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An ancient scholar of the Traveler, the Speaker keeps special items for Guardians who explore the Light's mysteries.
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The Speaker[1] is an enigmatic figure within the Last City. He is very old, having lived as far back as the earliest days of the City.[2] He apparently acts as an adviser to the Guardians,[3] even adopting the Titan Saint-14 as his own son.[4] The Speaker at one time also had an apprentice, Osiris, but in the end they became bitter rivals over their differences in philosophy, and eventually Osiris was exiled from the City.[2] For this reason, the Cult of Osiris does not think favorably of the Speaker.

The Speaker has a study in the North tower, where he sells legendary class items and emblems in exchange for Motes of Light.[5] The Speaker will also exchange high-level upgrade materials.[6]


Class Items

All Class Items sold by the Speaker cost 25 Motes of Light and 60 Legendary Marks each. Two for each class are randomly selected for sale every week, with randomized stats and perks.

Ghost Shells

The Speaker also sells a selection of Rare Ghost Shells for 810 Glimmer each. They are set at levels 34, 36, and 38, and are capped at 190 Light. These same Ghost Shells also have a chance to randomly drop as loot, and can have any Light value up to 300.


  • "The Darkness is coming back. We will not survive it this time."
  • "Your mission is vital, Guardian. If you succeed, you will become legend. If you fail, this city will fall and the last light of civilization will go out."[3]
  • "If they find it, can they contain it?"
  • "I thought? No, no!"
  • "Something vast is arising before us, or, are we falling towards it?"
  • "It is dim, but it can be wielded, shaped."
  • "What ever hides in plain sight is making its own plans."
  • "The Wolves are near, she is a fool to think she can control them."
  • "Silence; still."
  • "And silence still. Nothing but silence."
  • "It's no time for questions. We must be bold!"
  • "Not Light, but not Darkness. Something else?"
  • "None are light, or, each one of them is guilty."
  • "Perhaps now the vaults can be destroyed?"
  • "Silence still, and the Darkness moves closer."
  • "But we are stronger now."
  • "What happened there? Can we use it?"
  • "Something powerful is down there. I can feel it."
  • "There must be a way to find it to bring it back."
  • "Nothing. We will try again."
  • "We cannot give up hope."
  • "Even an ember still burns if it can be stoked."
  • "Keep looking. Keep fighting."
  • "(Sigh) No, we aren't ready."
  • "Bring it back here. Let us see it."
  • "No; it's too risky."
  • "We shall see. Thank you."
  • "That is good news."
  • "He is too weak. Let him rest."
  • "Still, there is more for you to do."
  • "No -- it can't be true."
  • "When our light is stronger. Not now."
  • "There are more still out there."
  • "Then they are vulnerable. Good."
  • "She is powerful. But not invincible."
  • "Do not stop. You must return."
  • "Are you certain? Tell me where."
  • "Stay away -- it is a dead zone."
  • "What have you found? Oh."
  • "There is still so much more ground to cover."
  • "I fear so little remains."
  • "No. No -- that isn't right."
  • "There was nothing more you could have done."
  • "You must have faith."
  • "But she -- she was strong."
  • "Where was this?"


  • The Speaker was nicknamed the "Mask" for a time. [3]
  • The Speaker is voiced by Bill Nighy.
  • The Speaker has his own Ghost hovering near him, but it's unclear if he is a Guardian himself or not.
  • Prior to Update 2.0.0, the Speaker sold a selection of Legendary Emblems for 7 Motes of Light apiece. After the update, these Emblems were moved to Eva Levante's rotating inventory.


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