and a mysterious paracausal force called "the Veil." The Guardian then begin making preparations for Neptune.

Lightfall/Season of Defiance[edit]

Year Date Event Information
28 February The Invasion of Earth begins The Witness and its forces finally arrive at Earth's orbit to confront the Traveler. The forces of the Coalition respond to defend the Traveler, but the defense fails as Amanda Holliday and the other pilots go down in the fight. The Traveler shoots out a terraforming beam on the Pyramid the Witness was inhabiting, which the Witness is unphased by, stepping out into open space to approach the Traveler. Upon communing with the Traveler, the Witness discovers the location of the Veil somewhere on Neptune and instructs its new Disciple Emperor Calus to find it. Osiris learns of the discovery and follows the Cabal fleet traveling there.
First Contact The Guardian follows Ikora's orders to pursue Osiris to Neptune's orbit. They fight the Shadow Legion: followers of Emperor Calus carrying Pyramid tech to shield their allies when killed. They are forced to use the different keycards to navigate the first Shadow Legion vessel, Vual Gaudium, and destroy its navigation computer. They fight a Tormentor for the first time, with Osiris replying that it is the result of Calus's ascension to one of the Disciples of the Witness. They finally destroy the navigation computer before they make their way to the other Shadow Legion vessel: Astaroth Rex II. The Guardian observes that Calus's flagship, Typhon Imperator, is making its way to Neptune's surface as Calus taunts them. Osiris informs of a plan to use Cabal Drop Pods to make their way to Neptune's surface. The Guardian scuttles the Cabal vessel by destroying its engines and makes their escape. Before they reach the Drop Pod launchers and rendezvous with Osiris, they confront the same Tormentor they'd seen earlier, Kavauust, Reverent of the Witness, killing it. They follow Osiris's instruction to board the Drop Pod and land on Neptune. They land in a city on Neptune: Neomuna, and meet the Cloud Striders Rohan and Nimbus. On the way to find Osiris, they discover a mysterious anomaly filled with Darkness energy. Using the anomaly, they become the first being to discover Strand, using them to defend Osiris from the Shadow Legion before eventually becoming exhausted. After defeating the last of the local forces, the Guardian and Osiris work with the Cloud Striders to repel an invasion force led by the Disciple Calus. They regroup at the Hall of Heroes and learn that Cloud Striders are warriors of Neomuna with a maximum of a 10-year lifespan, after which they succumb to their augmentations. Before beginning their work to locate the Veil, they meet Nimbus and retrieve a gift from Mara Sov. She reminds the Guardian that they are fighting a two-front war with the Shadow Legion; one front on Neptune and another front on Earth. With her message received, the Guardian leaves to find the location of the Veil.
Under Siege The Cloud Striders relay the coordinates of the Veil to the Guardian, but the way there is blocked by Cabal shielding, so they are forced to defeat Shadow Guard enemies to retrieve keycards for Ghost to remove the shield. While they defend Ghost, they defeat an onslaught of Shadow Legion and Vex stopping their effort. Ghost finally removes the shield and allows the Guardian passage to the coordinates of the Veil. On arrival, Ghost notes a suppression field engulfing the area near the complex, so the Guardian is forced to defeat one of the Shadow Legion officers with their weapons: Vul'ourn, Shadow Legion Supply Master. They witness Shadow Legion Harvesters surrounding the plaza near the site of the Veil. The Witness possesses Ghost and contacts Calus to receive progress on finding the Veil, whilst inadvertently revealing their plans to establish a link between the Radial Mast and the Veil to the Guardian. They inform Nimbus and Osiris of the plans.
Downfall The Cloud Striders and Osiris suggest the Guardian infiltrate Calus's flagship to find the Radial Mast and destroy it before it establishes a link with the Veil. Rohan warns the Guardian of Calus's forces guarding the Radial Mast before they enter the flagship. On the way, they see more Strand energy. They navigate the flagship by shooting shards to open doors, getting on grav lifts, and platforming. They reach a room containing Shadow Legion Threshers, so they destroy the hangar by depositing resonance into a totem. They then confront another Tormentor before proceeding. Finally, they reach an arena where the Radial Mast is secured, but a projection of Calus demands a test of the Guardian. They deposit the resonance on the totems and defeat some of the champions sent by Calus. They then use a recently discovered Strand font to defeat the Taken and Shadow Legion infesting the arena. They become exhausted again, and just as Calus's forces begin ambushing them, Empress Caiatl arrives to rescue them and helps them escape the flagship by following her Thresher via their Sparrow. The Empress warns them not to listen to Calus's words. Nimbus gives the Guardian their next objective.
Breakneck Nimbus tasks the Guardian with restoring power to the CloudArk, a digital space the Neomuni inhabit to provide defense and infrastructure to Neomuna. They stop the Vex siphoning power and use Strand grappling points to navigate the reactor. They finally smash the Vex Mind in charge, Calixte, System Ward Finality and reboot the reactor providing power to the CloudArk. On their escape, Nimbus reveals to the Guardian that it was a trap set by the Shadow Legion, so the Guardian is forced to evacuate the reactor quickly using Strand. Back at the Hall of Heroes, Nimbus sees Osiris using Strand as well. Osiris reveals to Nimbus the true nature of Light and Darkness. Light is the force that deals with physical transformation; Darkness is the force that deals with memory. Nimbus gives Osiris advice to flow with the river when it comes to Strand.
On The Verge Nimbus gives coordinates to the Guardian so Osiris can give them a new understanding of Strand. They interact with more Strand fonts and smash Vex along the way. Osiris encourages them to lean into using Strand rather than backing out of it and to go beyond their limits. They do so on the way and upon arriving at Maya's Retreat, they interact with a large Strand font and discover the first Aspect of their Strand subclass. They test their mastery of Strand concepts on the Inquisitor Mind, but they become exhausted before its defeat; Osiris encourages them to not give up and unleash their mastery on its defeat. Osiris congratulates the Guardian on being capable of using Strand without constraint, but has yet to figure out how to control Strand more effectively. Osiris meets the Poukas, semi-aquatic creatures capable of reflecting emotion onto its subject. Rohan and Osiris discuss the feeling of pain before they are interrupted by the commotion outside. They see the Radial Mast being transported in the direction of the Veil.
No Time Left The Guardian and Rohan begin making their way to the Radial Mast's location as Nimbus and Osiris act as support. Osiris discovers that Strand is capable of destroying suppression fields scattered throughout the city, so the Guardian destroys them with Strand. Nimbus assists the Guardian by using Neomuni tech to replicate Drake Tanks used by the Vanguard after clearing out the LZ first. They do so and use the Drake Tank to bypass Shadow Legion Interceptors, Goliath Tanks, and Threshers blocking the way. They are forced to destroy more suppression fields and defeat an Imprint of Nezarec before they can rendezvous with Rohan. They meet him near an Ishtar Collective lab where the Radial Mast is located. They defend him as he finds a weak spot in the Radial Mast and defeats another Shadow Legion officer, Val Bho'kaurl. They become exhausted from using Strand before they can destroy the Radial Mast, so Rohan decides to sacrifice himself to destroy the Radial Mast. Nimbus asks the Guardian to bring Rohan's core to them. Meanwhile, Calus informs the Witness of the Radial Mast's destruction. The Witness then berates Calus on his lack of purpose before reminding him to secure the Veil so the Witness can create a link to it.
HyperNet Current Nimbus notes a strange presence is detected within the CloudArk and then they and Caiatl task the Guardian with finding the source at the Vex Network. They defeat the Shadow Legion and a Tormentor named Toniq, Imprint of Nezarec guarding a Taken blight. They enter the Vex Domain and clear out Taken blights and rifts along the way. An unidentified voice claims the Vex Domain for itself, with Caiatl commenting on its similarities to the Nightmares they encountered in the Derelict Leviathan. They find Parthenios, Drifting Mind, a Taken Hydra and expel it from the Vex Domain. Caiatl instructs them to return to Neomuna to make final preparations to claim the Veil, but before they leave, the unidentified voice reveals itself to be Nezarec, another Disciple of the Witness now haunting the Neomuni.
Headlong The Guardian forms a plan: Caiatl would rally the remaining Cabal at her side, Nimbus would reactivate the remaining CloudArk defenses throughout Neomuna, and Osiris would help them complete their understanding of Strand. On the way, they see the Shadow Legion preparing for a siege to uncover the Veil. They wield Strand from a different perspective and use that knowledge against the Vex. They interact with a large Strand font and discover the second Aspect of their Strand subclass. Upon mastery of the second Aspect, Osiris asks them to finish their training on the VexNet. They return to the Vex Domain and finish their proficiency of Strand by slaying the curator, Ioneion, System Control Flow. Phase 1 of their plan is complete, so they begin phase 2.
Desperate Measures For phase 2 to proceed, they must destroy the AA turrets set up by the Shadow Legion before they go to the plaza to defend it. They use their weapons and abilities to defend themselves and the CloudArk turrets against Shadow Legion troops as well as Ishtar Collective ordnance to destroy Goliath Tanks. Empress Caiatl and her troops arrive to help the Guardian, therefore completing phase 2 of their plan. Phase 3 begins as the Shadow Legion continues its assault on the plaza. They and Caiatl are forced to defend the plaza on their own when the CloudArk turrets go down. The assault is on hold when a projection of Calus taunts Caiatl and blasts open the Veil Containment site. The Guardian navigates the abandoned Ishtar Collective lab before seeing the Veil themselves. Ghost becomes fascinated by the Veil's paracausal power being similar to the Traveler. As they continue exploring deeper in the lab, Caiatl informs them that Calus is on his way to their location for a final showdown, completing phase 3 of their plan. They confront Calus underneath the Veil and defeat him once and for all despite his powers as a Disciple of the Witness. Their victory is short-lived as the Witness possesses Ghost once again and establishes a link with the Veil. Ghost wonders what happened, to which Caiatl replies they lost. The Witness uses the Veil's power to create an incision on the Traveler and begins its plans for the Final Shape by entering the portal to the Pale Heart.
The Aftermath The Guardian begins assisting the Neomuni in recovering from the war on Neomuna, from helping to track down Rohan's notes leading them into the Black Garden to assisting the Archivist in repairing Cloud Strider monuments damaged by the Vex. Despite the recovery efforts, the Neomuni would become haunted by nightmares, believing Nezarec to be responsible. The Guardian finally gains their mastery on Strand as they can now use it outside Neptune.
28 February-28 March Operation: Prison Break The Guardian meets Mara Sov, Mithrax, and Devrim Kay at the Farm. Mara Sov explains that the gift from her will be paramount to their operation to rescue prisoners captured. They begin at the EDZ, where they follow Amanda Holliday's distress signal. They use the Ascendant Scepter to breach the Pyramid warding through the Ascendant Plane. Then, they defeat the warden in charge using the Ascendant Scepter's balefires before they rescue Amanda. On the way out, she accidentally shoots Crow, believing him to be of Shadow Legion. Crow dismisses the comment as they all leave the Pyramid outpost in the EDZ. The Guardian receives a transmission from Mara Sov at the War Table explaining the Awoken becoming the latest addition to the Coalition and the role of a Queensguard. She tasks them with rescuing more prisoners before she can coronate them as Queensguard. They complete the task and become Queensguard. They then receive a message from Holliday thanking them for their rescue and telling them that another Pyramid outpost is found, this time in the Cosmodrome. Upon arrival, Crow and Devrim note that the outpost is almost empty. They breach the warding using the Ascendant Scepter and enter it, but they are ambushed by Shadow Legion and Taken. The warden in charge uses its Psionic powers to banish the Guardian back to the Ascendant Plane. They overcome the warden's Psionic powers, defeat them, and rescue more prisoners. They call Devrim via holoprojector and learn from him that Mara has crowned him and Crow Queensguard as well. Mara then informs the Guardian that a Shadow Legion prison ship is in Earth's orbit, but it is impenetrable from the air, so they must use the Ascendant Scepter to breach its defenses. They learn that through their usage of balefires, they can open new Ley Line pathways. They use Ghost to hack the Shadow Legion security computer, then defeat the warden in charge of the orbital prison ship. Upon their success in freeing prisoners from the orbital prison, Amanda and Mithrax celebrate the occasion. Amanda reveals her journey to the Last City and the struggles of humanity. After the Guardian frees more prisoners, Amanda explains her reason for wanting to volunteer for the operation. She and Mithrax pick up a distress signal from a Shadow Legion prison base in the EDZ Tunnel, but they request assistance from the Guardian. They infiltrate the tunnels, destroy Shadow Legion heavy infantry, and defeat a Tormentor loyal to the Witness: Vereziia, Reverent of the Witness. Mithrax is able to free the prisoners, but Amanda is killed in the explosion. Zavala, Crow, Mara Sov, and Mithrax all grieve the loss of Amanda, with Crow seeking vengeance and Mithrax blaming himself for her death. Mara and Caiatl reassure him that Amanda chose to die in the explosion and to lay aside his guilt.
7 March Acquisition of Vexcalibur The civilians of the EDZ begin seeing anomalies around the Gulch. The Guardian investigates the anomalies and follows the signal to a cave. Mithrax discovers a Vex signal leading to a blue-eyed Harpy beeping "Assistant" in Morse Code, implying Asher Mir is still present in the Vex Domain somewhere. They penetrate the Avalon domain without the help of the Splicer Gauntlet, much to Mithrax's surprise, and follow the signal. Mithrax learns that the local Vex and the Avalon domain are at odds with each other, all thanks to Asher Mir, who has been fighting to stay independent of the Vex Network. With direction from Asher, they slay Variant Stalker Brakion, Repurposed Mind. A hologram of Asher Mir then allows the Guardian to retrieve Vexcalibur, thanking them for freeing him from his pain. On subsequent returns to the Avalon domain, they learn more secrets Asher is revealing to them and Mithrax, using data from Specimen Mu, Specimen Iota, and Specimen Gamma, as well as the nature of the Pyramids as mediums. On another death of Brakion, Asher reveals that his research about the nature of the Pyramids holds knowledge about the Veil before he becomes fully subsumed by the Vex Network.
10 March The Final God of Pain's Fall With Nezarec's influence continuing to haunt the Neomuni, the Guardians find him at the source: the terraformed Pyramid formerly inhabited by the Witness. They navigate the interior of the Pyramid, shattered by the accelerated growth of a Tree of Silver Wings within. Interacting with seeds of Light and Dark spread throughout the Pyramid, the Guardians begin the process of reviving Nezarec. They learn that they can combine the effects of both seeds to provide shelter against overwhelming energy periodically pulsating from Nezarec's sarcophagus. They reach an orrery and defeat Zo'aurc, Explicator of Planets, a Shadow Legion commander. After a short while following the Explicator's death, Nezarec's new body finishes regenerating and they confront the Guardians personally. Despite his usage of both Light and Dark, he succumbs to the Guardians, ending his influence on the Neomuni. Osiris declares they will find out where the Witness went through the portal based on the clues it has left behind inside its terraformed Pyramid.
18 April Retribution Crow forms a plan for vengeance for the death of Amanda Holliday. The Guardian would infiltrate a Shadow Legion flagship hanging in Earth's orbit using the Ascendant Scepter while he, Devrim, and Mithrax would distract the forces occupying it. Crow detonates the charges set up in the hangar after the Guardian dispels the Pyramid beacons using balefires. The Guardian makes their way to the engine room as Mithrax leads the Corsairs out of the flagship along with Devrim and Crow. The Guardian uses powers sent by Mara Sov to destroy the cooling fans and scuttle the flagship by destroying its engines. They leave the flagship and see it blow up in the sky within the Farm. The forces of the Coalition celebrate their victory and honor the memory of Amanda. Crow informs them that the Awoken have fully committed to the causes of the Coalition alongside the House of Light, the Cabal loyal to Empress Caiatl, and the people of Neomuna, and bids them farewell for now as Devrim and Mithrax continue the operation to rescue the remaining prisoners captured by the Shadow Legion. The Guardian returns to Zavala, who informs them that Amanda has left them a parting gift in the Tower Hangar. They gain the keys to her personal ship.
2 May-23 May The 4th Guardian Games The Guardian Games return to the Tower once again. The Titan class wins the 4th Guardian Games.
Return of Bracus Zahn Following the decimation of the Shadow Legion flagship on Earth, the Coalition turns their attention to a Cabal base in the EDZ. Empress Caiatl dispatches her Psions to secure the base, but they are soon captured by Shadow Legion forces under the command of the new Bracus Zahn. Devrim and the Cabal Empress task the Guardian with freeing her forces so the Ascendant Guards can fight alongside them in their assault on the base. The Guardian follows Zahn and defeats him along with their Cabal allies, putting an end to his legacy.
The Lake of Shadows Devrim asks the Guardian to eliminate the Taken infesting the EDZ by using a Resonant Splinter. They eliminate the Shadow Legion and Taken forces along the way including a Chimera. They reach the source of the infestation: Gor'ath Gath and put it down.

Season of the Deep[edit]

Year Date Event Information
23 May Recovery of Deputy Commander Sloane Upon repairing all of the Cloud Strider monuments damaged by the Vex on Neomuna, Soteria informs the Guardian that an enemy of the Witness is hiding somewhere on Titan. The Vanguard decides to pursue this lead as they have run out of options to follow the Witness inside the portal it created using the Veil's energy. Zavala organizes a rescue team upon receiving a distress signal from none other than Deputy Commander Sloane. He selects himself, Saladin, Saint-14, and the Guardian to partake in the mission to find the source of Sloane's distress signal. As they continue exploring the derelict rig on Titan, Xivu Arath announces her presence by sending in Taken and Hive forces to hamper the rescue team's efforts to find Sloane. The Drifter arrives on Titan's orbit via the Derelict to assist the rescue team. After pushing back Xivu Arath's forces and aligning the communications array, Zavala traces the signal to Kraken Mare. They attempt to dive into the methane sea, but the pressure tries to kill them. The Difter provides them a prototype diving gear to overcome the methane sea pressure. Zavala follows the Guardian to the source of the signal and the both of them reunite with Sloane. She reveals the Taken corruption inhabiting her body and introduces them to a sea monster named Ahsa. She tells them that Ahsa is an ally who holds vital information about the Witness, and gives them diving gear from the Golden Age to replace the ones provided by the Drifter. Sloane and the Drifter explain the mission: for Ahsa to reveal everything she knows about the Witness, they must first extract Egregore samples from the depths of Kraken Mare so she can then form a psychic connection with Sloane. They go to recover Golden Age tech from the New Pacific Arcology before working with Sloane to hunt a Wrathborn Servitor and extract the first set of Egregore samples. Sloane explains more about her Taken corruption being used to eavesdrop on enemy communications before she tells the Guardian she needs time to recover before she's ready to form another psychic connection with Ahsa.
30 May-13 June Deep Dives Zavala debriefs Sloane on the events that have occured since Titan was captured by the Witness, from Savathûn disguising herself as Osiris to the formation of an alliance between the Vanguard, the Awoken, the Cabal Empire led by Empress Caiatl, and the Eliksni House of Light, from Guardians using the powers of Darkness to the appearance of the Lucent Brood, and from the discovery of Neomuna to the deaths of Reed-7 and her closest friend Amanda Holliday. After the debrief concludes, they continue the mission to extract more Egregore samples so Ahsa can provide more intel on the Witness. Xivu Arath psychically attacks Sloane as they dive deeper and confront Kudazad, Bound to Xivu Arath and Kelgorath, Taken from Bones, who are stopping the Guardian from recovering the next set of Egregore samples needed to form a connection with Ahsa. They learn from her that the Witness's species was once blessed by the Traveler's Light, confirming one of Savathûn's statements on the origins of the Witness. They also learn more about the first conflict between Light and Darkness and the Witness's plan to seek the Final Shape.
20 June The Witness unveiled After some time extracting the coral and then using it to form a psychic connection with Ahsa, she is finally able to explain the origins of the Witness. She explains that the Witness is a gestalt of the first civilization uplifted by the Traveler, made manifest through Darkness. She also reveals that the Final Shape is the Witness's plan to reshape the universe to its liking by connecting the Veil to the Traveler, just as it had done earlier by using Ghost. She warns them that the Final Shape will be apocalyptic before disconnecting from Sloane. Sloane is shocked at the recent events on Titan and loses faith in her mission in some way before dismissing them. After gaining intel on the Witness, Xivu Arath's forces attack Ahsa and forcibly begin a ritual to Take her. The Guardian travels with Zavala, Sloane, Saladin, and Saint-14 to stop the ritual in the depths of Kraken Mare as Drifter provides tactical support. With assistance from Saladin's Iron War Beasts, the team can defeat the Wizards conducting the rituals and free Ahsa. They return to the site where Sloane forms a psychic connection with Ahsa, but as she forms the connection one last time, Xivu Arath corrupts Sloane's body. Zavala's encouraging words stop Xivu Arath from completely robbing Sloane of her free will. Ahsa reveals that Savathûn, the Witch Queen, possesses the instructions to follow the Witness inside the portal. The necessity to bring back Savathûn angers both Saladin and Saint-14, but Zavala reassures them that the Hidden will contain the situation. Before leaving the H.E.L.M., Zavala reminds the Guardian to bring hope to those who don't have it. They brief Sloane, who informs them that the mission is complete and she'll stay on Titan to keep an eye on Ahsa, who is now resting from the psychic connections she had to endure.
The Lucent Ritual After Xivu Arath pulls her forces out of Titan, the Lucent Brood crash-lands their ship underneath the Arcology and begins a ritual to resurrect Oryx. Sloane advises the Guardian to discover and put an end to the ritual, but she is unable to provide further instructions due to the ritual interfering with their comms. They navigate the methane sea and the Lucent Hive wreckage. There, they see a champion of Oryx resurrected into the Lucent Brood: Ecthar, the Shield of Savathûn. After defeating him and then crushing his Ghost, they navigate the wreckage further and discover the ritual site being orchestrated by Šimmumah ur-Nokru, a Lucent Necromancer attempting to have a Hive Ghost resurrect the Taken King. They were able to put an end to the ritual, restoring the comms between them and Sloane. She requests the Hidden to secure Oryx's remains. Chalco Yong, Lisbon-13, and Fenchurch Everis]are the members selected to extract Oryx's remains from Titan. They send a report to Ikora regarding a terrifying revelation: Oryx is still alive despite the lack of his Worm symbiote and he remembers Xivu Arath's presence as explained through the calcified fragments scattered throughout the Arcology and beyond.
4 July Acquisition of Wicked Implement Xivu Arath allows the Guardian access into her temple underneath Kraken Mare after they recovered and deposited broken blades into 3 different statues. The Guardian would defeat the Taken Knight Khull, Executioner Knight and the Tormentor Omen, Blade of the Black Terrace. After tithing the death to Xivu Arath, she would deem them worthy of wielding the Wicked Implement so they could continue to tithe to her.
23 May-28 November Veil Containment Meanwhile on Neomuna, Osiris and Nimbus learn about the Veil through logs left behind by Dr. Chioma Esi]], an Ishtar Collective scientist and one of the founders. It is revealed that her wife, Maya Sundaresh, is attempting to use the Veil to replicate what happened with the Witness when its civilization merged into itself using Darkness and with Calus's experiments with the Scorn aboard the Glykon. Out of shame, Chioma sends Lakshmi-2 to Earth and orders the Veil Containment site to be shut down forever.

Season of the Witch[edit]

Year Date Event Information
22 August Clash of the Hive Gods begins Ikora and Eris have found Immaru, but he refuses to resurrect Savathûn until they deal with her sister Xivu Arath. He and Eris would craft the Acolyte's Staff and gift it to the Guardian upon their arrival into Savathûn's Throne World. They infiltrate the Sanctum of the Brood Queen, master their interactions with the elemental crystals, and defeat the Lucent Brood. They would use the magic from the Acolyte's Staff to reveal Savathûn's Spire. They explore the spire and defeat various test subjects used by Savathûn for her experiments with the Light before her defeat at the hands of the Guardian. They meet Ikora, Eris, and Immaru inside the Athenaeum and witness Eris's transformation into the Hive God of Vengeance. They soon learn that to challenge Xivu Arath, they must manipulate the ways of the Sword Logic and feed tithes to Eris through the Altars of Summoning and use the Deck of Whispers. She explains more about the Deck of Whispers through a radio message after helping her feed tithes.
29 August- 26 September Clash of the Hive Gods continue As the Guardian continues their progress to bring the tithes Eris needs, Xivu Arath responds to Eris's ascension to the Hive God of Vengeance by sending in Wrathborn forces to take over Savathûn's throne world. Ikora suggests that they find another way to stop Xivu Arath, but Eris disagrees and instructs the Guardian to return to the Witch Queen's oubliette. They stop Xivu Arath from allowing tribute to be fed to her. As a result, she sends in her greatest champion to test the Guardian's combat capabilities: the Leviathan-Eater, Bane of the Ammonites and harbinger of the Hive God of War. The Knight withdraws from combat after seeing the Guardian's strength over it. As Eris looks for a way to defeat Xivu Arath, they participate in Savathûn's experiments with the Light by attuning to the energies of Arc, Solar, and Void. They would also uncover a chamber above the oubliette called The Imbaru Engine, a place used by Savathûn to generate Imbaru, her inversion of the Sword Logic that gains her power through deception and confusion. Upon discovering the secrets contained within the Imbaru Engine, along with assisting Eris Morn in bringing the tithes she is owed and attuning to all 3 elements, they are finally ready to confront Xivu Arath.
3 October End of the Clash of the Hive Gods The Guardian meets up with Eris Morn as she is finally now ready to complete their final tithe, and confront Xivu Arath. They arrive at the Altars of Summoning and enter the Altar of the Sword to begin the ritual. There, they are confronted by the Leviathan-Eater, despite its power they succeed in slaying the champion. Ikora Rey arrives with the body of Savathûn, Immaru states that Xivu Arath is still a threat. However, Eris tells him this is his only chance to resurrect her. Immaru complies and resurrects the Witch Queen. Savathûn flies over to Eris, complimenting her Hive Form, Eris kills Savathûn and gains all of her power, as Savathûn had not been killed since she lost her worm, making Eris the most powerful Hive to ever live. Using this power, instead of confronting the God of War, Instead, Eris banishes Xivu Arath from her Throne World, making her mortal. Losing her Hive Form and power, Eris collapses on the floor. Savathûn is resurrected once again, and Ikora and Eris demand the secret to following the Witness. The Witch Queen tells them that she already showed them and gives them Immaru as a peace offering, she flies away laughing, leaving them confused.
17 October- 7 November 2023 Festival of the Lost The Festival of the Lost takes place in the Last City, celebrating those who they have lost. Eido and Glint continue their investigation of the Headless Ones for inspiration for horror stories. Immaru manipulates Archie to assist him in stealing candy from the Guardians and forms a bargain with the Spider, promising him a cut in exchange for his storage. Using stolen pumpkins, Vex milk, and other resources, Immaru constructs his own Headless One and sends it to retrieve candy. Archie realizing the danger, goes to assist Eido and Glint in destroying the Headless One. Immaru taunts them as he flies away.
14 November The 15th Wish Due to Savathûn leaving one last gift, the Guardian returns to the Imbaru Engine and discovers three braziers. They find the flames at the Imbaru Engine, Altars of Summoning, and Savathûn's Spire, lighting the braziers to reveal the final test. Completing the test opens a door leading to a room with a pure Ahamkara egg belonging to Riven's clutch, uncorrupted by Taken energy. Ikora orders them to bring the egg to the Athenaeum. Eris Morn arrives at the H.E.L.M., she asks the Guardian what they are working on. They show Eris a sketch of a pattern on Savathûn’s wings for the Wall of Wishes, revealing that she had given them what she had promised, the Last Wish, the wish to follow the Witness.

Season of the Wish[edit]

Year Date Event Information
28 November Riven returns The Guardian returns to the Dreaming City as the Witness sends the Sol Divisive to invade it and hamper their efforts to bypass the portal into the Pale Heart while it begins to enact the Final Shape. The Guardian visits Riven's corpse and recovers an Ahamkara tooth so the Techeuns can conjure the spirit of Riven, and attempt to uncover the 15th wish. Riven refuses to grant the 15th wish until she tasks the Guardian with recovering her clutch. Riven accuses Mara of scattering her clutch when the Guardian enters her lair and discovers that it is missing from its physical location. The Techeuns would use the Ley Lines to locate the clutch. After recovering the first of her clutch, Riven reveals the relationship between her species and the Awoken before tasking them with clearing out her lair while the Techeuns locate the remaining eggs. Osiris would also look into an alternative solution should Riven be tricky via the Veil.
5 December The next egg recovered The Techeuns would finally locate the second of her clutch; however, Petra informs the Guardian that it will be more difficult to locate and recover the remaining eggs without the help of the Harbingers: mysterious entities that were once used in the Battle of Saturn. Petra tasks them with recovering a Starlight Lodestone from the Chamber of Starlight to guide the Harbinger to the clutch still scattered. Before returning to Riven, Osiris would provide an update on the Veil and his attempts to replicate the Witness's link to it through the Guardian's Ghost.
Secrets in the EDZ Crow discovers a Scorn presence in the EDZ and provides their last known location to the Hidden. The Guardian follows the clues to a snowy mountain containing a Dark Age castle. They defeat Rathil, First Broken Knight of Fikrul, but a Chimera bearing the avatar of Hefnd places them in jail. They break free from jail and continues their pursuit until they are forced to confront the Locus of Wailing Grief and defeat it. They reach the summit of the mountain and defeat the Chimera. After the Chimera is defeated, Crow and Petra would begin uncovering the story of Hefnd and its relationship with Naeem as the Guardian collects Hefnd's bones. The truth is finally revealed to them once the Guardian enters Hefnd's Cairn. They would present their finds to Ikora.
12 December The 3rd egg recovered Before the Harbinger can track the next egg, they must allow the Techeuns to attune the Starlight Lodestone to it by participating in the Coil, then returning to the Spine of Keres to calibrate the Lodestone. As they recover the next egg, Riven begins taunting Crow on his role in creating the Scorn when he was Uldren Sov. They finally recover the egg and witness a conversation between him and Mara. Osiris informs the Guardian that with his progress on his attempt to replicate the Witness's link to the Veil being very slow, the Ahamkara are the only solution to follow the Witness inside the portal.
19 December Starcrossed The Sol Divisive continues their invasion of the Dreaming City by creating an Axis Mind capable of simulating the Techeuns and deploying Oracles from the Vault of Glass into Riven's lair, which are mimicking resonance used by the Witness and its Disciples. The Guardian arrives to collect the next egg. Unfortunately, they would arrive too late, as the Sol Divisive manages to steal the egg and then transport it into the Black Garden, near Taranis's corpse. The theft of the egg angers Riven, but Osiris assures her that the egg can still be recovered. Crow discovers that the egg is inside the Black Garden, so he sends the Guardian to recover it using Riven's accessway. They would use the sparks left behind by Riven and another Ahamkara to navigate the Black Garden and defeat the Axis Mind. After the Guardian finally recover the egg, Riven learns that Taranis is responsible for scattering the clutch, used as his final wish at the cost of death. Riven explains the relationship between her and Taranis before the Great Ahamkara Hunt, when they were separated. The Guardian returns to Riven, who instructs them to honor Taranis's memory by keeping Wish-Keeper. They would uncover her messages in the Black Garden and the Dreaming City by forming constellations with Wish-Keeper. They learn the truth after finding all the celestial anomalies: they find a symbol of the Ishtar Collective with Vex architecture
26 December The 5th egg recovered Riven instructs the Guardian to stop the Taken attempting to corrupt the next egg they will soon recover. The Guardian defeats a Taken Knight once loyal to Xivu Arath, but learns that the Taken have succeeded in their plan to corrupt the egg. Mara proposes a solution to cleanse it of its corruption: they would first acquire Taken essentia by completing an Ascendant Challenge, then allow the whim to feed on their desires. With egg cleansed, they return to Riven, who is in a conversation with Mara and Osiris. She reveals that the 15th wish would allow only one individual to enter the Pale Heart via the Ley Lines. Mara becomes furious at Riven for withholding the information, but Osiris stops her with Strand, and the both of them leave. Osiris concludes his investigations into the Veil and reveals that one more egg must be recovered before Riven can grant the 15th wish.
2 January-9 January The final egg recovered The Techeuns have found the location of the final egg, but they must first reactivate the Oracle Engine by destroying Sol Divisive Oracles. Before they go to recover the final egg, Crow shares his plans with Mara, Osiris, and the Guardian: he volunteers to be the first Guardian to enter the Pale Heart via the Ley Lines. After recovering all of the eggs, they return to the Wall of Wishes to enter the 15th and final wish. It is successful, but Riven suffers the same fate as Taranis. Mara informs them that once Crow and Osiris form the bridge that allows the Coalition a safe passage through the portal, they will finally be able to confront the Witness before it can complete the Final Shape


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