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The Destiny Beta logo.
The official timeline for the Destiny public beta.

The Destiny Beta was a public Destiny beta test, accessed by pre-ordering the game from selected retailers. The beta was released on July 17, 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 platforms, while Xbox One and Xbox 360 access began on July 23, 2014. The beta ended for all platforms on July 27, 2014.[1][2]

Following pre-order of the game, a unique code was sent to the player; this code was needed to be redeemed before final, console-specific, access codes are sent out closer to the beta launch date.[3] exclusively on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 platforms, with other platforms getting access soon after.[4]

A three-day Destiny Alpha test also took place previous to the beta, only accessible to PlayStation users that registered for alpha testing.[5]

The Beta had a level cap of 8.[6]


The following was available to the player in the public beta:[1]

  • A handful of Story Missions, starting from the beginning of the game
  • A cooperative strike mission
  • A selection of competitive multiplayer, or "Crucible", maps



Destiny's official Facebook page gave away free beta codes.