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Celestial Demolitions
Reserve Shock Fleet


Primus Ta'aun (formerly)
Valus Tlu'urn (deceased)
Valus Mau'ual (deceased)


Fleetbase Korus
Dantalion Exodus VI


Phobos, Mars (formerly)
Dreadnaught, Saturn

"The second fleet will wait no longer. Commencement will begin on their arrival."
Cryptarch translation of Skyburner chatter

The Skyburners are the "celestial demolitions" fleet of the Cabal legions on Mars.


They are mainly based around Phobos, seeing limited deployment on Mars. In the base game, they are only encountered during the final phase of the Cerberus Vae III and Dust Palace strikes.


Initially the Skyburners are fought sparingly in the base game, only found guarding high value Cabal Commanders. When Ta'aurc dispatches the elite Ice Reapers to hunt down Rasputin, the Skyburners accompany them as well. The Valus himself even used Skyburner soldiers as his personal guard until his assassination. In both cases however the Skyburners suffer total casualties. The Skyburners play a larger role in The Taken King as they are found on Phobos and the Dreadnaught.The Skyburners are one of the first Cabal units to encounter the Taken and are routed utterly within hours, being forced to evacuate Fleetbase Korus.

They were originally led by Primus Ta'aun and his bond brothers before he was Taken and his lieutenants slain.[1] The Skyburners were ordered by the Emperor himself to board the Dreadnaught and kill Oryx, the Taken King, by any means necessary. They crashed their warship into the Dreadnaught's hull, and are fighting a protracted war of attrition deep behind enemy lines. Guardians have noted that their normally robust military engine has become hopelessly bogged down against the Hive.

While severely diminished, the Skyburners survived long enough to see Ghaul arrive in the system. What became of them is unknown, but they considered their survival "victory enough."[2]


They can be identified by their teal and red armor. Their most unique feature is the crest on their helmets. They also possess the unique Psion Burner units which feature red armor and a curved spike on their helmets.

Notable Members[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]


  • Before Oryx's arrival, it was rumored the Skyburners were to be part of a "second fleet" meant to attack Earth. However with the Taken War, this campaign was put on hold as they were redeployed to attack the Dreadnaught.
  • The killcams spell the Legion's name as "Sky Burners" while the Grimoire cards and dialogue state the proper name as Skyburners. This could be a developer oversight.


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