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Welcome to Fan Fiction. This forum is the place that allows users to share their own fan fiction ideas with the community. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "Add new topic".

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TopicLast EditLast Author
Asylum of Screams09:01, August 12, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Gray's Return22:22, August 11, 2019Joskaa
House of Lions22:20, August 11, 2019Joskaa
Bane of Oryx22:17, August 11, 2019Joskaa
Seriviks22:08, August 11, 2019Joskaa
Jraskos-921:21, August 8, 2019Joskaa
The Jackal Syndicate21:05, August 8, 2019Joskaa
Vilksor, the Emissary20:57, August 8, 2019Joskaa
Gray Wars20:31, August 8, 2019Joskaa
Dreksor-1016:11, August 5, 2019Joskaa
Splicership Dreksor-Syn15:46, August 5, 2019Joskaa
Ze Erâh, Beloved by Ja-krag15:12, August 3, 2019Joskaa
Ja-krag, Exiled Prince14:41, August 3, 2019Joskaa
Overpowered Servitor01:07, August 3, 2019Joskaa
Dreksor-2, Pilot Servitor21:09, August 2, 2019Joskaa
Sight of Ja-krag19:57, August 2, 2019Joskaa
Virtuoso Claw (Shank)17:17, August 1, 2019Joskaa
Virtuoso Claw (Vandal)17:03, August 1, 2019Joskaa
Schools out14:41, July 31, 2019Chickenx4
Tikmiks, Archon Priest20:24, July 30, 2019Joskaa
House of Gray20:15, July 30, 2019Joskaa
Dakiliss, the Strategist20:14, July 30, 2019Joskaa
Atheon, Might of Savathûn07:14, July 23, 2019Chickenx4
Andax-520:02, July 21, 2019Joskaa
Notable Kells19:46, July 21, 2019Joskaa
Andax Prime, the Contructor19:44, July 21, 2019Joskaa
Lion High Servitor00:26, July 21, 2019Joskaa
Lionship Andax-Fel02:32, July 16, 2019Joskaa
Fin, Lion Baron13:03, July 11, 2019Joskaa
Fesshsa13:02, July 11, 2019Joskaa
Semkis-0, the Devourer22:26, June 29, 2019Joskaa
Semkis-4322:24, June 29, 2019Joskaa
Yorvik, Kell of Lions22:17, June 29, 2019Joskaa
Magnusk, Lions' Wrath14:08, June 29, 2019Joskaa
Pavik, Once Meek13:51, June 29, 2019Joskaa
Crusades of the Jackals12:55, June 27, 2019Joskaa
Lion Splicers01:57, June 26, 2019Joskaa
Phantasms10:05, June 21, 2019Nitin Das
Bekrath, Disdained by Hive19:18, June 19, 2019Chickenx4
Granook, Son of Taox20:26, June 18, 2019Chickenx4
Zukrox, the Wish of Savathûn15:08, June 17, 2019Tax Evader
Rulnok, Shadow Paladin11:48, June 16, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Wyor, Shadow Sorceress11:01, June 16, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Scarlet Fortress00:08, June 13, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Shadowkeepers22:46, June 12, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Val Jo'arch22:46, June 8, 2019Joskaa
Star Blazers22:45, June 8, 2019Joskaa
Kenrbus Vege V22:09, June 8, 2019Joskaa
Meme Squad (Joke Faction)13:57, June 7, 2019Porplemontage
Shiromi Torayoshi13:57, June 7, 2019Porplemontage
The Grey Void13:55, June 7, 2019Porplemontage
Battle of the Wild20:40, June 5, 2019Chickenx4
Battle for the Consensus20:39, June 5, 2019Chickenx4
Norlan20:38, June 5, 2019Chickenx4
Yadde,Hunter of the 2nd vanguard20:34, June 5, 2019Chickenx4
Ketch Enforcer06:59, June 5, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Lions' High Emissary16:38, June 4, 2019Joskaa
Kalsos, Bonded Shank17:09, June 3, 2019Joskaa
House of Tigers16:52, June 3, 2019Chickenx4
Crimson Widow11:55, June 3, 2019Joskaa
House of Light20:16, June 2, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Trysahn, the Excavator20:16, June 2, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Mirkos, Bonded Shank14:04, June 2, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Dominus Khraghul, the Almighty03:44, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Haru’ulk, the Ambassador03:44, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Warden Cavuul03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Clumsy Storm (Joke Boss)03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Pact of the Gods (Fan DLC)03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Maksis, the Sharp-Tongued03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Gall'usk, Elite Bombardier03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Analyst Rolak, Free-Thinker03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Cayde-6, the Chicken King03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Sorra Lys, the Rogue03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Loliks Prime (Joke Boss)03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Nokris, the Undestined Child03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Nezarec, Final God of Pain03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Skelsis, the Taskmaster03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Dominus Xaruun03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Primus Ral'un, Enforcer03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Grask, Lion Captain03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Denigrates03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Time's End (Fan DLC)03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Myli’ikros, the Savage03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Zuulk, Blight-Shaper03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Pariphos, the Seeker03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Wrath of the Guardians03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
The Obhadr-Zhah03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Taox, the last proto-Hive03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Semkis Prime, Pretender to Andax03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Daughter Of Nokris03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Lion's Pride03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Blight-Shaper03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Umu'urag, Icebreaker03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Semkis-6, Jackal Relay03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Karagh, Demolitionist03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Unn, the Necroworm03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Srikes, Exile Veteran03:42, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Iliksis, Dusk Light Stalker03:42, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Fensik, Walker Engineer17:50, June 1, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Chelsik, the Infiltrator22:04, May 31, 2019Joskaa
Dominus Swadi, Student Of Srikes21:35, May 31, 2019Chickenx4
Veresix, Silent Shadow19:09, May 31, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Krathiks, Rabid Archon17:32, May 31, 2019Joskaa
Aliskis, Splicer Savant17:31, May 31, 2019Joskaa
Lions' Run08:49, May 30, 2019Joskaa
Reksor, Signal Hijacker14:59, May 29, 2019Joskaa
Meriskis, Ordinance Thief21:17, May 28, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Fallen Queen19:28, May 28, 2019Joskaa
Prehistoric Eliksni13:04, May 27, 2019Joskaa
Cholchikk, the bold11:59, May 27, 2019Chickenx4
Grayria17:49, May 26, 2019Joskaa
Jackalship Semkis-Fel22:30, May 25, 2019Joskaa
Rulkis, Archon Rising15:52, May 25, 2019Joskaa
Lion Guard15:35, May 25, 2019Joskaa
Praetorian Guard Captain15:28, May 25, 2019Joskaa
Calgos-Alpha, Communications Nexus18:16, May 24, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Hoth14:09, May 24, 2019Chickenx4
Skorik, Siege Professor15:43, May 23, 2019Joskaa
Hagrask, Jackal Enforcer15:25, May 23, 2019Joskaa
Thresik, the Swordsman13:12, May 23, 2019Joskaa
Kithiks, the Pathfinder13:12, May 23, 2019Joskaa
Graksul, the Headhunter13:12, May 23, 2019Joskaa
Giltris, the Prowler20:41, May 22, 2019Joskaa
Jobkis Prime17:47, May 22, 2019Joskaa
House of TV (Joke Faction)21:30, May 19, 2019Joskaa
REEE (Joke Boss)20:25, May 19, 2019Joskaa
Julsis, Lion Baron00:33, May 18, 2019Joskaa
Invisible Claw17:27, May 17, 2019Joskaa
Vakaal, Ether Glutton21:24, May 14, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Vulpis, the Dracobane21:04, May 14, 2019Chickenx4
Ghalkor, the Butcher20:38, May 14, 2019Chickenx4
Draconis Gunship14:28, May 14, 2019Unscathed Legionary
House of Cards22:25, May 11, 2019Joskaa
Black Reapers07:44, May 2, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Senior Private,Najmai17:53, April 28, 2019Chickenx4
The Indenture16:17, April 26, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Construction Or Destruction06:52, April 19, 2019Chickenx4
Arthroship Toxikor-Syn01:21, April 6, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Arthropod's Den21:06, April 4, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Dusk Splicers20:23, April 2, 2019Chickenx4
Exiled Taken17:27, March 26, 2019DarkGuardian
Ares Tower07:41, March 26, 2019Unscathed Legionary
General Foolhardy (Joke Boss)22:59, March 25, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Dragon's Den10:06, March 25, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Dragon's Breath14:15, March 13, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Dusk Legion18:02, March 11, 2019Chickenx4
The Silent Doom19:05, March 9, 2019Vergil the Ghost
Vahkrii, the Insider21:01, March 2, 2019Chickenx4
Zashton, Transforming Mind22:03, March 1, 2019Vergil the Ghost
The Discharged (Kind of a Joke Faction)21:56, February 23, 2019Chickenx4
Father22:29, February 2, 2019Chickenx4
Sergeant Major Bonar22:35, January 25, 2019Chickenx4
Kavahn, Head Guardsman22:13, January 19, 2019Chickenx4
Thirteenth Battalion19:10, January 16, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Catoblepas21:45, January 12, 2019Chickenx4
Collective Configurative21:17, January 12, 2019Chickenx4
Solitary Abyss22:49, January 7, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Masochist's Prison21:49, January 7, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Flashpoint20:02, January 6, 2019Chickenx4
Dominus Lurg, the Unbreakable Shield (Kind of a Joke Boss)19:31, January 6, 2019Chickenx4
Wilbur, Warlock Of 2nd Vanguard12:08, January 4, 2019Chickenx4
Oh Blind One Mine...04:16, December 31, 2018Ubb the Father of Worms
Troia, Banished Core18:58, December 30, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Argos, Planetary Corruption22:36, December 26, 2018Chickenx4
Kherdahl, Deathsinger20:38, December 26, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Master Santiago20:11, December 26, 2018Chickenx4
Till Death Do us Part08:34, December 26, 2018Chickenx4
Vordyxx, the Simulacrum14:58, December 25, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Avatars of Darumel13:16, December 25, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Bharad, the Mutualist21:57, December 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Hunter's Palace21:09, December 23, 2018Chickenx4
The Gladorum20:15, December 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Rocky Mountain Exclusion Zone20:10, December 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Private Bully (Joke Boss)18:24, December 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Indomitable15:23, December 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Cyclades Macula15:20, December 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Noviks Prime, the Warmachine23:57, December 22, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Darumel, Pride of Xîn22:28, December 22, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Val Bragg, the "Butcher"21:18, December 22, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Warrent Officer Meanie (Joke Boss)18:39, December 22, 2018Chickenx4
Admiral Weakling (Joke Boss)17:08, December 22, 2018Chickenx4
Commander Noob (Joke Boss)16:52, December 22, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Sergeant Pushover (Joke Boss)12:56, December 22, 2018Primus Draug'oth
The Lit Fam! (Joke Faction)21:45, December 21, 2018Chickenx4
The Litty Bro (Joke Boss)21:43, December 21, 2018Chickenx4
Skewiks, Potato Kell (Joke Boss)21:41, December 21, 2018Chickenx4
Derpbot (Joke Boss)21:39, December 21, 2018Chickenx4
Primus Bl'argh (Joke Boss)21:38, December 21, 2018Chickenx4
No, I Don't Wanna (Joke Boss)21:34, December 21, 2018Chickenx4
Panavis, High Priestess17:34, December 21, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Evocate-General Umun'arath, Primus of All Legions02:23, December 21, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Freeborn Otzot, Psion Savant00:45, December 21, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Kell's Scourge23:37, December 20, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Cheghik, Battalion Commander22:31, December 20, 2018Chickenx4
Caiatl, Princess-Imperial20:42, December 20, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Praetorates20:20, December 20, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Bannertorn15:39, December 20, 2018Chickenx4
Centaur22:07, December 19, 2018Chickenx4
Tuliks, the Emissary22:13, December 17, 2018Chickenx4
Rigoris, Supervisor Archon18:05, December 17, 2018Chickenx4
Ghaul, The Forsaken15:07, December 16, 2018Chickenx4
The Dire Wolves23:17, December 12, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Tribals (Joke Faction)20:23, December 12, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Xîn, War's Eternity22:34, December 9, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Blood Sect18:23, December 8, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Pit of Lore11:36, December 7, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The One Law08:27, December 6, 2018Leoasken72
Worm's Grave21:00, December 3, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Kabratos, the Destroyer20:21, December 3, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Bracus Paraquos, the Entrusted20:20, December 3, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Neon Triplets20:20, December 3, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Neon Wraiths20:17, December 3, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Time's Hold19:02, December 3, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Collective18:08, December 3, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Siviks, Lost to None02:14, December 2, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Prime Scourge Servitor00:29, December 2, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Edge Transit (Joke Quest)00:04, November 30, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Poorly Programmed Machinery (Joke Boss)23:27, November 29, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Searing Vengeance17:46, November 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Star Breaker14:05, November 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
High-End Bounties13:14, November 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Last Maskmaker19:24, November 18, 2018Vergil the Ghost
The Spawn of Quria09:21, November 9, 2018Vergil the Ghost
The Perfected Blade09:34, October 31, 2018Vergil the Ghost
Bloodbound11:18, October 27, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Dominus Bolk, the Supreme16:03, October 25, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Hazak, the Darkest Edge21:47, October 19, 2018Vergil the Ghost
Eye of the Ogre21:50, October 18, 2018104.222.21.33
Irrvian, the Lore-Ridden20:45, October 18, 2018Vergil the Ghost
Arakis, Daughter of Xivu20:31, October 18, 2018Vergil the Ghost
Ticklie19:58, October 15, 2018Vergil the Ghost
Acolytes of the Ahamkara13:36, October 14, 2018Vergil the Ghost
Last Breath10:41, October 13, 2018Vergil the Ghost
Redesigning the Loyalists11:27, October 6, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Blood Guards22:34, October 2, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Azkotch, Mind-Slayer20:35, September 27, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Faiklor, the Fighter15:12, September 24, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Rau'ulsk, the Gladiator14:58, September 24, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Defense Net14:37, September 24, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Kaitra, the Assassin14:34, September 24, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Salzan, the Echidna14:32, September 24, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Jylzhan, Hell-Caller07:52, September 24, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Kal' Huun21:14, September 23, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Trau'urg, the Faithless19:39, September 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Scorn Barons Reimagined23:50, September 17, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Secrets of the Vault23:14, September 15, 2018Project Nanopoesis
End of Story11:03, September 2, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return00:20, September 1, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Rikizov, the Stalker23:53, August 27, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Qweyoks, the Collector22:30, August 27, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Haviok, Red Betrayer22:28, August 27, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Lightbreaker21:34, August 27, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Unwanted20:25, August 27, 201869.250.255.43
Nomad19:07, August 19, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Chronos, the Collective Mind19:22, August 12, 2018Unscathed Legionary
House of Waves15:22, August 11, 2018Virgil the Ghost
The Sol Minds14:50, August 11, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Collective Realm14:26, August 10, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Tartarus17:50, August 9, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Checkpoint Ares13:00, August 9, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Crusher Gralurk11:41, August 4, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Machination Volkrion10:22, August 4, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Corruptor Hargolth08:44, August 4, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Reaper Calziks21:19, August 1, 2018Primus Draug'oth
The Warbringer11:12, July 23, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Betruve, Baron of Wasps11:30, July 22, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Tervin, the Mindbreaker17:00, July 21, 2018Virgil the Ghost
H7-38 Beta12:15, July 19, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Philech, the Manipulator17:06, July 18, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Talusk, the Earthshaker16:50, July 18, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Bracus Tu'ulc23:13, July 16, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Aurant Phantom22:34, July 16, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Primus Pyrhaeus21:07, July 16, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Beastmaster Volg20:26, July 16, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Primus Vahuln20:26, July 16, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Primus Yalari20:24, July 16, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Taken Hunter20:34, July 10, 2018Dante the Ghost
Dergixx, The All-Mind14:21, July 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Hezen14:05, July 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Dryad13:42, July 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Unterv, Collective Hate01:02, July 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
The Collective Minds00:43, July 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Qervon, Collective Truth15:32, July 3, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Sektrixx, Collective Fury13:08, July 2, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Vertirix, Collective Heart19:57, June 29, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Skolas, Corrupted Kell11:55, June 24, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Nitemare's Guard12:26, June 14, 2018Absner
Kholon, Lord Of Truth22:30, June 13, 2018Absner
Gra'zon, Seer Of Arzhun23:45, June 12, 2018Absner
Zujakk, The One Eyed11:21, June 12, 2018Absner
Vukane10:53, June 12, 2018Absner
Arethras,Ocean Eater22:45, June 10, 2018Absner
House Of Oceans15:35, June 10, 2018Absner
House of SIVA23:32, June 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Rahndel, Exiled Legend23:08, June 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Uprising01:17, May 6, 2018Dante the Ghost
Xol, Will of the Thousands12:44, May 1, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Rise of the Kell (Fan DLC)11:40, April 27, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Grasp of Nokris08:36, April 26, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Hera Sern12:53, April 25, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Desmond, Sol's Protector00:29, April 18, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Vergaxx, the Constructive Mind20:40, April 15, 2018Virgil the Ghost
The Battle of the Abyss20:34, March 29, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Reel Leonph, the Headhunter20:30, March 29, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Shepard-912:54, March 28, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Behemoths10:25, March 24, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Stone Breakers10:14, March 24, 2018Primus Draug'oth
House of Scorpions20:19, March 22, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Skell, the Kell of Kells18:32, March 3, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Primus Val'ouk, Calus' Consul10:32, March 1, 2018Virgil the Ghost
The Spartans10:22, March 1, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Iris, Fanatic of Timur16:48, February 25, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Aphix Defensive01:44, February 25, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Russell, the Juggernaut15:23, February 11, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Wilson, the Paladin21:05, February 8, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Blackburn, the Distorter18:13, February 7, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Cass, the Bender18:13, February 6, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Theola, the Roamer13:49, February 5, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Cyrus, the Watcher13:22, February 5, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Lightbreakers01:21, February 1, 2018Primus Draug'oth
The Lothric14:00, January 28, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Kulrok, the Defiant00:12, January 21, 2018Virgil the Ghost
The Void09:19, January 16, 2018Primus Draug'oth
The Dark Frankenstein10:30, January 13, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Veil of Nokris09:59, January 13, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Nokris, Shadow Sovereign09:35, January 13, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Redesigning the Leviathan Raid00:50, January 13, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Royal Consumer21:33, January 12, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Gauntlet Centurion21:24, January 12, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Gauntlet Champion18:03, January 12, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Rabid War Beast17:43, January 12, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Submersed Bather17:34, January 12, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Argos Prestige Mode Concept23:36, January 11, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Sekris, Baron of Shanks17:05, January 11, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Wryime, the Dark13:09, January 11, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Skolas, the Corrupted Kell21:47, January 10, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Krouth, Flame Prince18:01, January 10, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Rhisling15:40, January 10, 2018Virgil the Ghost
The Dark Oath15:39, January 10, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Omega Collective09:58, January 6, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Primus Rala'usk, the Devourer09:32, January 5, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Werrak Orimph, The Dawning00:24, January 4, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Ex Archival09:04, January 2, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Valus Tro'orph13:28, December 21, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Ordnance Juggernaut21:46, November 20, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Apollo,Restorative God17:02, November 19, 2017Spartacus
Valus Bru'ork18:57, November 18, 2017Primus Draug'oth
House of Time08:11, November 14, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Cerberus Tank11:53, November 10, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Viruses10:38, November 7, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Halkris, the Corrupted King13:09, October 30, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Dorusk, the Fracturer07:24, October 18, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Primus Tho'urgh22:29, October 17, 2017HouseofBlack
Quria, Blade Transform22:08, October 16, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Draliks, the Exsanguinator19:03, October 16, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Arath's Vengeance15:51, October 16, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Brotherhood Knight15:43, October 16, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Ir Aluk, the Executioner08:29, October 16, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Xydrakon, the Collective Mind16:02, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Zrygon, Reaper Mind16:02, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Breaker Goliath Tank09:51, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Primus Ko'rok09:47, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Detonation Calculus09:46, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Quantum Reapers09:46, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Vorpaleon, Serrated Mind09:45, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Varlak, the Corruptor09:44, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Krillnex, Kell Prime09:44, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Menkis Prime09:43, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Vornaax, Worm Guard09:43, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Lorkxyn, Scorpion Kell09:42, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Krelix Prime09:42, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Reklis, Scorpion Priest09:41, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Skolas, Perfected of Perfection09:41, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Thralkis, Kell Prime22:32, October 4, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Serkuleks Perfected20:44, October 4, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Kraviks, Archon Prime21:18, October 3, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Phryzzak, Dusk Kell20:17, October 3, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Xivu Arath, War Progenitor12:21, September 20, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Savathun, Mother Progenitor12:15, September 20, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Emperor Calus11:40, September 9, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Consul Karn18:39, September 2, 2017MorningWalker
Rezziks Prime22:25, August 30, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Karnix, Dusk Archon21:57, August 30, 2017Primus Draug'oth
MOTH PEOPLE22:01, August 17, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Dominus Ghaul07:14, August 12, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Red Goliath19:21, August 6, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Genocyber, Terminus Reaper13:16, June 20, 2017Project Nanopoesis
Keeper of Nokris23:33, June 15, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Splicer S.A.B.E.R.-2 Concept13:22, November 19, 2016Spartacus
Noru'usk, Servant of Oryx Suggestion13:18, November 19, 2016Spartacus
Khvostov 7G-0X Builds13:17, November 19, 2016Spartacus