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Edited the page Splicer High Servitor
"How about you do it since you think you are better then everyone"
Edited the page Splicer High Servitor
Edited the page Splicer High Servitor
"Please do not start removing my images for no reason"
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"Yo vergil I was wondering if you could guide me for uploading images on..."
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"Virixas was not the House of Wolves kell during the wolf rebellion, unle..."
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Star Wars

Stranger Things 

Lost X files Metallica


Destiny 2 Halo Minecraft Bendy and the ink machine

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This user's favorite destiny strike is The Shadow Thief

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This user has a hard time at playing the Fallen S.A.B.E.R strike.

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Okay, Decay if you are seeing this, Maxdefault is not for use of making the Splicer High Servitor image. You have to make one, and when you do, you need to crop them atleast so that they can see the High Servitor. Same goes to the Bracus that you did.


Stop being lazy and go do it yourself and stop importing pics from YouTube thumbnails. The least you could’ve done was crop the image.


Stop adding none sense in the wiki like the unknown Kell for Scar


I have no idea what you mean. Do you mean uploading it to this website or...?


Show me one instance of you adding valid information. You put Virixas as a captain! Siviks a Kell! Stop tampering with the pages. You’re spreading misinformation that gets laughed at by other destiny discord’s.


He wasn’t the Kell during the Wolf Rebellion, because he was dead. He can’t be Kell if he’s dead. That’s how Skolas became Kell.