Resonant Fury Suit (Warlock)

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Resonant Fury Suit (Warlock)


Resonant Fury Suit






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Vow of the Disciple


The Resonant Fury Suit is a Legendary Warlock armor set that can be acquired from the Vow of the Disciple Raid.

Resonant Fury Cowl[edit]

Resonant Fury Cowl

"I see the task before me. I wear it with devotion."
— Armor description


She was a frog in my estimation; small and colorful but toxic to touch.

In your infinite wisdom, you looked beyond the worm I brought you to the least of the leeches that infested Fundament. Shaving thin my gift, you infected them with conquest, and now they see themselves as artisans of the final shape.

My place is not to understand you, my Witness, but to serve that final goal you see more clearly than I. But now, your gold-leaf parasites call themselves gods and carve out their divine homes. And I am to watch the sniveling frog.

Was this castigation? The toll I pay for my failure with the Ahslid? You have cast me and my ego once more into the cold depths of an inconsequential world.

I recall stepping into her realm, and her face twisted to betray restrained delight. She thought herself mistress of this domain you leased her. She did not—could not—appreciate the precarity of her situation. So sure of her dominion, she could not recognize her jailer, or that she lives within a prison formed from her own ego—one I will put to work for you, my Witness.

The capture of her race will flow out from this realm—each self-satisfied smirk will forge a new link in their chains.

Had I known then what my current quandary would be, I could have heeded my own insights on ego. Regardless, even in this predicament, I am unbowed.

Resonant Fury Gloves[edit]

Resonant Fury Gloves

"I see the game. I raise the stakes."
— Armor description


It takes no foresight, nor does it require any sort of precognition to hypothesize how exactly this particular Queen of the Hive reacted to the development of new establishments in her throne world, my Witness.

Acquiescence, it was decidedly not.

It would be dishonest of me to claim no delight from her indignation, though I assure you, these simple pleasures are born out of nothing more than a desire to see her succeed while remaining in our care.

Too much recoil on our part from confrontation with Savathûn would surely beget a feeling of true autonomy for her; and while my undying trust for you, my Witness, is eternally absolute, I remain circumspect in regard to any hidden intentions Savathûn may see to fruition were she allowed to.

She remains, after all, and as you know, conniving and opportunistic. I am, however, hopeful that in due time, these concerns will fade. Hopeful, my Witness, but not convinced.

Begrudging as she may be, and with the continued… "cooperation" of Xita, construction of the larvae breeding chambers has commenced. The armies of Oryx and Xivu Arath will grow exponentially in short order. Should they envision future conquests, they will indeed have the tools to make it so, as is your wish, my Witness.

Should Savathûn desire to play cards in contrast to our own, I will, without hesitation, bring to mind that she made her choice long ago, and that only if she wishes for eternal release should she dare to betray it.

Resonant Fury Robes[edit]

Resonant Fury Robes

"I reach for solace. It is stolen from me."
— Armor description


Conquest. Warming as the long-ago memory of blue sun on my face. All the while reminding me of the exhilaration of existing outside the Throne World, if only for a short while. I live in this glory—a rare opportunity to step away from exile within that ascendant chrysalis, as I gather more cunning for my sparring with the Witch.

Surely, you placed me as her minder, my Witness, as a hardship to hone my intrigue.

But in this moment, astride a Pyramid once more with an upstart empire splayed before me, my purpose is truer than any found carved in the wretched stones of the globe that formed me.

Kalarahnda flashes beneath my gaze. Yellow haze streaks ruby clouds. The vaulted ring surrounding Kalarahnda shatters into a shimmer-like, windblown sand—a prescription against the folly of confidence writ across a million-million ceramic shards.

I live in this glory—because the full purity of their extinction was stolen from me.

Because without predication of my own, a cult had sprouted in apocalyptic jubilation of the Darkness and blessed oblivion.

They grew for years in the shadows, drawing the disillusioned from the poorest to the wealthiest. These Polyps of the Longshadow sensed—as if by providence—a coming end and believed the breaking of the vaulted ring to be the final sign: they would ascend and bring their kind with them. Moments before their world was mine, their enzymatic armaments scrubbed all life from this wet rock. A guileful theft. Triggered by my own glorious coming.

And there was nothing calling to the Witch's involvement, save the twist in her face that betrayed restrained delight.

Resonant Fury Boots[edit]

Resonant Fury Boots

"I sought relief. I found delight."
— Armor description


She builds a palace here in her hiding place, and I perceive through her self-assurance. For all her grandiose treatises on secrets, the Hive princess all but screams, "Look upon me."

And so I look upon her today, my Witness, absent a brother. Loss—true and consequential loss—is new to her palette, but she hides her distaste for the bitter well. I address her. "Savathûn, your brother is no more. He is absent from the final shape of things, as he always must be. But I sense a foreign hand at work."

"Would you accuse rather than state, Rhulk?" She clothes herself in playful tones. "I have played a role in more of my brother's deaths than not."

"So very true. Congratulations, then? I suppose after so many eons of killing one another to build your strength, his final end must feel like quite the accomplishment. No more must your wits dabble against his play-mortality. Now, only matters of consequence will occupy your precious time."

"And thankfully, I find myself well-provisioned now for any conflict."

"Ah! I had nearly forgotten! You are the heir apparent to Oryx's dominion, yes? I know you Hive are loathe to accept gifts rather than seize them. Armies. Fleets. And of course, the Taken."

"If I had seen this coming, perhaps I could have even prepared to secure the secret of Taking itself."

I bark in amusement. She makes no attempt to hide her distaste for the laughter of my kind, and it is indulgence itself to let it flow freely. "Clever. Always one step ahead. The Taken will serve you well against the Guardians until they slay you just the same."

"My sweet, vile brother would look at a scalpel and see a hammer. I am not him."

"Yes, you do seem to find much more creative uses for your playthings. A pity that will become ever so challenging for you moving forward."

"Challenging?" I do not see confusion cross her face often. I savor the scent.

"Until now, the shadow from which you skulked has been your brother's. Without the Taken King to cast your swaddling shade, you stand naked in the sun for all to see, yes? No shadows, no hiding, no tricks. Just the Guardians and their god-slaying weapons."

"I have little to fear from the sun," she insists, but there is no twist in her face. No secret delight.

Resonant Fury Bond[edit]

Resonant Fury Bond

"I reach for nothing. I am subdued. I shall remain useless."
— Armor description


Tell me, O Witness mine—does the Light that fills this once dreadfully tiresome space blind you from its newfound glory?

You expected the same old correspondence from your dragooned errand boy, no doubt. Surely, just as you expected your machinations within my throne world to continue unfettered until your definition of eternity came to pass.

Well, don't I have some unfortunate news for you then. But this comes as no surprise, of that I'm sure—you're always watching.

Let me share my perspective then, which you must be waiting for with bated breath: my acquisition of the Light itself is delightful proof of an existence higher even than yours—a sort of karmic wit, if you will.

Though I remember not all the eons-long hardships I endured at your whim, the nefarious sentiment lingers within my mind, overcome only by the pleasure of your assured discontent.

It was this said pleasure that gave me the strength to disperse the Light throughout this prison you called my home. Since it is now to remain my domain, it has been decorated to reflect as such.

No longer does this plane live only with the lackluster ambiance of Darkness. It is brighter now. My truth can finally thrive.

No longer do the walls that birthed our parasitic chains house your machinations. The tools and parasites within, shattered.

And no longer does your Subjugator subjugate. He lies ensnared within his obtrusive eyesore, for upon Rhulk's attempt to subdue me with that toy he's annoyingly always on about—his "Upended"—I was able to counteract it, showing firsthand the power bequeathed to me in my new state. Now, the once-great Pyramid lies fractured, a sight you will become familiar with.

So try and send your Scorn, or your Disciples, or even bring your many selves to reclaim your loss, if you must. But this is my domain now. And you shall never set foot inside it, even if I must draw my final breath to keep it that way.

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