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Asher Mir
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Brakion, Genesis Mind replaced his arm with a Vex construct
Guardian aid during the Red War
Vex and Taken researcher

"Ah, Assistant! You are just in time to join my dimensional anomaly research crew!"
—Asher Mir[1]

Asher Mir is an Awoken Warlock of the Last City, and a researcher.


Encounter with the Genesis Mind[edit]

"Be safe, Gensym Scribe. A storm is coming. And I will not be at your side when it finds its way to our shores."
Eris Morn[2]

While researching the Vex, Asher hired two Hunters to accompany him on a mission. They worked well together and continued to function as a fireteam. They eventually attempted to explore the Pyramidion on Io, where they encountered Brakion, Genesis Mind by the shores of a radiolarian lake in its depths. The Vex Mind experimented on the Guardians by attempting to graft Vex technology onto them. While his two companions perished, Asher and his Ghost survived and escaped the Vex, with Asher's right arm replaced by a Vex's and his Ghost heavily augmented,[3] now possessing an unblinking red eye like a Goblin's.[2]

Asher made it back to the Last City but fell into a coma from his wounds, with the Vex arm attempting to infect more of his body. Shortly before his friend Eris Morn disappeared from the City, she visited Asher in the Tower's medical bay and explained that she was leaving to find a way to defeat the Hive outside of the safety of the City. Eris wished him well, sadly noting that she would not be by his side during the City's oncoming struggles.[2]

The Red War[edit]

Asher later woke up from his coma, and worked closely with Guardian forces during the Red War, conducting research into the Vex and Taken at the same time from his outpost on Io.

Personality and Traits[edit]

"Asher can't figure out where you are. If he drops out, it's because he's thrown a tantrum and broken his microphone."
"I heard that, you wretch!
—Ikora and Asher.

Asher Mir's personality is prickly, as Ikora Rey was noted to have been exasperated with him, while Eris Morn regards him as a kindred spirit and a friend.[2] They related to each other on being changed by alien enemies. He tried to help her with her research on Nokris, but unfortunately found nothing. [4] He is a very whimsical, narcissistic and eccentric individual, not particularly caring for the safety of the subjects that he sends out for research duties. He strongly values evidence and careful planning and has little regard for people who act impulsively or relying on faith. He has particular disdain for Titans, thanks to their "punch first, study later" habits. Though Asher prefers to remain in solitude with his research, he does allow some people to "assist" him and when he is forced to interact with people, he prefers the company of fellow Warlocks.

While his experiences with the Vex have Asher fixed on the alien machines, he is driven out of sense of revenge and scientific understanding, not out of a dangerous obsession to learn the Vex's secrets. As such, while unnerving, his studies on the Vex isn't as dangerous as Osiris' obsessions with the Vex or even Toland, whose morbid fascination with the Hive led to his exile. His one true obsession may simply be science itself.

At times, Asher tends to call the Guardian his "assistant" and tends to give them dangerous missions to aid his studies on the Vex and Taken, not particularly caring for their safety and even when they succeed and aid in his research, he doesn't even show gratitude. Even the Guardians Ghost, finds Asher infuriating at times but can't deny his expertise in science. Despite his disrespect for the Guardian, their efforts and success through the Red War, granted them a morsel of respect from Asher. He even grows slightly concerned for their safety during their missions involving The Pyramidion, not wanting them to go through what he did, but aids them in destroying Brakion, Genesis Mind.

Asher has an overall bad habit of explaining situations and certain topics using advanced scientific definitions, leaving many confused and forcing him to simplify his answers, annoying him considerably. Additionally, when faced with a conundrum he can't fathom or figure out, Asher tends to act childishly, throwing temper tantrums or refuses to acknowledge that he can't figure it out, as noted by Ikora. Despite this, Asher will, albeit grudgingly, admit when his analysis' are incorrect.


Asher Mir serves as the vendor and one of the main questgivers for Io. He is situated in the Rupture. Turning in Io tokens, Phaseglass Needles and Phaseglass Spires increases player reputation with Asher Mir and rewards legendary faction gear, shaders and other rewards.

Faction Armour[edit]




Faction Weapons[edit]

Always For Sale[edit]

  • Man O'War - upon completion of the Io World Quest.


  • Eris Morn calls him a "Gensym Scribe", a rank or even another name. Gensym Lisp is a programming language, with "gensym" short for generate symbol. In this case, Asher's title means he has a new name, speaking to his catatonia from submersion in Vex technology.[5] Alternatively, "gensyn" is a Danish word meaning "reunion".[6]
  • Asher's Vex condition is similar to Kabr's as both could feel the Vex's presence intruding on their bodies (or mind in Kabr's case). Asher knows that unless he can cure his condition, over time he will die.

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