Skyburners Command Beacon

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"Could be useful for setting up an ambush for the Cabal incursion."
— In-game description

Skyburners Command Beacon can be retrieved by killing Cabal around the Hull Breach and the Mausoleum.



You can use these to summon a battalion of Cabal at two (2) terminals located in the Hull Breach.

  • Right when you enter through the back of the crashed warship turn to the left and up the ramp should be the first terminal.
  • On the path from the Hull Breach to the Mausoleum there is a Cabal Spawn point to the left. after the trench. Inside there should be a terminal at the way back.


When you insert the beacon it will summon Cabal Reinforcements to the entrance, killing them will cause the Cabal to summon their champion Valus Tau'ugh.

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