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March 31, 2021

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"Ah ok, thanks a bunch. Apologies for the misunderstanding :)"
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"Ok sure but if its already there why remove it? It doesn't take away fro..."
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"Again, I think spamming is a bit dramatic. However I don't see the harm..."
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"I wouldn't call it spamming, more adding it to those already on the list..."
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"Hi. Out of curiosity and so I know for the future, what's the problem wi..."
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Sad nerd

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Games: Destiny, DOOM, Danganronpa... apparently any game series that starts with a D, Minecraft, Terraria, Undertale, Warframe, Dungeons & Dragons

Animes: Attack on Titan, Re:ZERO, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Steins;Gate, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, many many more (I need help)

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Getting 69,420 triumph score

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Literally anything in Aksis challenge mode

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They weren’t already, they were added today by Scorpio.

And you add it in the edit summary.


It has no business being in every single family member page, if I wanted that I would’ve done that ages ago. Secondly it’s been copied from pages without stating where it originally came from.


I only consider Crota, Oryx, Savathun and Xivu as the big four. The list was created originally for those 4 and the main Hive page, not something to be spammed into everything.


I created the original Hive Family lineage and kept them to a few major characters only. Now it’s being spammed into everything.