Widow's Court

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Widow's Court
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House of Wolves expansion




"I'm telling you this now, because you don't seem to be taking it seriously."
"We are aware of—and share—your concerns and are monitoring. It could be you're too close to the situation to get a clear, full view."
"Too close? I've seen the vids from Widow's Court. They're playing with death.
Shin Malphur and Ikora Rey[1]

Widow's Court is a Crucible map located in the European Dead Zone, Earth.[2]

Grimoire description[edit]

"It's only quiet 'til the shooting starts."
— Grimoire card

Nestled against the crumbling facade of a derelict wall on the edge of the European Dead Zone, there are countless stories of the events that left this small village a ghost town. But its eerily quiet streets and nostalgia have made it a favorite of Lord Shaxx.


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