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Project Golden Age is a Destinypedia project page dedicated to bringing many articles up to date, including but not limited to: images for already written articles, Armor "set" articles (that is, Helmet, Gauntlets, Chest, and Leg armor in one article, plus similarly named pieces), and general expansion of stubs. Anyone is welcome to participate, but is not obligated to.

This project is headed by the users listed below. Should you have any questions pertaining to this page, please ask them.

Articles needed

    • Characters:

Completed articles

The following list of articles need various additions. Please remove an article's unchecked box when an article meets the requirements listed beside it.

Minor editing needed

Images needed

Destinypedia requires the following images in order to complete the articles below. If possible please upload up to two images per article and link them to the galleries located at the bottom of each page.

References needed

Currently, Destinypedia's articles are lacking in proper citations. You can help Destinypedia by adding citations to those lacking and also correcting incorrect citations on others.



Base Game

The Dark Below

House of Wolves

The Taken King

Rise of Iron