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Other name(s):



Riis (formerly)

Focal world(s):



Reclaim their Great Machine
Scavenge for sustenance
Bring peace and unity to the Houses at any cost
Restore their Golden Age

At war with:

The City
The Reef

Average height:


Average weight:



Two to four arms
Spider-like facial features
Four eyes
Varying house banners

Average lifespan:


Notable groups:

House of Devils
House of Dusk
House of Salvation
House of Exile
House of Scar
House of Judgment
House of Kings
House of Light
House of Winter
House of Wolves
Silent Fang
House of Spider
Kell's Scourge

Notable individuals:

Craask, Kell of Kings
Draksis, Winter Kell
Skolas, Kell of Kells
Aksor, Archon Priest
Taniks, the Scarred
Riksis, Devil Archon
Sepiks Prime/Sepiks Perfected
Orbiks Prime
Aksis, Archon Prime
Vosik, the Archpriest
Thaviks, the Depraved
Fikrul, the Fanatic
Elykris, the Machinist
Hiraks, the Mindbender
Variks, the Loyal
The Spider
Mithrax, Kell of Light
Siviks, Lost to None
Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge
Eramis, Kell of Darkness
Atraks-1, Fallen Exo
Kridis, the Priestess
Phylaks, the Warrior
Praksis, the Technocrat
Bakris, the Adamantine
Captain Avarokk, the Covetous


"Listen long enough and you will hear stories of great Eliksni heroes. When the Great Machine was still with us."
— Variks, the Loyal

The Fallen, known in their language as the Eliksni, are an insectoid alien species, infamous for being notorious scavengers and raiders. The Fallen are remnants of a mighty civilization from the planet of Riis that had been flourishing under the Traveler's grace until the Witness and its Black Fleet caused an apocalyptic event called the Whirlwind, much akin to humanity's Golden Age and Collapse. The Traveler fled, leaving the survivors behind, but after many centuries, the Fallen found her once again in the Sol System. Seeking to reclaim their glory, the Eliksni decided to explore the newly discovered Solar System and start a war against humanity in an attempt to retake control of the "Great Machine".[1] Roving Fallen bands scavenge whatever technology and weapons they can find and rally under the banners of various warring Houses and crime syndicates.


"The stories say the Fallen were once a proud people. Great, in their own way. We've only known them as pirates and butchers."

The Fallen are a nomadic race of pirates and scavengers descended from a once-great civilization. This is evidenced by their social organization into various Houses by the manner of meritocratic nobility, the banners and flags of which are still flown like heraldry.[3] The Fallen search the stars for artifacts of their lost civilization.[4] They first arrived in the Solar System after the Collapse, arriving in their massive Ketches to loot and pillage humanity's former worlds, leaving grief and wreckage in their wake.[5]

The Fallen are antagonistic toward the Cabal, Taken, Hive, and Vex, and are known to be in conflict with the latter two over territory and technology. They have ordinarily avoided the Cabal until the Taken War, when the House of Wolves attempted to make their new home on Mars using abandoned Cabal bases. They lack any type of established stronghold such as the Citadel or the Hellmouth, instead preferring to squat in ruins or inside their ketches, going from place to place in search of a potential home.[6]



"Where is the Great Machine? Where is the Great Machine?"
Chelchis, Kell of Stone.[7]
Riis, Fallen homeland

The Fallen's name for their own race is "Eliksni".[8] They were once graced by the Traveler, which they named the "Great Machine", and were presumably uplifted by its gifts in the same manner as humanity. Their ubiquitous cloaking technology was originally designed as toys for children. The Eliksni made during their Golden Age twice the advancement in space exploration than Humanity.[9] During this time, they came to control multiple star systems[10] until an event known as the Edge Wars brought infighting among the Houses and later ended by the House of Kings and House of Judgement to usher a Golden Age. Their homeworld of Riis and civilization would be destroyed by an unforeseen event called the "Whirlwind". In the aftermath, the surviving Fallen became embroiled in a bloody civil war over their civilization's ruins, before achieving a tenuous peace and embarking on a journey into space to locate the Traveler in order to return to greatness. The Fallen eventually arrived at the Sol System during the Dark Age, and rediscovered the Traveler on Earth.[11]

Early Wars

First Engagements

The Fallen settling on Earth

"The Fallen cannot be stopped. They do not negotiate. Their bargains are lies. I've watched them burn and pillage whole villages in the Cosmodrome. I've watched Dregs eat children."
— Saint-14

When the Fallen first arrived in the Sol System, they terrorized humanity, conducting raids and attacks against outposts. Very early into these attacks, they started to meet opposition in the form of Lightbearers, who fought back against them time and time again.[12] The Fallen grew to resent the Guardians, seeing them as an obstacle that prevented them from claiming the "Great Machine", and believed they were dooming them and their people.[1] Eventually, the space below the Traveler turned into the Last City, as more and more people gathered below the Traveler, and thus walls were built to defend them.[12] As time wore on, the Fallen began to understand that if they wanted to take back what was theirs, they would need to do it with force. This was the start of the Eliksni siege.

At some point during the Dark Age, the House of Rain encountered a human settlement protected by Saint-14 on Mercury and proceeded to destroy the settlement and kill the survivors, but were unable to kill Saint-14 who grew to hate the Fallen race after he witnessed Dregs devouring children.

Rezyl Azzir began venturing out from the Last City to combat potential threats which earned him great enmity from the Fallen. Eventually, a Captain of the House of Devils named Eksori ambushed Rezyl in an attempt to kill him to gain glory. However, Rezyl was easily able to fend off the ambush. Later he teamed up with two other Guardians to kill a Kell whose Ketch was stationed in the Tescan Valley between two mountain peaks.

Six Fronts

Lord Saladin battling the Fallen
Main article: Six Fronts

"Whirlwind whisked us to this war-weary world; We galloped the galaxy to grasp the Great Machine. It is not our fate to fail on this field!"
— Drifis, the Daring

In an attempt to take the Traveler, the House of Devils staged a coordinated attack on The City in a battle that would later be called Six Fronts. During the battle four orders of Titans protected the newly constructed walls of The City against six enemy approaches, and not a single front faltered.[13] The Devils faced off against many Guardians who would later become legends, such as Saint-14, Osiris[14], Zavala and the Iron Lords.[15]

After the Battle of Six Fronts, Saint-14 stepped down from Vanguard Commander to pursue his crusade against the Fallen and nominated Osiris to take his place to protect the city from future assaults. Osiris questioned Saint's motives having seen the Fallen not too different from them. However, Saint disagreed after fighting representatives from every House and believed it was a joint effort to exterminate them.

At some point Saint-14 encountered the noble Sekris, Baron of Shanks, whose House settled by the edge of the system to avoid human conflict. Sekris recollected Saint's sieges of Boyle Pass and Weapons of Rain, but questioned if the Great Machine still communed with him. Saint answered with silence and spared Sekris causing him to desert his race.

Following the murder of several Guardians at the hands of Taniks, the Scarred, the Speaker dispatched Saint-14 and Osiris to eliminate the deadly Fallen mercenary, but Cayde-6 located Taniks and killed him. This elevated Andal Brask to the vacant seat of the Hunter Vanguard after losing a dare to Cayde over who would kill Taniks. However, it was later revealed that the resilient Fallen had survived the encounter.[16]

Twilight Gap

Main article: Battle of Twilight Gap

"The Devil Kell Solkis… is dead. This war is over."

Craask, Kell of Kings, manipulating the other Houses, pushed for a united effort against the Last City.[18] Kings, Devils and Winter stood together against the City, with the House of Wolves being the only major House unable to join because of the Reefborn Awoken stopping them en route.[1] The three Houses fought against the City and its Guardians in what would later be known as the Battle of Twilight Gap, with the Devils leading the charge.[19] The Last City managed to push back the united Fallen, with Lord Shaxx leading a counterattack that defeated the Houses.[20] At the end of the war, the legendary Titan Saint-14 led a bloody assault to dislodge the remaining Fallen that directly surrounded the City. In what would become forever known as the "Crusade of Saint-14", the brave Exo fought against Solkis, Kell of Devils, killing him with a headbutt and bringing the Fallen offensive to its final end.[17]

While on a mission, the Hunter Vanguard Andal Brask was murdered by the renegade Fallen mercenary Taniks, the Scarred.[21] This promoted Cayde-6 to assume the role of Hunter Vanguard and attempt to execute Taniks.

The Reef Wars

Main article: The Reef Wars
The Reef forces engaging the Wolf Fallen.

"I am Lord of Wolves. You are an empty thing with two dead souls. This is my House. These are my terms. Surrender and I will only take your ships."
Virixas, Kell of Wolves to Queen Mara Sov.[22]

The House of Wolves intended to join the Battle of Twilight Gap alongside the other houses, but were stopped at Ceres when the Awoken intervened. Their Kell, Virixas was killed in the initial clash, along with a massive portion of the house, which would later be called The Scatter. This started a period of time known as the Reef Wars. During the course of the wars, Skolas, the Rabid, through savagery and cunning, rose to the Wolf Kellship.[23] He then turned his full attention towards the Reef, and the two forces clashed bitterly for many years. The wars ended when Variks, a member of the House of Judgment who lived among the Wolves, betrayed Skolas to the Reef resulting in his capture along with most of his House.[11]

Variks went on to crown Queen Mara Sov of the Reef as the new Kell of Wolves, with many Wolves bending the knee to her.[24]

Destiny 1

Weakening of the Houses

"The House of Wolves and the Awoken tore the Reef apart trying to get a tactical advantage. All the while, we were desperately trying to hold the Walls against the Devils, Kings, and Winter. It was one of the darkest chapters in the City's history."
— Commander Zavala.[25]
Fallen Machine god, Sepiks Prime

In the wake of Twilight Gap, the House of Devils was ruled by Riksis, Devil Archon. Riksis met a sudden and unexpected end at the hands of a newly risen Guardian while attempting to track down a missing warp drive.[26] With the Devils Archon dead, this opened up the way for a fireteam of Guardians to attack the The Devils' Lair and destroy their Prime Servitor Sepiks Prime. With Sepiks' destruction, the Devils were now effectively leaderless.[27]

During a mission in the Hellmouth on the Moon, Guardians were caught in the middle of a House of Exile raid against the Hive. Leading the raid was Frigoris, Exiled Baron, who became a priority target due to his station in the Exiles, and was dispatched by the Guardian.[28]

The Vanguard received word that Wintership Simiks-Fel was on the surface of Venus, and began a mission to assassinate Draksis, Winter Kell of the House of Winter. Fighting through Draksis' Kell's Guard, a Guardian made their way onto the Fallen Ketch and faced Draksis in his throne room, killing him and beheading Winter's Leadership.[29] Afterward, perhaps as an attempt to replace Draksis, Winter enlisted Taniks, the Scarred to break into the Prison of Elders and retrieve Aksor, Archon Priest. However, a fireteam of Guardians quickly ended him and the Fallen which broke him out, leaving them leaderless.[30]

Later, the Hive general Omnigul would lead a fireteam of Guardians through House of Kings Territory in an attempt to stop them from hunting her. Phyksin, King Baron personally attempted to stop the Guardians, but was killed in the resulting battle.[31]

The Wolf Rebellion

Main article: Wolf Rebellion

"Remember the hope that brought us here. Remember the age before the Whirlwind, when ether ran free, when we ruled ourselves and our futures as kings. We wanted more than glimmer and glints and herealways. Always remember that we came to this star in hope. And remember that we were denied!"
Skolas, Kell of Kells.[1]

Initiated by the return of Skolas, now calling himself the Kell of Kells, the House of Wolves rebelled against the Awoken.[1] The Wolf Rebellion started with an assassination attempt on Mara and a mass prison break from the Prison of Elders where most of the former Wolf nobility was being held.[32]The Queen opened the Reef to Guardians of the City, with the intent of recruiting them to put an end to the rebellion.[33] The Guardians tracked Skolas to Venus, but were unable to capture Skolas and he was able to gain a number of the Winter's allegiance.[34]

Traveling to Earth, Skolas sought to gain the allegiance of the House of Devils and the House of Kings. While he set loose the Silent Fang to kill off the Devils remaining leaders[35], he sent one of his Barons, Yavek to negotiate with the Kell of Kings. However, the Guardians intervened as they killed a large number of Silent Fang assassins and killed Yavek and two King Barons, Paskin and Vekis.[36] Skolas returned to Venus once more, where the Guardian encountered him attempting to wield stolen Vex tech in order to pull the House of Wolves through time, only to be subdued and captured.[37]

The Queen then began her Queen's Wrath by placing bounties on Wolf nobility such as Beltrik, the Veiled and Drevis, Wolf Baroness. Taniks was also hired by the Wolves to plunder the Hellmouth and steal from the dark. However, a fireteam of Guardians arrived to kill him, pursuing the mercenary through his Ketch before meeting his end.[38] Later on the order of Mara, Skolas was sent to the Prison of Elders, where he was pitted against the same Guardians who captured him and was executed, effectively ending the Wolf Rebellion.[39]

The Taken War

"Taken will not rest. Will claim every house. Consume every banner. You must stand, Guardian, yes? Or all shall fall."
Variks, the Loyal.[40]
Taken Fallen, Nixis, Hunger of Oryx

Every Fallen house was devastated by Oryx's arrival, with great numbers of Eliksni being Taken and made to serve Oryx. The House of Devils and House of Kings' presence in the Cosmodrome diminished as their strongholds the Devil's Spire and King's Watch became lairs for Shades of Oryx. Variks at some point was in negotiations with Grayris, Baroness to leave her house. However, she would succumb to Oryx and become his Taken Champion alongside Lhoks, Exile Baron, Irxori, Lost to Oryx and Keksis, the Betrayed. The Wolves also suffered a loss in the form of Driviks, the Chosen, which forced the Guardians to re-enter the Traitor's Ketch and eliminate the swarm of Taken.

As the Taken War progressed, the House of Winter managed to take advantage of the Reef's disorganization to break into the Prison of Elders and retrieve another Archon Priest. However, the Taken on Venus attacked and scattered their forces, Taking the Archon in the process, turning him into Nixis, Hunger of Oryx. Guardians managed to destroy Nixis, ending Winter's second raid on the Prison as easily as the first.[41]

Also during this time, the House of Devils attacked the Warmind Rasputin's bunker, attempting to take control of the Warmind and its weapons. Rasputin sent out a distress signal, causing a fireteam of Guardians to come to the Warmind's aid. The Guardians followed the Devils inside, and fought against S.A.B.E.R.-2, a massive Shank re-purposed by "rising Devil Archons" to crack into Rasputin's core. S.A.B.E.R.-2 was destroyed, and the Devils were forced to retreat.[42]

Wolves on Mars

"House Wolves tactics… bad tactics. Fight Cabal? (laughs) Could not find new Kell because there is no Kell. House Wolves follows a new god, a Servitor, a Prime. This is a pilgrimage, Guardian. And for faith, they will stop at nothing."
Variks, the Loyal[43]

The House of Wolves emerged from hiding, rallying under Keldar, an Archon that had escaped the Reef Wars and Skolas' Rebellion. Keldar offered the Wolves a new god to worship, the rebuilt Orbiks Prime, the Wolves' previous god. Orbiks Prime attempted to reassemble the House on Mars, directing its servants to seize Cabal outposts already weakened by the Taken invasion.[44] However, thanks to intel provided by Variks, the Loyal, the Guardians hunted down Keldar and Orbiks, destroying the Prime Servitor and killing their Archon, leaving the Wolves broken and leaderless; this time, for good.[43]

SIVA Crisis

Main article: SIVA Crisis

"Long have we wandered in the blind prison of flesh. Those old lives now a memory, transposed by another. The gift brings pain, yes, but godhood must come at a price."
Aksis, Archon Prime.[45]
The Ascension of the Devil Splicers

Under the leadership of a new Archon, Aksis, the House of Devils and their Splicers attempts to find Golden Age technology bore fruit in the form of SIVA deep in a quarantined area of the Cosmodrome called the Plaguelands. The Splicers used SIVA to modify themselves, transforming themselves into cybernetic beings, with Aksis becoming wholly a machine.[46] The Devils attacked the Iron Temple, attempting to steal information about SIVA to further their understanding of it. They were stopped by a Guardian and Lord Saladin, the last Iron Lord.[47] The Guardian ventured deep into Splicer territory to the SIVA replication chamber called Site 6, destroying the source of the SIVA and cutting off the Splicers from their SIVA supply.[48]

Afterwards, Sepiks Perfected, their former Prime revived with SIVA, was tracked back to its lair, and was hunted down by a fireteam of Guardians. Sepiks was cornered and destroyed once more.[49] Another fireteam of Guardians was dispatched to stop a Splicer priest named Kovik who was experimenting on the Hive along with SIVA. The Guardians descended into his lair and killed Kovik, along with a Hive Ogre he was vivisecting.[50] Afterward, another fireteam stopped a Splicer attempt to keep Kovik's experiments alive by invading the Hellmouth and capture more Ogres to experiment on.[51]

With the Splicers backed into a corner, a larger fireteam attacked the Splicers' lair directly. There they encountered Vosik, the Archpriest, second in command of the Splicer sect. They hunted him deep into the wall the Splicers had dug into and destroyed him. The guardians continued to explore the Splicer lair and discovered the Devils had found a facility similar to Site-6 as well as their leader, Aksis, the Archon Prime of the Devils, lurking inside. Prevailing against Aksis's terrible technological might and using SIVA against him, they managed to destroy Aksis.[52]

In desperation, the Devil Splicers proposed an alliance with Taniks' Crew and used SIVA to resurrect Taniks as Taniks Perfected. Unfortunately, their efforts were discovered by Variks who relayed their plans to the Vanguard. The Guardians led a Strike on the Moon against the Splicers, Taniks' crew and the Hive who were harassing them. Despite their efforts and Taniks' new abilities, they failed. With Taniks dead again, the Splicers were once again left broken and leaderless, thereby bringing an end to the SIVA Crisis.


"Thou shalt tell the Eliksni to tear off their banners. Thou shalt tell them that we must all surrender to each other. We must give up our rivalries, or we will not survive."
Craask, Kell of Kings.[53]

Eventually, the Fallen House of Devils withdrew completely from the Cosmodrome, leaving behind piles of ceremonially burnt banners and armor. The other Fallen Houses—Winter, Exile, Wolves—appear to have done the same, withdrawing en masse everywhere and abandoning their former territories[54]

Around this time, Prince Uldren Sov arranged a meeting with Craask in order to build a personal army of Fallen for his own purposes.[55]

Destiny 2

Rise of Dusk

"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Main article: House of Dusk

"Skolas tried to unite the Fallen Houses but failed. Who would have thought that sheer desperation would succeed where he failed."
Guardians battling Thaviks, the Depraved

After Dominus Ghaul occupied the Last City, a seemingly new faction of Fallen resurfaced within the Sol System, the House of Dusk. These Fallen sport hoods, purple robes and armor, along with new equipment not seen prior to their resurgence. From Ghost scans of artifacts and tactics, it appears that the House of Dusk is a merger of all the other Houses. Apparently, so many losses and the deaths of so many leaders forced the Fallen to unite out of sheer desperation. Even so, it is unknown who currently leads the House of Dusk as the identities of its Kell, Barons, and Archons are also unknown.

The emergent House of Dusk found themselves in a war with the invading Red Legion forces, later engaging in dogfights with Red Legion fleets in a dispute over the Shard of the Traveler. In addition, House of Dusk troops are battling a guerrilla war with the surviving Guardians in the European Dead Zone, battling for supplies, while also battling the Vex on Nessus. They also follow the Vanguard's surviving fleet to Titan, hoping to scavenge from the fleet and the lost Golden Age facilities on the moon. Upon arriving, however, not only are they forced to fight the Vanguard's forces but also a newly discovered Hive brood that has infested the New Pacific Arcology. A three-way battle began between the Guardians, Fallen, and Hive for control of the facilities.

No Fallen communications have been detected from their old territories on the Moon, Mars, or Venus. They have set up beacons in different parts of the System, each sending signals outbound to their former homeworld.

Despite the Guardians being preoccupied with the Red Legion and liberating the Last City, they didn't turn a blind eye to the Fallen's activities. After defeating Ghaul and driving the Red Legion from the City, Guardian forces began missions that started disrupting Fallen operations that led to the deaths of numerous Servitors, Captains, Mining Crews, Fallen Walkers, valuable Ether supplies and even an Archon Priest. Even so, the Vanguard still don't know who truly leads this new House.

Scornful Terror

"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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"Kill a Fallen, I claim it as Scorn. Kill a Scorn, I raise ten more!"
Fikrul, the Fanatic
The Disgraced Archon Priest, Fikrul, the Fanatic

Capitalising on the lack of leadership in the post-Taken War Reef, a group of Dregs who collectively titled themselves the "Scorned Barons" banded together after they were cast out from the House of Exile. They waged a civil war against the Fallen Houses for practicing the old Eliksni ways and the terror they unleashed had grown as powerful as any Kell, even having driven the House of Wolves to extinction through the destruction of all their Servitors by the hands of Reksis Vahn. They even successfully allied with a local Hive brood when Hiraks took In Anânh as his consort.

A short while after the Red War, Cayde-6 gathered a small group of his most trusted Guardians and, with the assistance of acting-Regent-Commander Petra Venj, hunted down the Scorned Barons. At a final standoff, the Barons were defeated and those not killed were thrown deep within the Prison of Elders. Only one at the scene, their Archon, Fikrul, Shadow Priest, managed to escape.

At some point following the Taken War, Prince Uldren; who had been corrupted by Darkness and working with the House of Kings, discovered a mortally wounded Fikrul who was once a well-regarded Archon Priest of Kaliks Prime within the House of Wolves, but was cast out after speaking against the Great Machine and lamenting his species' dependence on Servitors for survival. Wishing to save him, Riven granted Uldren's wish and part of Uldren's Darkness transferred into Fikrul's Ether, raising him as the first of the Scorn.

Both Fikrul and Uldren found each other as kindred spirits, usurped Craask, and immediately took over the House of Kings. Fikrul then docked and demoted the former Kell to Dreg status before slaughtering the House in a grand betrayal as Uldren decided that the Kings were too bothersome for his ambitions. With the use of Dark Ether, Fikrul began to hammer the Fallen society and raised the deceased Kings as a new undead army named the Scorn.

Most Loyal

"The Great Machine stood in Judgment. Eliksni fell to fighting. Fell to hate… And so I become Variks, the Kell. House Judgment envoy to the Eliksni people.” Eliksni must rise… yes?"
Variks, The Loyal
Kell of Judgement, Variks, the Loyal

During the opening of the Red War, Variks watched from the Prison of Elders as the Red Legion cut a swath into the Solar System. He tried to send a warning to the Last City under the name of Greenraven but was unable to do so as the Red Legion knocked out the City's communication capabilities. He also sent a warning to the Fallen Houses, including the Kell of Kings, to convince them to help him unify and save what was left of the Eliksni. Variks watched in horror as his sensors showed the Traveler getting trapped within the Traveler Cage, and the Guardians fall[57].

After the Red War, Variks was tasked with integrating a mysterious group of Fallen in the Prison of Elders. To his shock he learned that his former friend, Fikrul, was the leader of the so-called Scorn and was allegedly responsible for killing Craask.[58][59] With the last of the Kells assumed dead, Varik's hope of a united Eliksni crumbled as he locked all of the Barons into cryopod cells.

Variks asked his old friend about the whereabouts of Kaliks Prime, whom both made a pact to hide away, and asked Fikrul if he had betrayed the last Prime to the Taken and if that is the source of his corrupted ether. Fikrul replied that Kaliks had abandoned the Eliksni altogether. All the while Uldren attempted to test Varik's loyalty with his Kell, Queen Mara Sov. However, Variks found himself thinking about the old House of Rain proverb of the Kell of Kells.

After much thought, Variks decided that he would become the Kell of House Judgement so that he could unify his race. To do so, he figured that he would need to cause a prison riot so that he could abandon his service to the Awoken without being noticed. He prepared by running simulations on the prison security systems, making adjustments to them based on the simulation results and had a final talk with his High Servitor, deeming it the last Warden of the Prison. He then had a final talk with Fikrul and Uldren on the day of the prison break, informing Uldren that he had more service to do. The Mad Warden, acting as Variks, then sent a message through the speakers announcing a malfunction in the security system and had commenced a shutdown and reboot, which resulted in all the prison cells and cryopods opening.

As the cells opened, Variks made his way through the secret passageway that Petra and Cayde used to smuggle Fikrul and Uldren into the Prison and recorded two messages to be sent through the prison's relay. The first message he recorded was with his synth voice device turned off to talk in High Speak, to give commands to those Eliksni who would answer the call of House Judgement. The second message he recorded was spoken with his synth device about the whispers he hears from all those around him of his insulting titles, and how he will become the Kell of the House of Judgement, an envoy for the Eliksni. He boarded a ship full of the prison's ether supply and was saluted by a Vandal bearing the colors of the House of Wolves.[60]

Release of the Scorn

Main article: Hunt for the Scorn

"Oh, of course the Prison of Elders was a collaboration between the Awoken and the Eliksni. Don't look so surprised.""
The Spider[61]
Prison Break of the Scorned Barons with Uldren Sov

A year after the Red War came to a close, the Guardian and Cayde-6 traveled to the Reef to investigate the unrest but were ambushed by Uldren and the leading seven Barons of the Scorn, along with their spiritual leader and Archon, Fikrul. Cayde was then beaten, his Ghost destroyed and then killed by Uldren in cold blood.[62]

Outraged by the death of the Hunter Vanguard, The Guardians, acting upon their own accord and unsanctioned by the Vanguard, return to the Reef to start the hunt for the Scorn and the rogue Awoken prince to avenge Cayde-6.

Upon the breakout of the Scorn, the House of Dusk also began to fight the Scorn, beginning a new civil war within the Eliksni race.

A Fallen mob was sought out in the Tangled Shore by Petra Venj and the the Guardian, where their leader, The Spider, agreed to work with The City and Awoken to destroy the Scorn once and for all. The Spider provides information and bounties on the Scorn for the Guardian in return for taking out the Scorn's leaders and operations, thus allowing the Fallen mob boss to reestablish control and influence over the Tangled Shore.

Ultimately, Uldren plotted to find his sister, Mara Sov, using traces of both Light and Darkness to open a gateway within the Awoken Watchtower, with the Scorn aiding him. However, the Guardian began to disrupt the Scorn's operations in spreading chaos in the Reef. One-by-one, the Scorn Barons fell to the Guardian, leaving Fikrul and Uldren himself cornered at the Watchtower. The Guardian stormed the Watchtower which was corrupted with Taken forces and battled with Fikrul. They succeed in defeating the Archon, but upon delving deeper within the Watchtower, they find a monstrous creature that is revealed to be one of the forces behind Uldren's actions, the Voice of Riven. The creature, disguised as Mara Sov, used him to gain its freedom and soon captures him.

As it turns out Riven, the last known of the wish-granting Ahamkara, became Taken after Oryx invaded the Reef but upon his defeat, appeared to serve a new master and aspired to break free of the Dreaming City. Appearing as Mara Sov to corrupt Uldren's mind into opening the gateway, Riven has a chance to emerge and corrupt the material world. Fortunately, the Guardian arrives and battles the twisted creature. After a long struggle and despite the creature's strange powers, the Guardian succeeds in destroying the Taken Chimera. The creature's destruction also frees Uldren but leaves him weak and defenseless in the face of the Guardian and Petra Venj.

In the end, Uldren Sov, the former disgraced prince of the Reef and murderer of Cayde-6, is executed, avenging Cayde's death and all those who perished during the Scorn's rampage in the Reef. While remnants of the weakened Scorn remain in the Tangled Shore, the Guardians continue their vigilance over the region, both to keep their bargain with the Spider and to make sure the Scorn no longer pose a threat again.

Though the Scorn was nothing more than a pawn to Riven into opening the gateway within the Dreaming City, the Scorn remain active in their efforts in spreading chaos within the Reef. Over time, the Scorn's Archon, Fikrul, returns after his supposed death, swearing vengeance for the deaths of his fellow Scorn Barons. The Guardians track Fikrul back to the Scorn's lair and battle with the twisted Archon once again. Despite his Dark Ether powers, Fikrul was defeated once again but he swears that he will return to have his revenge. In addition to the Guardians' campaigns, the Taken have also managed to deal more damage to the Fallen as they continue to corrupt the Dreaming City and spread the Taken curse.

Eliksni Future

"Wolves rebel. Now, Wolves extinct. This where-live mine-things scatter must end. I will Kell the mind-open Eliksni. No spider-tricks. No loyal-lies. Variisis truths. We fight for Great Machine together."
Mithrax, the Forsaken
Mithrax, the Forsaken

While the recent events took its toll on the Fallen, new leaders for their people have risen.

Variks declared himself the Kell of House Judgement after experiencing the tragic fall and hatred inflicted on his people, in the same way that Skolas declared himself Kell of Kells after the events of the Reef Wars. Variks, finding the Kell within himself, is now making a stand for his dying race.

All the while, Mithrax has defected from the House of Dusk and sworn allegiance to the Last City, eventually joining a fireteam of Guardians and founding the House of Light. He argues that humanity, not the Fallen, are deserving of the Traveler and promises to Kell the mind-open Eliksni. The Spider still continues to work with the City by placing bounties on high-value targets.

Upon discovering that Mara Sov is still alive, Yevik, a former House of Wolves member now working with the House of Dusk, begins plotting a return to his former Wolf Kell; who he is still loyal to[63].

With the demise of the House of Wolves, former members of the house can be seen working with the House of Dusk including the Silent Fang, Queenbreakers, Pallas Siegebreakers and those affiliated with Beltrik and Irxis.

Although the House of Kings suffered a major loss in the docking of their Kell, remnants of the Kings still reside by the European Dead Zone near the Shard of the Traveler.[59]

Anarchy of the Scourge

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"His name is Siviks, and he is the leader of the Kell's Scourge syndicate, a group of anti-everything Fallen, hell-bent on sowing chaos wherever they go"
— The New Syndicate's Identity
Siviks, Lost to None

With the Fallen in disarray, a new leader in the name of Siviks, Lost to None emerged to lead a newly-formed anarchist gang, the Kell's Scourge. At some point before the conflict, Siviks fell out with his brother, the Spider, and formed his own rival syndicate upon escaping incarceration at the Prison of Elders. In his crusade to spread chaos, Siviks and his crew stole technology from the Black Armory and distributed it to the Fallen across the system. This forces Ada-1, the Black Armory's curator, to ally with the Guardians to end Siviks' threat before they can use the tainted weaponry to do some serious damage.

Fearless and growing fast, the Scourge gained the support of deserting House of Dusk members and made a push into the Spider's territory at the Tangled Shore, establishing themselves as his competition. After defeating several "anarchist" Fallen and retrieving their Armory contraband in the EDZ, an intercepted signal revealed Siviks's center of operations on Nessus. Siviks himself was found by The Conflux alongside Telksis the Pillager, but escaped and left Telksis alone to defend their Black Armory caches. Guardians were then tasked with eliminating Serekis-9 who was guarding the Gofannon Forge and then dispose of Zevious-3.

Seeking the Black Armory Vault after their failure to secure the forge, the Scourge carries out the first Fallen incursion on the Last City since the Twilight Gap, utilizing a terrifying, enormous war machine named Insurrection Prime to breach the ruins of the city and occupy a desolate section in the Scourge of the Past Raid. It is the most powerful Prime Servitor ever encountered, rivaling Aksis, Archon Prime in sheer power, and required a team of six to bring it down.

After an immense battle between the Guardians and Insurrection Prime that reduces the area to ruin, the forces of the City succeed in destroying Siviks' army and the Prime Servitor monstrosity, saving the Black Armory Vault from falling into the wrong hands. Siviks then met his end in a final standoff against the Guardian at Niobe Labs, where the mad Fallen sought to claim the last remaining forge and the secrets of Project Niobe, a secret initiative to creating enhanced Black Armory prototypes. Despite Siviks' efforts, reinforcements and usage of the labs' defense protocols, the Guardian succeeds in striking down the Spider's brother, marking the end of the Scourge's leadership.

Fall of The Old Ways

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"The Kells are dead or mad. The era of Houses is over. So I came to the Shore."
The Spider

Following Siviks' death and the dismantlement of the Kell's Scourge, the Last City's agents have conducted thorough investigations regarding the remaining strength of the Fallen. Chiefly, the House of Dusk continues to weaken and in the absence of leadership, they continue to splinter and radicalize.

However, agents have noticed that in the wake of the contemporary houses dwindling strength, a new recent trend of Fallen "syndicates" has begun to emerge. This is taken as a symbolic sign of the continuing eradication of the Fallen's old society. Likely an artifact of multi-generational colonization of human strongholds, the agents believe that because these syndicates have no relation to any indigenous Fallen culture, young Fallen are appropriating and imitating human mythology in the absence of a strong cultural heritage of their own. In addition to the Houses' loss of status and power, several personalities have emerged as potential candidates for leaders.

Other agents have begun investigations regarding the whereabouts and motives of Variks (whose role in Uldren and the Scorn's release is now known). Despite once being a reliable ally and informant, the Last City's agents have discovered his part in the Scorn's early rampage and are aware that he is now styling himself as Kell of Kells, yet still representing the House of Judgement. Though some agents, like the Warlock Aurnor, have called for Variks's arrest, the Awoken under Petra's leadership claim jurisdiction and responsibility over the former scribe and thus have barred their attempts to apprehend Variks.

Another individual agent investigated is Mithrax, leader of the so-called "House of Light." Though the agents acknowledge that Mithrax has worked alongside the Guardians in the field on more than one occasion, authorities and agents both treat reports regarding Mithrax with a healthy degree of skepticism until otherwise confirmed.

Regarding investigations into more aggressive figures among the remaining Fallen, Fikrul, the Fanatic, remains a threat. Though his reign over the Tangled Shore was limited, he possesses sufficient skill, hatred, and motive to warrant ongoing surveillance. Given Fikrul's propensity for self-resurrection, the Vanguard continues to deploy fireteams to suppress the Fanatic and has reached out to the Cryptarchy and the Gensym Scribes to request guidance to find a way to make his destruction permanent.

Another Fallen that has emerged and caught the agents' attention is Eramis. Once a House of Devils Baroness incarcerated during the Wolf Wars, Eramis successfully fled the Prison of Elders during the mass escape orchestrated by Variks, who at the time, had dubbed herself as "the Shipstealer". Eramis is a classical Fallen pirate of the old ways: vicious, uncompromising, and possessing cunning of the highest degree. Field reports indicate that she has begun rallying violent dissidents to reconstruct the House of Devils from scratch. As a result of this, many agents believe Eramis to be the most viable candidate for universal Fallen reunification and urge the Vanguard and others to prioritize her destruction.

Return of Eramis

Guardians halting the Fallen raid of Zero Hour

"Field reports indicate that Eramis is rallying violent dissidents to reconstruct House Devils from the ground up."

Much later following Siviks' death and Eramis's escape from the Prison of Elders, the Shipstealer called upon her Devil Loyalists and agents to conduct a notorious raid on the Old Tower of the Last City. Her goal was to infiltrate the ruins of the Guardians' old home and breach its Cryptarch Vaults for anything of value left behind during the evacuation at the beginning of the Red War and the subsequent efforts to rebuild. Ultimately, Eramis's prize was a powerful weapon that the Guardian themselves used during a previous conflict with the Fallen: Outbreak Prime of the SIVA Crisis. Likely, the Devil Baroness sought to use the weapon's SIVA properties for her benefit.[65]

Unfortunately for Eramis, Mithrax of the House of Light contacted his Guardian allies for their aid in thwarting their efforts. Meeting at the Farm, the Guardians and Mithrax traveled to the Old Tower to stop Eramis's forces from escaping with their prize. Battling through the wreckage of their old home and the cramped ducts of the wall, Mithrax and the Guardians finally caught up with the exfiltration team, lead by Siriks, Loyal to Eramis and Mimiks-1, Devil's Scion, before they could flee. Despite gaining reinforcements, Siriks was killed by the Guardians and the weapon was reclaimed to its rightful owner, now known as Outbreak Perfected. With their mission a success, Mithrax immediately jumps onto a Skiff and departs.[66]

Lunar Nightmares

Nightmare of Taniks, Skolas and Fikrul

"What is the Pyramid implying? I often ruminate on the Fallen. They are a fascinating people: a once-great society, now reduced to wasted potential, destroyed by the Darkness"
Eris Morn

Sometime following Eramis's failed heist on the Old Tower, the House of Dusk began to conduct salvage operations and raids on Luna after hearing reports of renewed Hive activity. However, their forces were soon caught in the midst of a conflict between the Guardians, the Hive and the Darkness-related Nightmares. Said Nightmares soon took the image of some of the most notorious Fallen in the Solar System and began to spread terror across the system.

The Nightmares often took the image of Skolas (the Essence of Pride), Taniks (the Essence of Isolation) and Fikrul (the Essence of Insanity), which the Guardians battled to get a step closer to entering the Lunar Pyramid, beneath the Scarlet Keep.

Dawn, Worthy and Arrivals

Kell Echo, a Taken projection by the Nine

"Let them have the Great Machine. They deserve it."
Mithrax, the Forsaken.[67]

When the Psion Flayers hijacked the Sundial, the Guardian traversed through time to an early moment in Mercury's past. They encounter a young Saint-14 on his first off-world mission fending off an onslaught by the House of Rain. The Guardian aids Saint in a valiant show of strength by defeating the Fallen and later shares a vision of the present-day Last City. This act would inspire Saint to become the hero he becomes and fuel his crusade against the Fallen.[68]

Following the conflicts with the Cabal on Mercury, The Almighty is discovered cruising towards the Last City, due to the actions of Amtec. To defend the City from total destruction, the Seraph Towers and Bunkers are activated by Rasputin, drawing the House of Dusk's attention. The Fallen rush to these Towers and Bunkers to see if they could reverse-engineer the technology within them, forcing the Guardians to protect them. The Guardians would later find out through the Towers that the Fallen have gained a new arsenal through the use of Overload Captains and Barrier Servitors, but their origins are unknown.

While communicating with Saint-14 , Osiris requests Saint to make contact with the House of Light as they could use his help. Saint declines, saying that he would rather not speak with Fallen.[69]

Following the arrival of Black Fleet across the Solar System, the Guardians, seeking an audience with The Nine to understand the nature of the Darkness, venture into a strange and paracausal portion of their realm. The Nine conjure a Taken projection called the Kell Echo as an obstacle to show them that by using the Dark and Light Motes, their aforementioned power is the means to survive their battle against the Darkness.

Dark Salvation

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Eramis, Kell of Darkness

"I will give these Guardians the destruction they crave"
— Eramis

Following the aftermath of the Lunar incident, Eramis abandoned the Devils banner and formed the House of Salvation from remnants of the former Houses of Devils, Wolves and Dusk to investigate an extra Reef territory called Niflheim. Unverified reports also suggest Variks to be among the group, unknown if he is a co-conspirator or a prisoner, but it is suggested they discovered a dangerous entity on the site.

It was soon revealed that Variks and Eramis joined forces, despite the previous enmity towards each other, and journeyed to Europa with as many Eliksni who answered their call to build a new home for themselves, Riis-Reborn, under the banner of the House of Salvation. However, while Eramis and her council did care for their people, their hatred for the Traveler poisoned their intentions and to Variks's horror, Eramis gained the power of Stasis from the Pyramid that dwelled on Europa, through a Splinter of Darkness. Dubbing herself the Kell of Darkness and spreading her "gift" to her followers, Eramis intended to not only return her people to glory but also destroy the Traveler for abandoning their kind centuries ago. Variks, refusing to allow his people to follow the path Eramis is leading them, flees Riis-Reborn with a Splinter stolen from Eramis. With little to no option, Variks finds a communications center and sends out a distress signal to the Guardians, warning them of Eramis's threat but the Splinter he acquired gets stolen by the Exo Stranger. The Guardian, who was on Europa scouting the Pyramid located there as many others of its kind arrived in the Sol System, heard his message and arrive just in time before he is executed by Eramis's forces. Despite being partially responsible for Cayde-6's death, the Guardians agree to help Variks combat Eramis before she creates an army of Darkness-empowered Eliksni which could destroy the Last City.

The Guardians enter into Riis-Reborn witnessing the Kell of Darkness granting the power of Stasis to her lieutenants but are caught during the gathering, forcing the Guardians to flee as Eramis's Stasis powers prove too strong for them to handle. Aware of the power the Dark Kell possesses, the Exo Stranger, Eris Morn and the Drifter emerge with similar Stasis powers as the Pyramid creates what the Exo Stranger calls a "Ziggurat" which would allow them to tap into the Darkness to gain the same power of Stasis, thereby granting them the power needed to battle Eramis and her House of Salvation. Though Variks disapproves of the Guardian using the same power as Stasis, he agrees there is no alternative. Knowing they cannot directly challenge Eramis, the Guardian and Variks work on dismantling her empire and army. They begin by targeting Eramis's strongest warrior and general, Phylaks, the Warrior. Striking down her soldiers to get her attention, Phylaks openly challenges the Guardian, calling them to meet her near the Nexus where the Vex on Europa dwell. Despite her strength and power over Stasis, the Guardian is able to slay Phylaks, taking her Splinter of Darkness and robing Eramis of her general. Gaining momentum, Variks has the Guardian target the visionary behind Eramis's army, Praksis, the Technocrat, whose experiments allowed the House of Salvation's technology to wield the Darkness. Tracking the Technocrat to a Clovis Bray lab where the Exos were designed and made, the Guardian battles Praksis' machines before cornering him at the lab's core. Despite his devices and the power of Stasis, the Guardians bring the Technocrat down, thereby preventing Eramis from acquiring more weaponry and machines from Praksis' research.

Without her Council, Varkis believes Eramis will now act recklessly and lash out. True to his prediction, Eramis is furious at the loss of two of her lieutenants and desires to retaliate. The Kell of Darkness orders Atraks to head to the "Crypt" and prepare the "body" and orders a message to be sent to Earth. The Vanguard intercept this message and Zavala informs the Guardian that the message is directed towards the Cosmodrome. Variks believes that Eramis is attempting to gain reinforcements from the remnants of the old House of Devils, who he knows would answer whatever call Eramis gave them. The Guardian arrives at the Cosmodrome just in time to halt the House of Salvation's efforts, witnessing them gathering a large number of Spider Tanks. Slaying the commanders in charge of the operation, the Guardian prevented such reinforcements from reaching Europa, enraging Eramis even further. Pushed to the brink, Eramis seeks more reinforcements in the form of the Vex, by opening a portal Clovis Bray I was experimenting on which would then allow the Vex to flood onto Europa. Believing that Eramis has truly gone mad, Variks warns the Guardians to make haste to stop her. Though Eramis activates the portal, the Guardians are able to halt the Vex by destroying the Belmon, Transcendent Mind.

With Eramis's reinforcements denied, Variks has the Guardians aid him in evacuating the Eliksni that wish to flee from Eramis. The Guardians are able to liberate skiffs holding such Eliksni from Eramis's forces and direct them to Mithrax of the House of Light, finally granting them safe refuge. With her forces backed into a corner, the Guardians re-enter Riis-Reborn to confront Eramis and end her dark reign. However, Eramis traps the Guardians and their Ghost in Stasis, threatening to overtake them. Heading the Exo Stranger's words to look within, they embrace the Darkness, freeing themselves and shocking Eramis. With Stasis at their command again, the Guardian battles with Eramis again but the Kell of Darkness is ultimately beaten to submission. Refusing to accept this defeat, Eramis is about to rise again but to her shock and horror, the Stasis she believed was hers to control begins to overtake her, completely turning her into a statue made out of Stasis, thereby ending her reign. The Guardians acquire her Splinter of Darkness and return to the Ziggurat, allowing them to enter the Europan Pyramid, embrace the Darkness and fully acquire the power of Stasis.

Following Eramis's fall, the Guardians continue working with Variks, with the Eliksni scribe being granted temporary immunity by the Vanguard, in safeguarding flee Eliksni and holding back what remains of the House of Salvation. To ensure the House of Salvation doesn't regain its strength, Variks has the Guardians enter into the main foundry of Riis-Reborn, to sabotage its factories, thereby stripping the House of Salvation of powerful war machines. After striking down a powerful war brig, the Guardians are successful in shutting down the factory. During another mission, the Guardians enter Riis-Reborn again to push back the House of Salvation as they currently battle the Vex. The Guardians notice that the Salvation Fallen are handling the Vex better than expected which Variks takes as a sign that a new leader has emerged to take Eramis's place. That leader turns out to be Kridis, the Priestess, a fanatical follower of Eramis and the Darkness. Kridis seeks to regather the House of Salvation, believing that Eramis is not dead but resting and learning from the Darkness directly. Worse, Kridis believes she has the means to awaken the fallen Kell of Darkness. Rushing to where they defeated Eramis, the Guardians confront Kridis and her Prime Servitor, Yamiks Prime, House Salvation. Despite her Prime Servitor's power and Kridis's own Stasis power, the Guardian succeeds in slaying the Priestess, eliminating another leader of the House of Salvation.

Without Eramis or Kridis, Variks believes that many of the Fallen who pledged to the House of Salvation will likely scatter, taking refuge with either the House of Dusk or the House of Light. Despite this, Variks also worries that even though Eramis had fallen, her actions will fade and likely make her into a legend, a figure that would inspire others to follow her example.

Much later, the Exo Stranger would task the Guardians to raid the Deep Stone Crypt to prevent a remnant of the House of Salvation, led by Atraks, the last of Eramis's lieutenants, from gaining any knowledge left by Clovis Bray regarding the Exos. As the Guardians enter into the Crypt, they discover that Atraks had already transformed herself into a Fallen Exo, now calling herself Atraks-1. The Guardians chase Atraks throughout the facility, but they eventually discover that Atraks-1 had brought back an old foe to life, Taniks, who angrily recognizes the Guardians who defeated him countless times. The Guardians continue to chase Atraks-1 until they corner her at the Clovis Bray space station, the Morning Star. After a strong struggle and using Clovis Bray technology, the Guardians are able to slay Atraks-1 but their battle had forced the space station into its security nuclear descent protocol, a protocol put in place by Clovis to ensure the 'wrong hands' would never seize his work. Following Taniks to the bridge of the station, the Guardians engaged the Mercenary in an all-or-nothing gambit to save Europa as the station hurtled at terminal velocity towards it before crashing. As the Guardians pull themselves out of the wreckage, they discover that Taniks also survived at the last minute by fusing himself with a Heavy Shank, turning himself into Taniks, The Abomination. Once more, the Guardians battled the mechanical monstrosity that Taniks has become but despite his advanced weaponry and Salvation Fallen forces who survived the crash, the Guardians are able to finally slay Taniks once and for all. Though the Guardians are able to secure the Deep Stone Crypt from House Salvation, the Exo Stranger has the Guardians continue to monitor and protect the crash site to prevent any Salvation Fallen from salvaging anything useful or dangerous.

Wrathborn Corruption

Not long after Eramis's fall and the fracturing of her empire, the Eliksni of the Tangled Shore and other locations of the Sol System fall prey to corruption in the form of the Wrathborn, forces that serve the Hive God of War, Xivu Arath. Using artifacts called Cryptoliths, creatures both Hive and not, are driven mad and to serve Xivu Arath, forcing the Guardians to return to the Tangled Shore after saving Osiris on Luna, though losing his Ghost Sagira. Once more, the Guardian makes a partnership with the Spider. In exchange for hunting the Wrathborn's leader the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath and containing the corruption, thereby restoring his territory and reopening the flow of Glimmer, the Spider would provide whatever resources and information they need. In addition, he would provide the services of his newest agent, Crow, Uldren Sov revived as a Lightbearer.

After weeks to months of containing the Wrathborn corruption, the Guardians and Osiris, working well with Crow despite their ill feelings, are able to work out a method to draw out the High Celebrant and finally slay him. Using a special form of bait, the Guardians are able to summon the High Celebrant and battle with Xivu Arath's agent. The High Celebrant manages to escape the fight but this time, the Guardians are able to track him through the Ascendant Realm, battling him again once he reveals himself. After battling with the High Celebrant again, the Hive creature manages to escape again but realizes it's being tracked and took measures to prevent being followed. Out of options, Crow risks his life to trap the High Celebrant and finally give the Guardian the chance to slay Sagira's murderer. Crow's plan works in forcing the High Celebrant out of the Ascendant Realm and forcing him to fight the Guardian with no way of escaping. Despite the High Celebrant's powers, the Guardian succeeds in slaying the High Celebrant of Hive Arath, avenging Sagira and significantly reducing the Wrathborn corruption in the Tangled Shore, fulfilling their part of the bargain with the Spider.

Sacred Splicer and the Endless Night

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"I have opened the door for you, Guardian. Will you walk the path of the Sacred Splicer?"
— Mithrax, Kell of Light.

Following the Guardians fighting back against the Wrathborn Corruption and reaching an accord with the Cabal Empress Caiatl, Guardians discover the Last City has fallen under an Endless Night. Knowing that the Vex are responsible, Ikora Rey sends the Guardian to Europa to find the one individual who could aid them in combating the Vex directly: Mithrax of the House of Light. Traveling to the last location Mithrax was found, they discover that Mithrax was attempting to transport refugees fleeing from the violence of the House of Salvation but were ambushed by the Vex. Racing to Mithrax, who was protecting the remaining refugees, the Guardian finally meets the last of the Sacred Splicers who asks the Guardian to help his people hide from the Vex. The Guardian agrees and enters a rift Mithrax opened that leads them directly into the Vex domain and with his guidance, the Guardian destroys the Subjective Mind, taking a segment of its code and brings it back to Mithrax. Understanding they have a common enemy and are equally in danger, Ikora Rey offers Mithrax and his House of Light sanctuary within the walls of the Last City. Mithrax accepts, granting his people a safe place to dwell though he knows that not everyone, both in the people of the Last City and his own, will be open to the idea of former enemies living alongside each other.

Mithrax, Sacred Splicer and Kell of Light.

With Mithrax and the House of Light officially aligned with the Vanguard and the Last City, the Guardians work on discovering the truth to the Vex's plans and end the Eternal Night. With Mithrax guiding them, the Guardians succeed in slaying numerous Subjective and Oppressive Minds, gaining data which they return to Mithrax or to Lakshmi-2 of the Future War Cult. Despite this progress, peaceful cooperation and coexistence between the Eliksni refugees and the Last City denizens, both Guardians and not, remains difficult. Saint-14 in particular remains enraged with the Fallen being granted safe haven within the Last City, having only seen the worst of the Fallen and fought against them for years. Mithrax, in turn, recalls how Saint-14 became a living nightmare to his people, a monster who killed Fallen without mercy, including the young and innocent and yet they must now look at their nightmare every day if they are to live peacefully in the Last City. Despite constant assurances from Osiris and Ikora, Saint-14 remains very distrustful towards Mithrax and the Fallen but does slowly come to an understanding with Mithrax.

The unstable situation with the Eliksni refugees comes to a head after Lakshmi-2 sends out broadcasts denouncing the Fallen and the Vanguard's alliance with the House of Light, warning the people of the Last City of a coming invasion. As a result, the Eliksni's ether supply cache was sabotaged by frightened individuals. Not wanting to alienate Mithrax and his people, Ikora has Saint-14 investigate the sabotage and the Guardians to assure the people of their alliance and remind them that the people of the Last City were not that different from the Fallen before the City was raised. Further, she plans on having a talk with Lakshmi for her broadcasts, despite the Vanguard not wanting to interfere with City politics to begin with.

Eventually, Lakshmi's latest broadcasts infuriates the Warlock Vanguard and interrupts the War Cult leader's most recent broadcast, denouncing Lakshmi's attempts to spread fear and divide the people of the city. Ikora encourages the people of the Last City to look past the Eliksni of the House of Light as Fallen, claiming that humanity was once no different from them in the past before the foundation of the Last City. Claiming that while the road to healing and moving past the violence of the past will not be easy, Ikora believes that humanity need not fear the Eliksni and that together they can end the Endless Night and move towards a brighter dawn together. Despite Ikora standing up against Lakshmi's speeches, the War Cult leader remains convinced that a catastrophe will come and the Fallen will have a hand in it and continues in her campaign in having the House of Light expelled from the Last City and even attempts to influence new leadership within the Vanguard, trying to convince both Osiris and Saint-14 to assume the role of Vanguard Commander but the legendary Guardians largely ignore Lakshmi, but unbeknownst to either the Vanguard or the House of Light, Savathûn was under the guise of Osiris after he lost his connection to the Light.

Regardless of Lakshmi's attempts at manipulation, the Guardians continue to train under Mithrax as a Sacred Splicer and battles the Vex in their domain constantly. After gathering enough data, Mithrax and the Vanguard discover that the architect of the Endless Night is none other than Quria, acting under the command of their master, Savathûn. Now knowing the identity of their enemy, Osiris delves into all works relating to Savathûn to discern the purpose of her latest scheme while Mithrax works on pinpointing Quria's exact location, thereby allowing the Guardians the chance to confront the Blade Transform. Using a method similar to how Ikora managed to corner the Undying Mind, Mithrax is able to find Quria and give the Guardians the opportunity they need to destroy the Axis Mind. In the corrupted domain of the vex, the Guardians battle with Quria but despite the Blade Transform's dual simulation and Taken powers, the Guardians manage to slay the Endless Night's architect. Though Quria's death didn't immediately lift the Endless Night over the Last City, the Vanguard and Mithrax are hopeful that it will slowly dissipate, allowing a new dawn to shine upon the Last City once more.

Despite Quira's destruction and the return of daylight, Lakshmi continued to spread her messages against the House of Light. Worse, she conspired with the other Faction leaders to assume control over the Consensus, oust the Vanguard leadership and forcefully expel the House of Light from the Last City, convinced that the Eliksni will have a hand in a coming tragedy. However, Lakshmi's attempts to use a Vex Portal to send the Eliksni away from the Last City would be her undoing. During her final broadcast, claiming that she was aided by Savathûn as Osiris, Lakshmi loses control over the portal, allowing the Vex to pour through, killing the Future War Cult leader and beginning an attack on the Eliksni Quarters. Ultimately and ironically, Lakshmi's prophecy had come true but not in the manner the war cult leader had expected. Scrambling to stop the Vex's assault, the Guardians breach into the Vex domain using Lakshmi's portal and destroy the Subjective Mind, cutting the Vex off but those that remained threatened the Eliksni refugees. However, Saint-14, having come to accept that the House of Light are indeed different from the Fallen he fought in the past, joins together with Mithrax in defending the refugees. Further supported by Ikora, Zavala and Amanda Holliday, the Vex are routed and destroyed, saving Mithrax's people. With the Vex threat over and Lakshmi's efforts exposed, the other Factions gathered what supplies and loyalists they could and abandoned the Last City, fleeing on Dead Orbit's fleet during the chaos, bringing an end to the Factions. More strangely, Savathûn has disappeared, leaving Ikora to wonder what has happened to her old mentor and if he did actually aid Lakshmi. Nonetheless, Ikroa and Mithrax make an inspiring speech together that despite what happened, humanity and Eliksni can move forward together.

To commemorate their victory over the Endless Night and ending Lakshmi's conspiracy, the Vanguard and House of Light organize a memorial at the Tower, celebrating their unity. The Guardians would visit the memorial to pay their respects to lost heroes, both human and Eliksni, with Mithrax speaking that even though they may never see their lost heroes again, they will always remember them and in the Light they are united. The House of Light joins the Awoken, the Vanguard, and the Imperial Cabal to form the Coalition as the Guardian prepares for the Witness's arrival into the Sol System to finish what it started during the Collapse.

The Shipstealer Rises Again

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Following the Guardians containing the Nightmare outbreak on the Derelict Leviathan and pushing back Calus in his attempt to claim the Lunar Pyramid and become a Disciple of the Witness, the Guardian received a message from the Drifter, calling in a favor to reclaim a piece of cargo he had intended to smuggle into the Last City but was stolen by a group of Fallen from the House of Salvation. Agreeing to the favor, the Guardian headed to Europa, traveling through what's left of Riis-Reborn and after fighting through Salvation Fallen, the Guardian located the Drifter's cargo, which turned out to be a stasis pod with The Spider himself within. Spider explained that he was seeking safe haven within the Last City as after Mara Sov's return and aware of his treatment of her brother, the Eliksni syndicate leader sought to escape the Reef before the Awoken Queen's gaze turned towards him. Though annoyed by the Drifter's demands for "hazard pay", Spider relents by offering his old ketch for his use when the rogue threatened to turn him over to Queen Mara, as she put a heavy bounty on his head.

Eramis, the Shipstealer free once more.

As Spider was transported to safety and the Guardian traveled to where Spider's Ketch was impounded, Spider informs the Guardian and Drifter that despite being crippled, the House of Salvation was beginning to rally and was seeking lost relics from the Dark Ages. Unsure of what that meant, the Guardian pressed on, gathering what was left of Spider's crew as they made their way to the Ketch. However, after slaying the Salvation crew leader, the Guardian discovered the Stasis prison of Eramis, the original leader of the House of Salvation, was no longer containing her. The conclusion is made that Eramis must be the person rallying House Salvation. The ketch is put to Drifter's use in bringing Spider and his crew to the Last City.

Within the Eliksni Quarter, where Spider had set up a new base within a makeshift bar, which would later be called The Ether Tank, the Guardian meets with Drifter, Mithrax and his daughter Eido. Mithrax is disturbed at Eramis's return, as her name still carries great weight and is aware that she is looking to gather the "old crews" spoken in legend under her banner. Though Eido believes the pirates of the old crews may possess relics of the Eliksni's past, her father believes the whole Vanguard should be rallied to deal with Eramis. However, Drifter clarifies that the Vanguard would be unable to help, as Zavala is preparing for when Calus will make his next move while Ikora and her Hidden look for Eramis herself from the shadows, thereby leaving themselves to handle Eramis and the old crews. The Guardian agrees to the plan with the Light Kell reluctantly complying. In addition, with the Vanguard's funding, Spider agrees to arm the Guardians as they take on Eramis and her pirates but does so in his own way, via "Engram Roulette".

To aid the Guardian in hunting down the old crews and acquiring the relics Eramis is seeking to claim, Spider gives them two important pieces from his collection, an Eliskni Star Chart, which shows possible pirate routes throughout the galaxy, and a Captain's Atlas, to log routes and riches, both placed on the H.E.L.M.. Further, Drifter gives the Guardian a Skeleton Key which will grant them entry into any hidden location filled with treasure the old crews wish to secure. Mithrax offers his guidance but laments that the Eliksni haven't moved past the senseless brutality they have witnessed. In addition, the Light Kell seemed partially aware of what Eramis is looking for but is reluctant to share.

Tracking their first quarry, the Guardian traveled to the asteroid, 64974 Savaria, deep within the Themis Cluster, where the Cabal defector, Val'aug, the Brute had made her pirate hideout. Using the Skeleton Key to enter the Pirate Lord's hideout and battling past her crew, the Guardian was able to slay Val'aug and claim a unique relic, which the Guardian gives to Eido for study. Following this, the Guardians would partake in operations in combating Eramis's pirate crews, called Ketchcrashes, claiming their treasure for the Eliskni Quarter and preventing the pirates from aiding the Shipstealer.

After a time, the Guardians were able to track their second target: Iriks, the Sharpshooter, a Fallen pirate renowned for his marksmanship. Before leaving, the Guardian receives a message from Mithrax, informing them of the relic they last acquired, stating that from Eido's research, it emanates pure Darkness. Further, Mithrax clarifies that the relic is an object from Eliskni legend, which the Old Crews fought over claiming that it granted them great power, the same the Great Machine withheld. Mithrax then speculates the Witness may be the being commanding Eramis to collect these relics, leading him to warn the Guardian that if Eramis succeeds, then all will fall to corruption.

Traveling to the Themis Cluster, the Guardian located Iriks's hideout within the half-frozen asteroid of 1633 Chimay, with Drifter and Eido providing support in their efforts of locating another lost relic. Using another Skeleton Key, the Guardians were able to breach into Iriks's hideout and confront the pirate within his treasure hold. Despite his skills with a wire rifle, the Guardian managed to slay the Sharpshooter, claim his treasure and recover the second relic. However, Mithrax would learn of his daughter's efforts to help in recovering the relic, becoming upset, stating Eido's task is the study of the relics, not the procurement of them. This led to a tense argument between father and daughter, with Mithrax stating that they will discuss this situation in private. Nonetheless, Eido begins studying the second relic and discovers a surprising piece of intel: a message between Eramis and Iriks. In the message, Iriks attempted to use the relic to extort Eramis but the Shipstealer was not amused, threatening Iriks with the wrath of a "power" he would not comprehend if he did not deliver the relic. Eido believes Eramis is referring to the Witness and comes to the conclusion that Eramis has abandoned her calls for Eliskni unity.

The Guardian's crew battling the Old Crews

Sometime later, Mithrax would contact the Guardian and inform them that Eramis's fleets are on the move and are likely on the verge of claiming another relic but before they head out, the Light Kell asks a favor of the Guardian: to keep his daughter Eido away from the violence involved with their piracy. He claims that while Eido is brave and curious, she does not yet understand the brutality of the world. He appears to wish to keep his personal past of brutality hidden from his daughter. Mithrax admits he should have told Eido earlier but he wishes to do so responsibly and to do that he needs time. Hearing this, the Guardian agrees, getting the Spider, Drifter and Mithrax to speak on secure channels as they search for the next relic. To obtain the next relic, the Guardian traveled to 8964 Corax, another asteroid of the Themis Cluster which became the hideout to the Pirate Lords, Tagh'al and Thagh'urn the Blademasters, former Cabal Gladiators. As the Guardian infiltrates the hideout, Spider provides support over the comms. Despite Tagh'al and Thagh'urn's skills with a cleaver and the support of their crew, the Guardian slew them and succeeded in securing the relic. However, as Spider congratulates them and insinuates that Mithrax knows what the relics really are without telling the Guardians, Eido interrupts, asking why he was operating on a secure channel. Impressed with her cleverness, Spider informs the Light Scribe that her father wished to keep her at "arm's length" from the more unsavory elements of their pirate activities but becomes evasive when Eido asks if those were her father's exact words. Angered by this, Eido proclaims she will find out on her own.

At The Ether Tank, with the Guardian witnessing, Eido approaches Spider once more, seeking answers to questions her father refuses to answer. Having never seen her father act this way before, Eido asks if Spider had ever seen this kind of behavior in Mithrax before. Spider clarifies that despite their past, they were not friends and so could not speak about his behavior. Eido calls him out on being evasive which only amuses Spider. He finally gives Eido some answers, stating that her father was unpredictable once but had now become Kell of his own House, living in the city but claims he is pretending to be content to live in ruins and in the Great Machine's shadow. Eido remains unsatisfied, wishing to know not what he is but who he was. Before Spider could say any more, Mithrax himself entered the Ether Tank. He was furious that Eido would go behind his back asking questions regarding his past when he already wishes her not to know, but Eido remains defiant, claiming she is serving her capacity as Scribe to House Light, finding the truth no matter who keeps it hidden. Blaming Spider for this, Mithrax angrily threatens to dock his tongue which shocks Eido, leading her to apologize for her Kell. Spider accepts the apology before the Scribe takes her leave. Spider then taunts Mithrax regarding Eido's ignorance of his past, which causes the Light Kell to demand that he not speak with his daughter again. Spider shrugs off his threat, stating he isn't the only one who remembers and sooner or later, Eido will learn the truth, wondering how she will see him once she does. Frustrated, Mithrax takes his leave to address the matter with Eido, leaving Drifter to handle communications with the Guardian for now.

Despite the growing strain between Eido and her father, the scribe nonetheless continued her research on the relics. She would inform the Guardian that though she dares not open the relics herself without risking being affected by the Darkness, she recalls a report the Vanguard had made over a century ago she found in the Cryptarchy's records. Though the report was rather dubious, Eido states that Guardians reported the Fallen were in-fighting over relics that contained "chunks of rotting meat", making the Scribe think that the relics are biological in nature.

Eventually, despite their differences, Mithrax allows Eido to aid the Guardians in claiming the relics Eramis is after but agrees to do so only over the comms. Heading to the Themis Cluster, the Guardians located the hideout of the Pirate Lord, Alaaks, the Beast Tamer on 90 Antiope. However, as they enter, they find the hideout already ransacked. Alaaks herself was still alive, but only half of her crew remained. Despite Alaaks use of Cabal War Beasts and what was left of her crew, the Guardian defeated Alaaks and located the relic. Despite claiming the relic, both Drifter and Spider wonder who raided Alaaks's hideout. When Mithrax learns of a third party looking to claim the relics Eramis is looking for, the Light Kell becomes deeply disturbed, fearing now the situation is out of his control. Mithrax finally admits to the Guardian that he hasn't told them everything, details he kept to himself, yet is unsure of how to answer. For this, he begs the Guardian for their trust and patience until he can answer. Meanwhile, Eido conducts her research on the relic and finds another message from Eramis, a rallying cry for the Fallen to rise above their current squalor and a threat towards Alaaks for her to join her cause.

A short while later, Mithrax urgently messages the Guardian, informing them that Eido has done something reckless that may endanger them all: she had reached out to Eramis, invoking a ritual from the old crews, "words with empty hands". It is a form of parlay where violence is forbidden but Mithrax believes that even if Eramis accepts, she will not follow the rules, nor would do accept the parlay if it didn't benefit her. Regardless, Mithrax asks the Guardian that should Eramis agree to the parlay, they accompany them for protection. The Guardian agrees before leaving for the Themis Cluster once more to locate another relic.

Traveling to 14072 Volterra, the hideout of Arask, the Bully, the Guardian is contacted by Eido, who confirms that she did indeed reach out to Eramis, hoping that they reach an understanding with the Shipstealer. In the meantime, the Guardian progresses into Arask's lair, clashing with his many followers but despite hiding behind them, Arask is felled by the Guardian and the relic is claimed. However, as they were about to leave, Eramis herself contacts Eido, respecting the old traditions and agrees to the meeting but makes it clear that the meeting won't save her House if they continue to defy her but Eido remains resolute in her belief that they can reach an understanding.

At the meeting upon an asteroid within the Themis Cluster, Mithrax gets into another argument with his daughter, who still believes that Eramis will adhere to the old ways and see reason. Mithrax however, believes otherwise. Eramis herself enters the meeting, confirming that while she is empowered by the Voice in the Darkness, she is nonetheless a kell who seeks the liberation of her people. Though she takes offense to the Guardian present, she nonetheless decides to hear what Eido has to say, with the Light Scribe informing her that another party had attacked her associates and sought to claim the relics. Though intrigued and wanting to know who this party is, Eido cannot as they do not know who it is, the Shipstealer ultimately rebuffs Eido's entreaties to unite against this third party and instead asks Eido to join her and claim the relics for themselves. Mithrax rejects this, believing that the relics are far too dangerous. Eramis acknowledges this, stating that Mithrax knows their power all too well, catching Eido's interest, and demanding to know the truth. Mithrax ultimately refuses to reveal his past involving the relics, forcing Eido to hear it from Eramis.

Mithrax duels with Eramis.

The Shipstealer reveals to Eido that when her father was a hatchling, when the Eliskni first entered the Sol System, their people had nothing but they had discovered the Lunar Pyramid and within they discovered the tomb of Nezarec, another Disciple of the Witness. It was there that Inaaks and her crew had carved out pieces of Nezarec into the relics they now seek. Mithrax had inherited one of these relics and was invigorated by its power, desiring more, no matter the cost. This even led him to oust the Spider and his brother Siviks when they were once part of the same crew. Though the relics were ultimately scattered across the galaxy, with their influence fading, their marks remain. Eramis claims that while Mithrax had abandoned the brutality he was born into and lives a life of piety but believes that no matter how much he tries to bury his past, with "selfish displays of generosity and scraps of stolen wisdom", Mithrax will always be a liar, a thief and a killer.

Eido is left completely speechless by this truth, with Eramis taking her leave, satisfied. Mithrax desperately tries to explain himself but Eido refuses to hear it and leaves, forcing both Mithrax and the Guardian to take their leave as well. After a time of reflection, Eido speaks with the Guardian who makes her disappointment towards her father very clear, remarking that learning the truth is difficult, she states that the sharpest pain is from the fact that her father didn't tell her earlier and that the lesson she has learned is that her father doesn't want her to know him. Nonetheless, Edio refuses to let her feelings get in the way of the mission, pledging herself to the Guardian's quest in collecting the rest of the relics of Nezarec before Eramis does, proclaiming she will not become the hypocrite her father is.

Sometime later, Drifter would reveal a secret of his own: he knew exactly that the relics were related to Nezarec, having once found himself in the Fourth Tomb of Nezarec in his past. He kept this to himself for everyone's sake but informs them they have to collect the relics before Eramis can. The Guardian managed to locate the next relic in the hands of a lowly dreg, Vrisk, the Coward. However, as they arrived on 43193 Secinaro, the Guardian found that Vrisk and his crew were already under assault by the Lucent Brood, revealing themselves to be the group that attacked Arask earlier. Vrisk had already been killed by the Hive Lightbearer, Ei Arat, Trespasser, who was looking for the relic. Fortunately, the Guardian cleared out the Lucent Brood and slew El Arat before they could claim the relic. Taking the relic back to Eido, she discovers another message Eramis had sent, towards Vrisk, warning him not to open the relics, as the Darkness within would dissolve those without great fortitude.

Following a warning from Drifter about the danger of the Nezarec relics, the crew located the next relic in the hands of a pirate skilled in scrapworking, Ithyks, the Scrapworker. Traveling to Ithyks's hideout on 8319 Antiphanes within the Themis Cluster, the Guardian avoided Ithyks's many traps before finally reaching her. Despite her army of Shanks and constantly avoiding a direct fight, the Guardian slew Ithyks and claimed the relic. Eido's research on the relics led her to speculate that during the Collapse, Nezarec led the first wave of attack before the Traveler repelled the Witness, causing the Disciple's pyramid to crash on the moon. However, recorded in one of her research logs, she received a surprise message from Eramis, stating that the path she walks is one she can't turn away from and continues to warn Eido to not get in her way.

Ultimately, with one relic left, Mithrax confides in the Guardian that his actions have pushed Eido away. He hopes that he will be able to fix the mistakes he made, yet worries about what Eramis is intending to do in her correspondence with Eido. Regardless, the Guardian travels to 16246 Cantor, where the Lucent Hive have infested the asteroid as they search for the relic. However, as they enter the asteroid, Mithrax and the Guardian discover that Eido had already entered the asteroid, seeking to claim the relic without violence. On the verge of panicking, Mithrax begs the Guardian to reach his daughter as the Hive close in on her. The Guardian manages to clear out most of the Hive, slaying the Lightbearer, Hiak'ar, Hoardseeker. However, the door to Eido becomes jammed, forcing the Guardian to blast their way in. To their surprise, they discover Eido with the relic but also being protected by Eramis herself, who slew the last of the Hive. Mithrax transmats into the area and engages with Eramis in a sword duel, with Eido begging them both to stop. Mithrax, using his splicer gauntlet, manages to get the upper hand over Eramis, disarming and leaving her at his mercy. Eramis goads Mithrax to finish her despite Eido's pleas, but Mithrax does indeed spare her, leaving Eramis to flee upon her ketch. With all the relics gathered, Eido states that her research led her to what the Dark Age humans called the "Curse of Nezarec". The crew may be able to harness the energies of the relics, but Eido is reluctant to do so, fearing the side effects it could have.

As Mithrax continued his research on the relics, the Light Kell makes a request towards the Guardians: to donate a portion of the treasure they claimed from the Old Crews towards the Eliksni Quarter, bettering the lives of his people as well as the other denizens of the Last City. To help allocate the distribution of funds, Mithrax reluctantly has the Spider use his business and entrepreneurial expertise, to which the Baron agrees. The Guardians agree in donating the Old Crews' treasure towards the Eliksni Quarter, allowing the House of Light to refurbish the Ether Tank to allow more patrons, both human and eliksni, to arrive, a garden for the elisksni to tend towards and the creation of a community gathering in front of the remains of Insurrection Prime to discuss and debate freely. All of which leaves Mithrax eternally grateful. Following the rennovations in the Eliksni Quarter, Mithrax's research in the relics allows him to access to raw darkness energy, allowing the Light Kell to create a strange brew which he gives to Saint-14 for Osiris's recovery. The brew works in finally waking Osiris from his coma, reuniting the two at last.

Serving the Wrathborn

"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Though Eramis failed in her mission to gather the relics of Nezerac, she still continued to serve the Witness but was still nonetheless punished for her failure. Many of her followers in House Salvation would be corrupted by the Hive God of War, Xivu Arath, into becoming her Wrathborn while some were slain and resurrected as Scorn. As part of the plan of preparing for the Witness's invasion, Xivu Arath began the task of corrupting and seizing control over the Warsat Network which remained vulnerable due to Rasputin being incapacitated. With the aid of House Salvation's Splicers and her own methods, Xivu Arath managed to gain control over some of Rasputin's defense systems, the rest of the network remains out of reach, forcing them to seek out and subjugate one of the Warmind's creators, Clovis Bray I himself, trapped as a stationary AI within the Exoscience Labs on Europa. The Guardians' however, rescued the Bray patriarch before the Wrathborn could corrupt the scientist.

With Clovis's aid, the Guardians began infiltrating submind vaults across the system and reintegrate them into Rasputin, thereby repairing them, which would then allow them access to the Seraph Station, an orbital station hovering over the Last City, which acts as the heart of the Warsat Network. The Guardians succeeded in gathering the submind data of Malahayati and Charlemagne but they were needed to be uploaded into the station to prepare for the moment Rasputin regains control. With the aid of a malware virus provided by Elisabeth Bray, the Exo Stranger, the Guardians gained access to the Station, encounter Salvation Fallen and Xivu Arath's Hive. After hitting a dead end after traversing the station and circumventing it's security defenses, Elsie made the suggestion that the Guardian surrender themselves to a Captain ordered by Eramis herself to bring the Guardian to her alive as a trophy. The Guardian followed through with the plan, tricking the Fallen into transporting them onto their Ketch, break free and reenter the station from the outside. Finally reaching the station's Nexus control, the Guardians confront Praksis, the Defiled, an old lieutenant of Eramis risen once again to serve, much to the Shipstealer's consternation. Despite Praksis's stasis power and using the station's security systems, the Guardians slayed the former Technocrat once more, allowing them to plant the virus and escape the station.

Laster on, House Salvation would gain an opportunity after intercepting Last City transmissions, discovering that Ana had found a way to restore Rasputin at a quicker rate: the Ghost Felspring, who once belonged to the Iron Lord Felwinter. As it was recently discovered that Felwinter was once a piece of Rasputin's code placed in an Exo frame before being raised as a Lightbearer. As such, Ana believed that Felspring may possess Felwinter's memories, Rasputin's linguistics and data, thereby helping the Warmind repair itself faster. After gaining Lord Saladin's approval to gain access to Felspring's remains, which had been placed in the Iron Temple, the Guardian made their way to the site. However, House Salvation would arrive before them and seek to destroy or claim Felspring for their own ends but thanks to the efforts of the Iron War Beasts, Cabal trained by Saladin, they were delayed long enough for the Guardian to arrive. Growing desperate, the Salvation raid teams leader, Rilliks, Instrument of Xivu Arath, would arrive personally but despite his efforts the Guardian slayed him, allowing them to safely access Felspring's remains. After Ana connects Rasputin's mainframe to Felspring's data, the Warmind is actually able to speak directly to her and the Guardian, using Clovis's speech pattern. Though Ana is thrilled, Rasputin would reveal a disturbing truth in regards to Clovis. The Bray patriarch had never intended to build Rasputin as humanity's protector but as the Traveler's replacement. In his mind, Clovis Bray I was the only one worthy to be humanity's savior and thus had sought to create one of his own design but thanks to Ana's deviance from his agenda by teaching the Warmind things Clovis himself found irrelevant: independence, history, philosophy, art and music, the Warmind saw the beauty in humanity Clovis never could, leading Rasputin to rewrite his protocols and lock Clovis out, infuriating him but powerless to stop it. Though Ana's actions saved countless lives from Clovis's hubris, he still failed to save Ana or protect humanity during the Collapse. Now awakened, Rasputin states Clovis's true intentions for helping them restore the Warmind: being a digital mind like Rasputin, Clovis sought to make Rasputin his prototype to allow him to integrate himself into the Warsat Network, thereby making him the machine god and savior he envisioned himself as. Furious and incensed over her grandfather's lies and deception, despite his attempts to justify his actions, Ana uploads Rasputin into the prototype Exo Frame housing him, leading his personality to be deleted by Rasputin.

With Clovis Bray I out of the picture, confined to the Exoscience Creation Labs on Europa once more, the Guardians would continue aiding Rasputin's recovery by gathering submind data. The Warmind would notice the increase in Eliskni traffic between House Salvation to House Light, leading Rasputin to believe that many of the Eliskni no longer think following Eramis was beneficial for them. Elsie Bray would express hope that Eramis would one day swallow her desire for vengeance and see that herself.

Ultimately, Eramis would manage to gain access to Rasputin's Warsat network after discovering the virus the Guardians planted in Seraph Station, blocking their backdoor entrance. Resolved to prevent Eramis from turning his arsenal against humanity, Rasputin believes their only hope to stop Eramis is to activate his AURORA SACRIFICE protocol, an order which will cause all the Warsats to self-destruct. Though Ana at first refused this plan, Rasputin's pleas and resolve convinced her otherwise, stating that his purpose is to be humanity's shield rather than be Clovis's weapon. Desperate and out of time, the Guardians managed to board the Seraph Station, briefly encountering Eramis herself before the Kell of Darkness fled to finalize her preparations to activate ABHORRENT IMPERATIVE, Rasputin's protocol that would turn the Warsat network against the Traveler itself. Battling to the bridge and uploading Rasputin into the station using the Pillory Engram, the Guardians battled Xivu Arath's Hive led by Ir Garza, Scourge of Earth. Though the succeeded in slaying the Hive, Eramis activated the protocol, just as the Traveler actually began to leave Earth, causing fear and uncertainty to spread amongst the denizens of the Last City, the eliskni of House Light as well. Believing that the Traveler is abandoning a civilization to protect itself yet again, Eramis, reminded by the Witness, fires the Warsats against the Traveler. However, before they could, Rasputin succeeded in causing them to self-destruct, sacrificing himself int he process. Yet, hovering in Earth's outer orbit, the Traveler remains still, causing Eramis to angrily question why the Great Machine doesn't flee. The Witness itself answers by stating that the Traveler has simply no place to go.

With Eramis's efforts thwarted, Xivu Arath's Hive began to pull back but would continue to cling to Europa, as the Salvation Kell would also continue to have her House battle the Guardians but she has begun to grow more and more weary of the fighting and of how her people are being made into "puppets" of the Witness. Yet, despite her enemies' calls to abandon her crusade, Eramis refuses to.

"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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With the return of Titan, the members of the House of Dusk who remained on the moon after it was Taken by the Witness had now fallen to madness in Xivu Arath's service. They would come into conflict with Guardians attempting to retrieve egregore coral and Golden Age technology at the behest of Deputy Commander Sloane and her new ally, the rogue proto-Worm Ahsa. The Servitor J4W-S, Wrath-Hunter Servitor who was turned into a warmongering Wrathborn, would be confronted and destroyed by Guardians to retrieve the coral they needed.

When Eris Morn transformed into the Hive God of Vengeance to gain enough strength to defeat Xivu Arath, the God of War would send her Wrathborn Fallen forces to invade Savathûn's Spire and battle with the Guardians for control. Golakh, Befouler would lead an army of Wrathborn Fallen to assault the Spire, however despite their best efforts, they would be unable to defeat the Guardians.

The Final Shape

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Following the conflicts with the Witness, the entity gaining entrance into the Traveler's Pale Heart, the Guardians would contend with risky bargains to follow The Witness; Crow was able to enter it first after making a wish from Riven. Ultimately, as the Witness neared enacting the Final Shape, the Guardian and the Vanguard managed to pass through the portal and worked on thwarting the entity's plan, encountering House Salvation Fallen as they conducted their mission, fighting alongside the Witness personal army, the Dread. Though the intent of the Witness's Final Shape was made clear to all, the Salvation Fallen continued to serve the Witness, with Ikora stating that likely the Witness merely told the Fallen what they wanted to hear about its Final Shape. Despite the Salvation's Fallen efforts to thwart the Guardian's efforts, they made headway in reuniting with the Vanguard and learning of a way to destroy the Witness. Eramis herself, however, would not take part in the battles within the Pale Heart. Instead, the former Shipstealer opted to flee outside of Sol, hoping to reunite with the one closest to her as the Final Shape took place. Operations within the Pale Heart would be led by a former Winter Captain and Eramis's current Right Hand, Korha, the Hollow. Korha was leading mining operations, hoping to harvest paracausal energy from the Tree of Silver Wings directly. Unfortunately for the Salvation Fallen, Mithrax and the Guardian would learn of their operations and disrupt them before having a confrontation with Korha on Europa.

The Scorn would also be active within the Traveler's Pale Heart, both in serving their master and corrupting the Light using Dark Ether. Crow, the Guardian and a revived Cayde-6 would learn of their scheme and work together in hunting them down. After tracking down numerous pockets of Scorn, the group succeeded in cornering the Abomination spreading the Dark Ether, with Crow and Cayde slaying it, stopping the corruption.

As the final battle with the Witness approached, the entity gathered all of its remaining servants to defend its monolith as the entity attempted to complete its Final Shape. However, despite the Witness's efforts and that of its servants, a Guardian raid team succeeded in severing its hold over the Traveler's Light and further wounded it, forcing the Witness to retreat. Yet this only delayed its ending, as the entire Coalition and their allies, including Mithrax and his House of Light, assaulted the Witness before a Guardian team of 12 succeeded in unmaking the Witness using the Traveler's Light to destroy the entity's collective consciousness, destroying it for good, thus avenging all the civilizations the Witness had victimized and destroyed, the Eliksni and their Whirlwind included. Mithrax and his House of Light would rejoice along with the rest of the Last City in celebrating the fall of the Witness. However, the Vanguard still had to contend with the aftermath, as House Salvation would turn upon itself and the Scorn would lash out in the absence of their master. Further, Eramis and Fikrul remained at large, leading the Spider, Variks and Crow to track their whereabouts.



"Judgment, true Judgment, required hierarchy. And Eliksni hierarchy died with the fall of the Houses."
— Job Undone Lore
The Fallen, without their armor.

The Fallen are a hardy species, and can survive in a wide range of environments without heavy armor or complex modifications to their physiology.[70] Fallen have four arms, partable mandibles[71] and typically wear a helmet with a built-in respiration apparatus.[72] Respiration is assisted by spiracles. [73] If given a high enough quantity of ether, the Fallen can molt to regrow their limbs if they are removed from their body, with the quantity of ether directly related to the severity of the reaction.[74] [75] Their blood color is reddish purple.[76] Fallen hatch from eggs and have soft and translucent shells when very young. It is implied that they molt at least once as they grow.[77] As indicated by the pairing of Hiraks, the Mindbender and In Anânh, Brood Queen, the Fallen are apparently capable of reproducing with the Hive, with the resulting Hive being born with Ether inside of them, despite their aversion to it; whether this is enabled by Hive magic, the Hive's rapidly-mutating genetics, or some other biological or technological factor is unknown.

Fallen depend on a hormonal substance called Ether to survive, which only Servitors can produce. Servitors convert scavenged matter and energy, presented to them ritualistically by the Fallen, directly into Ether via unknown processes.[78] While Servitors were revered in ancient times, they have now become a symbol of the degradation of Fallen society and their lost glory. Higher-ranking Fallen get a bigger ration of ether, and more ether allows Fallen to grow in size; this is why Captains are taller than Vandals or Dregs, and why Kells and Archons tower over other Fallen; the Kell of a House controls and distributes ether flow using their own personal Cipher.[79] When a Fallen is killed, a quantity of ether escapes its body and dissipates.[80]

As it turns out, the Captain are actually the true form of the Eliksni. The distribution of Ether is a form of social control after the fall of their civilization. It was necessarily original before becoming corrupted once new Houses and new leaders rose.

The Scorn are very different physically from other Fallen, being "undead" Fallen resurrected many times through unknown means. Their exoskeletons bear bulbous masses, and many of them are of a sickly, pale coloration. They also are much more savage than the typical Fallen.[81]


Fallen Alphabet

"In a world without Kells, Dreg strength will breed nothing but chaos."
House of Rain proverb

In addition to Fallen glyphs, Bungie has released a number of images with examples of Fallen writing, including a number of unique letter combinations.[82][83][84]


"Why do you think the Houses are named the way they are? House Winter. Maybe it's geographic? House Kings, some kind of global ruling sect? Strange to think about how these terms have survived, their context completely removed."
— Ghost[2]
A Fallen House concept art

Fallen society is divided into a number of Houses, none of which are known to maintain friendly relations with one another,[85] save for the House of Judgment, which was meant to live among the other houses and keep the peace. Each House is ruled by a Kell, who acts as the political leader of a House and commands a Ketch.[5] Prime Servitors are exalted as gods among the Fallen, inspiring fanatical devotion from the House to which they belong and providing a steady supply of vital ether and new lesser Servitors. Archons serve as both high priests and chief engineers of a House, mediating between the Kell and the Prime Servitor in addition to overseeing maintenance of the House's machines. Houses require all three to be fully stable; without a Kell, a House becomes prone to infighting, without an Archon, a House's Prime Servitor is vulnerable to attack, and without a Prime Servitor, a House cannot produce new Servitors for ether.[6] As such, Fallen do not take the loss of their leaders lightly. If any or all of these leaders were to be killed, then members of the House would panic and scatter, weakening the House to the point of being permanently broken.[43]

Below the upper echelon of House leadership are the Barons and Captains and the individual crews they command. Captains are Fallen who have managed to gather a following of Vandals and Dregs, who serve as the Captain's crew, commanding respect through brute force. Most Captains swear fealty to a certain House, but some operate independently. A step above Captains in rank are the Barons, whose authority are second only to the Kells, Archons and Prime Servitors. They command their own Skiffs as well as their own crews.[6]

The majority of Fallen Houses consist of Vandals and Dregs. Vandals serve as both seasoned infantry and skilled workers. They aspire to become Captains and one-day lead crews of their own. Dregs are the lowest class in Fallen society. Docked of their lower pair of arms in a ritual of humiliation and obedience, Dregs zealously fill the roles of shock troops and menial laborers in crews. The life expectancy of a Dreg is notoriously short, but those few who survive to be promoted to Vandals are permitted to regrow their arms.[6]

House politics pervades all aspects of Fallen society, with loyalty regarded as chief priority. Camps and villages fall under the authority of their House's fiefdom, with children raised communally, cherished by all, likely to prevent them holding bias towards individuals as opposed to the House itself.[86] The particularly fanatical are taken at an early age and raised to become the personal guard for their Kell.

  • Kell—the political leaders of Fallen Houses.
  • Prime Servitor— worshipped as machine gods that provide life-sustaining Ether to the Houses.
  • Archon—high priests and field commanders that complete the triumvirate leadership of a Fallen House.
  • Baron—noble captains who lead their respective flotilla of Fallen Skiffs and Ketches. Have stronger shields and more health than regular Captains.

Command structure

Fallen houses & syndicates

"House Winter, attack. House Devils, plot. House Kings, plan. House Wolves, circle. House Judgement…wait."
— Variks, the Loyal
House of Light A newly-formed House founded by Mithrax, Kell of Light. They are an ally to the Last City and a member of the Coalition.
Salvation Banner.png
House of Salvation A newly-formed House founded by Eramis, Kell of Darkness to bring about a new Eliksni Golden Age. Currently following the orders of the Witness.
House of Dusk banner.png
House of Dusk Emerged shortly before the Red War from the unification of multiple Houses. Operates across the system.
Scorn Banner.png
Scorn A horde of undead Fallen spawned by Fikrul, the Fanatic through Darkness-tainted Ether.
Spider Symbol.jpg
House of Spider A Fallen criminal enterprise led by The Spider that operates on the Tangled Shore.
House of Judgment A noble House that once kept the peace between all Fallen Houses. Reduced to only Variks, the Loyal.
House of Devils A noble House that operated exclusively on Earth; partially subsumed by the House of Dusk.
Devil Splicers The Splicer sect of the House of Devils.
House of Kings A noble house that once operated on Earth; partially subsumed by the House of Dusk, extinguished by Fikrul, the Fanatic.
House of Winter A noble House that once operated on Venus; partially subsumed by the House of Dusk.
House of Wolves A noble House once conquered by Mara Sov; remaining Servitors destroyed by Reksis Vahn, the Hangman; partially subsumed by the House of Dusk and House of Salvation.
Grimoire House of Exile.jpg
House of Exile A fringe House made up of the malcontents and renegades of other Houses. Operated exclusively on the Moon; partially subsumed by the House of Dusk.
Kell's Scourge A crime syndicate of anarchist Fallen led by Siviks, Lost to None; entirely subsumed by the House of Salvation.
Old Crews Called Ketchkillers and Skiffblades by other Fallen, unaffiliated pirate crews that have existed since the Long Drift.[87] Many make their lairs in the asteroids of the Themis Cluster.
Taniks the Scarred.jpg
Taniks' Crew An unaffiliated gang of Fallen loyal to the mercenary Taniks, the Scarred.
House of Rain An extinct noble House, partially destroyed by the Whirlwind, extinguished by the Vex on Mercury.
House of Scar An extinct noble House, extinguished by Winter.
House of Stone An extinct noble House, extinguished by the Oryx, the Taken King.

Known Fallen

Fallen leadership

Major characters or bosses

House of Devils

House of Dusk

House of Exile

House of Kings

House of Light

House of Winter

House of Wolves

House of Salvation


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House of Spider

Kell's Scourge

Old Crews

Bannerless Fallen


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Fallen are adept at scrapworking, and where others see piles of useless scraps, they can pull out powerful technological marvels. They also frequently coopt the technologies of other races, particularly Golden Age humanity, and use it to enhance themselves and their weaponry. However, despite the poor origin of their equipment, they still maintain a cohesive slick aesthetic, and don't disdain ornaments for their higher ranking members. Though their weapons and vehicles are mostly standardized, each House equips its members with unique designs of armor, clothing and equipments.


  • Shank—robotic drones that scout and patrol territory.
    • Heavy Shank—heavily upgraded Shanks and a recent addition to the Fallen arsenal.
  • Servitor—spherical machines that supply Fallen with Ether. Have their own directed Void energy weapon and can teleport.
  • Walker—spider-like assault tank used to guard key Fallen assets. Armed with a wide variety of weapons, including a main cannon that fires laser-guided explosive rounds at high velocity.
  • Brig—bipedal war machine, sometimes piloted by a Prime Servitor.
  • Security Turret—Fallen stationary gun used to defend key installations.




Guardian's Arsenal

Exotic Weapons
Exotic Armor
Legendary Armor
  • Ketchkiller's Set
  • Lightkin Set
  • Scatterhorn Set
  • Tangled Web Set
Legendary Weapons



  • Fallen were the first ever enemy to be seen in anything Destiny related, being the first enemy to appear in the Law of the Jungle trailer.
  • Their mechanized vehicle units carry overtones of Japanese mecha, and their ships appear like rusted futuristic submarines.[88]
  • According to GameInformer, The Fallen cooperate with both Cabal and Vex forces, who are in fact enemies with one another as seen on Mars.[89] This has yet to be shown in-game, as the Fallen House of Winter is at war with the Vex on Venus, and the House of Wolves later came into conflict with the Cabal.
    • Ironically, the first ever race to ally with a Fallen was Guardians when Mithrax abandoned the House of Dusk to ally with Guardians.
    • Fallen and Cabal would finally be seen collaborating in gameplay during Season of Plunder.
  • A T-shirt, featuring a Fallen Glyph with various examples of Fallen script in the background, was previously available in the Bungie Store prior to the game's launch. This shirt was also made available at PAX 2013 where its creator, Bungie graphic designer Elliot Gray, gave a little insight into the story behind its creation to a fan who asked him the meaning of the symbols. He indicated that he had used the names of several of the game's developers for the background, then pointed to one name in the corner and indicated that it translated into "Ondarius", which he stated was the name by which one of the Great Houses referred to themselves, although he didn't elaborate on which House it was.
  • The Fallen's history with the Traveler is very much similar to Humanity's, as the Traveler arrived and brought in a Golden Age for both, only for it to be taken away by the Darkness. However, unlike with the Fallen, the Traveler stayed and defended Humanity when the Darkness arrived. The Fallen are likely a prime example of what Humanity would have become if the Traveler had not stayed and created the Ghosts to find and raise the Guardians.
  • In Destiny 2, the only Fallen house seen was the House of Dusk. While the Kell's Scourge and House of Rain were encountered, they both used the same colors as Dusk. Only when Beyond Light was released were Fallen with different colors shown
  • The Fallen are the first enemy type of begin wielding Darkness powers against us without being consumed or forced to serve it in Beyond Light.

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