Gensym Knight Armor

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Gensym Knight Armor


Gensym Knight Armor







Minimum Level:



Loot Drop?:

  • Flashpoints (Random)
  • Io Engrams (Random)


Asher Mir


15-25 Legendary Shards +
10 Io Tokens


Gensym Knight Armor is an Legendary armor set available in the base game of Destiny 2. It is distributed by Asher Mir, who is located on Io. It is available after the player reaches level 20. Like all armor within the game, they can be dismantled for infusion or to generate Glimmer, and can be transferred between characters in the Vault. As a Legendary set of armor however, it also generates Legendary Shards when dismantled.


I have scoured my library but found nothing on this “Nokris” of which you speak. I am sorry both for the delay and that I could not be of more help. Do you ever feel any affection for the creatures that changed you? I confess this weakness myself. In the shadow of the Pyramidion, I have sometimes felt a kind of craven admiration for the illimitable superior beings that suffuse my body. I can feel them move through my veins with purpose, magnetized to the intent of the Minds that have come to machinoform Echo Mesa. I have a sense of their desires. They have changed since I fell. And so, I am—if nothing else—a new variable in whatever grand equation compels them.

My arm grows worse. This morning, I cut my finger and bled radiolaria. I will redouble my efforts.

Truth in action,
Asher Mir

Gensym Knight Casque / Helm / Hood[edit]

"I have no use for mawkish sentimentality. What I do need is an assistant who stays alive. As often as possible."
— Asher Mir


Gensym Knight Grips / Gauntlets / Gloves[edit]

"Gensym Armor. Let's hope it does you more good than it did me."
— Asher Mir


Gensym Knight Cuirass / Plate / Robes[edit]

"Have you ever considered that the Traveler might be just as chaotic and arbitrary as everything else?"
— Asher Mir


Gensym Knight Strides / Greaves / Boots[edit]

"Congratulations on finding your true calling in life. You have been an… adequate assistant."
— Asher Mir


Gensym Knight Cloak / Mark / Bond[edit]

"Remember, the universe is a chaotic system. This frippery won't protect you from the continuum."
— Asher Mir


List of Appearances[edit]