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Maintenance Tank
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Maintenance Vehicle

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Maintenance and construction


Golden Age Humanity


The Maintenance Tank is a support and construction vehicle that was used by Humanity during the Golden Age. Though it is unknown if it is still used in the Last City, Guardians have commandeered them in some occasions during missions across the Sol System.


The Maintenance Tank drives much like a Drake Tank, perhaps being a little faster, but is not outfitted with any sort of weapon. When used, the player is instructed to either ram into obstacles or flee an area as fast as they can.

The Maintenance Tank is first used in the Mission Utopia, where The Guardian boards one to escape the depths of the New Pacific Arcology before they are overrun by the Hive, after stealing a Golden Age CPU and triggering an alarm that alerted the complex. The tank can smash through the chitin obstacles and barriers erected by the Hive, as well as crush them under its threads.[1]

Another Maintenance Tank appears in the mission Reforging the Past, where Clovis Bray I directs the player to pilot it to get to him fast, and to use it to crush the assaulting Vex outside of the Bray Exoscience.[2]


  • It's possible that the Drake Tank is a modified variant of this vehicle, due to similarities in both designs of the vehicles.
  • In the Prima Guide for Destiny 2, the Maintenance Tank is called Construction APC, likely because it was never named in-game until Beyond Light.[3]
  • During the intro sequence for Ghosts of the Deep, a Maintenance Tank can be seen and later summoned.


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