Nkechi's Cut

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Nkechi's Cut
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Twilight Gap

Hostile races:


Connecting areas:

Seraph Facility Entrance
Seraph Facility, Sublevels


Season of the Seraph


Nkechi's Cut is a location on Earth. It is a mountainous valley on the outskirts of the Last City, in the Twilight Gap region. Due to its vicinity to the City, the Traveler can be clearly seen in the distance. It is named after the Titan Nkechi-32.


Golden Age[edit]

During the Golden Age, the area that is now known as the Nkechi's Cut was chosen by the Seraphs to build the Launch Facility for the orbital Seraph Station. When the Collapse happened, the facility was abandoned.

Xivu Arath's Offensive[edit]

When Xivu Arath, God of War led her Horde against the defenses of Humanity, she directed several of her Wrathborn to secure the Warsat control facilities across the system, including the one in Nkechi's Cut. The Guardian and Imperial Cabal would perform several attacks against the entrenched Hive, with the objective of gaining access to the Seraph Launch Facility and eventually Seraph Station. The area in front of the facility was patrolled by groups of Hive, as well as guarded by Warmind Defense Lasers subverted by the invaders.

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