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House of Scar


Noble House

Notable information:

Fought with the House of Winter, post-Whirlwind


The House of Scar is a Fallen House believed to be extinct.


The House of Scar is only mentioned briefly by Variks, the Loyal as a House that came into conflict with the House of Winter after the Whirlwind destroyed Fallen civilization.[1]

Its current status is unknown, however Scar has been briefly mentioned to have been "dust" alongside other extinct Houses such as the House of Stone and House of Rain.


Unique forces[edit]


  • Taniks, the Scarred is believed to have been a member of Scar, due to his cloak design, until he murdered his Kell and became a mercenary.
    • It's possible that the Kell, who docked Taniks, was the Kell of Scar, however if that's the case, then Taniks could be one of the reasons that caused the possible downfall of the House of Scar.
  • Calzar, Scarred Captain could've had some history with the House and The Spider places a bounty with the description "This one's personal".
  • The Fallen outpost placed in the multiplayer map named Thieves' Den could probably belong to the remnants or loyalists of the House of Scar.
  • Other area's such as Diaviks Mine, Salvage Zone QX and Gambler's Ruin could've been previous strongholds for the Scar's faction.
  • In the mission Last Call, some of the Fallen inmates have the title of "Scar" which may give a hint that the remains of the House of Scar were locked in The Prison of Elders.
  • Captain Avarokk, the Covetous may have been a member of the House of Scar, based on his cloak, which features the same design present on Taniks' in a different color.


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