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Esteban Ruiz
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Doctor Esteban Ruiz was a scientist who worked for the Clovis Bray corporation at the Eventide research colony on Europa.


Ruiz was assigned to work on the Glassway, a Vex portal that led to the star system 2082 Volantis that Clovis Bray I was using to harvest resources from for the Exo project. As another recovery and research team led by Dr. Elisabeth Bray prepared to depart, Ruiz was informed by Noe-2 that their sensors on the other side of the portal were not responding, a critical error that had never occurred before and blinded them to what was happening or could be emerging from the other side. Ruiz alerted Elsie of the situation and was ordered to shut the portal down. He protested that only her grandfather Clovis I could authorize that, but she reminded him that Clovis I was on life support in a coma and that she was in charge now. However, a large force of Vex then emerged from the Glassway and assaulted the research team. As missiles flew towards them, Ruiz shouted a warning to the others while the Exo soldiers fought to defend them. Ruiz was killed during the crossfire and was thus unable to shut down the Glassway, allowing the Vex to begin their invasion of Europa.[1]

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