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Mithrax, Kell of Light
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Mithrax, the Forsaken
Kell of Light
The Light Kell
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Kell of the House of Light
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Zero Hour
Mithrax, the Forsaken
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Zero Hour


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The Forsaken
Mithrax, the Forsaken
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"Wolves rebel. Now, Wolves extinct. This where-live mine-things scatter must end. I will Kell the mind-open Eliksni. No spider-tricks. No loyal-lies. Variisis truths. We fight for Great Machine together."
— Mithrax

Mithrax, Kell of Light or Misraaks is an Eliksni Kell who founded the House of Light. He is first seen by the Guardian bearing the colors of the House of Dusk on Titan where he attempted to gain control of a methane reactor to boost his crew's Ether supply.

Following this encounter where his life would be spared by The Guardian, Mithrax abandoned House Dusk and began to trust Guardians further. Working with two Guardians in a fireteam, he would eventually come to return the favor and provided key information to the Last City which prevented the heist of Zero Hour. These actions inadvertently caused Eramis, the Shipstealer to create the House of Salvation in the wake of her loss.[2]

Later, Ikora sought the aid of Mithrax to end the Endless Night created by the Vex. It was revealed that he is a Sacred Splicer who has the ability to breach the Vex network by refocusing Light.[3][4] After aiding the Vanguard in the defeat of Quria, Blade Transform and stopping the Endless Night, he became a staunch ally of the Vanguard with his House taking up permanent residence in the Last City's Botza district. Since these events, he has become a frequent ally to both the Vanguard and specifically The Guardian.


The Long Drift

Mithrax was born to Inaaks, then Kell of the House of Wolves, shortly after the Whirlwind destroyed Eliksni civilisation on Riis. His father would die not long after his birth.[5] Most of his early life was spent with two adoptive brothers, Rakis and Siviks, who were forcibly given to his Ketch as hatchlings, in a "trade" initiated by Eramis. The two brothers would protect his Ether supply from theft when he wasn't being supervised by his mother, solidifying their future brotherhood.[6]

After reaching our system, his mother discovered the Pyramid ship beneath the surface of Luna. Within the Pyramid, the Eliksni found and distributed the corpse of Nezarec. Eventually Mithrax would inherit a severed finger of Nezarec's corpse beginning his rise to power amongst his kind. He would form his own pirate crew, with Rakis and Siviiks as members, becoming infamous for his ruthlessness and savagery. Unafraid to target his own people if it meant becoming stronger or obtaining further riches, Mithrax even went so far as to maroon his adoptive brothers on a remote asteroid believing they sought to undermine his rule.

At an undetermined point in this rampage, Mithrax either gave up or lost the finger and so left or disassembled his crew. This led to his eventual return to working within the traditional Houses system once more.

Alliance with Sjur

"Misraaks. Velask, Si-yu-riks."
"Mithrax. Velask, Mithrax. And welcome! Let's have a look about, shall we?
— Mithrax reluctantly exchanging greetings with Sjur

After a skirmish broke out between a force of the House of Wolves and the Awoken Corsairs, Misraaks was capture by the Queen Mara's Wrath, Sjur Eido. He was transported aboard a Galliot with all four of his arms bound behind his back. Due to not being killed outright by Sjur, Misraaks believed that she intended to torture him but vowed that he would not betray his people unlike the House of Judgment. He also believed that nothing the Awoken could do to him would compare to the shame and dishonor he already felt at being held captive. Upon landing in the Dreaming City, Misraaks imagined that if his mother were here she would have docked his arms with nothing but her own brute strength and that he would willingly welcome death by Ether starvation to make up for this shame. Sjur began speaking to him in a language he did not understand and placed a hand on his shoulder. Misraaks was surprised by how strong her grip felt despite lacking claws, however he quickly noted her quiver held only one arrow for her bow and believed her to be stupid as they stared at the gardens. He quickly swept her legs out from under her and began charging towards a nearby cliff edge, seeking to kill himself to erase his shame and hoped his mother would soon forget him. However, Sjur caught one of his feet as he began to fall and hauled him back onto the cliff despite his attempts to drag her down with him.[7]

Sjur quickly bound Misraaks's feet to prevent him from attempting suicide again. Unable to do anything but glower at his captor and hate her weak human form, he was caught off-guard when she suddenly drew two fractal knives and performed an ireliis bow towards him. Stunned by the familiar display of peace, Misraaks quickly felt a sense of fury and believed it to be some kind of trick but responded correctly to the gesture. Sjur continued to perform the ritual of supplication, even speaking in Eliksni, which caused him to feel a fresh sense of betrayal and wonder how many secrets of the Fallen had been told to the Awoken by those who had surrendered to their rule. Despite his feelings, when Sjur placed the knife between them and introduced herself, Misraaks was honor bound to respond in kind and attempted to state her name back, although he found it difficult. The Awoken had trouble with his name as well, pronouncing it as Mithrax, but welcomed him to the Dreaming City and proposed they look around.[7]

Despite his initial feelings, Mithrax soon became friends with Sjur and an ally of the Awoken, fighting alongside Sjur against Fallen who remained hostile to them. After one battle fought alongside Corsairs and Crows against the House of Wolves and the Devils, Mithrax sat on a Galliot's wing and watched with some discomfort as his new allies picked through the wreckage and charred bodies. Although they treated both their own wounded and the surviving Fallen. He was startled out of his inner reflection when Sjur appeared and requested he aid in the search efforts. Reluctantly Misraaks did as she asked finding a surviving Wolf he recalled from a coming-of-age ceremony for a distant relative; three Devils who stared at him in confusion and anger; and a Crow trapped beneath the wreckage of his ship. As he finished searching the remains of a Skiff, he heard a noise in one of the vessel's ventilation shafts. Peering within, Mithrax was startled to find a hatchling still in its egg-molt. Prying open the grate, he stuck his hand in and softly encouraged her to come to him feeling his heart surge with emotion as she crawled onto his awaiting palm.[8]

Enemy of My Enemy

"We didn't kill him. He let us have it. Just looked at us and left."
"Fascinating! This is an excellent example that the universe is… a complicated place. That perhaps there are more things in the heavens than can be dreamt of in our philosophy.
— The Ghost, Sloane and Zavala talking about Mithrax
Mithrax, the Forsaken

Decades later, Mithrax was no longer allied with the Awoken, with Sjur having perished during the Reef Wars and the Reef having been thrown into chaos in the aftermath of the Taken War. He would bear the colors of the House of Dusk, which was created from the broken remnants of most of the remaining Houses. Mithrax learned of a methane reactor on Saturn's moon Titan in the ruins of the New Pacific Arcology that would allow for the easier production of ether to feed his people. Leading his crew to Titan, Mithrax began scouring the Arcology for the location of the reactor, locating an auxiliary control center in the Tidal Anchor that might contain the data they needed. However, this attracted the attention of the Vanguard and Deputy-Commander Sloane, who sent the Young Wolf to clear out the Fallen. Mithrax deployed Barricade Servitors to slow the Guardian, who arrived at the control center just as Mithrax prepared to leave with the data he sought. Separated by a locked door, Mithrax acknowledged the Guardian before departing with his subordinates.[9]

With more data on the methane reactor secured, Mithrax led a crew into the Festering Halls and fought through the Hive to reach a backup boot-up console for the reactor. However, they ended up trapped behind an energy barrier after inadvertently triggering a security system. The Young Wolf eventually arrived and killed the Hive which had surrounded them before activating the boot-up console themselves. This activated a barrier around the Guardian while also deactivating the one trapping Mithrax and his escort. The Fallen swiftly began to leave while they had a chance, but Mithrax halted before the Young Wolf and bowed to them before departing.[10] With the reactor now active, Mithrax and the Vanguard could both trace its location and raced to secure it. Mithrax brought his Ketch down close to the arcology along with the High Servitor Selkis, the Obstructor to acquire the vital machine. The Fallen faced stiff resistance from the Hive, and with the Young Wolf close on his heels, Mithrax deployed more Barricade Servitors and other traps to buy time.[11]

Mithrax battling Golthor, the Subtle

Upon reaching the reactor, Mithrax engaged in a duel against the Hive Knight Golthor, the Subtle. The two warriors fought, and each was badly injured when the Young Wolf caught up to them in the midst of this duel and was left with a choice on what to do. They ultimately did not attack Mithrax and only slew Golthor. In thanks for their aid, Mithrax crossed his blades in a gesture of respect towards them before transmatting out of the room, giving up the methane reactor to the Guardian. Alternatively, the Young Wolf did attack both Mithrax and Golthor, slaying the Hive Knight and defeating Mithrax, although the Fallen Captain ultimately survived the encounter.[11]

Mithrax's Fireteam

Honoring Sjur

"Let them have the Great Machine. They deserve it."
— Mithrax

Following the events on Titan, Mithrax returned to the Tangled Shore and reflected upon recent events. He concluded that humanity was deserving of the Great Machine and encouraged his fellow Eliksni to let them have it.[12] Deserting the House of Dusk, Mithrax met and befriended a Hunter and Warlock, with whom he formed a Fireteam as they agreed to aid him in seeing his new vision for the Eliksni's future come to fruition.[13]

Mithrax decided to visit the tomb of Sjur before setting out on his new quest in order to pay his respects to the friend who had started him down this path. The Hunter and Warlock accompanied him on this journey, taking the chance to learn more about Eliksni culture. As Mithrax stood upon a ruined Skiff and scanned the horizon of the Tangled Shore, attempting to recall the way to Sjursrest, the Hunter asked why the House of Wolves was named such and wondered if there were wolves on Riis. Mithrax explained that the Eliksni had adopted many new names upon arriving in the Solar System, noting his own name change from Misraaks to Mithrax, in order to better fit what they had become. Recognizing several landmarks and remembering the way to the tomb, Mithrax leapt down from the Skiff and stated that the Wolves had once been weavers on their homeworld before becoming the savage House that humanity knew.[14]

Mithrax and his fireteam

Entering the cave which housed Sjur's tomb, the three friends continued their discussion of Eliksni history. As the Warlock explained the Reef Wars, the Hunter became confused as to why Queen Mara Sov had accepted the defeated Wolves as her bodyguards, considering it strange to trust enemies, before apologizing to Mithrax for any offense. Taking none, Mithrax explained that it was strange, but that the Wolves and Eliksni had honor and would have always followed the will of Mara had Skolas not reemerged, as old oaths overrode newer ones. At last reaching Sjur's tomb, Mithrax approached it and knelt in silence as his companions stayed back. After a time, the Warlock questioned if Mithrax was ready. Rising, Mithrax declared his intent to end the divide amongst his people and reject the ways of Variks, the Loyal and The Spider. He vowed to follow the truths that Sjur had showed him and become the Kell of all open-minded Eliksni who could work with humanity and fight alongside them for the Traveler together.[13]

With his friends by his side, Mithrax founded the House of Light and sought out other Eliksni who were willing to work with humanity and follow him as Kell. He began conducting operations in support of humanity alongside his friends. Reports of Mithrax's efforts came to the attention of The Hidden, with some agents skeptical of Mithrax's intentions and the truth of his alliance with Guardians.[15]

Zero Hour

Mithrax attacking a loyalist of Eramis.

Later on, in the Season of the Drifter, Mithrax beckons Guardians to The Farm using a Fallen Transponder. Interacting with Mithrax takes both him and The Guardian to the Old Tower to complete the mission Zero Hour where they chase down House of Devils loyalists who have stolen preserved SIVA tech from a Cryptarch Vault deep inside. The group is in search of the weapon known as Outbreak Perfected, a Destiny 2 version of the famed Rise of Iron weapon, Outbreak Prime. Led by Siriks, Loyal to Eramis, the group is defeated before they could escape The Last City. After Siriks is defeated, Mithrax jumps onto a Fallen Skiff and once again disappears.

Beyond Light

Mithrax sent vague reports to the Last City regarding activities occurring around no go area near Golden Age stations on Europa. He states there is "something that cannot be stolen from" which is a Eliksni reference to the Darkness as they "cannot take from the dark you can claim only pain".[16]

As the Guardians travel to Europa and discover Eramis and her House of Salvation utilizing a power of Darkness, Stasis, to give them power, they work alongside Variks to bring down her upstart empire. During their campaign, the Guardians aid refugee Fallen who fear and disagree with the Kell of Darkness, in fleeing from Europa. Variks directs these refugees to Mithrax and his House of Light, believing that he will see them safely and give them hope for a better and peaceful future.

The Endless Night

Evacuation on Europa

Mithrax, the Light Kell

"Then we accept, with Light in our hearts. We will join you, in your city... beneath the Traveler."
— Mithrax, accepting Ikora's offer for the House of Light to join the Last City

Mithrax continued to work with Variks to evacuate civilians from Europa, travelling to the moon himself to escort them to safety. As he headed towards the Asterion Abyss for his next pickup, he broadcasted a message urging those who sought to renounce violence to find him there and to prioritize lives over possessions for the evacuation. However, the Vex shot down his Skiff, and he crashed into the Abyss. Although several of his crew were killed, Mithrax escaped the Vex and found the refugees who sought his help. He led them to a cave for shelter as they were pursued by the Vex, but they soon learned a Guardian followed as well. Ordering the refugees to stay quiet while he confronted them and trust in the Light that they were friendly. Meeting them on the ice, Mithrax recognized them as the Guardian he encountered on Titan and detected that the Warlock Vanguard Ikora Rey was in communication with them. Ikora greeted him and noted she had sought him for some time. Mithrax admitted he knew this from his own spies, but that with House Light's numerous enemies he had sought to remain hidden. She requested his aid with the Endless Night inflicted upon The Last City by the Vex, but Mithrax was reluctant to abandon his work protecting Eliksni civilians and requested help blinding the Vex in the region so they could talk further.[17]

Mithrax opening a portal into the Vex network

Opening a portal into the Vex's Outer Nexus, Mithrax requested the Guardian enter and walk the path of a Sacred Splicer like himself. The Young Wolf entered the portal, and Mithrax explained to them and Ikora that it was not an illusionary space but where the Vex kept their most precious secrets and assets. Manipulating the Nexus to provide the Guardian with a clear route, Mithrax was impressed by their ability to navigate the network like a skilled Splicer and attributed it to their powerful Light. As they made it farther into the Nexus than he ever had, Mithrax requested they destroy the nearby curator and take its living data for analysis. After it was defeated, Mithrax detected the Nexus was trying to delete them and ordered them to flee to a portal back into reality he opened. The path he made for them was tampered with as the Young Wolf traversed it, causing Mithrax concern as he sensed another power working against him. As the system collapsed around the Young Wolf, Mithrax managed to create an exit underneath them to return them to the Asterion Abyss.[17]

With the recovered data, Mithrax noted they could now reveal more secrets of the Vex. However, he sadly noted that while it would benefit them both to study it, he had no time to as he must move on with his people to help them survive. Ikora then pleaded with him to let those who died on his Skiff to be the last and offered for him and House Light to come to the Last City. Surprised by the offer, Mithrax questioned if Ikora had the authority to make such a deal. The Warlock vowed that they would be under the Vanguard's protection and any who questioned that would answer to her. Reassured, Mithrax gladly accepted the offer and eagerly looked forward to settling in the Last City underneath the Traveler.[17]

Beneath the Great Machine

Mithrax being welcomed into the Last City.

"My people shelter beneath the Great Machine... this is beyond simple generosity. I must thank Ikora for her gift."
— Mithrax

Upon arriving in the Last City with House Light, Mithrax and his followers were granted the ruins of the Botza District to make their new homes. As they settled into the ruins, their camp was visited by the Young Wolf, Osiris, and Lakshmi-2, who the Future War Cult. Overawed by being in the presence of the Great Machine and for the safety his people now had, Mithrax was eager to thank and repay Ikora for the chance she had given them. Lakshmi countered that all who lived in the Last City were granting them sanctuary, not just Ikora, while Osiris extended all of their welcomes to the City. Mithrax offered both of them his and House Light's thanks and appreciation, but Lakshmi's tone turned hostile and warned him to show that appreciation by having his people keep to themselves and that not all in the City would be open-minded about the Eliksni's presence.

Mithrax meeting the infamous Saint-14

However, Osiris was more welcoming and asked if there was any further help that could be provided. Mithrax noted that they needed to make modifications for better ether production, which Lakshmi suggested should be cleared by Ikora, who she noted seemed willing to provide the Eliksni with anything. The Exo further added that she would be busy advocating for the people of the City in the dark times the FWC had predicted were approaching. As Lakshmi transmatted away, Osiris apologized for her behavior and noted tensions in the City were high and that the establishment of the House Light camp was a mixture of decree and democracy. The former Warlock hoped there stay would be uneventful, a sentiment that Mithrax agreed with.[18]

After having his people set up within H.E.L.M., Mithrax began in earnest in guiding the Guardians in breeching the Vex's Outer Nexus, gathering what data they can on the Endless Night and figuring out what Axis Mind is responsible for it. However, Mithrax and his people would stir painful feelings in the citizens of the Last City, especially in Saint-14, the figure his people tell tales of as a monster. Worse, Lakshmi has turned from being optimistic about the Vanguard's alliance with the House of Light to being paranoid and suspicious towards his people, beginning to make broadcasts that spread fear of the Fallen amongst the people. It ultimately comes to a head when a fear-induced mob ransacks the Eliksni Quarters, leaving Mithrax in dismay. Though Ikora promises to investigate the assault, assigning Saint-14 to the task, Mithrax remains doubtful, ultimately regaling Saint-14 of how he is viewed as a nightmarish monster they tell their children and now to live in peace and under the Great Machine, they must live beside the same nightmare everyday. The tales have Saint-14 reconsider his views on the Eliksni, slowly coming to an understanding with Mithrax.

Despite the tragedy Mithrax had faced, the Kell of Light maintained his houses' alliance with the Vanguard, continuing to train the Guardians as Sacred Splicers and combating the Endless Night. However, Lakshmi continues to make broadcasts denouncing the Vanguard's alliance with the House of Light, even attempting to influence new leadership amongst the Guardians. Regardless of the War Cult leader's meddling, Mithrax was able to deduce the true instigator of the Endless Night: Quria, Blade Transform, a Taken Axis Mind under the command of Savathûn, the Witch Queen. Now knowing the true identity of their foe, Mithrax works on locating Quria, giving the Guardians a chance to corner the Dreaming Mind.

Defeat of Quria and a New Dawn

After many long weeks of breaching into the Vex's domain and handling the tense political situation within the Last City, Mithrax was able to identify Quria's location, allowing the Guardians to confront the Dreaming Mind directly. Despite Quria's powers over the Taken and simulation, the Guardians were successful in destroying the Dreaming Mind, ending the Endless Night's architect. Contrary to their predictions however, as daylight didn't immediately return, but Mithrax is optimistic that daylight will return in time. Unfortunately, despite their alliance yielding a great victory, Lakshmi and her fellow City Faction leaders continued to make broadcasts denouncing the House of Light and warning the people the Eliksni will be a threat to the Last City, which angers Ikora and the Vanguard.

Mithrax would ultimately be forced to directly aid his people from harm as Lakshmi attempted to force the House of Light to leave the Last City through the use of Vex portal technology but had unwittingly allowed the Vex to directly enter the City, which led to her death. Fortunately, the Guardians were quick enough to seal the portal and Mithrax gained assistance from Zavala, Amanda Holliday, Ikora and Saint-14 in saving his people, ending the Vex threat.

With the factions conspiracy plot exposed and fleeing to avoid retribution, the Vanguard and Mithrax's House of Light reaffirmed their alliance, building a memorial that celebrates their victory over the Endless Night and honors those who had been lost. Despite the hardships, Mithrax vowed along with Ikora that both Humanity and Eliksni will move forward towards a new dawn together.

The Old Crews Return

Following the Endless Night, rebuilding the damage done and the Guardians challenging the rise of new and disturbing foes, such as the Lightbearing Hive of the Lucent Brood and a resurgence of the Nightmare Phantoms along with Calus, Mithrax continued to lead his House within the Last City, attempting to cement peaceful relations between the Eliskni and the Last City. However, sometime before the Guardians succeeded in pushing back Calus from claiming the power of the Lunar Pyramid, the Light Kell would receive a request from his former acquaintance and crew member, the Spider, who was looking to smuggle himself out of the Reef after Mara Sov reappeared and was aware of his poor treatment of Crow. Reluctantly, Mithrax agreed to give Spider safe haven within the Eliksni Quarter, with the Drifter being hired to carry out the task of secretly and safely transporting the Spider to the Last City.

Mithrax, Eido and the Drifter in the Ether Tank.

Unfortunately, the Spider's stasis pod was stolen by Salvation Fallen on Europa as it was in transit to Earth, forcing the Drifter to call in a favor to the Guardian to recover the Spider. The Guardian arrived on the frozen moon and reacquired the Spider's pod and learned from the Baron that despite being crippled, the Salvation Fallen was beginning to rally and heard from some dregs that they looking for relics from the Dark Ages. Nonetheless, the Guardian succeeded in rescuing the Spider, what remained of his crew and reacquired his ketch, transporting them all to the Last City. However, before they left, the Guardians discovered the stasis shell that encased Eramis was shattered, leading them to believe that the Salvation Fallen's Kell has returned.

Within the Eliskni Quarter, Mithrax met with the Guardian, his daughter Eido and Drifter as the Spider sets up shop within a makeshift bar called The Ether Tank. Mithrax voices his concern on Eramis's return as her name still carries great weight as the Shipstealer and is disturbed that she is attempting to rally the Old Crews, infamous pirates of Fallen legend, as she searches for these relics. Though Eido believes the Old Crews may possess knowledge regarding the Eliskni's past before the Whirlwind, Mithrax is more concerned at the threat that Eramis presents and of the relics she is looking for, believing that the Vanguard must be mobilized to deal with the Shipstealer. Drifter, however, states that the Vanguard won't be able to aid them as Zavala is preoccupied in preparing for when Calus will make his next move while Ikora and her Hidden search for Eramis herself from the shadows. That leaves just them to handle Eramis and the Old Crews, preposing that they handle the situation as pirates. Despite his wishes to move past the old violent ways of piracy, Mithrax reluctantly agrees to the plan, lending the Guardian a Captain's Atlas to log their routes and any riches they gain along the way.

Though Mithrax aides the Guardians in combating the Old Crews of the Themis Cluster, acquire the relics, even attempting to appeal towards Eramis to stand down, and collecting the pirates' treasure to improve conditions within the Eliksni Quarter, it becomes clear that Mithrax knows more about the relics Eramis is after than he is willing to admit it, even to the Guardians, as they are a part of his violent past. A past he wishes to leave behind and withhold from his daughter. Eido, however, becomes aware of her father's evasiveness, quickly wanting to know more about her father's past, even if it meant going behind his back, aid the Guardians directly in procuring the relics and even discuss the topic with the Spider. This both worries and angers Mithrax, leading him to argue with his daughter that ultimately pushes her away. In addition, he would also try to curb the Spider's constant attempts to gain a greater "share" of the treasure the Guardians acquire and even partially ban the practice of docking. Not allowing it to be done within the Last City's walls, aware that the practice is too ingrained to be banned completely, to which the entrepreneurial baron reluctantly agreed with.

Eido's search for the truth would lead her to make a request a parlay with Eramis, something Mithrax believes is naïve and foolish, believing the Shipstealer wouldn't indulge his daughter's call for peace unless it benefitted her, even as it becomes apparent that a third party also begins searching for the same relics. Though Eramis agreed to a meeting, Mithrax came along with Eido for her safety but personally asked the Guardian to join the meeting as well, for further protection. At the meeting, Eido pleaded with Eramis to abandon her violent crusade serving The Witness, the true leader of the Black Fleet, and join forces against the mysterious third party but the Shipstealer was not receptive, claiming the relics she is seeking will aid the Fallen as they hold great power, a power that Mithrax is all to familiar with. Hearing this, Eido demands the truth from Mithrax but her father remains silent, unable to bring himself to tell the story, leading Eramis to tell the story of Mithrax's past herself. The Shipstealer spoke that when the Fallen first came to the Sol System, they had nothing and desperate to gain power to survive, Mithrax, as a hatchling, witnessed his mother enter the Lunar Pyramid and found the mummified remains of the Disciple, Nezarec, cutting his body into pieces that granted their bearers strength and power. Theses pieces of Nezerac would be the relics that are being collected. Mithrax inherited one such piece after becoming a captain of his own crew, where he became more brutal and greedy, even marooning Spider and Siviks within the Reef one time. However, Mithrax would abandon the piece but she believes that despite his efforts to be better, making "selfish displays of generosity" and endeavoring to make peace with the Last City and raise Eido without the brutality he was raised in, Mithrax will always be a killer. The story leaves Eido speechless, causing Eramis to leave the meeting, satisfied that she had caused a rift between Mithrax and his daughter. The Light Kell desperately tried to explain himself but the Light Scribe refuses to hear it, taking her leave as well.

Mithrax dueling with Eramis.

Ashamed that his actions have pushed Eido further away, Mithrax continued to aid the Guardians in finding the Last of the relics, even as his daughter continued to make brief correspondence with Eramis. They would also discover that the third party searching for the relics are actually the Hive of the Lucent Brood, though for what purpose, none knew. Ultimately, with only one relic left, Mithrax directly aids the Guardian in retrieving it before the Lucent Hive claim it. However, to his shock, Eido had gone on ahead to claim the last relic non-violently. However, though Eido managed to collect the relic, she was spotted by the Hive, cornering the Light Scribe. On the verge of losing his daughter, Mithrax panics and begs the Guardian to reach Eido and save her. The Guardian reaches Eido's position but finds to their surprise, Eramis herself protecting Eido and slaying the last of the Lucent Hive. Mithrax himself enters and engages in a fierce sword duel with the Shipstealer, using his Splicer gauntlet to give himself the upper hand and disarm Eramis. With the Salvation Kell at his mercy, Mithrax was prepared to kill her but Eido pleaded for them both to stop. Mithrax ultimately complied with his daughter's wish to spare Eramis. The Shipstealer then made her escape aboard her ketch but the Guardians nonetheless succeeded in gathering the relics before Eramis and took out the majority of the Old Crews. Mithrax then took custody of the relics as he was the only one who had any knowledge on what they could do with it.

Though Mithrax and Eido remained distant, with him still reluctant to share the more violent aspects of the Eliksni's history, he nonetheless agreed to tell his daughter some of the Fallen's history. During that time, Mithrax humbly asked the Guardian to donate their acquired riches to the Eliksni Quarters, to improve it's conditions and make it a true home for the eliksni and a place where both eliksni and human can dwell together. To help allocate these funds appropriately, Mithrax reluctantly has the Spider aid in this endeavor. The riches allow a number of improvements to be made real, from updating the Ether Tank bar, adding a community garden and even create a makeshift community gathering place to discuss and debate, bringing a sense of relief and happiness within the Light Kell.

After a time, Mithrax's research in the Relics of Nezerac allowed him to distill the pieces into a brew of pure darkness, which he would give to Saint-14 who would administer it to Osiris, as he remained comatose since the Witch Queen used his form to infiltrate the Last City. The brew succeeded in finally waking Osiris, allowing him to finally reunite with Saint.

Season of Defiance

With the arrival of the Witness's forces on Earth, Mithrax prepared to lend a hand in the protection of all lives that stood for the Light. Though he was previously a marauder of Humanity, he now defended it, and reiterated this through a conversation with Devrim Kay.

Mithrax would form a plan alongside Devrim Kay, Mara Sov, and Crow to free Amanda Holliday and other prisoners from the captivity of the Shadow Legion. Using the Awoken Queen's power to open a path through the Ascendant Plane, the Guardians were able to enter the Pyramid Outputs the Shadow Legion had established in the EDZ, allowing them to kill the wardens and free the prisoners.

As the Guardian explored the EDZ, they discovered anomalous Vex signals, which eventually led to a non-aggressive Harpy, and a portal into the Vex Network. Mithrax contacted the Guardian about this phenomenon, asking them to explore the mystery. As the Guardian interacted with the portal, Mithrax became surprised regarding the results. The Guardian had been able to penetrate into one of the deepest levels of the Vex's personal space through the portal. As the Guardian forged forward through the Network, guided by apparitions of an old friend, Mithrax provided support through his Splicer understanding of the Vex world. He determined that something within the Network that was not totally Vex was actually reaching out to them, not asking, but demanding that they explore further. As progress was made, Mithrax would come to understand that the Network and the Vex within were seemingly at odds, not working in concert as usual. The voice within the Network was continuing to ask for assistance.

After an encounter with a Hydra, the Guardian obtained some data destined for deletion, something the Vex considered forbidden knowledge. Mithrax relayed that the voice in the system desired the data, so the Guardian continued onwards. After defeating an old foe, a gift was discovered, through which the Guardian and Mithrax could further explore the mysteries of the Network through the previously provided portal.

Later him and Amanda would decide to celebrate their success with rescuing prisoners from the Shadow Legion. They would be joined by The Guardian and Amanda would tell them there story of how her family made their home within the Last City and how she rose to serve the Vanguard. Mithrax would be contacted by Eramis shortly after but the exchange was a tense one. He would remind her of how he spared her life but she only continued to spread pain and violence. Eramis stated his daughter was the future of their people and that the Machine-Spawn would never see the Eliksni as their equals. The Kell of Light stated that they were not equals and that she served The Witness and Xivu Arath. Eramis would counter that they were both the leaders of their people but they must find power wherever they can. She would speak about how she wanted them to be Weavers and Dancers again but until they control their future, they would never be those things again.

Upon discovering a secret Shadow Legion prison, holding more prisoners. Mithrax, Amanda, and the Guardian would plan to infiltrate it but its location and defenses forced them to use alternative methods to enter. Eramis would warn them about the danger that resided inside, Mithrax would respond that she cannot spread fear, and that the Light provides. However, Mithrax would say that though Eramis served the Witness, she herself was not a liar, and that there is something they must not see. Upon the defeat of a Tormentor, Vereziia, Reverent of the Witness, and a large host of Taken, Mithrax would free the prisoners and begin to evacuate them. Amanda, however, remained behind to give the group more time to escape but was killed in an explosion. When making his way out, he was almost killed but was saved by Eramis using Stais, who would remind him of her warning. When Ghost asked where Amanda was, Mithrax would attempt to communicate with her but to no avail. The Kell of Light blamed himself for her death, but Empress Caiatl would tell him that she choose to sacrifice herself and his misplaced guilt does not honor her. He would later wonder why Eramis saved his life but nonetheless doubts that she possessed a change of heart regarding her allegiance to The Witness. Later, Mithrax alongside Devrim, Crow, and the Guardian would infiltrate a Shadow Legion command ship from the Ascendant Plane and destroy it, avenging Amanda's death and crippling the Shadow Legions operations on Earth.

Personality and traits

Originally, Mithrax was similar to any other Fallen Captain the Guardians have encountered but has shown to be very determined and elusive. However, after a direct confrontation with the Guardian on Titan, where they battled against the Hive together, a change occurred within Mithrax. Having become disillusioned with the Fallen's current ways of scrounging and fighting amongst each other has made them unworthy of the Traveler and its Light, thereby believing that the Guardians and humanity are more deserving of it. Since defecting to the Last City and creating his own House, Mithrax has proven to be an ally, albeit an elusive and secretive one.

Variks stated that while Mithrax is young for a Kell and untested, he and his allies dare to hope that he will bring the Eliksni people to a better tomorrow.

In Season of the Splicer, Mithrax has proven to be an honorable and caring leader towards his people, taking their safety very seriously. Further, he is hopeful of a future where the Eliksni can move past the violence of the past and live in peace. As such, he restarted the actual belief system of worshiping the Light and the Great Machine rather than seeing it as a prize to claim. Mithrax has proven to be willing to trust and work with the Guardian openly after his people were save from a Vex attack on Europa and was immensely grateful that Ikora granted him and his people a safe haven within the Last City itself. Though Mithrax knows working and living alongside humanity would not be a popular idea with either side, he believed it was the best way to end the violence between human and eliksni and achieve a better tomorrow. Mithrax was even willing to converse with Saint-14, a monster in the eyes of his people and try to convince him that he and his House are different than the Fallen they fought in the past. His words and point of view was enough to convince Saint to look past the Fallen he fought in the past and see House Light differently. However, he knows that it will be a long road to reach such a tomorrow as he himself is guilty of committing great violence in the past.

Though Mithrax worked in earnest in helping the Vanguard against the Endless Night, he grew weary and angered with the Factions' attempts to demonize his people, particularly Lakshmi-2's fear spreading messages, which led to a mob to ransack his people's shelter in the Eliksni Quarter. Though he appreciated the Young Wolf's and Ikora's continued support, he nonetheless had to keep his people's safety in mind but yet continued in aiding the Vanguard. His faith in the Guardians would be vindicated when they chose to support a better future with the House of Light over Lakshmi-2's paranoia, saving his people from a Vex attack after the War Cult's leader opened a Vex portal and their decision to seek the aid of him and his splicers would be rewarded as it led to lifting the Endless Night and allowing daylight to return.

In Season of Plunder, Mithrax would be forced to confront the past he has worked hard to bury and hide, especially from his adopted daughter Eido, whom he cares about greatly. Though he trusted the Guardian and often confided in them, Mithrax still refused to reveal his past and his connection to the relics they sought before Eramis could. However it was becoming increasingly clear over the course of the mission that the full scope of Mithrax's misdeeds as a former Wolves raider extend far beyond what he has let on to anyone that he knows, besides Eramis and the Spider, particularly Eido, who has become increasingly curious as to her father's past now that Spider has begun to feed her hints about it. Even with the Young Wolf, the Guardian who saved his life on Titan and protected the House of Light during the events of the Endless Night, he's obviously not being as forthright as he could be in respect to his full knowledge on the Old Crews, and just what kind of harm the relics they are pursuing are capable of doing. Ultimately, it's very obvious that he feels deeply shameful of his past if he's working this hard to hide it from people, but in the process of doing so, he's needlessly complicating the Guardians efforts to stop Eramis and the Witness in the present. This behavior would lead Eramis to state that Mithrax will always be a liar and a killer while Eido would come to the conclusion that her father doesn't want her to know him. Yet, despite the shame he feels for his past and how his refusal to reveal it to his daughter ultimately pushed Eido away, Mithrax nonetheless grew to be a better person than the pirate he was in the past, as he was willing to spare Eramis, the one who helped drive a wedge between himself and Eido, after besting her in a duel, likely to prove himself to his daughter.


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Bounty Quotes

  • "Ancient Splicers saw blades as weapons of honor. Keep their tradition alive."
  • "Eliksni Splicers prefer finesse, but I've learned to respect the Guardians' more forceful approach."
  • "A Splicer must be as swift as the Light, or be overcome by Darkness."
  • "Vex rely on radiolaria, Eliksni on Ether, and humans on water. Is it not interesting how fluids rule all life?"
  • "Data is to the Vex as Ether to the Eliksni. It is the source of their strength."
  • "To manipulate Vex Data is to control their reality. Their existence bends with it."
  • "Harpies perform crucial data-gathering processes. Destroying them denies the Vex needed information."
  • "Your weapons channel Light. Without you, they are nothing."
  • "In the Vex network, nothing is destroyed. Only transferred back to non-existence."
  • "This technology is familiar to me. I have seen many Eliksni, and humans, destroyed by it."


  • Mithrax is the first known Fallen to form an alliance with the Last City and Guardians.
    • However he is not the first Fallen to work with a Guardian as a Baroness once teamed up with Cayde-6.
  • Mithrax is the second Fallen to be seen speaking English. The first being Variks, the Loyal.
  • The name Mithrax is possibly derived from the Roman god Mithras, which is related to the similar Indian/Zoroastrian deity named Mitra or Mithra which means "friend" or "friendship". "Mithrax" is also the name of a genus of spider crabs in the family Mithracidae.
    • Forsaken means "to abandon", "to desert", implying that Mithrax has abandoned his Fallen brethren for a different pursuit.
  • According to the lore tab for the Lord of Wolves in Forsaken, Mithrax's name is properly transliterated from Eliksni as "Misraaks"; "Mithrax" is the result of human mispronunciation.
    • This can also be seen after completion of the 28th Step of the Beyond Light Campaign Quest, where Variks refers to him as "Misraaks".
  • In Shadowkeep, there is a Nightmare that can be encountered in Anchor of Light titled as Nightmare of Horkis, Fear of Mithrax.
  • The larger spike on Mithrax's left shoulder is inconsistently depicted, appearing in prerendered cutscenes while not being present on his otherwise identical in-game model.
    • This is probably a product of the developers attempting to size him appropriately for each instance. When in-game, he is depicted with the model of a Major Fallen Captain, most likely so he does not tower unnaturally over all the other characters in the scene. Alternatively, when speaking to the player through a Holoprojector, he can appear much larger in order to render as "closer" to the player, and so they can use his proper Ultra model. Given that he retains this second spike in all other cutscenes, it can be presumed that this is his canonical armor configuration.


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