Crimson Days

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"I hope you're ready for the Crimson Days, Guardian. Every year the Tower celebrates Guardian teams of two, and so does the Crucible. Show me what you and your Crimson Bond can do."
— Lord Shaxx
Crimson Days in the Tower

Crimson Days is a limited time event held in the Tower, coinciding with Valentine's Day. The event was first debuted in 2016, returning for Destiny 2 in 2018. Shaxx serves as the official vendor for Crimson Days in honor of the Crimson Bonds of love and friendship forged between Guardians in the Crucible.


"With proper tactics and proper execution, a Fireteam of two Guardians can fight indefinitely. The Crimson Days are a chance to revel in this fact."
— Lord Shaxx

Crimson Days' focus is a new Crucible mode called Crimson Doubles. Participating in Crimson Doubles will allow players to earn exclusive Crimson Days-themed items.


To participate in Crimson Days, players must obtain the Quest "Crimson Bonds" from Lord Shaxx; note that players must be level 40.[1] Completing the the quest, which involves completing 7 Crimson Doubles matches in a fireteam, rewards the Crimson Crest emblem.

Crimson Doubles is a 2v2 Crucible mode where killing one player on the opposing team will cause the surviving player to gain the "Heartbroken" buff to avenge his or her teammate. "Heartbroken" maxes out the affected player's Armor, Recovery, and Agility stats and increases weapon reload speeds; players affected by "Heartbroken" also gain a fiery red aura to mark them. Random rewards from each match include shaders, Ghost Shells with a random Defense value above the player's current Ghost Shell up to 320 Defense, and Crimson Candy.[1] In addition, daily bounties are offered by Lord Shaxx which can drop Nightfall-tier rewards.

Crimson Candy is a consumable used to activate a 30-minute buff called "Crimson Connection" among all members of a fireteam. "Crimson Connection" increases experience gains for all of a player's equipped weapons. Only one fireteam member needs to use a Crimson Candy to buff the entire fireteam.


  • Consumables
    • Crimson Candy

Eververse Items[edit]

The Eververse Trading Company offers a selection of five event-exclusive Emotes for a quantity of Silver.


  • As with other special events, the Tower gains a unique set of decorations for the duration of the event. The Crimson Days banner replaces the original banners in the Tower Plaza, and heaps of red flowers fill the planters and carpet the ground.
  • Coinciding with the arrival of Crimson Days, all players were granted two free Rare Emotes: "Yes" and "Nope", both of which can be found in the Emote kiosk in the Tower Hangar.


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