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Patrol icon
"These are our worlds...Take them back. Inch by inch. Bullet by bullet."
Grimoire blurb.

Patrol (a.k.a. Explore) is a game mode of Destiny. These missions are open-ended and focused on exploration. Players touch down in an open area and are able to explore at will, along with taking on tasks assigned to them.[1] Minerals and other resources can be found that can be used on weapons and armor. This is a "lower intensity" game mode compared to others, as there are no Darkness Zones or other penalties for death.[2]

Players can bring with them a fireteam with two other people, but can also encounter other players while on patrol. Patrols are useful for gathering miscellaneous loot such as materials, consumables, hidden chests, or rewards for exploration missions. Missions can be acquired on patrol by locating and activating beacons, and are always available.

Patrol is available for the Cosmodrome, Moon, Venus, and Mars. The Taken King also possesses a unique patrol location for the Dreadnaught. Destiny 2 introduces larger, much more expansive patrol locations, complete with Lost Sectors, Adventures, and new patrol missions. Destiny 2's patrol locations include Nessus, Titan, the European Dead Zone, and Io.


Mission Types

Activating a patrol beacon will enable Guardians to complete simple missions for a small reward of experience and reputation.

Patrol missions and their respective icons.
  • Scan—go to a certain location and have Ghost scan an object.
  • Item—collect drops from a certain type of enemy.
  • Survey—go to a certain location and scout out a group of enemies.
  • Kill—kill a set number of enemies.
  • VIP—kill a specific enemy found in a private location (typically a named major or minor).
  • Energy Spike—collect energy beacons to reach 100% charge before your charge slowly drains to 0%. Players can overcharge for a maximum of five levels for maximum Glimmer and other material payoff.
  • Neutralize Taken Blight—go to a certain location and fend off waves of Taken; sometimes includes an Ultra at the end.
  • Quarantine—kill a specific enemy at a certain location, then go to a second location and fend off enemy waves.

If the player has completed several patrol missions, they can receive a mystery transmission where the player has to figure out how to unscramble a message (such as doing an emote, kill enemies, getting headshots, etcetera). The player is given an encrypted prompt on what they have to do and must figure it out for themselves.

Public Events

Though not strictly limited to Patrol mode, Public Events always occur in public areas, usually following a predictable schedule. Only players who participate in the event while it is available will earn any rewards. Performance in Public Events is scored as Bronze, Silver, or Gold, and rewards are automatically granted to players upon completion. In Destiny 2, public events contain heroic objectives to complete and are expanded upon.

World Events

Some events, such as Blade of Crota summons, Queen's Wrath "Wolf Packs", and Taken Lieutenant attacks, can occur in Patrol mode as well, but they are not scored and their timing is random. These events are colloquially known among players as "World Events".

Destiny 2

Lost Sectors

Lost Sectors are hidden dungeons scattered throughout the open worlds of Destiny 2, which include a variety of treasures and bosses that contain the key to them.


Adventures are side missions given to patrolling Guardians by free-roaming NPCs throughout the worlds of Destiny 2.

Flash Points

Flash Points are when a location is chosen each week, during this time bosses and high level events drop Nightfall tier loot.


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