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Queen's Wrath is a Guardian faction and Story event presided over by Petra Venj. The event involves hunting the enemies of the Reef for special rewards.


Queen's Wrath I[edit]

"Accept her orders. Settle old scores."
— Original description

The original Queen's Wrath occurred between September 23, 2014 and October 6, 2014.

Players had to complete a unique set of PvE and PvP Bounties to gain Queen's Wrath reputation and unlock exclusive rewards at higher ranks. These bounties involved such goals as killing two hundred Fallen with headshots, and winning three Crucible matches with a Queen's Wrath Emblem, Shader, and Class Item equipped. Turning in Bounties occasionally dropped a Kill Order mission, a Level 24 Fallen-related Story mission with the Epic modifier that always rewarded Queen's Wrath-themed Legendary gear.[1]

Upon the event's conclusion, Bungie withdrew it from rotation for improvements in response to player feedback. This version of the event is no longer available.

Queen's Wrath II (Wolf Hunt)[edit]

"Petra Venj, the Queen's Emissary, has returned to the Tower in search of Guardians willing to hunt down the Fallen betrayers."
— Current description

The latest Queen's Wrath was intended to begin on May 12, 2015, but was inaccessible for the first three days due to a delay in the release of patch 1.2.0; the event ended on May 18, 2015. It is unknown if there will be any future Queen's Wrath events now that Petra Venj is permanently available at the Vestian Outpost and offers six random "Wanted" Bounties each week.

Players must complete a unique set of "Wanted" bounties to gain Queen's Wrath reputation and unlock exclusive rewards at higher ranks. A new "Wanted" bounty is made available each of the first six days of the event; on the seventh day, if all bounties have been completed, the player receives an event-exclusive "Queen's Favor" mission item to be redeemed for rewards, including the Legendary Emblem "Wolfhunter", at the Vestian Outpost.

To complete the Bounties, players must travel to the corresponding area and wait for a "Pack of Wolves" world event to occur. Several House of Wolves Skiffs will appear and drop enemies, including Scorch Cannon-wielding Captains. The last Skiff will drop the target of the Bounty. Upon completing the Bounty, players acquire a buff called "Ether Key" that lasts for ninty seconds which will allow them to open an Ether Chest that spawns at a random location in the area. Ether Chests contain randomized loot, including Glimmer, Decoherent and Legendary Engrams, planetary materials, ammo synths, and Treasure Keys. Once the "Ether Key" buff expires, the Ether Chest will disappear.

"Wanted" bounties normally reward +250 rep each toward Queen's Wrath. This amount is increased to +312 if the Radiant Light buff acquired from completing the Nightfall is active.

Wanted Bounties[edit]

Targets in private locations will always appear and have no wait time. Targets in Public locations appear on their own timer. In preparation for The Taken King, patch 2.0.0 has removed all Wolf Hunt targets and Wolf Pack events from Patrol areas.




Taken Bounties[edit]

These Bounties rotate on a weekly basis and have replaced the original Wanted Bounties as of the release of The Taken King. The targets always appear in Public locations whenever a Taken Lieutenant World Event appears. Each one completed rewards 3000 experience and five hundred Reputation.


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