The Breach

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The Breach
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Enemy Factions:

House of Devils
House of Wolves

Connecting Areas:

The Divide

Area Type:


Public Events:


Patrol Beacons:



The Breach is a location in Old Russia, inside the wall of the Cosmodrome.[1]

Points of Interest[edit]

The atrium-like room directly past the ventilation duct that exits at The Divide is home to a small group of House of Devils Fallen. "Eliminate the Target" Patrol missions will cause a Spy Servitor, Survey Boss, or Karrhis, Archon Rising to appear here.

The passage behind the atrium that connects to the Gateway was deserted until patch 1.2.0. The security door that barred access to the Gateway was removed, and a number of level 1 House of Wolves Fallen were added to patrol the passage, along with trip mines and Web Mines.


The Breach was the one of the first locations revealed during the 2013 gameplay demo. Riksis, Devil Archon was originally fought here, but was moved to Dock 13.[2]

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