The Breach

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The Breach
SIVA Crisis



Enemy factions:

House of Devils (formerly)
House of Wolves (formerly)
House of Dusk

Connecting areas:

The Divide


Area type:



The Breach is a location in Old Russia, inside the wall of the Cosmodrome.[1]


The Breach is a massive area built within The Wall during the Golden Age. After the Collapse, the location was repurposed by the House of Devils to become one of their hideouts.

During the Wolf Rebellion, the location was overrun by the House of Wolves. Their group of assassins, the Silent Fang, were attempting to kill members of the House of Devils. A group of Guardians, sent by Petra Venj and aided by Variks, were able do stop the Wolves's plans.

Almost 2 years later, during the SIVA Crisis, the location suffered a large transformation when the Devil Splicers started to melt down the wall's metals for processing, leaving a portion of the area open.

Years later, after the Vanguard issued a quarantine forbidding any contact with the Cosmodrome, members of the House of Dusk started to invade The Breach. One of their members was Kikliss, the murderer of the Cryptarch Master Ives.



  • The Breach was the one of the first locations revealed during the 2013 gameplay demo. Riksis, Devil Archon was originally fought here, but was moved to Dock 13.[2]
  • The Breach made a temporary comeback in the Quest The Lost Cryptarch in Destiny 2 Forsaken, which was made inaccessible with the weekly reset on November 27th. The player traveled here to track down the killer of Master Ives and reclaim the Exotic machine gun Thunderlord. It featured a boss which spawned in the same way that Riksis did in the 2013 Gameplay Demo, through a hole in the wall.

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