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Hector Abram
Dad (Micah-10)


Mars (formerly)
Eventide, Europa (Exo upload)


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Clovis Bray



A human brain, is a lot harder to work with than a hard drive.

Hector-6, formerly Doctor Hector Abram, was a psychologist who worked at the Clovis Bray corporation's facilities on Europa as part of the Exo project. He was married to Wesley Abram and was the father of Micah Abram.


Early life[edit]

Hector worked as a psychologist on Mars, where he ended up marrying a BrayTech employee, Wesley. They had a son named Micah. Wesley was later sent work at the Eventide colony on Europa, to develop the Exo project under the supervision of Clovis Bray. Some time later, when Micah reached ten years old, Hector and Micah moved to the colony for Hector to perform psychological studies on the Exos.[1]


Hector was a trusted employee of the Exo project. However, most of the Exos mocked him, and withheld information about whispers they've been hearing when it was time for the to reset.[2] Hector began to get on Clovis' bad side because he was against the use of Stasis[3], and other employees, such as Justin Wong, began commenting that he lacked vision.[4]

Hector came under the belief they were looking to help cure Clovis Bray, and create super soldiers to prevent humanity's downfall, which he believed could happen within the next half century. However, he became aware the Exo project might not be possible, because of the trauma they experience when being uploaded. This caused Hector and Wesley to drift apart, and have frequent arguments to the point of Hector deciding to return to Mars.[5] He turned in a resignation letter, detailing multiple accounts of unethical work being done at Eventide.

One account told of an experiment, where injected a young man who had a tumor (from constant brain scans), with Radiolaria, causing him to become violent and kill two colleagues. [6]

Afterwards, he disappeared, and Wesley told Micah he was busy, and sleeping at his office.[7] It is unclear what happened afterwards, but Wesley, Hector, and Micah all became Exos, and Hector continued his work.

After the Collapse, Micah-10 would consistently dream about Hector telling her that dreams have important messages, and they repeat until you discover them.[8]

Battle of Europa[edit]

At some point in the future, Eventide had dalle into ruin and the Vex were invading Europa. Hector-6, Wesley-3, Elsie, and an Exo of Clovis Bray, among other former employees of BrayTech, were trying to escape onto an evac ship. However, Clovis had created an AI of himself, and had full control over BrayTech facilities. He had warned the Exos not to step on it, and after Clovis-1 turned against him, he blew it up, resulting in Hector-6's death among others.[9]


  • Hector-6 is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes, who also voices Spider.
  • Even after becoming an Exo, he continued to write down in a notepad during sessions, even though all his memories were being uploaded.

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