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Grimoire card for Paper Fortune
"Fortune telling at the start of a new year is one of many traditions refugees brought to the Last City. Each Dawning, Guardians open mysterious boxes containing paper fortunes, hoping for luck and good news."
Grimoire description

Dawning Fortunes (or Paper Fortunes) are Common Consumables acquired from opening the Box of Fortunes gift box in The Tower during The Dawning.[1] Eris Morn is known to have sent one to The Guardian.[2]

List of fortunes[edit]

  • "You will destroy to rebuild."
  • "An unusual amount of Engrams will turn into Strange Coins."
  • "Your enemies will tremble before you."
  • "Be open to others, your walls will come down."
  • "Master Rahool will surprise you. Then he will disappoint you."
  • "You are not alone."
  • "Listen to the quiet and learn what it has to teach you."
  • "Shaxx will inevitably shout at you."
  • "Your future is full of Glimmer, Engrams, Strange Coins, and Legendary Marks.'"
  • "You warm others in the coldest times."
  • "You will pull off a stunning upset in the Crucible."
  • "You will achieve your aims through cunning and stealth."
  • "Your pockets will overflow with Glimmer."
  • "Ikora will treasure the secrets you bring her and cite you in her research."
  • "Be gentle Guardian. And be brave."
  • "Listen to the quiet and learn what it has to teach you."
  • "You will fail to impress Eris. But then, so will everyone else."
  • "The Speaker will dream of beautiful and terrible things."
  • "You will gain favor in the eyes of the Vanguard."
  • "You have much to offer those you meet, and they have much to teach you."
  • "You will forget to thank your Ghost. Again. Sheesh."
  • "The world shivers with the sense of change. Anything is possible."
  • "You will not be forgotten."
  • "You are not alone. The Tower stands with you. The City stands behind you, cautiously."
  • "You stood by the City in its hour of greatest need, and you will do so again."
  • "When all is lost, you will still be a Guardian, and you will still be enough."
  • "You will demolish your Sparrow at high speed."
  • "Nothing sleeps forever. Not even the Traveler."
  • "The smooth coordination of your fireteam will be a delight to hold."
  • "Help my name is Cayde and I'm stuck writing fortunes in the Tower."


  • From the last quote it would appear the Vanguard wrote most of these with Cayde writing the most sarcastic ones.

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