House of Scar

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House of Scar




Noble house


Taniks, the Scarred (inferred)

Notable information:

Fought with the House of Winter, post-Whirlwind


The House of Scar is a believed extinct Fallen House.


The House of Scar is only mentioned briefly by Variks, the Loyal as a House that came into conflict with the House of Winter after the Whirlwind destroyed Fallen civilization and was presumably subverted.[1] Its current status is unknown.



  • Taniks, the Scarred is believed to have been a member of Scar, due to his cloak design, until he murdered his Kell and became a mercenary.
  • Calzar, Scarred Captain could've had some history with the House and The Spider places a bounty with the description "This one's personal".
  • The Fallen outpost placed in the multiplayer map named Thieves' Den could probably belong to the remnants or loyalists of the House of Scar.
  • Other area's such as Diaviks Mine, Salvage Zone QX and Gambler's Ruin could've been previous strongholds for the Scar's faction.
  • In the mission Last Call, some of the Fallen inmates have the title of "Scar".


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