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Asylum map.jpg
Map overview





Gameplay overview
"Your name?"
"This frame’s designation is Dahlia 99-40."
"I asked for more Guardians, but they only gave me you. This City needs training grounds. And together, that’s what we’ll provide."
"I might do that. Or I might explode."
"That’s all I ask.
Lord Shaxx and Dahlia 99-40.[1]

The Asylum is a Crucible map located in Ishtar Sink on Venus.[2]

Grimoire description[edit]

"There used to be life here. Now it's just overgrowth."
— Grimoire blurb

LOCATION: Ishtar Sink, Venus

Before the Collapse, this would've been just another stop on the subway line between Clovis Bray's Venus arcology headquarters and the Academy campus by the shore. Now, it's a grim reminder of the lives, the dreams, and the progress we lost when the Darkness came. For the Guardians of the Crucible, it's a place to sharpen their blades in the shadow of the Vex, an enemy who knows no such sentimentality.[3]


The atrium and point B are the most common area for engagement, with ample cover and clear lines of sight for defense. Offensively, the atrium is difficult to invade, and uncoordinated groups will struggle to displace and entrenched team. Heavy Ammo spawns underneath the atrium and in the train station across the center strip. Aside from the long stretch in the middle, the majority of the map is a series of room and hallways, offering predictable routes for covering and chasing. Due to the wide open nature of the middle, most players choose to spend very little time in it, as the atrium overlooks it and there is little effective cover.



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