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Mara Sov
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The Awoken Queen
Reef Queen
Queen of the Reef
The Queen
Sovereign of the Awoken
The Clever One
Deception Queen
Wolf Kell


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Blue (glowing)

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Queen of the Awoken
Firstborn of the Awoken

I remember everything about the day I was born. I still bear the scars. The Awoken are my family now. And I am their Queen.

Mara Sov is the Queen of the Reef, ruler of the Awoken, and former Kell of the House of Wolves. Born as a Human during the late Golden Age, Mara and her family were colonists aboard the Yang Liwei before it was brought into the pocket dimension known as the Distributary during the Collapse. Mara was the first to emerge as an Awoken in the new dimension and crafted its society for millions of years in preparation for returning to the Sol System to help those left behind. Once returned, Mara established a kingdom amongst the asteroid belt and began gathering powerful allies and pawns to her side, including her brother Prince Uldren Sov, her lover and Wrath Sjur Eido, the Ahamkara Riven, and the rogue Guardians Eris Morn and Osiris.

Keeping an aloof and enigmatic demeanor to belie a ruthless nature, Mara was not above helping others for a price and gathered knowledge regarding many secrets, including how to enter the Black Garden. She defeated many threats before they reached the remnants of humanity on Earth in The Last City, all to prepare for a confrontation with her nemesis Savathûn. During the Taken War Mara disappeared following the Battle of Saturn in a bid to usurp Oryx's power and returned to the Dreaming City years later to fight a curse laid upon it. She departed once more with Eris to fight the Witness and its servants before it reached the Sol System, ultimately returning once more after she failed to prevent the Black Fleet's arrival. Now returned to her role as Queen of the Awoken, Mara works with the Last City to combat the forces of the Witness while keeping much of her own agenda hidden.


As detailed in the Lore book Marasenna, Mara and the other firstborn Awoken were originally the human crew and passengers of the Exodus colony ship Yang Liwei, which had left Earth immediately prior to the Collapse on a mission to start an extrasolar human colony free of the Traveler's influence; she was accompanied on the mission by her mother Osana and brother Uldwyn. Prior to joining the mission, Mara had worked as a repair technician on an uncrewed circum-Jovian space station, during which time she witnessed her co-worker die during an EVA when a frozen rabbit embryo pierced his faceplate at high velocity, presumably having been spilled into space from a ruptured biocontainer far outsystem. Mara treated this incident as an omen, and afterward asked her mother if they could join Project Amrita. She was nineteen when she and her family boarded the vessel.[1]

Mara's role on the Yang Liwei was that of Auturge 3rd Class, essentially a maintenance worker tasked with taking care of the technical, biological and human components of the colony ship's environment. Although she was supposed to report to her superior in the event of a problem that needed fixing, she made a habit of quietly fixing them herself. This caused her to gain renown among the passengers of the colony ship, who would leave gifts for her in thanks.[1]

Rebirth as an Awoken[edit]

"This place is good. This world. Whatever you remember of our lives before, Mara… I know they cannot have been this good."
"No. But you were both with me. I hope you always will be."
— Osana and Mara Sov

During the Collapse, the Yang Liwei was engulfed by a singularity made by the battle between the Traveler and the Black Fleet. Mara was the first to enter the singularity, and thus she was given the power to create the rules and laws of the pocket universe she found herself in. She chose for herself and the other Awoken to exist as embodied entities, and she and the other Awoken were reborn within the new universe on a planet known as the Distributary.

Mara Sov used her influence amongst the Awoken to create the Eccaleists, a group formed around the belief that the Awoken were born from conflict and that one day, that conflict would have to be resolved. Opposite to the Eccaleists were the Sanguine, who believed that they had been created by a gift and owed nothing. These conflicting ideologies led to the Theodicy War. When Alis Li -- the first Awoken Queen -- asked Mara if she began the Theodicy War, she denied it. This was a lie. Mara allowed the War so the Awoken wouldn't feel comfortable in the Distributary and would be willing to leave it with her.

Later, at a time when the power of the Queen in the Distributary was weaker, Sjur Eido swore to kill Mara Sov. But when she approached her, she found her too beautiful to kill so she challenged her, saying she would fight Mara Sov's most beloved companion to the death. Her opponent was Uldren Sov and they fought three different battles. They drew in the knife fight, Sjur won in the gun fight, and Uldren won in the aircraft fighter simulation. As the final score was a tie, Sjur placed her life in Mara's hands.

After Queen Nguya Pin stepped down, Mara became the face of the Eccaleists. She spoke to the Awoken, telling them that they could not continue living in the Distributary forever. She reminded them of their ancestors, who had almost been wiped out by the Darkness, and asked them to join her in leaving, despite the fact that doing so would cause them to start aging and dying again. Many of the Awoken agreed to accompany her. However, many also remained behind, such as Osana Sov.

Before leaving the Distributary, Mara Sov met with Alis Li. She revealed how she had worked for hundreds of years to ensure the outcome of the Awoken leaving. Alis asked her if she arranged the Theodicy War and Mara lied, saying she did not. Mara told Alis that she had come to ask for a boon that Alis owed her. Alis assumed she wanted support in her mission but Mara said she wanted forgiveness. Then, Mara told Alis the truth -- that she, not Alis, had been the first Awoken and the one to set the terms of their existence. Alis refused to forgive her, saying that to do so would be the worst thing ever done. Instead, she used her connections to speed Mara's exit from the Distributary.

When Mara's fleet left the Distributary, they severed their connection to the Awoken that had stayed behind. The fleet arrived in the asteroid belt and the Awoken began to salvage and build. Mara Sov discovered that she had developed a form of telepathy with the other Awoken. The power stemmed from the part of them that had once been attuned to the Distributary and was referred to as "weak acausality."

Queen of the Awoken[edit]

"When the Awoken first arrived in the Reef, Mara was not our Queen. She was simply our leader. We MADE HER our Queen."
Shuro Chi
Queen Mara Sov alongside her Techeuns.

When the Awoken settled in the Reef, they learned that humanity still existed on Earth. Mara Sov saw a fracture in support as some remained loyal to her, while others sought to help Earth with their resources. Mara's bodyguard, Sjur Eido, reported to her of the Fallen tracking the Earth altruists back to the Reef.[2] When the schism turned violent, Sjur was separated from Mara and exchanged fire with several of the mutineers. In the end, Mara commanded for the mutineers to be left peacefully alone.[3] As the Earthborn Awoken began to help humanity, Sjur brought an analysis of their efforts to Mara.

Later, Mara was proclaimed Queen of The Reef and a Fallen Ketch arrived shortly after, only to be destroyed by Awoken weaponry. A fleet of Skiffs scattered across the Reef and began raiding. Sjur killed the commanding Baron and destroyed his Walker and nearly died due to the resulting explosion, but was completely unharmed as the result of Mara's unconscious paracausal abilities.[4] Mara and Sjur eventually drifted apart, as a result of both Mara's incipient apotheosis and her desire to see Sjur achieve her own fullest potential.[5]

As the Awoken civilization prospered, Mara Sov appointed Sjur as her Queen's Wrath as she was the only Awoken to survive an Aphelion attack.[6] In a quest to understand herself, Mara went to Sjur to make a confession. At the time, Sjur was making a list of incredibly stupid and fatal bounties for Guardians to undertake.[7]

Mara confessed to Sjur in privacy that she had been the first Awoken, and had denied them the chance to become gods when they first self-created on Distributary, and was therefore responsible for all the mortal suffering the Awoken had ever experienced past that point. Sjur brushed off Mara's concerns, believing that her actions were intended for a greater good, and kissed her before accusing her of confessing only to hide some greater secret. Mara explained that she planned to become a god, but Sjur found her explanation incomprehensible and moved on to other matters.[8]

Defiance in the Garden[edit]

"I told you never to go there. Are you not devoted to me?"
"Sister, of course I am."
"Yet you defy me.
— Mara confronting Uldren after he returned from the Black Garden

Amongst the many decrees Mara issued as ruler was forbidding any of her subjects from entering the Black Garden. Not all of her subjects heeded her warnings, including the curious Techeun Melorii, who ventured into the Garden but did not return. Mara built a mausoleum in the Techeun's memory within the Ascendant Plane.[9] Melorii was not the only Awoken who defied this edict, with Uldren leading he and Mara's childhood friend Jolyon Till into the Garden as well. When they returned from their quest Uldren arrived before Mara's full court and presented to her a pot of asphodelia flowers from the Black Garden and requested she plant it within their domain to remind their people of their twin heritage in both the Light and Darkness. After a moment of consideration Mara smiled at her brother and bid him to come forward. Plucking a single petal from one of the flowers, Mara declared it magnificent and instructed Illyn to take care of the plant. She then retired to her private quarters with Uldren where listened intently as he told her of everything he saw within the Black Garden.[10]

Mara questioned if Uldren had seen the Black Heart of the Garden, which caused her brother to lose himself in the memories of what he had witnessed. She shook him out of his trance and repeated the question, but he only said that the Vex infested the Garden and were growing into something the paracausal location wanted them to be. Mara noted he had not answered her question, causing her brother to begin speculating about what the Heart was before settling on it being bait for Guardians who sought to destroy what they did not understand. Staring at Uldren with burning eyes, Mara pulled her cloak tighter around herself and questioned why he had defied her and if he was devoted to her. Uldren insisted he was before becoming at a loss for words because he associated defiance and surprise with love.[11]

Shortly after this, Mara summoned Jolyon before her for a private audience to address why he had followed Uldren into the Black Garden. The Crow insisted that Uldren had only done this deed to impress her, not to defy her, and that was the only reason he did anything. Seething with anger, Mara told Jolyon that was a childish excuse and that the Darkness was not something to play with. She was worried about what their presence in the Garden could have awakened and reminded him that as her most loyal Crow he should have understood her decree was for all of their protection. Although he insisted that he did understand, Mara slowly descended from her throne to stand over him and questioned why if he understood he had defied her. Whispering into his ear Mara pondered if he had committed treason. Jolyon pleaded that she must understand how Uldren was like a brother to him after helping him when he lost Laviska and all their adventures since. Her Crow met Mara's gaze and proclaimed that he would follow Uldren into death, and if that was treason to her so be it.[12]

The Reef War[edit]

"Starlight was my mother... and my father was the Dark."
— Mara Sov

When Uldren intercepted messages between all the Fallen Houses and the Techeuns saw them uniting on Earth, Mara realized they were united for an assault on the Last City. At first, she believed there was little she could do to prevent the assault, but the House of Wolves then passed through the Reef and stopped at Ceres. Their million-strong army would seal the fate of the Last City, and Mara was left with a choice to either let them pass or halt them by revealing the Awoken's presence and the extent of their power.[13]

Bringing the Awoken fleet to Ceres, Mara was contacted by Virixas, Kell of Wolves, who demanded her surrender and stated he would only take the Awoken's ships if they submitted. Mara responded that she was a noble too, but Virixas claimed she had no bloodline and no true power. The Queen declared that Starlight was her mother, and her father was the Dark, causing the Wolf Kell to mock her and call on them to see what help they were.[14] Mara unleashed the power of the Harbingers at that point, annihilating more than half of the House of Wolves and killing Virixas. Although she had won a major victory at Ceres and prevented the House of Wolves from reinforcing the Fallen at the Battle of the Twilight Gap, the remaining Wolves scattered across the Reef and split into three factions led by Irxis, Wolf Baroness; Parixas, the Howling; and Skolas, the Rabid. Each of the three sought to claim the title of Kell and sought revenge upon the Awoken for their attack, triggering the start of the Reef Wars.[13]

Following the death of Sjur Eido, The Queen organized a ceremony in the [Dreaming City to celebrate the promotion of Petra Venj to the rank of Queen's Wrath. Paladin Fen however was visibly upset during the ceremony,[15] as he and several other Paladins did not believe Petra was worthy of the post, considering her too young and inexperienced to replace Sjur Eido and believing that another Paladin should have received the honor instead.[16]

The Black Garden[edit]

Mara and Uldren meet with the Guardian in her throne room.

"I have shown you benevolence, Guardian. Should the Awoken ever need an ally I will call on you. And expect you to answer."
— Mara, after gifting the Gate Lord's eye and location of the Black Garden

When a Guardian arrived at the Reef requesting the aid of the Awoken, Mara granted their request for an audience. As she arrived in her throne room, the Guardian was surprised by her Fallen bodyguards and attempted to attack them, but Uldren stopped them. Mara explained that the House of Wolves was hers and settled into her throne. The Guardian requested aid in entering the Black Garden, which Uldren dismissed, but Mara called him to her for a private conversation, suggesting to her brother that they send the Guardian to retrieve a Vex Gate Lord's eye so they could make them a key to enter the Garden.[17]

When the Guardian returned, Mara noted that they still lived and had their Ghost. Her brother mocked the Guardian for running, but they informed the Queen and Prince that they did not run and transmatted a Gate Lord's head into the throne room, surprising Mara and Uldren. After Uldren derisively noted that they did not even know where the Black Garden was, Mara ordered him to tell them and give them the Gate Lord's eye to gain entrance. He protested, exclaiming that if she wanted them dead she should just kill the Guardian now, but Mara noted that his guessing of her motives were only revealing his own. Chastised, Uldren bowed and noted that he only wished to protect his people and the Queen, so Mara once more asked him to retrieve the eye and give it to the Guardian. He did so, but claimed the eye was dead and that all of the Guardian's efforts were wasted, but Mara granted them the eye anyway, noting that she believed the Guardian resourceful and that she was sympathetic to the Traveler. Once the Guardian was provided with the eye and location of the entrance to the Black Garden on Mars, Mara stood and proclaimed that in exchange for her benevolence, she expected their help should the Awoken ever need to call upon them for aid.[18]

Around this time, the Fallen House of Winter raided the Prison of Elders and freed Aksor, an Archon of the House of Wolves who had refused to bow to Mara. After the Guardian eliminated Aksor, the Queen met with the Techeuns at the Prison of Elder's cryopod chamber where captured Wolf nobles were held. She inquired if they knew anything more about Kaliks Prime, and one witch informed her they felt something in the Anankes. Another witch noted that Uldren had sent more of his Crows to Rhea and angered the Nine. Studying the cryopods, Mara declared they would gift the Nine one of their prisoners to celebrate their victory over Aksor, and selected Skolas to be their prize. She also told them to give a message to the Nine that reminded them that the Crows were hers.[19]

The Wolf Rebellion[edit]

"We showed them mercy, and offered them a home amongst the Awoken. They met that mercy with betrayal. Now, they will feel my wrath. Open the Reef to the Guardians. Offer the riches of our realm as bounty for these traitors. Let the hunt begin."
— Queen Mara
Mara Sov gazing upon her slaughtered guards

The House of Wolves rose in rebellion against the Reef, and many of Mara's Awoken guards were slaughtered by her former Wolf guards when they attempted to assassinate the Queen. Outraged by their betrayal, Mara placed bounties upon the betrayers.[20] She tasked Petra Venj, recently recalled to the Reef, to work with the Guardian to hunt down the Wolves who betrayed her, alongside the dozens of Wolf nobles who had escaped from the Prison of Elders. Meeting with Petra and Variks, the Loyal, Mara was informed by her sole remaining Fallen advisor that the leader of the rebellion was said to be Skolas. The Queen ordered Petra to see Uldren for information from his Crows and asked Variks to continue utilizing his sources to find Skolas. Petra swore she would not fail Mara, and she reassured her Corsair she knew Petra would not and that was why she had ended her exile.[21] After a mission by the Guardian to the Ishtar Sink on Venus, Petra informed Mara that they had confirmed it was Skolas leading the rebellion. Mara was displeased with the result of the mission, as Skolas had escaped, and asked what had become of the House of Winter. Petra reported that many of the Winter Fallen had taken up the Wolves' banner and that Skolas had proclaimed himself Kell of Kells. As Mara silently processed this development, Petra claimed to have a plan in place for the Guardian to stop him, and the Queen ordered her to continue the hunt and declared that she could not fail in this task.[22]

Petra, Variks, and the Guardian managed to eliminate many members of the Silent Fang when they attempted to assassinate the House of Devils' leadership so Skolas could take it over. Mara met with Uldren and was amused by how easy the Silent Fang had been brought low. Uldren was less pleased, noting that most of the Fang still lived and that his Crows said they were still plotting. The Queen reassured her brother she found little humor in this, and as she walked through her empty throne room, Mara reflected how quiet it was with her Wolf and Awoken guards gone. She ordered her brother to have Petra set more bounties on the remaining members of the Silent Fang, swearing that while they may have escaped the Prison of Elders they could not escape her wrath.[23]

After all the other Fallen Houses had been successfully denied to Skolas, the Wolf Kell turned his attention back to Venus. Mara was informed by Uldren that Skolas had returned his entire fleet to the Ishtar Sink, and she guessed that he intended to set up his rule from the dead Winter Kell Draksis' vessel, the Simiks-Fel. However, her brother revealed that his Crows reported Skolas was not there, but that his raiding parties continued to enter the Vault of Glass in search of Vex technology. Interested by this development, Mara ordered her brother to convey to Petra that she had changed her mind and wished for Skolas to be captured alive and brought before her.[24] The Guardian successfully defeated Skolas, and as Petra and her team captured the failed Kell of Kells, Mara contacted the Guardian. She told them that when they first came before her to seek the Black Garden, she thought they were just one more mote of Light that had strayed too far from the Traveler. Mara admitted that she was wrong, and that they had her thanks and would receive a fitting reward for bringing an end to Skolas' ambitions and the House of Wolves rebellion.[25]

Before sending Skolas back to Prison of Elders, Mara and Uldren personally came to his cell to inspect him. However, upon examining him, Skolas whispered something Variks interpreted as "Light-snuffer" and "Dark-Binder". Keeping her expression neutral, Mara regarded the Fallen Kell and Variks informed her that Skolas would say no more. She told her advisor that he did not need to and began to leave, but Uldren questioned what sentence she would pass on Skolas. Mara dismissively stated that one would not sentence a rabid animal or a Thrall, and that her justice would be wasted on him. Instead, she offered Skolas as a gift to Variks as a combatant for the Guardians to slay in the Prison of Elders. As she left the chamber, Mara ordered her brother to sends Crows to Osiris on Mercury and another to Eris Morn at the Tower to inform them of Skolas' words.[26]

Shortly after sending that message, Mara held a meeting in her throne room attended by Uldren, the Techeuns Shuro Chi and Sedia, Osiris, and Eris. Osiris thanked the Queen for her gracious welcome, but Eris requested permission to speak freely. Mara granted the request with a wave of her hand, and Eris declared that she was not here for the Queen and no longer had any grievance with the City, and only cared about bringing an end to [Oryx, whose coming had been foretold by Skolas. After a moment of silence, Mara smiled and praised Eris' words, declaring that they will forge a plan to end the Hive god.[27]

The Taken War[edit]

Mara Sov enters the Battle of Saturn

"We fought to keep our beautiful creation safe. And now, this beast has come. Claiming to be king. Mara Sov bows to no one."
— Mara Sov

When Oryx invaded the Sol System, Mara planned to meet him in battle at Saturn's rings. As the Awoken fleet gathered at a floating starport deep within the Reef a night of revelry was held to create good memories for the loved ones of those who might not return from battle. Mara witnessed Uldren entertaining a group of children with tales of Ager and Rega defeating their foes together. She listened as he reassured a young girl named Erith when the children were surprised by a loud crash as asteroids smashed together and he handed her a spy glass to "watch" the siblings do battle. The Queen then stepped in and brought an end to the tales by claiming the Prince needed sleep before the battle and dismissed the children. Once they had left, Mara glared at her brother and warned him to stop filling the heads of the children with nonsense.[28]

Mara's fleet challenged the Taken King in an effort to protect the Reef from further incursion and protect the inner system, but it was decisively defeated by the Dreadnaught's primary weapon. In the immediate aftermath, Mara was nowhere to be found and feared dead by her own people. Despite such a staggering loss, it was all seemingly part of a plan Mara had formulated in secret with Eris Morn. The entire battle was simply a delaying action; in using the Dreadnaught's weapon, Oryx destroyed most of his own fleet as well as the Awoken ships, forcing him to hold back from advancing into the inner system. The Awoken's sacrifice bought Earth and the Guardians enough time to react and take the fight to Oryx.[29]

No body was recovered after the battle, but signs that her ship had not been totally obliterated were recovered by Taken champions, which were later acquired and passed on to Petra. After a search through the Dreadnaught, there was still no sign of the Queen, but Petra continues to hope that she survived. Uldren, who survived the battle, also suspected that the Queen survived, as he could still sense her.[30]

As it turned out, Mara's physical body was indeed vaporized with most of her Ketch. However, her consciousness was able to survive in the Ascendant Realm in a manner similar to that of Toland: a soul with no material form. As Mara's fledgling Throne World Eleusinia was overtaken and desecrated by Oryx, she was consumed by the Taken King and taken into his own Throne World. This was part of Mara's plan, similar to a bank heist: "get yourself taken into the treasury as treasure, and when the owner dies, break back out with his stuff". Resisting destruction by the power of the Sword Logic, Mara played her hidden angle to wait until Eris and the Guardians end Oryx, then scavenge his dimension for elements needed for the next phase of her master plan.[31]

The Whispering Monarch[edit]

Mara Sov illusion by Voice of Riven

"Together we can bestow upon our people the fortune they so richly deserve... Extinction."
— Voice of Riven acting as Mara Sov

Ultimately, while Petra and her forces attempted to maintain order within the Reef, without Mara Sov and the Awoken Armada, the Reef fell into utter chaos. A year after the conclusion of the Red War with the Cabal, Mara Sov's own brother, Uldren Sov, betrayed the Reef by leading a massive breakout within the Prison of Elders, taking leadership of a corrupted group of zombified Fallen, the Scorn, and murdering Cayde-6 in the process. The Guardian, who worked with Mara many years before, sought justice for Cayde's death and began the hunt for the rogue prince.

Uldren's main goal in betraying the Reef and allying with the Scorn was to breach the Awoken Watchtower and enter the Dreaming City, believing that Mara Sov lived within it and was communicating with him, telling him that she was imprisoned inside. To release her, Uldren required a combination of Light and Darkness to open the gateway for Mara Sov to be free. Already infected with the Darkness, Uldren sought out the Light in the European Dead Zone and recovered a Shard of the Traveler after being influenced by the voice of Mara, but narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by Petra Venj.

Upon reaching the Watchtower, Uldren opened the gateway with the Light Shard. However, it is soon revealed that Uldren was being manipulated by the Taken chimeric Servitor creature, the Voice of Riven, which took the form of Mara Sov to influence Uldren. To his horror, the creature that assuming Mara's form captured the rogue prince. Ultimately, the creature was destroyed thanks to the Guardian which freed Uldren but was left weakened and defenseless. In face of his crimes, Uldren remained adamant that everything he had done was for his sister before being executed (Petra Venj and the Guardian confronted Uldren. We hear Petra fire a shot with the Vestian Dynasty. It is later revealed through quest dialogue that she hands you the gun that killed Uldren Sov).

Within the Dreams[edit]

Reconnecting with Petra[edit]

The Oracle Engine, Mara's means of communicating to Petra and the Guardians

"Assemble a team, Petra. Send them into the heart of the City. Kill that creature and extract its heart. I offer the riches of our realm as bounty. Open the gates, and let the Guardians in."
— Mara Sov

Deep within the Dreaming City, Petra Venj and the Guardian made contact with Mara Sov and confirmed she is alive using the Oracle Engine. Though they were unable to locate her, they were still able to make verbal contact with the Awoken Queen for the first time in years, much to the joy of Petra. During their communication, Mara is aware of Uldren's actions and of his death but displays no grudge towards the Guardian or Petra. Instead, she is more concerned that an old ally of hers, the Ahamkara, Riven, has become Taken and is corrupting the Awoken's homeland from within.

Asking what her queen demands, Mara orders Petra to rip out the Taken corruption that Riven has become by opening the gates to the Awoken's homeland to their allies and assemble a team strong enough to battle with the Ahamkara. With the Guardian present, she offers the bounty of the Awoken's knowledge and treasures stored within the City. Mara Sov cuts communication soon after, stating the "battle continues on" but promises that she would respond to any message they give as soon as she can and that she has faith in her Wrath.

The Curse Cycle[edit]

Mara Sov in her throne room.

"There are those who are more dangerous dead than alive. And there are those who win when we believe they've lost. You enter the infinite, Lightbearer. This will all happen again, and again, and again. You bear witness to the fate of my people."
— Queen Mara to the Young Wolf

After two weeks of charging the Blind Well in the center of the Dreaming City, the portal to Mara Sov's throne world was opened underneath the Confluence. The Young Wolf ventured into the shattered throne and slew Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return, which seemingly ended the Taken's reign over the Dreaming City. Mara allowed the Guardian access to her through the Oracle Engine and greeted them in person in the Queen's Court. She mused that they had all, particularly Uldren, been playing into "her" hands while combating the Scorn and Taken curse placed upon the Dreaming City. Mara informed the Young Wolf that their battle was only beginning and that they would bear witness to the fate of the Awoken. The Guardian's Ghost implored Mara to fight with them then, but Mara told them she did fight through her Wrath, Petra. Despite her belief that little had been accomplished, Mara offered a reward to the Guardian for their efforts.[32]

Three weeks later, Mara allowed the Guardian to return to her court once more after the first repeat of the time loop the Dreaming City found itself trapped in. As she stared across the starfield visible from her throne room, Mara revealed to the Young Wolf that she had once had the opportunity to destroy the Traveler and regretted not having done so due to the fears of those who wondered what would happen should it be destroyed. Mara scornfully noted that those people did not stop to consider the wars that she claimed the Traveler deliberately sought out and theorized that too much of a good thing, like the Light, would still make someone sick. She believed that the Awoken stuck to the balance between the Light and Dark created during the Collapse and wondered what could awaken during the next such calamity that would hit the solar system, which she hoped would help the Guardian understand why all she had done.[32]

Mara Sov gazing the scenery from her throne room

During the third cycle of the curse placed upon the Dreaming City, Mara was visited by The Emissary of the Nine, who offered her information and a deal. Although wary of the Nine, Mara noted that if the information they were providing was correct she accepted their offer. As the Young Wolf arrived, Mara told the Emissary to move an asset into place beyond the grave of the first fleet and to warn the Nine that she was running thin on patience with them. After the Emissary was gone, Mara informed the Young Wolf that "it" had once been a friend and confidant of hers before the Nine turned the Emissary into a shell for their will. She warned them that the games of the Nine never ended, much like the curse on the City, and bitterly reflected that despite all she had done she was still burdened by the whims of small minds. Mara summoned a chest with treasures to reward the Young Wolf for their continued efforts in the Dreaming City, but then bid them to leave as her next guest disliked the presence of those touched by the Traveler.[32]

Upon the Guardian's fourth visit, Mara immediately demanded to know how her brother had died. The Ghost claimed that he had died believing he was freeing Mara from the Dreaming City and that all he had done was for her. Mara noted that despite her brother's strengths he was suggestable and that she had been aware that her plan would put him at risk of such a fate and thus was not surprised to feel him die. The Ghost reminded Mara that Uldren had murdered their friend Cayde-6. She was dismissive of this, noting that while she was sure they missed "it", she was not satisfied by their quest for vengeance.[32]

During the sixth cycle, the Guardian's Ghost downplays Mara's role in the current fight occurring, claiming she should be a good queen. In their sixth visit to her court, Mara belittles the Ghost, claiming the Ghost is unaware of what her plan is. She yells, her court shaking with her anger. She bitterly dismisses them with, "Get out of my sight."[32]

Upon the Guardian's seventh visit, Mara states that she has dreamed of having a friend, then states that "the next act is about to begin" before disappearing.[32]

A Tale of Two Queens[edit]

The Return of the Queen[edit]

"You have done well, my Techeuns. Take me home."
— Mara, greeting her new coven in the Ascendant Plane

While away from the Sol System, Mara threw all of her resources into fighting the Black Fleet, but she could not prevent its arrival to the system. After the disappearance of the planetary bodies upon which the Black Fleet had sent Pyramids, Mara sent a broadcast back to Sol. She admitted to her failure and apologized to Petra for her long absence while also praising her leadership. The Queen vowed that she would now return to the Dreaming City to finish what had begun there, although she knew Savathûn would be waiting.[33]

In order to return to the Dreaming City, Mara required the assistance of a newly trained coven of Techeuns to help her in traversing the Ley Lines. The Queen called out to the thirteen witches as they conducted a ritual in the Blind Well and they swiftly arrived at her location with a Wayfinder's Compass. Commending them on a job well done, the group began jumping across the Ley Lines back to their home system. However, Mara noticed that they were being pursued by Xivu Arath's horde due the Techeun Austyn's mind having been infected by the God of War when they errantly explored the Ascendant Plane. She shattered the Ley Line behind them to slow Xivu Arath's pursuit and encouraged her coven to keep their focus on the Dreaming City while warning that the Hive god would keep pursuing. The Techeuns inexperience led to their focus wavering and they were soon at risk of being surrounded by Xivu Arath's forces. Austyn passed the Wayfinder's Compass into Mara's hands as each Techeun fled across a different Ley Line to another point in the Ascendant Plane, distracting the Hive while sending Mara ahead to the Dreaming City. As the Queen landed in the Blind Well the rift into the plane sealed behind her and Petra questioned where the Techeuns were.[34]

A Witch's Offer[edit]

"Her inevitable betrayal is all but guaranteed. But without her worm, Savathûn is vulnerable: unprotected by the security of her throne world. Mortal."
— Mara, reflecting on the deal she struck with Savathûn

Not long after Mara's return to the Dreaming City, Savathûn arrived in the form of Osiris. The Hive Goddess of Deception revealed that she had been impersonating the Warlock for some time and offered Mara a deal: in return for helping to rid Savathûn of her Worm and protection from her sister Xivu Arath she would return the real Osiris, offer aid against the Black Fleet, and end the curse on the Dreaming City. Mara agreed to the deal, but they were interrupted when the Crow arrived and Mara turned to regard the reanimated form of her brother with some surprise. She stated that she had hoped he would find his way back, but the Crow admitted though the place was familiar he was lost before questioning if they knew each other. Before Mara could answer the Young Wolf and Saint-14 joined Crow, with the three having been in pursuit of "Osiris" for crimes in the Last City. Savathûn mocked the Guardians and Mara before beginning her transformation into her true form, which Mara quickly sealed within a cocoon using her magics. Saint demanded answers as to where Osiris was, but Mara requested he lower his weapon and reassured Saint that his partner still lived. The two queens explained the deal they had reached to the Guardians, who were skeptical about trusting Savathûn. Saint threatened the Witch-Queen before departing to inform the Vanguard of what had transpired. Mara addressed Crow and the Young Wolf and asked them to tread the line between Light and Darkness with her for the sake of Osiris. She provided the Young Wolf a Wayfinder's Compass to aid them in their mission before turning to regard Crow, who was staring at Savathûn's cocoon. The two shared a silent look before Crow turned his attention back the imprisoned Hive God.[35]

After speaking to the Guardian Mara summoned Petra into her private meditation chamber. As Mara studied another Wayfinder's Compass, she told Petra that her reports could wait and that she had been examining the advance of Xivu Arath through the Ley Lines and in the Ascendant Plane around the Dreaming City. The Queen had concluded that only Petra's leadership and defense of the Dreaming City had prevented it from falling to the Hive and Taken and expressed her gratitude for her Wrath's service. She reassured her servant that she knew it had not been easy but that some victories were simply matters of surviving and edging out defeat. Petra questioned if Mara had experience with that, causing Mara's eyes to flash before she chuckled and stated she did, which was something that linked the two of them together. Mara then noted that some of the lost Techeuns were like sisters to Petra, which her Wrath confirmed, and Mara comforted her with the knowledge that she could still feel their minds the Ascendant Plane and that they would return to her just as Mara had.[36]

A group of Corsairs established themselves within a wing of the H.E.L.M. and built a gateway that could lead to Mara's private chambers in order to coordinate their operation. Mara reassured the Young Wolf that she had not known of Savathûn's deception until she arrived in the Dreaming City and that she also understood that the Hive God was guaranteed to betray them at some point. However, Mara judged the deal worth the risk if it meant Osiris's return and the opportunity to potentially kill Savathûn when she was at her weakest following her Worm's removal. The Queen requested that the Young Wolf help the Awoken find the thirteen Techeuns who had been lost in the Ascendant Plane as their help would be needed for the ritual to extract Savathûn's Worm. She explained that the Wayfinder's Compass could help in that task and turned the briefing over to Petra so her Wrath could explain further what needed to be done.[37]

Restoring the Coven[edit]

Mara Sov would begin sending out Guardians on special tasks, mainly stabilizing the Ley Lines and rescuing lost Techeuns from the Ascendant Realm. Eventually, she would inform The Guardian of an Awoken relic and suggest that they find Atlas Skews to locate it. The Guardian would then claim the relic after depositing all skews and use it to slay Kelgorath, Risen from Bones and destroy many barriers in the Shattered Realm, granting them deeper access and allowing them to free more Techeuns. However, she soon realized that Crow desired to speak with Savathûn, leading her to issue an order forbidding him to go. She explains to the Guardian that she issued the order to protect him, as she believed he would be more susceptible to her lies than others. Unfortunately, Crow would force his way in to Savathûn's prison to demand the answers he seeks and was given his previous life's memories to the point of his execution, sending Crow reeling. Horrified by what the Witch Queen had forcibly shown him and realizing that Mara Sov is trying to regain psychological control over him, he leaves the Reef, desperately requesting Ikora Rey for a new assignment. The Warlock Vanguard would comply with the request, with him becoming a go-between for Caiatl's Cabal and the Vanguard.

Learning what Savathûn had done, Mara confronted her captive but the Witch Queen was unrepentant, even claiming that the two queens were a lot alike, enraging Mara enough to silence Savathûn within her prison and prohibit any more visits.

After months of traversing the Ascendant Realm, the Guardians would succeed in holding the line against Xivu Arath's Horde, restoring the Ley Lines and rescuing the last of Mara's Techeuns.

The Exorcism[edit]

"Doubt is a useful tool."
— Mara Sov

When the time came for Savathûn's exorcism, Mara Sov gathered her Techeuns and prepared the ceremony. They soon became under attack from Xivu Arath's Hive but the combined Vanguard and Awoken forces stopped them. The exorcism took place and the worm was removed, but when the crystal shattered, Savathûn escaped but returned Osiris as the Hive god had promised. The Queen took possession of Savathûn's worm and admitted she had been outmaneuvered but claimed that the Witch Queen's worm would prove useful in discerning Savathûn's next move.

Of Queens and Worms[edit]

Sometime after the Exorcism and the Witch Queen's subsequent return, not to mention her "conversion" into the Light, Mara Sov took possession of Savathûn's Worm and traveled with it to learn what she can about the entity controlling the Black Fleet, the Witness. However, without a host, the worm began to die, leading Mara Sov to find a means to keep the creature alive so it can tell about the Witch Queen's role in Humanity's Collapse, which ultimately led her to Mars to request Ikora Rey for the Guardian's assistance.

Meeting at the Relic within the Enclave on Mars, Mara Sov informs the Guardian that with the worm so close to death, they have precious little time to begin, instructing them to locate a Dark City, Harvest, hidden beneath the caverns of Savathûn's Throne World, where the Witch Queen worked alongside a Disciple of the Witness in creating incubators that created worms for her brood. The Guardian managed to locate and traverse the Dark City but encountered heavy Scorn forces that sought to turn the city into their enclave. Locating an incubator they were looking for, the device breathes life into the Worm, allowing it speak but only for a moment, leading Mara to believe they require more incubators to give the worm what it needs to tell them what they want to know, which Savathûn's Worm begrudgingly agrees to ensure it's own survival.

Mara Sov with the Young Wolf.

During their efforts to prolong its life, Savathûn's Worm would reveal to the Guardian that Mara Sov has plans to kill them in the future, to which Mara states the worm is telling a version of the truth. The Awoken Queen does have plans to kill not just the Guardian but others such as Eris Morn, though she clarifies that such plans are contingencies in case they ever turn against humanity.

Though the Guardian initially believed that Mara was offering herself as the Worm's new host, she ultimately deceived the parasite by turning the worm into a weapon called Parasite, fulfilling her bargain to the worm in giving it a host to continue its' survival but it's new form is now more like a prison, much to the worm's protest. Nonetheless, the Worm completed it's end of the bargain by revealing that during the height of the Collapse, when the Witness turned a violent gaze towards the Traveler, the Witch Queen used her tricks and lies to turn the tide, forcing the Witness back into the stars, though to save the Traveler, not humanity. After that, the Worm refused to speak any further. Mara was nonetheless satisfied with the information and gave the Guardian the task of keeping the Parasite close to prevent the worm from falling into the wrong hands and, in time, the worm may speak more of its secrets.

Aiding the Coalition[edit]

As the Guardians continued in preparing for the Witness's return, such as creating an actual alliance with Caiatl's Cabal, driving back a returned Calus from seizing control over the Lunar Pyramid and beating a freed Eramis at claiming the Relics containing pieces of the dead Disciple of the Witness, Nezarec, Mara Sov would do her part in preparing by strengthening her Corsairs and gathering what knowledge she could. As the Guardians worked with Ana Bray and a newly awakened Osiris in repairing the Warmind Rasputin so as to regain control over the Warsat Network, learning that Xivu Arath is attempting to corrupt the Network with her Wrathborn and turn the Warmind's arsenal on the Last City, they were forced to gain the cooperation of one of the Warmind's creators: Clovis Bray I, currently as an AI within the Exoscience Labs on Europa. Clovis agreed to aid in the efforts but only to preserve his legacy and directed them to gather the data of Rasputin's subminds.

Mara Sov would soon contact the Guardian, informing them that she had her corsairs watch their efforts and provides aid in leading them to the submind vault of Malahayati and the launch complex that would lead them to Seraph Station, the command hub of the Warsat Network hovering in orbit over the Last City. She would however be forced to converse with Clovis himself, whom she would instantly detest, referring him as a vile man and hardly worth the time to explain certain things to him such as the Hive's Ascendant Realm. Nonetheless, Mara continued to aid the Coalition, but would provide condolences towards both Osiris, for his loss of Sagira, and with the Exo Stranger, Elsie Bray, who seeks in advising her sister against working with their grandfather but Ana's stubborn nature makes such a task difficult.

As the Guardians worked to gain more submind data, they learned that Eramis continued to serve the Witness despite her failure and being punished for it, as her House Salvation aided the Wrathborn in seizing control over the Warsat Network. Mara would actually make a correspondence with the Shipstealer, attempting to appeal to her over what they once were, what they had lost and how they can't get back what they lost but despite her efforts, Eramis refused to be swayed. Mara would later suspect that even if Mithrax had killed Eramis at the end of their search for the Nezarec Relics, The Witness would've folded House Salvation into the Wrathborn as part of its army either way. The Shipstealer's death wouldn't have changed that but if Mithrax didn't stay his hand, then the Light Kell would've fell back into his old ways which Mara believes is what Eramis wanted.

Mara debating with Ana at the Coalition Meeting.

Mara's apprehension and dislike towards Clovis would soon be well-justified as after Rasputin was repaired enough to speak directly, the Warmind revealed Clovis's true intentions for aiding them: The Bray Patriarch intended to use Rasputin to upload his digital mind into Seraph Station and assume control over the Warsat Network, becoming a machine god as Clovis always believed that only he was worthy of being humanity's savior. Furious that her grandfather had lied to her and attempted to use her for his selfish schemes, Ana would upload Rasputin into the prototype Exo Frame that housed Clovis's personality, leading him to be deleted, though he still existed in the Exoscience labs on Europa. Though Mara was at first wary of the Warmind, she admits to Ana that her efforts in repairing and interacting with Rasputin had made him into something better.

Overtime, Mara would begin to have suspicions on Xivu Arath's tactics and motives, noting that the Hive War God's armies are legion yet only sending token-level forces against her enemies. Remembering that Xivu Arath's worm feeds on conflict and warfare, Mara would come to the conclusion that corrupting the Warmind's network may not be what the War God is after. Taking her concerns to the Guardian, Rasputin and Osiris, Mara would conclude that Xivu Arath is counting on the Guardians in repairing Rasputin, with the Warmind using his vast arsenal to smite her Wrathborn, which will feed her worm from the destruction. Rasputin is left bereft as to what to do yet they can't let Eramis have her splicers hack into the network. The Guardians are left with no choice but to continue collecting submind data. Mara would take her findings to the other coalition leaders, Zavala, Empress Caiatl and Mithrax, stating that Xivu Arath's true plan is to conduct a massive ritual which would be fed from the destruction and conflict done by Rasputin's retaliation against the Wrathborn, allowing her to summon her armies over Earth and overwhelm the Guardians, just as what was done over Torobatl. Thus, Mara petitions that they cannot restore Rasputin. Ana Bray interrupts the meeting, voicing her objections, stating that Rasputin is more than a weapon but an ally and humanity needs him to survive the Witness. Though Mara argues that Rasputin has acted without concensus or council before, Ana shoots back that Mara has done the same. Ultimately, Mara then suggests a compromise. Instead of a complete victory, she suggests a stalemate, restoring the Warmind as Ana wants but he must refrain from using the full force of his network against the Wrathborn, thereby denying Xivu Arath the requirements she needs for her ritual. Zavala and the other coalition members agree to the plan, with the Guardians continuing their infiltrations in the submind vaults as Rasputin seeks an alternative in fighting Xivu Arath.

After Rasputin's sacrifice and the Witness's arrival on Earth's orbit led to its discovery of the Veil hiding in a city on Neptune, she would answer to the Vanguard's aid on Earth. She delivers the Ascendant Scepter to Nimbus, who then gives it to the Guardian. Mara Sov sends a message to the Guardian after retrieving the Scepter from Nimbus, requesting them to meet at the Farm. Upon their arrival there, the Guardian witnesses a conversation between Mara, Mithrax, and Devrim Kay. She explains more about the Scepter's purpose to bypass the Pyramid warding by opening a portal to the Ascendant Plane and lighting the balefires along the way. She promotes the Guardian to the rank of Paladin and become her Queensguard. Mara, Mithrax, Crow, Devrim, and Amanda Holliday work alongside the Guardian to combat the Shadow Legion invading Earth. They would finally stop the Shadow Legion together as retribution for the death of Amanda. Mara sends her destructive power to the Guardian so they can destroy the Shadow Legion Flagship hanging above Earth's orbit sending the Shadow Legion to retreat.

Charming a Dragon[edit]

Following the Guardian's trials on Titan and tangling with the Hive Gods, the Coalition learned that their only way to pursue the Witness within the Traveler's Pale Heart is to make a wish with a Ahamkara to open a pathway after finding a pure Ahamkara egg within Savathûn's Spire, likely to have originated from Riven's clutch. Despite the risks in making a wish with a Ahamkara who are notorious for twisting the intention of the wishes they grant, Mara Sov agrees with the plan. However, since Riven was slain years ago by the Guardians on Mara's orders, she and her Techeuns conjure Riven's spirit using the Ahamkara's Heart, awakening her. However, when the Guardian uses the Wall of Wishes to enact the 15th Wish, "for a New Pathway", Riven refuses to grant it, surprising and angering Mara.

In private conversation with Riven's spirit, Mara demands an explanation to which Riven merely explains that she had no reason to grant it since she is already dead, along with the rest of her kind, which the Vanguard had ensured. The Last Ahamkara continued to admonish Mara for going further in not only having the Guardian slay her but also had her forces destroy her clutch of eggs. Or at least most of them as Riven managed to hide many of them, like the one found within Savathûn's Spire. Riven then offers Mara a bargain: ensure the safety of her kind and she will grant the 15th wish. Though Mara scoffs as such a bargain, believing that it would only ensure the Ahamkara will terrorize the system once again but weighing the options, Mara agrees with Riven's bargain.

Speaking with the Guardians on this matter, Mara voices what she has always feared, that the Curse over the Dreaming City cannot be lifted, after combing through the Scrolls found in the Witch Queen's domain. Nonetheless, Mara refuses to give up on the Dreaming City and those trapped within. Thus, she asks the Guardians to proceed with Riven's bargain and do what they do best: carve a path. They must descend into Riven's Lair to find her clutch of eggs even though it has become infested with Sol Divisive Vex, Scorn, and Taken. However, as the Guardians reached the end of the Lair and opened the vault, they find it empty which angers Riven. Accusing the queen of dispatching her last clutch, Mara voices her innocence before ordering Petra and her Techeuns to figure out how this happened. They soon learn that Riven's eggs had been cast to drift in the Ascendant Plane, leaving them to orbit the material plan like "comets to a star". Despite this setback, Mara was able to use the Ley Lines to acquire at least one of the eggs, a similar strategy they used to rescue her Techeun Coven, with the Guardian descending into the Lair again to procure the egg. However, during the whole time, Riven would mock and taunt her, the Guardian, Petra and Crow, testing the limits of their patience.

As the Guardian worked in securing the eggs, Mara began to formulate contingency plans in the event Riven's bargain becomes lethal to them. She would correspond with Osiris in trying to find alternate methods in following the Witness but the former Warlock's research into The Veil yielded little save an understanding on the link between it and the Traveler. Thus with no other choice, the Coalition must continue in cooperating with Riven's bargain.

When the Guardian is sent to retrieve the second egg from the Taken, Mara would remark that many of them were now directionless without a commanding will. She would express her frustration with Riven, stating that she set obstacles in their path and mocks their efforts even after they are attempting to retrieve her eggs. Mara would ask the Ahamkara if gloating over what she had done to the Dreaming City was worth losing them forever. Riven would bitterly respond that begging and grieving are not within her nature. After the Guardian secures the egg, Mara Sov accuses Riven of entangling them in a loop. Riven would remind Mara that these were her terms and that she could either follow them or make peace with her fate.

As the rest of Riven's clutch would not reach them if they stayed on their current trajectory, Mara Sov makes a plan to use her own personal Harbinger to direct the eggs home. Later Riven would impersonate Shaxx and send a message to the Awoken Queen, asking for her audience. Mara Sov unimpressed at Riven's trickery once again would tell the Ahamkara that he sounded nothing like that. Riven would then threatened to use the Sjur Eido, furiously Mara Sov would tell the Ahamkara not to speak of her former lover.

As the Guardian had successfully retrieve the Starlight Lodestone to alert the Harbinger, Mara and Petra order them to activate the Oracle Engine and attune the Lodestone to the Confluence. With this completed, Mara would begin the process of successfully using the Harbinger to direct the eggs coarse back towards Riven's Lair. Due to hearing Riven's taunts to Crow over the comm channel, Mara would speak with him at the H.E.L.M. to apologize that they had to bargain with Riven. The Awoken Queen would reminiscent that her and Riven had their own history, however the way she worked her way into his mind as Uldren was inexcusable and told him that it pains her to have to put him through this. Crow would respond that she still feels the need to protect him. Mara would attempt to reply that was not intent, but Crow would interrupt her and tell her that he understands. Crow would then speak about their powerful connection and that the reason Riven was able to manipulate him was due to how strong it is. He would tell her that he may have made choices he regrets, but that her would not apologize for her being the reason he made them. They would both speak about their bond as siblings and that they stood together during the Collapse and they will again.

When the Guardian recovered one of Riven's eggs from the Sol Divisive in the Black Garden, they would learn the truth of how the eggs had been scattered. It was uncovered that Riven's mate, Taranis was the one who had scattered the uncorrupted eggs due to Riven being Taken, resulting in his death. As the next egg had arrived within Riven's Lair, it was discovered that Taken corruption was infecting the lair through a breach between Eleusinia and the Confluence. Although they defeat a Taken Knight devoted to Xivu Arath, the Taken ultimately succeeded in corrupting the egg. However the Awoken Queen comes up with a solution. By retrieving a Taken Essentia, then allow the whim to feed on their desires to save it. Ultimately Mara Sov's solution is successful as the egg is cleansed of its corruption.

Shortly after the egg was cleansed, Mara and Osiris speak tiegether with Riven in the Spirit's Anchor. He updates her that the Veil by itself is unable to construct a safe pathway to pursue the Witness. Riven reminds them that she can construct a safe passage, but for only one. Enraged at the Ahamkara for her deception, Mara demands that Riven fully tells them the truth. Riven reveals that Savathûn's wish would only allow for one individual to follow the Witness into the Pale Heart. Enraged at Riven's trickery, Mara threatens prepares to threaten her with immeasurable power. However Osiris holds her back using Strand, reminding the Awoken Queen that this was their only chance to follow the Witness. Understanding the stakes, Mara breaks free from Osiris's strings and leaves the Spirit's Anchor. She later reveals to him that she had no intention of killing Riven only threatening her.

Later Mara would send the Guardian to enter her old court. Once the Guardian had arrived, the Awoken Queen spoke of how she and Crow had changed. She would express that she no longer remains in isolation and reaps recourse, but instead now chooses to trust. Mara Sov orders the Guardian to return to the H.E.L.M. as they begin preparations to retrieve the last egg. Within the H.E.L.M., Crow speaks with her and reveals his plan: he would be the one to enter the Pale Heart, and by using their psychic connection they could open the way inside for everybody. Although originally against his proposal with the fear that she would lose her brother again, she realized that she could not control his choices. Mara Sov accepts his proposal and orders the Guardian to be right their with him when they open the way. She would later apologize to Crow for the way she had manipulated him as Uldren, as she only had the intention of keeping him safe.

With the final egg had arriving within the heart of the Confluence, the Guardian would arrive to uncover it as Mara alongside Osiris would speak with them over the comm channel. As the Guardian fights their way through hordes of Scorn, Mara would recognize that although most of these Scorn were raised by the Witness, some of them were agents of Fikrul, the Fanatic. She would divulge to him that Petra that discovered activity from Fikrul's Knights on Earth who sought to recruit newly-risen Scorn. When Osiris wondered if he sought to make a wish for the Witness, Mara would affirm that their interests were not aligned. Ultimately the Guardian succeeds in recovering the egg from the Scorn, preventing their attempts to make a wish. Osiris would remind her that this was not the first egg within her court and ask her if she intended to breed the Ahamkara once more. Mara Sov would tell him that those plans scratched due to the eggs corruption. With their bargain complete, Riven would now agree to grant the wish. After the Guardian enters the code at the Wall of Wishes, Riven grants the wish, opening a portal into the Pale Heart. Mara speaks with Crow before he enters, promising they would see each other again. With the wish granted, Mara agrees with Riven to watch over her clutch, as the wish-dragon fades away, meeting the same fate as Taranis before her. Shortly after Riven's spirit dissolves, Mara feels through their connection that Crow is journeying into the Pale Heart.

With the wish now granted, Mara speaks with the Guardian once more at the H.E.L.M. The Awoken Queen reminds them that their trust is what separates them for the Witness and states that she sensed nihilism upon looking into its many souls. Due to enemy forces continuing to invade the lair, Mara orders them to eliminate them while Osiris prepares the Veil to create a bridge to Crow.

Personality and traits[edit]

Mara Sov, ruler of the Awoken

Mysterious, enigmatic, cold yet charismatic, proud and intelligent, Mara Sov is a queen of few words who is deeply committed to ensure her people's place in the universe and can be ruthless in her methods. While her motivations are hard to discern, Mara Sov never makes a decision without reason, regardless of the cost. She ignited the Reef Wars with the Fallen House of Wolves but whether to have them submit to her authority and power or to actually save the Last City from the Fallen Houses receiving aid from the Wolves remains unknown. On the other hand, Mara Sov rarely desires to make alliances with the Last City but at the same time, she doesn't want to make an enemy of them and its Guardians as she punished and exiled Petra Venj for accidentally killing a squad of Guardians during the Reef Wars. In addition, Mara can be vengeful as when the House of Wolves rebelled against the Awoken, she almost immediately called upon the Guardians to hunt them down.

Though Mara was largely uninterested in the Guardian's quest for the Black Garden, she allowed them a chance to prove themselves, likely suspecting them to fail. However, she was surprised that they succeeded in their mission and granted them the means to enter the Garden, as a "favor" and expected them to answer her call should she make it. She would call upon the Guardians for aid when Skolas returned and led the Wolves in rebellion. As the Guardians succeeded in bringing the Wolves to heel, Mara Sov stated that while she didn't think much about them when they first met, she admitted that she was wrong and awarded them for their aid. Her greatest sacrifice came in the Battle of Saturn against the King of the Hive, Oryx. Her goal was never to defeat the Taken King but to delay his invasion and buy the Guardians time to prepare and defeat him. When meeting again in Season of the Lost, Mara did express a measure of being impressed with the Guardian's growth in broadening their horizons. Further, Mara begins to trust the Guardian with special and important tasks she knows few others would be capable of completing.

Despite outward appearances, Mara is actually capable of love and respect toward others, but only towards a select few people. One such person is her mother. Though she has not seen her mother since leaving the Distributary, she still adores her and holds her in high regard simply for bringing her into existence. Another was Sjur Eido, Mara's lover and her first Queen's Wrath; even as Mara began to isolate herself emotionally, she remained far less formal with Sjur than most others she interacted with, regarding her as her 'beloved'. Having anticipated the arrival of a great danger to the Awoken (presumably Oryx), visions she saw in the Oracle Engine led her to the conclusion that she needed to isolate herself to best prepare to challenge that threat.

In addition, despite her rather stoic and cold persona, Mara Sov does have a temper and when ignited, the Queen can fly into a rather fearful rage. When Ghost previously questioned the choices she has made over the years, Mara angrily countered on how it couldn't understand the sacrifices one must make as a ruler. To sum it up, Eris Morn would simplify Mara Sov as a complex women who often pushes people to, and sometimes regrettably, past their limits.

Her most unique interactions are with her brother, Uldren, who normally objects and questions her decisions, especially with those involving the Guardians. It is believed that she keeps her brother nearby despite his rude behavior mainly because she valued his opinions, point of view and abilities in gathering information. Uldren, in turn, is very loyal to his sister and her goals. However, Mara truly does love and respect Uldren, but she willingly maintains an emotional distance from him. She does this in order to keep their bond as siblings weak in the event it ever became necessary to turn on him. As such, Mara wasn't entirely surprised by his death at the hands of the Guardian, nor was she particularly saddened, at least openly. However, after reuniting with her brother during the Season of the Lost, she did express that she was pleased to see him again but grew somewhat dismayed that he did not recognize her, as his memory was wiped after becoming a Guardian. During the course of rescuing the Techuen Coven, Mara Sov attempted to reestablish her bond with her brother but as Crow was free from her psychological conditioning due to his memory wipe, he could see that Mara was attempting to regain a sense of control over him, which only furthered his desire for answers regarding his past and ultimately wish to distance himself from her. Though saddened that her brother left the Reef, due to the Witch Queen revealing his memories, Mara would state that she is content to allow Crow to walk his own path, asking the Guardian to merely look after him for her.



  • "It is afraid of the Fallen. It does not understand that these ones are mine."
  • "It has returned. And it still has its ball."
  • "I am noble too, oh Lord of Wolves. Starlight was my mother. And my father was the Dark."
  • "Often when we guess at others' motives, we reveal only our own."
  • "We fought to keep our beautiful creation safe. And now, this beast has come. Claiming to be king. Mara Sov bows to no one."
  • "To all corners of the system… I've emptied the armories on the fringe. Sent Corsair warship fleets. Deployed Harbingers. And yet… the Black Fleet persists. I know what it's taken from you. Petra… I've been away too long, and for that, I apologize. Your compassion and leadership have been a boon to me — and our people. This all started with the Dreaming City. I shall return to finish it. Savathûn will be waiting."


  • Destiny Design Director, Joseph Staten, claims to have turned in all of the Queen's bounties during testing.[38]
  • Before House of Wolves, Mara was simply known as "The Queen."
  • Mara Sov is performed and voiced by Kirsten Potter.[39]
  • Since the release of The Taken King to her reappearance in Forsaken, Mara Sov had been missing for about three years. She would go missing again for another two years following Season of the Forge's release.
    • With the start of Season of the Lost Mara Sov has finally returned.
  • After years of debate within the community, Bungie has confirmed that Mara Sov is bisexual.[40]


List of appearances[edit]


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