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Grimoire Mercury.jpg

Star, position:

Sol, I





4,879 kilometers


.38 g

Length of day:

58 days 15 hours 30 minutes

Length of year:

88 days


Retains an atmosphere, as in all post-Traveler records.[1]

"No life stirs here. Not anymore."
Grimoire description[2]

Mercury is the first planet in the Solar System and the closest to the Sun.


Following its transformation into a garden world by the Traveler the planet was inhabited by humanity during the Golden Age. During the Collapse, the Vex undid this transformation and completely changed Mercury into a machine within days of their arrival.[3] The Sun itself, as seen on the planet's surface, appears to be massive in size yet not blindingly bright—a possible result of Vex engineering.[4]

Though much of Mercury is dominated by the Vex, others have managed to visit the planet, including the Cult of Osiris who maintains a camp there in the form of the Lighthouse. Flawless champions of the Trials of Osiris are permitted to visit the Lighthouse where they can find stores of Glimmer and other treasures.[4] The Sunbreakers have their Forge here as well and the Cabal built an outpost at Vertigo, but have since mysteriously disappeared.[5]


Mercury is not an explorable world, but is visited through the Crucible. Players can either engage each other on the one of the various battlefields there or meet the criteria to gain entry to the Lighthouse through the Trials of Osiris. Occasionally the Sparrow Racing League holds races here within an active Vex structure.



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