Arcadia-class Jumpship

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"Arcadians were the most common jumpships during the Golden Age, used for both terrestrial and planetary excursions. Their remains have been reported around most Earth-based space ports."
— Ship description
The Arcadia-class jumpship.

The Arcadia-class Jumpship is the first ship that new Guardians obtain.[1] It requires an NLS Drive in Story mission Restoration to breach the atmosphere.

During the Red War, the Arcadia jumpships were used, actively engaging Red Legion Harvesters and Threshers during both the attack on the City, and the counter-attack headed by the Vanguard.

Throughout their service with the Guardians, the Arcadia has been seen in the hands of various owners such as Lord Saladin, Commander Zavala, Cayde-6, and Ikora Rey, all with their own personal touches. At least one model of the jumpship has been modified by SIVA.



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