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Micah Abram
Ace (by Cayde-6, unknowingly)




Human (formerly)


Female (born Male)

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Six Coyotes





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Has received numerous visions from The Traveler, similarly to previous Speakers.
Most likely basis for the non-existent "Ace."


"Keep an eye on this one, Tallu. He has taken the name Andal Brask, and I believe he will be trouble."
— Micah-10

Micah-10, born as Micah Abram[2][3], is an Exo Hunter who served the Vanguard as a "den-mother" to packs of Ghosts looking for their Guardians during the early City Age. She later became a member of the Six Coyotes and helped scout the Cosmodrome.


Life on Europa

"Soon Europa will be my home, and you'll be my new next-door neighbor over on Io! I wish we could pass by you on the way so I could see you up close, but Eventide (that's the colony) needs supplies and Dad is supposed to start working right away."
— Micah in her letter to the Traveler

Micah moved to Eventide at the age of 10, where she attended school while her parents Hector and Wesley Abram worked at Bray Innovations.[1] While living on Europa, she wrote letters to the Traveler and collected penguin plushies, all of which she named after important figures from Golden Age history.

During her stay on Europa, Micah had strange dreams about being an Exo. In the dream, she was standing in the middle of a frozen lake underneath a dark sky with single moon.[4] As the dream repeated over the nights to come, she began to jump towards the moon, each jump brought her ever higher. When her leaps finally brought her closer to the atmosphere, she realized the moon was the Traveler, who had been whispering things to her.[5] The dream ended after three months of repetition when she would finally break the atmosphere, and a cryptic message was delivered to her: "Are you sure you know what you think you know?"[6]

When skipping school one day, Micah tried to sneak into Bray Exoscience believing she would learn more interesting things from her fathers there. She was caught by Cayde-1 and Knox-4,[7][8] something Cayde had flashbacks of even after his five subsequent resets.[9]

While at first excited about living on Europa, Micah became more and more distraught by her parents' constant arguments. She eventually decided to run away from home and leave Europa with Hector, but it is unlikely she succeeded as both her fathers appeared later on as Exos during the Vex invasion on the moon.[6] During this time period, Micah met Cayde again, and they developed a friendship over cards that helped her process her emotions and ultimately her transgender identity. Cayde himself, unaware Micah had transitioned, would later use his memories of their time together to create the idea of a son of his own to try and ground his future resets.

At the age of 17, Micah became an Exo and was later reset nine times. As an Exo, her dream about the Deep Stone Crypt contains two older men. In every fiftieth dream, she encounters a paternal figure (likely Wesley), who rests his hand on her shoulder in the middle of her fighting and tells her "You just need to get acclimated. It's colder here than on Mars." Every hundredth dream, she finds a different man in an armchair, writing on a notepad and reminding her that "Dreams are messages from deep inside your mind. Until you figure out the message, the dream repeats."[3] This latter message is identical to the advice Hector gave to her in her former life when she dreamed of the lake.[4] Micah-10 died somewhere on Earth and was eventually resurrected as a Guardian.

Protector of Ghosts

"These last few months we've enjoyed the pleasant absence of Cyrell. Now I feel more confident that we lost him in Australis. If he tries to hurt my Ghosts, I will rip his throat out."
— Micah-10

During the early City Age, Micah-10 was an Earth-bound Guardian, having no jumpship capable of exiting the atmosphere. She made a habit of gathering whole groups of Ghosts to herself, so she could protect them and help them in their search. She was often menaced by Cyrell, a Lightbearer who believed that Guardians should never have been resurrected and that the Ghosts needed to be destroyed before they found their Guardians. Micah also frequently encountered Ghosts who believed that their Guardians were offworld, and although she believed that many Guardians were waiting to be discovered on Earth, she resolved to aid them one day. She maintained contact with Conar, a fellow Hunter and friend, although he only responded to one out of every five of her messages.[10]

While escorting a pack of Ghosts she was pursued by Cyrell in the Australis, but Micah managed to successfully evade the Ghost killer and enjoyed several months of peace with her pack. Most of her Ghosts found their Guardians, and while she was happy for them, she was saddened by the departure of her friends. The second-to-last Ghost in her pack resurrected another Hunter who took the name Andal Brask and began journeying to the Last City across the Pacific Ocean. This left Micah with only one other Ghost besides her own, who was named Pup and never spoke. Micah sent a message to Hunter Vanguard Tallulah Fairwind to update her on the Ghost pack and warn Tallulah to keep an eye on Andal when he arrived, as Micah suspected he would be in trouble. She informed her superior that she planned to resupply in the Cosmodrome before heading north into the Russian steppes, which were only explored by Conar. Micah also planned to look for a spaceworthy jumpship in the Cosmodrome to take a pack of Ghosts to other planets. She ended the message by telling Tallulah not to feel too cooped up in the Tower and that she was doing good work as the Vanguard, although Micah was glad she was not the one stuck with the job.[10]

Defender of Coyote

After meeting Conar in Old Russia, Micah-10 and her friend found a village called Coyote and volunteered to help defend the town from Fallen raiders from the House of Kings. Micah found three other Hunters who were willing to repay favors or get paid to help defend Coyote; Nadiya, Lee-4, and Therin Vai, although none were happy with the difficult job. One of the villagers, Himura Shinobu, asked Micah what their chances against the Fallen were. She gave her a speech talking about how Guardians had a duty to protect people no matter what, although Shinobu saw through Micah's bravado and knew they stood little hope.[11]

Return to Europa

After the unsealing of the Exomind archives, Micah traveled to them in secret, using them to restore her memory against Vanguard directives.

The Final Shape

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Micah-10 was recruited by Queen Mara Sov after the initial assault against the Witness, first introduced to the Guardian as "a Guardian of great renown". Though she is not physically present in the Pale Heart, she assists the Guardian in finding numerous lost Ghosts, first in the Pale Heart and then through the entire Sol system, with the goal being to figure out what ails the Traveler and how to heal it.

Micah's Penguins

Micah collected 9 penguins in total, which were named:


  • Micah-10 is voiced by Pooya Mohseni, a trans Iranian actress.
  • Micah-10 is one of the first Destiny characters to be confirmed as transgender.
    • According to the Embraced Identity Sniper Rifle's lore entry, Micah Abrams's Exomind Project research file reads "Gender: F". This was likely made shortly before she was made into an Exo which would imply she had already transitioned. This also implies that the Exomind Project acknowledged her transition on paper.

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