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"I remember everything about the day I was born. I still bear the scars. The Awoken are my family now. And I am their Queen."
—Mara Sov
Mara Sov
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Mara Sov[1] is the Queen of the Reef, one of the few settlements outside of the City. She is simultaneously the ruler of the Awoken in the Reef and the Kell of the House of Wolves. Her aloof and enigmatic demeanor belie a ruthless nature, but she is not above helping others - for a price. She will refer to the player as "it", regardless of whether they're Awoken or not. Living on the edge of civilized space, so close to the darkness, the Queen knows many secrets, including how to enter the Black Garden.[2] Mara's reign is described in the book, The Maraid.


"Starlight was my mother... and my father was the Dark."
—Mara Sov

Mara allied with the Nine, the rulers of the Jovians, during her war with the House of Wolves.[3] She possesses expansionistic inclinations.[4]

Mara initiated the Reef Wars because she realized that if the Wolves succeeded in joining the other Fallen houses during the Battle of Twilight Gap, the City would fall. Rather than risk losing a potential ally in order to remain hidden, she launched a surprise attack on the Fallen at Ceres.[5] She succeeded in not only killing their Kell Virixas, but also pitting the remaining Wolf leaders against one another. With the help of Variks, The Loyal, she overthrew the remainder of the House and set herself up as Kell.[6]

Mara helped a Guardian gain entrance to the Black Garden, despite the protests of her brother. She made it clear, however, that she had granted the Guardian a favor, and would expect them to answer her summons if the Awoken needed an ally.[7] That time came when the House of Wolves revolted, killing many of her personal guard, and abandoning the Reef. She ordered that the Reef be opened up to the Guardians.[8] After the defeat of Skolas and ending his ambitions to control all other Fallen houses, Mara Sov gained a greater deal of respect for the Guardians (though wouldn't admit it publicly).[9] Before sending Skolas back to Prison of Elders, she personally came to his cell to inspect him. However, upon examining him, Skolas whispered something Variks interpreted as "Light-snuffer" and "Dark-Binder", leading Mara to believe that a new, greater threat was on its way. Seeking to counter this threat, Mara ordered her brother to contact an old friend of hers from the Tower and one from Mercury.[10]

When Oryx invaded the System, Mara Sov met him in battle at Saturn's Rings. Her fleet challenged the Taken King in an effort to protect the Reef from further incursion, but it was decisively defeated by the Dreadnaught's primary weapon. In the immediate aftermath, Mara was nowhere to be found and feared dead by her own people. Despite such a staggering loss, it was all seemingly part of a plan Mara had formulated in secret with Eris Morn. The entire battle was simply a delaying action; in using the Dreadnaught's weapon, Oryx destroyed most of his own fleet as well as the Awoken ships, forcing him to hold back from advancing into the inner system. The Awoken's sacrifice bought Earth and the Guardians enough time to react and take the fight to Oryx.[11]

No body had been recovered after the battle, but signs that her ship had not been totally obliterated were recovered by Taken champions, which were later acquired and passed on to Petra. After a search through the Dreadnaught, there was still no sign of the Queen, but Petra continues to hope that she survived. Uldren, who survived the battle, also suspected that the Queen survived, as he could still sense her.[12]



  • "It is afraid of the Fallen. It does not understand that these ones are mine."
  • "It has returned. And it still has its ball."
  • "I have shown you benevolence, Guardian. Should the Awoken ever need an ally, I will call on you... and expect you to answer."
  • "I am noble too, oh Lord of Wolves. Starlight was my mother. And my father was the Dark."
  • "Often when we guess at others' motives, we reveal only our own."
  • "We fought to keep our beautiful creation safe. And now, this beast has come. Claiming to be king. Mara Sov bows to no one."



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