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"Ship-to-ship combat with the most ferocious pirates in the Sol system."
— Mission description

Ketchcrash was a six-player matchmade activity that was released alongside Season of Plunder. The Guardians must defend their Ketch from Fallen pirates before boarding the enemy vessel and eliminating their captain.[1]

Prepare to be Boarded.


Following the rescue of Spider from the House of Salvation, the Baron gives his Ketch to The Guardian and Drifter as payment. During this rescue, the Guardian learns of Eramis, Kell of Darkness's escape from her stasis prison and current attempt to rally the Fallen's Old Crews. The Guardian alongside The Drifter, Spider, Mithrax, Kell of Light, and Mithrax's daughter Eido, Daughter of Misraaks convene in a bar, The Ether Tank, in the Eliksni Quarter to discuss what to do. The group decides to take the fight to the Old Crews and sets off to the stars to defeat the captains and plunder their treasure before Eramis can get it.



Ketchcrash begins with the player's Ketch being assaulted by waves of Fallen. In order to repel these attacks, the players must eliminate the invaders and capture four cannons located on the four corners of the ship's deck. Waves of Fallen will begin to spawn in order to halt progress and take the cannons. After all four cannons are calibrated and fire off their rounds, the waves will end and the Guardians will be prompted to launch themselves onto the lower deck of the enemy Ketch.

The Guardians will make their way through the lower decks and encounter a room with three exits, a Fallen panel that will continue the activity when interacted with, and a place to plant a Rally Banner. Interacting with the panel will open one of the three doors.

Defeat the Security Optic[edit]

The center door will lead to a large room filled with gold and several enemies. At the center of the room, there will be a large Security Optic protected by four Security Turrets, two in front of it and two more on the ceiling, as well as three Security Servitors standing in marked positions. Killing the Servitors will allow the players to capture the area they were defending. Once all three areas are captured, the Optic will be vulnerable. At half health, the Optic will re-apply its shield and restore any destroyed turrets, causing more servitors will spawn. Once the Optic is defeated, the players can move on.

Defeat Walkers[edit]

The right door will lead to a large room with a Fallen Walker inside, a second then drops from the ceiling on the other side of the room, alongside constant waves of enemies. The Walkers will be damageable for one half of their health, at which point nodes on the walls will render them immune. The Guardians must find and kill a Scorch Captain, who will drop a Scorch Cannon on death. Guardians must use that Scorch Cannon to destroy several nodes that line the walls and floor of the arena. Destroying all nodes will drop the immunity shield and the Walkers will be damageable again. Once both Walkers are defeated, the Guardians can move on.

Destroy The Storage Tanks[edit]

The left door will lead to a room filled with Fallen and several tanks of Ether. Some Ether tanks will be marked purple, indicating that these tanks must be destroyed. Periodically, a large shimmering Heavy Shank will spawn and will drop Ether Charges on death. Players will need to pick up these Ether Charges and throw them at the marked Ether Tanks, destroying the tanks. Once all marked tanks are destroyed, the players can move on.

Clear the Captain's Quarter[edit]

After one of these rooms have been cleared, the door will open and lead players into a large room with the captain inside. Players will need to eliminate all enemies in the room, while which the captain will teleport away. In the center of the room is a place to plant a Rally Banner and a pad that will continue the activity when interacted with. Interacting with the pad will open another door and players will proceed to one of the two other activities. Once this second activity has been completed, the players can move on to the boss fight.

Boss Fight[edit]

After the second room has been cleared, an elevator will open for the players to go up to the top deck of the Ketch. Players will be taken to a room with a pad in the front. Interacting with the pad will begin the boss fight

Aye-I, Privateer is a large Heavy Shank who will spawn behind a barrier to goad the players before teleporting to the bow of the ship. Players can damage it until one third of its health is depleted, at which it will fly away from the deck and summon eight small Servitors to shield it. Destroying all servitors will drop the shield and Aye-I will be able to be damaged. This will repeat once more after the next third of health is depleted. Once the boss is killed, the loot will be revealed.

Ransaaks, Privateer is a large Captain who will appear behind a barrier and summon waves of Fallen and Cabal. When the wave is cleared, it will enter the room and be able to be damaged. After one third of its health is depleted, it will teleport behind the barrier. It will repeat this process once more for the next third of the health. When the next third of health is depleted, it will attempt to flee the Ketch and run away on the top deck. The barrier will drop and players will be able to damage Ransaaks until it dies.

Skiffiks, Privateer is a large Marauder who will be waiting behind a barrier before teleporting to the crow's nest. On top of summoning reinforcements, they have set up Trip Mines all over the deck, including around the crewmate flag. They will also be protected by an Absorption Shield, which will change element randomly throught the fight. Every third of their health, Skiffiks will summon Splinter Mines that must be dismantled to prevent the activity from failing. Brigs on top of Skiffs will also be bombarding the fireteam throught the fight.

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