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Userboxes (sometimes abbreviated as UBX) are small colored boxes designed to appear on Destinypedians' user pages. They generally include one or two small graphics and a few short lines of text. Often they also include wiki markup that places the user in a category. Userboxes are generally created as templates and placed onto userpages, although their markup may be substituted directly onto userpages instead. Userboxes should not be used in articles. If you need any help, ask an administrator for further assistance.

Creating Userboxes[edit]

If you don't like any of the Userboxes shown on Destinypedia:Project Userbox then you can create a custom userbox by copying the below code onto your page:

|id = Image
|id-c = Image Box background color
|id-fc = If you don't want an Image you can have text. So this is font color
|id-s = If you don't want an Image you can have text. So this is text size
|info = Add your text here
|info-c = info background color
|info-fc = info font color
|info-s = info text size
|border-c = box color
|border-s = border width in pixels

Replace the above text with your custom box characteristics. It is suggested that you limit the size of any images in the id box to 40 pixels. For a list of colors and the Hex codes for them, see this Wikipedia page.


Here is an example of a custom userbox and its corresponding code:

Destiny-Symbol.png This user loves Destiny.
|id = [[File:Destiny-Symbol.png|50px]]
|id-c = Black
|info = This user loves ''[[Destiny]]''.
|info-c = Silver
|info-fc = black
|border-c = black
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