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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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"(Cheerful voice) I can help you! (Apathetic voice) But I'm going to be super unpleasant about it."

Failsafe is a Golden Age Computer Core encountered by Guardian forces on the planet of Nessus. Due to damage to her mainframe, she vacillates between two very different personalities, one cheerful and helpful (despite Ghost's opinions), the other apathetic and sarcastic. She is friendly toward Guardian forces, and aids them in the assassination of Protheon, Modular Mind. Her mainframe is located within the crashed Exodus Black colony ship. She also works with Guardian forces beyond Nessus through her comms, such as how she collaborated with Asher Mir in the European Dead Zone against the Taken. Failsafe also hoped to discover what fully happened to her former crew, requesting the Guardians aid in learning their fates.


Failsafe serves as the vendor and one of the main quest givers for Nessus. She is situated in Exodus Black. Turning in Nessus tokens, Microphasic Datalattice and Quantized Datalattice increases player reputation with Failsafe and rewards Legendary faction gear, Shaders and other rewards.

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  • "(Apathetic voice) Everyone I've ever known is dead, and their bones are dust. (Cheerful voice) I am very lonely."
  • "It's not murder if it's robots!"
  • "Captain, hello! Asher Mir says that I will provide the computational support, and you will provide the brute force! He is very rude!"
  • "Accessing Node 9875A. File header: SIVA Project. Files locked behind Epsilon Theta encryption A, D, and G. No decryption schema found."
  • "As you say, Ms. Karn. I am happy to assist your research. My data stores are yours whenever you have need of them."
  • "(Apathetic voice) (sigh) Yeah?"
  • "(Apathetic voice) All alone. Ugh. Humans."
  • "(Apathetic voice) Make 'em pay, Cap!"
  • "Posit: artificial life exists because of the Traveler's influence. Extrapolation: the Traveler is my father. Further thought required."
  • "Yes. Yes. No. No, I don't think that, Cayde Unit, I am happy to be of assistance, but I do not believe it to be possible to 'Vex time travel back, and kill Ghaul last week.'"
  • "The hour is 2700 global Nessus time. Which means here at the Exodus Black, we put the 'A.I.' into 'aria'. Tonight, I am proud to debut an all-new opera written by me! A-one, a-two, and... AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"


  • Failsafe seems to have a great deal of empathy with anyone captured and held for no legitimate reason, even asking you to free Fallen captured by the Vex as part of an experiment in to the prisoner's dilemma during the adventure Release.
  • Failsafe dislikes Cayde-6, who she blames for alerting the Fallen and Vex to her existence, and regularly mocks his intelligence.
  • Besides Devrim, Failsafe is the only Patrol helper to have never been a Guardian.

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