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"(Cheerful voice) I can help you! (Apathetic voice) But I'm going to be super unpleasant about it."
— Failsafe

Failsafe (known also as AI-COM/XBLK) is the Golden Age Computer Core of the Exodus Black colony ship encountered by Guardian forces on the Nessus planetoid. Due to damage to her mainframe, she vacillates between two very different personalities, one cheerful and helpful (despite Ghost's opinions), the other apathetic and sarcastic. She is friendly toward Guardian forces, and aids them in the assassination of Protheon, Modular Mind. Her mainframe is located within the bridge of the crashed Exodus Black colony ship. She also works with Guardian forces beyond Nessus through her comms, such as how she collaborated with Asher Mir in the European Dead Zone against the Taken. Failsafe also hoped to fully discover what happened to her former crew, requesting the Guardians aid in learning their fates.


Crash of the Exodus Black[edit]

The Exodus Black crashed on Nessus with Failsafe onboard. Almost all of her crew was killed in the crash, but some were taken hostage or killed by the Vex.

The Red War[edit]

Upon the advent of the Red War, the Vanguard were scattered across the solar system. The Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6, took refuge on the centaur Nessus and became entangled in a Vex teleportation loop. After arriving on Nessus in search of Cayde-6, The Guardian came into contact with Failsafe, who directed them to the Cayde-6s Location and assisted in freeing them from the Vex teleportation loop.

Search for Captain Jacobson[edit]

Sometime after the end of the Red War, Failsafe allegedly heard the voice of Captain Masoud Jacobson on the comm system. Upon asking The Guardian to investigate it, the Guardian finds an odd Vex Harpy speaking fragmented English to them. On the end of this World Quest, the Guardian finds the decayed body of Failsafe’s captain, with a voice recording to boot.

Aiding the Vanguard[edit]


Failsafe serves as the vendor and one of the main quest givers for Nessus. She is situated in Exodus Black. Turning in Nessus tokens, Microphasic Datalattice and Quantized Datalattice increases player reputation with Failsafe and rewards Legendary faction gear, Shaders and other rewards.

Faction Armor[edit]

Faction Weapons[edit]


  • "(Apathetic voice) Everyone I've ever known is dead, and their bones are dust. (Cheerful voice) I am very lonely."
  • "It's not murder if it's robots!"
  • "Captain, hello! Asher Mir says that I will provide the computational support, and you will provide the brute force! He is very rude!"
  • "Accessing Node 9875A. File header: SIVA Project. Files locked behind Epsilon Theta encryption A, D, and G. No decryption schema found."
  • "As you say, Ms. Karn. I am happy to assist your research. My data stores are yours whenever you have need of them."
  • "(Apathetic voice) (sigh) Yeah?"
  • "(Apathetic voice) All alone. Ugh. Humans."
  • "(Apathetic voice) Make 'em pay, Cap!"
  • "Posit: artificial life exists because of the Traveler's influence. Extrapolation: the Traveler is my father. Further thought required."
  • "Yes. Yes. No. No, I don't think that, Cayde Unit, I am happy to be of assistance, but I do not believe it to be possible to 'Vex time travel back, and kill Ghaul last week.'"
  • "The hour is 2700 global Nessus time. Which means here at the Exodus Black, we put the 'A.I.' into 'aria'. Tonight, I am proud to debut an all-new opera written by me! A-one, a-two, and... AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"
  • "Hmm. Perhaps if I was like, "Hello, fellow AI! I could not help but notice that you have control of a large network of bunkers. Would you be willing to discuss cohabitation?" No. No."
  • "(Cheery): Captain! I received word of the Cayde unit's life status! (Depressed): Donezo. (Cheery): Please let me know if there is anything I can do to accelerate and conclude your grief process. (Depressed): 'Cause I'm fine. (Cheery): Anecdote! As the AI of Exodus Black, I experienced the death of every single one of my crewmembers! I hypothesized that the more loss one has suffered, the easier subsequent losses become! Field research has proven my hypothesis false! Losing Cayde makes me feel... f-f-feel... f-f-f-feel... (Depressed): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH - (Cheery): I feel terrible!

Last Wish quotes[edit]

  • "(Cheery): Warning! Warning! Sensors are showing... showing... (Depressed): I... have a body? (Cheery): Captain! Did you wish for me to have a body? Having a body has been my life's goal for the past 895 days! Stand by... processing new information... Captain. Is this... YOUR body? (Depressed): Gross. - After successfully inputting Wish 9
  • "(Cheery): Shooting things is fun! Commence fixing more problems with bullets! - After defeating Kalli
  • "(Cheery): Another humanoid female! Is she friend or foe? (Depressed): Either way... I'm gonna shoot her. - At the beginning of the Shuro Chi encounter
  • "(Cheery): I was aware that my captain's occupational duties included shooting "bad guys" and rescuing "good guys". I did not know that shooting and rescuing could be the same thing! (Depressed): That's... confusing. - After defeating Shuro Chi
  • "(Cheery): Already I am experiencing many new wonders! I spent the past [REDACTED] years staring at my own crumbling body! Now I am appreciating alien architecture! (Depressed): I... didn't know the world could be this... beautiful... - Between the Shuro Chi and Morgeth encounters
  • "(Cheery): I also did not know the world could be this ugly! (Depressed): At least I get to shoot it. - In the Ascendant Plane
  • "(Cheery): Warning... Warning... I just defied 37 different laws of physics. (Depressed): Coo-oo-ool. - After killing Morgeth, the Spirekeeper
  • "(Cheery): Is there a door in this chamber? I want to go through a door! - At the beginning of the Vault encounter
  • "(Cheery): I went through a door! (Depressed): Next up... I wanna get brain freeze. - After the Vault encounter
  • "(Cheery): I'm detecting a very large organic creature! (Depressed): I don't think I wanna be a Guardian anymore... - At the beginning of the Riven encounter
  • "(Cheery): Calculating feelings! Please stand by! I feel... I feel... (Depressed): a badass. - At the beginning of the Heart of Riven encounter
  • "(Cheery): I am so thankful to the captain for granting me a body! But... what I really want is a body of my own. (Depressed): Yours is gross. So much sweat. (If player is Human or Awoken) Yours is weird. Why does a robot need to eat? (If player is an Exo) (Cheery): I wish my captain and I were returned to our own bodies! (Depressed): Goodbye, muscles... - After completing the raid


  • Failsafe seems to have a great deal of empathy with anyone captured and held for no legitimate reason, even asking you to free Fallen captured by the Vex as part of an experiment in to the prisoner's dilemma during the adventure Release.
  • Failsafe dislikes Cayde-6, who she blames for alerting the Fallen and Vex to her existence, and regularly mocks his intelligence.
    • Despite this, she grieves over his death in Forsaken.
  • Failsafe's personalities are sometimes referred to as two different individuals;[1] however, neither ever refer to each other directly and will often finish sentences by the other.

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