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Edited the page The Guardian
"/* Season of the Hunt */"
Edited the page The Guardian
"Penumbra was renamed to season of opulence, that name hasn't really been..."
Edited the page Traveler
"/* Overview */"
Edited the page Appalachian Dead Zone
Edited the page Panama Ravine
Edited the page Micah-10
"/* Life on Europa */"
Edited the page Micah-10
"/* Life on Europa */ little reordering to what makes more sense"
Edited the page Blood Guard Incendior
Edited the page Blood Guard Incendior
Edited the page Blood Guard Incendior
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About me

Sad nerd

Hobbies & interests

Games: Destiny, DOOM, Danganronpa... apparently any game series that starts with a D, Minecraft, Terraria, Undertale, Warframe, Dungeons & Dragons

Animes: Attack on Titan, Re:ZERO, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Steins;Gate, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, many many more (I need help)

Books: Legend Series, Enemy Series, anything by Brandon Sanderson, lore books, assorted Cosmology and Astrophysics books

Favorite Destiny moment

Getting 69,420 triumph score

Worst Destiny moment

Literally anything in Aksis challenge mode

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They weren’t already, they were added today by Scorpio.

And you add it in the edit summary.


It has no business being in every single family member page, if I wanted that I would’ve done that ages ago. Secondly it’s been copied from pages without stating where it originally came from.


I only consider Crota, Oryx, Savathun and Xivu as the big four. The list was created originally for those 4 and the main Hive page, not something to be spammed into everything.


I created the original Hive Family lineage and kept them to a few major characters only. Now it’s being spammed into everything.