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A Flashpoint was a weekly challenge previously given by Cayde-6 in Destiny 2. With the introduction of Update 2.0.1 and Forsaken, Flashpoint rewards were handed out by the vendor at the chosen Destination. With the release of Beyond Light, Flashpoints were removed from the game.

One Destination was chosen for Guardians to focus their efforts on by completing Public Events, Lost Sectors and Heroic Adventures. Participating in a Public Event but not completing the objective before the timer runs out granted 7% towards the Flashpoint; completing a normal Public Event granted 15%; completing a Heroic Public Event granted 20%. Completing the Flashpoint rewarded a Powerful Engram, which could drop Nightfall-quality loot and always guaranteed a piece of gear with a Power level at or above a player's level.

Unique enemies[edit]

While a Flashpoint was active at a Destination, additional enemy lieutenants appeared in certain areas for brief periods, often in the middle of Public Events. Killing these enemies was entirely optional and did not grant any additional percentage towards Flashpoint completion, with the exception of Mercury's Flashpoint enemies.

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