Devil's Spire

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Devil's Spire


Old Russia, Earth

Enemy factions:

House of Devils

Connecting areas:

The Devils' Lair

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Devil's Spire is the derelict colony ship at the heart of the Cosmodrome. The area includes both the external crew elevator that provides access to the colony ship, and the interior of the colony ship's three spheres. Devil's Spire is accessible during the Story mission Cayde's Stash.

By the time of the SIVA Crisis, the Devil Splicers have cut off the uppermost sphere from Devil's Spire and somehow transported it to Foundry 113, where it has been altered to look like a massive Servitor and serves as the entrance to the Splicers' lair.

Points of interest[edit]

  • Near the Fallen gravity lift that takes the player to the final area of the colony ship, there is an air vent in the ceiling. This can be shot open, and following it leads to one of Cayde-6's secret weapon stashes. Cayde-6 invites the player to take the Glimmer, but leave the exotic weapons for him. Unfortunately, the Fallen have already scavenged the room clean. Ghost can scan a Jack of Spades card on the floor, prompting Cayde-6 to explain that he used the cards to denote the contents of the stash. Royal cards meant weapons, with each suit indicating a specific foundry: spades for Häkke, clubs for Crux/Lomar, and diamonds for Omolon. Hearts were reserved for a girl he once knew.
  • The interiors of the colony ship's upper two spheres are lined with colonist sleeper pods. Ghost can scan one of them in the uppermost pod and will make the following comment: "Pod #10201. A Guardian with exceptional Light sealed himself inside. He's been in there for centuries. Before I found you, I tried to resurrect him, but he preferred to sleep. He said the last war was enough for a thousand lifetimes."[1]

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