Festering Halls

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Festering Halls
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The Festering Halls is a location in the New Pacific Arcology, Titan. It has been taken over by the Hive, who nest in every corner of the area.


During the Red War, The Guardian goes through the Halls in search of a Golden Age CPU that can decrypt Cabal intel, extracting it from the depths of a Hive nest. After the defeat of the Red Legion, they visited the Halls again to reactivate a vital reactor for the Arcology, but ran into a clever Fallen Captain who sought to take it for his people, and briefly trapped them behind a security barrier.

After the death of Cayde-6, the Guardian returns to the Festering Halls following the recorded directions of the former Hunter Vanguard in order to recover the his secret stashes and the parts to repair the Ace of Spades.

When the Pyramids arrived in the Solar System, the Guardian returned to the Halls to recover Golden Age technology for Sloane, taking it from the graps of powerful Hive.


  • If one looked through the windows of the CPU area, it was possible to spot a sea monster floating in the methane ocean.

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