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Welcome to Fan Fiction. This forum is the place that allows users to share their own fan fiction ideas with the community. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "Add new topic".

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TopicLast EditLast Author
Aincrad19:17, April 14, 2021Dante the Ghost
Realms of Glass17:06, April 14, 2021Kirito Beater3
House of Lions16:00, April 14, 2021Joskaa
Jobiks Prime15:10, April 14, 2021Joskaa
Lions' Run00:26, April 14, 2021Joskaa
The Iron Catacombs19:32, April 13, 2021Unscathed Legionary
War of Attrition19:27, April 13, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Sumeragi12:39, April 13, 2021Skolas, Kell of Sumeragi
Raviks Perfected12:21, April 13, 2021Joskaa
House of Storm12:21, April 13, 2021Joskaa
Joskaa's Journal10:09, April 13, 2021Kirito Beater3
Manhunt10:01, April 13, 2021Kirito Beater3
Lion High Servitor00:39, April 13, 2021Joskaa
House of Salvation (Twisted Fate)00:33, April 13, 2021Joskaa
Saphix21:00, April 12, 2021DarkGuardian
Splinter Legion11:51, April 12, 2021Avan Li
Mallory Bertha09:25, April 12, 2021Kirito Beater3
The Coming Storm02:02, April 12, 2021Avan Li
Shadowkeeper23:07, April 11, 2021Kirito Beater3
Star Blazers21:27, April 11, 2021Joskaa
Atheon's Redemption18:28, April 11, 2021Project Nanopoesis
Grask, Lion Captain17:31, April 11, 2021Joskaa
Remnant's Defiance17:06, April 11, 2021Kirito Beater3
The Lions' Armistice Update14:00, April 11, 2021Joskaa
Future in Darkness20:54, April 10, 2021Kirito Beater3
Exclusion Line18:44, April 10, 2021Avan Li
Venus's Future18:19, April 10, 2021Avan Li
Venus's Past18:18, April 10, 2021Avan Li
House of Shadows17:49, April 10, 2021Kirito Beater3
Neko Captain17:48, April 10, 2021Kirito Beater3
The Exile17:47, April 10, 2021Avan Li
The Junction's Tower17:45, April 10, 2021Avan Li
Tower's Heart17:44, April 10, 2021Avan Li
Tharsis Junction (strike)17:24, April 10, 2021Avan Li
Splinter's Furnace16:47, April 10, 2021Avan Li
Cerberus Undercarriage16:33, April 10, 2021Avan Li
The Raining Pits15:30, April 10, 2021Avan Li
Empire's Wager15:00, April 10, 2021Avan Li
Once-Golden13:54, April 10, 2021Avan Li
The Splinter Legion (expansion)13:05, April 10, 2021Avan Li
Morgana le Fay21:13, April 9, 2021Kirito Beater3
Into the Hearth17:22, April 9, 2021Avan Li
The Splinter Legion (mission)16:48, April 9, 2021Avan Li
Furnace Fumes14:16, April 9, 2021Avan Li
Delphi's Flame14:16, April 9, 2021Avan Li
Needle in a Haystack14:14, April 9, 2021Avan Li
Raviks Prime12:55, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Lion Splicers12:54, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Pevkis, the Dishonored12:54, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Skevsis, the Prowling12:53, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Lion Kell's Guard12:53, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Lion Enforcer12:51, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Lion Scout12:51, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Sottomessa Mind12:50, April 9, 2021Joskaa
When the Gates fall12:49, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Bracus Ph'inn12:49, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Bracus Jar'uarn12:48, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Mecher Jobiks-4312:48, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Menkrodos, the Dimensional Mind12:47, April 9, 2021Joskaa
AJ, the Relentless12:46, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Kell of Sky12:46, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Yorvik, Kell of Lions12:44, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Lions' Guard12:43, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Matron12:41, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Season of the Inferno12:40, April 9, 2021Kirito Beater3
Invisible Claw12:40, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Messeion, the Consumed Mind12:37, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Lionship Andiks-Fel12:33, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Lionship Jobiks-Fel12:14, April 9, 2021Joskaa
Paradox12:07, April 9, 2021Kirito Beater3
Road to Redemption13:45, April 8, 2021Project Nanopoesis
Kotrik, Bloodcrafter of Kirito12:29, April 8, 2021Kirito Beater3
Zavriks20:24, April 7, 2021Joskaa
Zharves, Shadowcaster of Kirito18:29, April 7, 2021Kirito Beater3
Gha'arn, Crownforger of Kirito18:28, April 7, 2021Kirito Beater3
Kovik (Twisted Fate)16:13, April 7, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
House of Desire09:30, April 7, 2021Kirito Beater3
The Black Fleet20:02, April 6, 2021Kirito Beater3
The White Angel19:41, April 6, 2021Kirito Beater3
Tikmiks, Archon Priest13:14, April 6, 2021Joskaa
Andiks-513:00, April 6, 2021Joskaa
Shadow Legion11:03, April 6, 2021Kirito Beater3
Yithriks, Emperor Archon23:53, April 5, 2021Joskaa
House of Flame17:21, April 5, 2021Kirito Beater3
The Black Swordsman14:10, April 5, 2021Kirito Beater3
Winterfall14:06, April 5, 2021Kirito Beater3
Fanfic Champions14:00, April 5, 2021Kirito Beater3
Skeldiks, Slayer13:24, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Season of the Vipers13:24, April 5, 2021Joskaa
House of Sky13:22, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Rise of the Emperors13:20, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Fanfic Archons13:20, April 5, 2021Joskaa
House of Emperors13:17, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Fanfic Prime Servitors13:16, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Delkris13:14, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Season of the Relentless13:14, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Skarviks, Winter Bane13:13, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Jaralsis, Weaponsmith13:11, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Kell's Gauntlet13:11, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Dakiliss, the Strategist13:08, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Crusades of the Jackals13:07, April 5, 2021Joskaa
The Jackal Syndicate13:06, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Volniks Prime13:03, April 5, 2021Joskaa
Fall of Olympus (Raid)23:42, April 4, 2021Project Nanopoesis
Quantum Reapers23:21, April 4, 2021Project Nanopoesis
Cockatrice23:03, April 4, 2021Vergil the Ghost
Captain, House of Shadows19:01, April 3, 2021Kirito Beater3
Titania (system)16:23, April 3, 2021Kirito Beater3
Sanctuary14:29, April 3, 2021Dante the Ghost
Striviis01:08, April 2, 2021Joskaa
Andiks Prime01:06, April 2, 2021Joskaa
Grayvris01:02, April 2, 2021Joskaa
Monégasque Ruins13:49, April 1, 2021Joskaa
Eobard Thawne10:39, April 1, 2021Kirito Beater3
Skrisah, the Wise00:21, April 1, 2021Joskaa
Tariks, Lion Baron00:15, April 1, 2021Joskaa
Seriviks00:13, April 1, 2021Joskaa
House of Onyx22:44, March 31, 2021Joskaa
Xavyskaa22:42, March 31, 2021Kirito Beater3
Gray Wars19:12, March 31, 2021Joskaa
Avaxis, Only Proxy18:44, March 31, 2021Porplemontage
Rhetiks, Hunter Archon16:26, March 31, 2021I Exist
Green15:36, March 31, 2021I Exist
Zensuke Kuroi11:51, March 31, 2021Kirito Beater3
Zevon11:45, March 31, 2021Kirito Beater3
Mal10:09, March 31, 2021Kirito Beater3
Collapse of Time10:28, March 30, 2021Project Nanopoesis
Bal'kelerg, Blade of Jo'arrc09:48, March 30, 2021Emperor Zor
Azarias, The Subverter17:01, March 29, 2021Dredgen Nur
Gariks22:10, March 28, 2021I Exist
Heft-922:04, March 28, 2021I Exist
The Architects02:04, March 28, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
BIG BOI SERVITOR (Joke boss)01:08, March 28, 2021Joskaa
Retaking of Sol23:05, March 27, 2021Kirito Beater3
Second Collapse22:46, March 27, 2021Kirito Beater3
Val Thul'tuam, Order Keeper18:07, March 26, 2021Kirito Beater3
Noro'un, the Forsaken Blade18:06, March 26, 2021Kirito Beater3
Bracus Korvam, the Famished Champion16:20, March 26, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Aethrox, Shadow's Hunger16:09, March 26, 2021Kirito Beater3
Kamrak, the Titan13:18, March 26, 2021Kirito Beater3
Neko Servitor12:50, March 26, 2021Kirito Beater3
Shadowship Nitrix-Fel09:51, March 26, 2021Kirito Beater3
Bone Crushers23:18, March 25, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Kalrix, the Unwavering Claw19:54, March 25, 2021Joskaa
Pavissa, Archon Priestess19:42, March 25, 2021Joskaa
Castris's Criminal Empire16:03, March 25, 2021Joskaa
Vrylzesk, Emperor Kell15:37, March 25, 2021Joskaa
Aksor (Twisted Fate)15:24, March 25, 2021Joskaa
Totomaru11:26, March 25, 2021Kirito Beater3
Tatsuyi Kirigaya18:40, March 24, 2021Kirito Beater3
Bracus Va'taul, Imperial-Breaker13:52, March 24, 2021Joskaa
Malcolm Merlyn00:34, March 24, 2021Kirito Beater3
Shoegazer23:36, March 21, 2021Kirito Beater3
Vilksor, the Emissary20:45, March 21, 2021Joskaa
Shadows' Legacy Update16:16, March 21, 2021Kirito Beater3
The Eclipse Redux Saga10:34, March 21, 2021Kirito Beater3
Lich20:29, March 20, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Shadows of the Night00:14, March 20, 2021Kirito Beater3
Battlegrounds Expanded22:31, March 18, 2021ForgottenJedi
Field Tactician Borusk22:30, March 18, 2021ForgottenJedi
Deksis Prime15:20, March 17, 2021Joskaa
Graziks13:29, March 17, 2021Joskaa
Elder Ones19:05, March 16, 2021Dante the Ghost
Fallen Coalition Supporter19:02, March 16, 2021Dante the Ghost
Scions of Skolas13:56, March 16, 2021Joskaa
House of Forgotten13:50, March 16, 2021Joskaa
Skorvik, Siege Professor13:25, March 16, 2021Joskaa
Crimson Widow13:14, March 16, 2021Joskaa
Semkis-0, the Devourer12:39, March 16, 2021Joskaa
Semkis-4312:37, March 16, 2021Joskaa
Maksis, the Sharp-Tongued12:32, March 16, 2021Joskaa
Rulkis, Archon Rising12:28, March 16, 2021Joskaa
Skelsis, the Taskmaster12:16, March 16, 2021Joskaa
Meriskis, Ordinance Thief12:12, March 16, 2021Joskaa
Graksul, the Headhunter12:09, March 16, 2021Joskaa
Thresik, the Swordsman12:05, March 16, 2021Joskaa
Fireteam Infernium10:12, March 16, 2021Kirito Beater3
Eclipse09:52, March 16, 2021Kirito Beater3
Riis Prime00:30, March 16, 2021Joskaa
The Dimensional Wars23:26, March 15, 2021Joskaa
Solar Coalition23:22, March 15, 2021Joskaa
Akildis, Baron Empress23:19, March 15, 2021Joskaa
Dereks, Kell of Forgotten23:15, March 15, 2021Joskaa
Cinnamon23:13, March 15, 2021Joskaa
Nezarec, Final God of Pain23:10, March 15, 2021Joskaa
The Void23:04, March 15, 2021Joskaa
Dusk Splicers23:02, March 15, 2021Joskaa
Type-14 Humpback Hive22:57, March 15, 2021Joskaa
Velaitl, Blind Veteran22:19, March 15, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Ruby Hale14:51, March 15, 2021Kirito Beater3
Djin14:21, March 15, 2021Kirito Beater3
Uldren Sov (Nightmare)14:20, March 15, 2021Kirito Beater3
Hiram Lodge14:17, March 15, 2021Kirito Beater3
Anton Ivanov14:17, March 15, 2021Kirito Beater3
Leopold Fitz14:16, March 15, 2021Kirito Beater3
Reign14:15, March 15, 2021Kirito Beater3
Tobias Whale14:15, March 15, 2021Kirito Beater3
Damien Darhk14:14, March 15, 2021Kirito Beater3
Warvriks, the Deserted12:12, March 15, 2021Joskaa
Phoenixaro Uchihamaki11:44, March 15, 2021Kirito Beater3
Sasuke Uchiha10:09, March 15, 2021Kirito Beater3
Fikrul09:42, March 15, 2021Kirito Beater3
Tyranaks, the Overlord23:58, March 14, 2021Kirito Beater3
Atrykis, Emperor Kell22:15, March 14, 2021Joskaa
Darsiss, the Protector22:13, March 14, 2021Joskaa
Esivir22:11, March 14, 2021Joskaa
Myrhiss, the Enforcer00:21, March 14, 2021Joskaa
Halvu'um, the Boundless Thirst19:27, March 13, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Siege Brig18:49, March 13, 2021Joskaa
Defender Brig18:48, March 13, 2021Joskaa
Ahnkra18:45, March 13, 2021Kirito Beater3
Aphix Insurgent17:24, March 13, 2021Joskaa
Redux Trilogy17:21, March 13, 2021Joskaa
Eliksni High Council17:06, March 13, 2021Joskaa
Kalviks, the Damned17:03, March 13, 2021Joskaa
Fractured Worlds17:02, March 13, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
Vothriks’ Servitor16:58, March 13, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
Vothriks’ Faction16:57, March 13, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
Iriksi Syndicate16:57, March 13, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
Stygian Brood16:55, March 13, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
House of Dragons16:54, March 13, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
Season of the Corruption14:17, March 13, 2021Joskaa
House of Vipers14:15, March 13, 2021Joskaa
Kate Harling21:22, March 12, 2021Joskaa
Jolyne Scarlet20:50, March 12, 2021Kirito Beater3
Valus Dharvum19:10, March 12, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Jahvur, the Defiant Spindle18:10, March 12, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Reltroc, the Frozen-Thought17:47, March 12, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Bruvos, Fortification Engineer16:42, March 12, 2021Unscathed Legionary
High Orbit (Paradox)12:58, March 12, 2021Joskaa
The Guardian (Nightmare)21:39, March 11, 2021Kirito Beater3
Salvationship Yamiks-Fel21:28, March 11, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
Divhoris, the Knowledge-Keeper16:34, March 10, 2021Joskaa
The Void Crisis03:06, March 10, 2021Brayden12012
Tesla-0, Traitor of The City13:27, March 9, 2021Chickenx4
Sal, the Unflinching Maw13:13, March 9, 2021Chickenx4
Dragon Queen (Paradox)12:50, March 9, 2021Kirito Beater3
Silent Scream12:50, March 9, 2021Kirito Beater3
Fury of Akildis12:49, March 9, 2021Kirito Beater3
UP912:48, March 9, 2021Chickenx4
The Void Within05:51, March 9, 2021Brayden12012
The Defiled Mind06:56, March 8, 2021Emperor Zor
Dusk Legion23:28, March 7, 2021Joskaa
House of Sharks22:02, March 6, 2021Dante the Ghost
The Discharged (Kind of a Joke Faction)21:54, March 6, 2021Dante the Ghost
Fanfic Kells21:52, March 6, 2021Dante the Ghost
Collective Configurative21:47, March 6, 2021Dante the Ghost
House of Time19:48, March 6, 2021Dante the Ghost
Nightmare Unyielding21:40, March 5, 2021Brayden12012
Battle of Verses21:31, March 5, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
Egroskyk, Emperor Archon20:46, March 5, 2021Brayden12012
Reservoir14:13, March 4, 2021Joskaa
Shade14:09, March 4, 2021Joskaa
Season of the Beast14:06, March 4, 2021Joskaa
Destiny 314:02, March 4, 2021Joskaa
Dusk Over the Cosmodrome18:35, March 3, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Lilthis, the Daemon18:10, March 3, 2021Kirito Beater3
Empire's End15:04, March 3, 2021Kirito Beater3
Implement Servitor, House Emperors15:02, March 3, 2021Joskaa
The Demented Experiment15:00, March 3, 2021Joskaa
Infested Cove14:59, March 3, 2021Joskaa
The Venomous Blade14:56, March 3, 2021Joskaa
Neon Wraiths (reworked)13:09, March 3, 2021Joskaa
Season of Strife13:08, March 3, 2021Joskaa
Return to the Prison13:05, March 3, 2021Joskaa
Trespasser12:25, March 3, 2021Kirito Beater3
Call to the Past10:32, March 3, 2021Kirito Beater3
Emperorship Xiliks-Fel17:29, March 2, 2021Brayden12012
Riis Nova17:21, March 2, 2021Brayden12012
Hoth20:45, February 28, 2021Dante the Ghost
Iris (location)16:59, February 28, 2021Dante the Ghost
Golden Legion19:03, February 27, 2021Emperor Zor
Shadow Brood14:53, February 26, 2021Kirito Beater3
Val Jo'arrc01:58, February 24, 2021Joskaa
Atrykis's Chosen22:21, February 23, 2021Joskaa
Skaviks, Dusk Archon13:30, February 22, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Mephisto20:08, February 21, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
Ketch (Time)16:04, February 21, 2021Dante the Ghost
Shadowkeeper Apocalypse (Reworked)16:42, February 20, 2021Kirito Beater3
Schooner21:50, February 19, 2021Dante the Ghost
Might of Acrius23:47, February 18, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Bracus Tessarium23:30, February 18, 2021Unscathed Legionary
House of Scorpions12:51, February 16, 2021Joskaa
Enkindled Captain, Emperor Traditionalists23:47, February 15, 2021Joskaa
Nexus23:46, February 15, 2021Joskaa
Mavek, Neonate Champion23:38, February 15, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Tarthis, the Jagged-Blade23:23, February 15, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Ümidviks the Vaultbreaker, Desperation's Grandeur20:08, February 15, 2021Joskaa
Jackal Splicers20:07, February 15, 2021Joskaa
The Emperors Strike Back19:58, February 15, 2021Joskaa
Welcome to the Badlands19:55, February 15, 2021Joskaa
Of Lions and Emperors19:51, February 15, 2021Joskaa
A New Empire19:47, February 15, 2021Joskaa
Syndri, Emperor's Chosen19:14, February 15, 2021Joskaa
Firebringer14:53, February 15, 2021Joskaa
Claw of Vrylzesk02:36, February 15, 2021Joskaa
Delkris’s Coup02:55, February 12, 2021PorpleBot
Vahkrii, the Insider02:54, February 12, 2021PorpleBot
Zuulk, Blight-Shaper02:53, February 12, 2021PorpleBot
Azkotch, Mind-Slayer02:49, February 12, 2021PorpleBot
Onslaught21:54, February 11, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Gauntlet of the Elders19:02, February 11, 2021Kirito Beater3
Feeshsaa14:22, February 11, 2021Joskaa
Xeliks Prime21:20, February 10, 2021Joskaa
Anna Blue19:14, February 10, 2021Kirito Beater3
Destiny: Twisted Fate23:25, February 9, 202170.175.30.133
Season of the Black Swordsman11:28, February 9, 2021PorpleBot
Season of Outlaws11:28, February 9, 2021PorpleBot
Season of Sorrow11:26, February 9, 2021PorpleBot
Scorpion Walker Prototype15:02, February 5, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Kroskiks, Student of Kamrak20:52, February 4, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Convergence15:59, February 4, 2021Project Nanopoesis
Woodcrawler12:22, February 4, 2021Project Nanopoesis
Eternal Brotherhood04:59, February 3, 2021Brayden12012
Hiraks, Will of Savathun04:26, February 3, 2021Nitin Das
Shadowkeeper Apocalypse20:27, February 2, 2021Kirito Beater3
Venth02:05, February 1, 2021Koriks, Kell of Flame
Dragon's Breath21:46, January 31, 2021Joskaa
Thelskar, Shatterer of Skies17:29, January 31, 2021Unscathed Legionary
Lightbreakers18:24, January 30, 2021Kirito Beater3
Skarvos, Taskmaster Captain13:07, January 30, 2021Joskaa
Asuna, Kirito's Betrothed12:24, January 30, 2021Kirito Beater3
Samnite13:48, January 29, 2021Joskaa
Terminator Shank13:45, January 29, 2021Joskaa
Anarchy's Children13:14, January 29, 2021Joskaa
Rvirkiis, the Techno-Splicer16:19, January 28, 2021Emperor Zor
Olympian Collective02:07, January 27, 2021ForgottenJedi
Divide between the Olympians02:07, January 27, 2021ForgottenJedi
Wizard (Joke Boss)22:45, January 26, 2021Joskaa
Winnower's Servant16:13, January 26, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
The Greater Cabal Empire05:10, January 25, 2021ForgottenJedi
Cabal Collective05:09, January 25, 2021ForgottenJedi
Angelic (Twisted Fate)15:22, January 24, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
Protector Marauder01:20, January 21, 2021Joskaa
Ayumi, Illusionist of Kirito14:08, January 19, 2021Joskaa
Zeed, Raider of Kirito17:19, January 18, 2021Kirito Beater3
Saphir, Fearmonger of Kirito17:13, January 18, 2021Kirito Beater3
Kisaragi, Reaper of Kirito15:33, January 18, 2021Kirito Beater3
Koltath Bjor, Nightblade of the Swordsman14:45, January 18, 2021Kirito Beater3
Bane of Oryx18:13, January 17, 2021Joskaa
House of Winds17:22, January 17, 202170.175.30.133
Shattered Brood16:30, January 15, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
Call of the Past17:30, January 14, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
Taniks, Beloved by Kirito00:29, January 14, 2021Kirito Beater3
House of Salvation10:37, January 13, 2021Emperor Zor
House of Monarchs09:18, January 13, 2021Emperor Zor
Gunblade23:11, January 12, 2021Kirito Beater3
Sol Machina13:05, January 12, 2021Project Nanopoesis
Randal, Dusk Kell21:30, January 10, 2021Joskaa
The Black Garden (Twisted Fate)02:25, January 10, 2021Vothriks, the Lost
Xyurdok, Commander of the Throne20:29, January 8, 2021Kirito Beater3
Son of Atrykis01:00, January 6, 2021Joskaa
Raxkis Prime, the Unclenched Jaw19:55, January 4, 2021Joskaa
Carrack23:50, January 3, 2021Joskaa
Kriltrosk, Emperor Baron23:01, January 3, 2021Joskaa
Mecher Xeliks-1622:26, January 3, 2021Joskaa
Barque16:22, January 3, 2021Dante the Ghost
Esoriks, Lions’ Anguish14:53, December 30, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Fusion18:45, December 29, 2020Kirito Beater3
Splicership Dreksor-Syn16:38, December 27, 2020Brayden12012
Legend of Yggdrasil05:36, December 26, 2020ForgottenJedi
Blood Feud (Fan DLC)05:36, December 26, 2020ForgottenJedi
Magnusk, Lions' Wrath04:12, December 25, 2020ForgottenJedi
Emperor Zor23:36, December 24, 2020Emperor Zor
Prologue: End of the World14:45, December 23, 2020Kirito Beater3
Athena, The Wise Goddess02:07, December 23, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Medusa, Gorgon Queen22:07, December 22, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Jolkron, Gate Lord03:19, December 22, 2020Joskaa
Hermes, Praetorian Guard01:50, December 22, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Zeus, King of Olympus01:35, December 22, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Ares, Warring God01:35, December 22, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Kavekith, Technobreaker of Tatsuyi14:08, December 21, 2020Kirito Beater3
Kra'hur, Bondshifter of Tatsuyi14:08, December 21, 2020Kirito Beater3
Zahveks, Splicewalker of Tatsuyi14:08, December 21, 2020Kirito Beater3
Skyfall22:38, December 20, 2020Brayden12012
Ex Archival15:15, December 20, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Doom of Nietzsche15:09, December 20, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Edge of the Universe15:09, December 20, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Apollo,Restorative God14:45, December 20, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Neon Wraith Tactical Datapad14:20, December 20, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Atheon Reborn10:03, December 20, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Vex Kraken01:57, December 20, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Genocyber, Terminus Reaper01:49, December 20, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Core of Darkness19:04, December 19, 2020Kirito Beater3
Face to Face: Road to Destiny19:04, December 19, 2020Kirito Beater3
Lion's Pride22:51, December 18, 2020Joskaa
Tatsuyi Kirigaya, Vibebreaker of Shadows20:18, December 17, 2020Kirito Beater3
Darkest Ambitions01:49, December 17, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Deep Stone Crypt (Unscathed's Rework)23:06, December 16, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Zâtrox, the Necromancer11:23, December 16, 2020Emperor Zor
The Sorrow Maker18:55, December 14, 2020Emperor Zor
Nanite Revenants11:43, December 14, 2020Project Nanopoesis
P.H.O.E.N.I.X.-1001:58, December 14, 2020Joskaa
Unstoppable Captain00:54, December 14, 2020Joskaa
Overload Servitor00:53, December 14, 2020Joskaa
House of Scar (Twisted Fate)18:35, December 13, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
The Seraphite Cartel00:31, December 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Shiromi Torayoshi00:02, December 13, 2020Joskaa
Deep Stone Crypt (reworked?)22:39, December 12, 2020Joskaa
Summoner Captain17:37, December 11, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Quartermaster Heavy Shank17:17, December 11, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Bloodthirst Wretch16:55, December 11, 2020Joskaa
Distortion Vandal16:27, December 11, 2020Joskaa
Vex Gegenees15:39, December 11, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Vex Siren15:15, December 11, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Vex Centaur15:15, December 11, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Vex Lamia15:14, December 11, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Heavy Skiff14:07, December 11, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Valus Mou'org22:53, December 10, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Detonation Calculus16:14, December 10, 2020Project Nanopoesis
Weavers of Sorrow13:47, December 10, 2020Emperor Zor
Quantum Reaper12:48, December 10, 2020Emperor Zor
Skorit, the Infiltrator00:33, December 10, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Val Shakir00:05, December 10, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Korag, the Unfelled23:44, December 9, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Bracus Varnum23:27, December 9, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Long Slow Whisper15:07, December 9, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Shin'ra, the Sorrow Maker08:33, December 9, 2020Emperor Zor
Valus Bresk, BrayTech Scourge17:27, December 7, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Rivik, the Tracker16:51, December 7, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Excavator Amriks14:26, December 6, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Dekris, Deserter of Kells14:11, December 6, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Castris03:42, December 6, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Myra Winters22:16, December 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Sivsaa, the Salvager18:43, December 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Jelkosk, Thieving Hand18:28, December 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Wren Kinsing18:14, December 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Rivaliks Prime17:33, December 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Vyldri, Imperial Reject16:16, December 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Praviks, the Veteran02:04, December 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Barivaks, Baptized Mind01:34, December 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Pyromaniac01:12, December 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Aevrysk, the Sorceress01:03, December 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Vyslaks, the Technomancer00:17, December 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Lanoskas, Deceiver20:56, December 4, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Underground19:04, December 4, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Crimson Circle17:44, December 4, 2020Kirito Beater3
SIVA Subclasses16:34, December 3, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Oingo16:13, December 3, 2020Kirito Beater3
Dio Brando16:10, December 3, 2020Kirito Beater3
Affront23:49, November 30, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Hubris22:31, November 30, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Dishonor22:30, November 30, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Atrocity21:15, November 30, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Envious20:41, November 30, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Defilement20:13, November 30, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Crypt Guardian19:43, November 30, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Deep Stone Crypt (Nagihiko's Rework)19:05, November 30, 2020Kirito Beater3
Hazak, the Darkest Edge02:51, November 30, 2020Vergil the Ghost
Nokris, the Undestined Child02:28, November 30, 2020Vergil the Ghost
Unbounded11:35, November 29, 2020Kirito Beater3
Small boi servitor (Joke Boss)14:31, November 28, 2020Joskaa
Template:Fanfic Bosses (Paradox)22:29, November 27, 2020Kirito Beater3
Praksis, Technocrat of the Scourge22:22, November 27, 2020Kirito Beater3
Praksis, the Alpha Gamer (Joke Boss)22:17, November 27, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Eramis, Supplicant to Kirito19:02, November 27, 2020Kirito Beater3
Fikrul, Armament of Kirito13:02, November 25, 2020Kirito Beater3
Reign, Heart of Kirito11:09, November 25, 2020Kirito Beater3
Eobard Thawne, Speedbreacher of Kirito01:19, November 25, 2020Kirito Beater3
Malcolm Merlyn, Crystalline of Kirito01:19, November 25, 2020Kirito Beater3
Primus Lho'tam-116:28, November 24, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Oath of Devastation01:55, November 21, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Valus To'oros01:20, November 21, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Commander Vassek00:41, November 21, 2020I Exist
Consort (Joke Boss)22:48, November 20, 2020Kirito Beater3
Ultra Knight (Joke Boss)23:53, November 19, 2020Kirito Beater3
Redemption's Shadow (Paradox)13:45, November 19, 2020Kirito Beater3
False God (Paradox)13:44, November 19, 2020Kirito Beater3
Meridian Aftermath14:24, November 18, 2020Kirito Beater3
Garazon, Sol Inherent01:13, November 18, 2020I Exist
Decrepit Wastes15:11, November 17, 2020Brayden12012
Valus Thruos23:59, November 16, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Cayde-6, the Chicken King12:45, November 16, 2020Kirito Beater3
Elisabeth Bray14:38, November 13, 2020Kirito Beater3
Fanfic Vals00:11, November 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Fanfic Valuses00:11, November 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Fanfic Bracuses00:05, November 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Valus Kroam23:58, November 12, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Thumos, Blood of Phantoms22:50, November 12, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Skalos, Kell of Shadow19:36, November 12, 2020Skolas, Kell of Sumeragi
Adaptive Brig19:15, November 12, 2020Primus Draug'oth
Field Commander Salram16:33, November 10, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Bracus Paraquos, the Entrusted13:41, November 10, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Kabratos, the Destroyer23:17, November 9, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Bracus Tu'ulc23:03, November 9, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Ghaul, Supplicant to Kirito22:51, November 9, 2020Kirito Beater3
The Consul, Loyal to Ghaul14:25, November 9, 2020Kirito Beater3
Arzayna17:38, November 6, 2020Kirito Beater3
Ancient16:03, November 6, 2020Brayden12012
Karthrak, Fortification Captain23:01, October 19, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Aethris, Unstoppable Captain22:38, October 19, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Meme Squad (Joke Faction)22:20, October 14, 2020Kirito Beater3
Shadowkeepers20:49, October 14, 2020Kirito Beater3
Vorthax, The Mercied23:50, October 11, 202099.72.172.120
AJ's Bizarre Adventure (Joke Strike)17:01, October 6, 2020Kirito Beater3
The Voided Genesis14:15, October 6, 2020Joskaa
Takedown the Splicers' Last Stand17:08, October 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Barrier Heavy Shank17:06, October 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Nullifier Harpy02:58, October 5, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Fractured Souls17:19, October 4, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Unstoppable Vandal15:07, October 4, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Overload Taken Captain14:33, October 4, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Overload Taken Knight13:46, October 4, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Barrier Taken Ogre13:35, October 4, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Phoeniks, Inferno Captain13:19, October 4, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Unstoppable Abomination00:17, October 4, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
House of Hunters21:53, September 26, 2020I Exist
Vreksis, Captain of Dawn23:08, September 21, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Isolation15:44, September 20, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Parvus-415:03, September 18, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Atlas-721:49, September 15, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Zha'lusk, the Fractured Usurper22:06, September 14, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Kayma Vel22:23, September 3, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Oblivion14:40, September 3, 2020JMMassassin
Obsidian Reapers13:47, September 3, 2020JMMassassin
Primus Ca'thul08:39, September 3, 2020JMMassassin
Cephrus A'shum18:46, September 2, 2020I Exist
Valus Thorom18:29, September 2, 2020I Exist
Captain Ralkaa09:06, August 26, 2020I Exist
Dorvok, the Lightblade23:01, August 19, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Corvus-916:42, August 17, 2020Vothriks, the Lost
Dreksor Prime00:30, August 15, 2020Joskaa
The FBI Legion (Joke Faction)17:41, August 13, 2020Joskaa
Pavik, Once Meek20:38, August 12, 2020Joskaa
Semkis Prime, Pretender to Andiks13:13, August 12, 2020Joskaa
Kaephis, Kell of Hunters10:56, August 11, 2020I Exist
Diskar11:04, August 10, 2020I Exist
Ultra Ketch10:54, August 10, 2020I Exist
Valus Rei'lusk20:12, August 8, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Valus Tha'lusk19:49, August 8, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Penance17:04, August 8, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Joskaa's Crew16:08, August 8, 2020Joskaa
Keriks, the Bladedancer15:43, August 8, 2020Joskaa
House of Taken20:08, August 6, 2020Sinkento
Ir Kûl, Blade of Xol16:19, August 5, 2020Joskaa
Argulth, Wrath of Xol16:18, August 5, 2020Joskaa
Krovnik, Godless Archon17:15, August 3, 2020Joskaa
Last Breath00:43, August 3, 2020Vergil the Ghost
AJ's Host22:44, August 1, 2020Joskaa
The Host's Sting22:58, July 31, 2020Joskaa
Broken21:11, July 31, 2020Brayden12012
Exiled Val19:36, July 29, 2020Joskaa
Overpowered Servitor04:26, July 29, 2020ForgottenJedi
Last of the Kells16:16, July 27, 2020Joskaa
Grimoire:Allies/House of Lions13:41, July 27, 2020Joskaa
Transcendent Mind, Sol Inherent04:12, July 27, 2020ForgottenJedi
Deified Mind, Sol Inherent04:12, July 27, 2020ForgottenJedi
Operation: "Duskfall"01:26, July 27, 2020Joskaa
Srikes, Exile Veteran23:14, July 26, 2020Joskaa
The Accidental Convergence21:59, July 26, 2020DarkGuardian
House of Eon21:56, July 26, 2020DarkGuardian
Absolution's Finality22:09, July 24, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Unstoppable Taken Knight18:16, July 20, 2020Joskaa
House of Hunters(raid)16:50, July 17, 2020I Exist
A Baron's Sigil17:20, July 16, 2020Joskaa
Serkuleks-1800:46, July 16, 2020Joskaa
Draknis, the Hermit23:33, July 14, 2020Joskaa
Viliksis the Seraph, Crimson Circle01:32, July 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Arzuliks the Phantom, Crimson Circle22:41, July 12, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Road Rider22:28, July 12, 2020DarkGuardian
Scourge, Crimson Circle22:12, July 12, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Julsis, Lion Baron13:32, July 12, 2020Joskaa
Ketch Enforcer17:59, July 11, 2020Joskaa
Lions' High Emissary19:08, July 9, 2020Joskaa
Dominus Xaruun18:27, July 9, 2020ForgottenJedi
Pit of Lore18:27, July 9, 2020ForgottenJedi
Sorra Lys, the Rogue18:27, July 9, 2020ForgottenJedi
House of Tigers18:09, July 9, 2020ForgottenJedi
Barrier Taken Captain01:20, July 2, 2020Joskaa
Seven of Wands23:32, July 1, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Eight of Cups23:25, July 1, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Five of Swords23:15, July 1, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Five of Cups23:11, July 1, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Five of Pentacles23:04, July 1, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Five of Wands22:55, July 1, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Takedown in the Nine's Realm22:46, July 1, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Aliskis, Splicer Savant15:25, June 29, 2020Joskaa
Takedown the Nightmare Infestation14:46, June 26, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Formless Nightmare23:25, June 18, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Takedown at the Nessus Citadel21:18, June 18, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Omphalos, the Fateseer20:35, June 18, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Amtec, Equilibrium's Ward19:59, June 18, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Koros, Absolved of Penance15:40, June 18, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Kitilion, Purified Mind15:39, June 18, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Absolved Servant13:01, June 18, 2020Unscathed Legionary
A Void in Time12:35, June 18, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Kelemiks, Fragment of Riven12:31, June 18, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Sala'ugh, Fragment of Riven12:26, June 18, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Maligoth, Fragment of Riven12:21, June 18, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Takedown under the Dreaming City08:52, June 18, 2020Emperor Zor
Takedown the Nessus Citadel08:01, June 18, 2020Emperor Zor
Bovadron, Claw of Quria21:49, June 17, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Ragnoth, Progenitor Vigil00:15, June 16, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Ragnoth, Progenitor's Vigil00:15, June 16, 2020Joskaa
Tsoruuk, Progenitor Vigil00:15, June 16, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Ur Sonokâh, Shrine Keeper23:59, June 15, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Ir Karnna, Venom of Xol23:19, June 15, 2020Joskaa
Ashelis, Fanatical Captain21:49, June 15, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Withering Seeds21:26, June 15, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Dread Hunter21:11, June 15, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Morrigan17:54, June 15, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Takedown in the Arcology Depths23:59, June 14, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Unscathed Zealot16:48, June 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Leukocyte16:02, June 13, 2020Akarasis, Archon of Stone
Osteocyte12:44, June 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Marked Inquisitor12:37, June 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Cleansed Minotaur12:31, June 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Anointed Overseer12:24, June 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Takedown at the Pyramidion Core11:31, June 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Unstoppable Hydra02:50, June 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Overload Taken Acolyte02:32, June 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Barrier Taken Centurion02:18, June 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Ascendence08:47, June 12, 2020DarkGuardian
Dominus Ghaul05:04, June 8, 2020Joskaa
The Mediators15:59, June 7, 2020Joskaa
Val Jos'urn15:37, June 7, 2020Joskaa
Takedown on the Almighty12:03, June 7, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Overload Wizard11:33, June 7, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Blacklight Syndicate11:15, June 5, 2020Joskaa
Nightmare of Seriviks, Jackal Kell11:11, June 5, 2020Joskaa
Vulpis, the Dracobane13:29, June 4, 2020Joskaa
Lost Legion13:14, June 4, 2020Joskaa
Asylum of Screams00:28, June 4, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Krelix Prime19:58, June 3, 2020Joskaa
The Cleansing Mind17:11, June 3, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Forfeit Mind16:43, June 3, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Ifossaa, Martyred16:28, June 3, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Maliiks, Martyred16:26, June 3, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Toramahn, the Despondent16:13, June 3, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Bracus Cra'ull, the Ensnared14:37, June 3, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Overload Raider12:39, June 3, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Novak, Durable Rampart16:52, May 30, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Talan, Enduring Shield16:39, May 30, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Volam, Adamant Bastion16:23, May 30, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Vindictive Mind15:48, May 30, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Elnuk, Word of Jolkris23:04, May 20, 2020Joskaa
The Jackal's Howl20:53, May 15, 2020Joskaa
Trysahn, the Excavator15:13, May 14, 2020Joskaa
Reksor, Signal Hijacker15:10, May 14, 2020Joskaa
Armada of Dakiliss13:49, May 14, 2020Joskaa
Den of the Disgraced13:37, May 14, 2020Joskaa
Yadde, Hunter of the 2nd Vanguard19:25, May 6, 2020Joskaa
AK-4716:29, May 6, 2020Chickenx4
Null Taken12:46, May 4, 2020Joskaa
Tholiikaa, Twice Betrayed00:41, May 4, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Likeness of AJ, the Relentless15:16, April 26, 2020Joskaa
House of TV (Joke Faction)20:30, April 21, 2020Joskaa
Brandaks-1219:11, April 20, 2020Joskaa
Trials of the Immortal22:24, April 18, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Dreksor-2, Pilot Servitor21:16, April 18, 2020Joskaa
Into the Dark18:26, April 17, 2020Joskaa
The Godbane, Unbroken Vanquisher13:43, April 15, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Cûlar Täl, The Ordained10:42, April 10, 2020Emperor Zor
An Sirgûn, Dreadful Penumbra10:42, April 10, 2020Emperor Zor
Servants of An Sirgûn10:26, April 10, 2020Emperor Zor
The Turned cabal15:04, April 9, 2020HouseOfDecay
House of Decay14:58, April 9, 2020HouseOfDecay
Nightmare of Dakiliss, the Strategist19:20, April 4, 2020Joskaa
Battle of the Yarkora Homeworld14:16, March 26, 2020Chickenx4
Raemos-312:46, March 26, 2020Joskaa
Jraskos-912:45, March 26, 2020Joskaa
Dirviks, Son of Chaos00:21, March 26, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Polymorph, Oppressive Minds00:19, March 26, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Reaver13:54, March 22, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Blood Sect11:20, March 22, 2020Joskaa
Povnis, the Cannoneer19:19, March 19, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Warlord's Lament14:03, March 16, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Season of Avarice12:38, March 16, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Apithalos, Thane of Quria11:11, March 16, 2020Joskaa
Tal'urn, Fist of Apithalos21:58, March 15, 2020Joskaa
Socales, Gate Keeper17:12, March 15, 2020I Exist
Baroness Esilis, Forge Warden19:51, March 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Aunor's Tusk17:48, March 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Asphyxiated Mind, Forge Warden17:46, March 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Weaver Erysthion, Forge Warden17:42, March 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
The Overkill17:10, March 13, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Glyphlord Kitrâa, Forge Warden08:41, March 12, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Valus Tolghul, Forge Warden12:44, March 11, 2020Unscathed Legionary
New Lost Forges12:09, March 11, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Unstoppable Wraith09:40, March 11, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Barrier Chieftain09:29, March 11, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Kenrbus Vege V21:08, March 4, 2020Joskaa
Living Gate, Aphix Subjective16:38, February 24, 2020Joskaa
Sevis Prime15:00, February 24, 2020I Exist
Vais, Hunter Splicer14:58, February 24, 2020I Exist
The Lion's Scourge00:29, February 23, 2020Joskaa
Volamis, the Archpriestess23:42, February 22, 2020Joskaa
Semkis-11, Deified Nexus23:42, February 22, 2020Joskaa
Semkis-15, Splicer Servitor23:41, February 22, 2020Joskaa
Olviks, Salvage Collector23:40, February 22, 2020Joskaa
Krathiks, Rabid Archon23:36, February 22, 2020Joskaa
Thyellaion, Environmental Mind20:16, February 21, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Symvoulos, Restraining Mind20:15, February 21, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Arcanos, Immortalized Mind20:14, February 21, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Jolkris, Exiled Prince16:14, February 21, 2020Joskaa
Ze Erâh, Beloved of Jolkris16:09, February 21, 2020Joskaa
Chelsik, the Infiltrator19:02, February 16, 2020Joskaa
Elegar, Legion's Pendulum22:54, February 12, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Biraksis, Disguised by the Kell20:17, February 7, 2020Joskaa
The Vector Swarm13:33, February 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Shangris, Lion Traitor13:22, February 5, 2020Unscathed Legionary
EVOLUTION THEORY~16:44, February 3, 2020Joskaa
Leksfan, Machine Bane10:25, February 3, 2020Pyton, Eternal Mind
Lyrnos-7, Viral Processor20:41, February 2, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Chaviks, the Transcendent12:19, February 2, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Erviliks, Baron of Servitors11:39, February 2, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Foris, Splicer Devotee10:38, February 2, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Thorik, Splicer Scout00:26, February 2, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Nightmare of Qodron, Gate Lord00:04, February 2, 2020Joskaa
Nightmare of Sepiks Prime00:04, February 2, 2020Joskaa
Zilviks, High Priest21:49, February 1, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Yirivis, Splicer Priestess21:42, February 1, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Ikilas, Splicer Priest21:07, February 1, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Tygraks, Splicer Priest19:27, February 1, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Hibachi’s Sting20:23, January 31, 2020Joskaa
Season of Dawn10:17, January 30, 2020Pyton, Eternal Mind
Drakeion, the Paradoxal Mind12:47, January 29, 2020Porplemontage
Nightmare of Menkrodos, the Dimensional Mind12:47, January 29, 2020Porplemontage
IKEA Cleric (Joke Boss)12:47, January 29, 2020Porplemontage
Xaviks, Cunning of the Void10:11, January 29, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Tharum, Hunger of the Void13:42, January 28, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Praetorian Guard Captain11:45, January 28, 2020Joskaa
The Indenture20:12, January 27, 2020Primus Draug'oth
Dominus Lurg, the Unbreakable Shield (Kind of a Joke Boss)20:06, January 27, 2020Primus Draug'oth
Arachanos, the Putrescent16:06, January 23, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Artikos, Son of Ukkion13:01, January 18, 2020Pyton, Eternal Mind
Devilship Sepiks-Fel21:53, January 16, 2020Joskaa
12 Days of Trial13:32, January 14, 2020Unscathed Legionary
Krill22:23, January 2, 2020Joskaa
Zukrox, the Wish of Savathûn01:32, December 24, 2019Joskaa
Eternal Struggle14:23, December 19, 2019Pyton, Eternal Mind
Krampos, Harbinger of Broken Spirits10:44, December 18, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Hezen Collective19:53, December 17, 2019I Exist
Vex Assassin19:53, December 17, 2019I Exist
Hezen, Collective Mind19:51, December 17, 2019I Exist
Transitioner16:01, December 17, 2019I Exist
World of Machines15:27, December 17, 2019I Exist
Radiolarian Harpy15:24, December 17, 2019I Exist
Operation Sundowner15:04, December 17, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Eye of Hezen15:47, December 16, 2019I Exist
Protective Mind15:28, December 16, 2019I Exist
Corrective Mind15:18, December 16, 2019I Exist
Radiolarian Goblin14:55, December 16, 2019I Exist
Overload Psion15:23, December 15, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Unstoppable Gladiator14:58, December 15, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Overload Legionary14:41, December 15, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Barrier Phalanx10:43, December 15, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Commander Nahk, the Executioner23:21, December 14, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Val Mornuth, the Rampager13:27, December 14, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Zashton, Transforming Mind16:31, December 8, 2019Vergil the Ghost
Tornaketh, Shepherd of Souls22:16, December 4, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Narveks, Son of Chaos08:32, December 2, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Valenis, Daughter of Chaos08:31, December 2, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Valus Yuvurg, Blind Razer22:17, November 29, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Draconis Gunship09:38, November 28, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Bracus Praeuro, Blazing Tusk09:37, November 28, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Valus Petritem, Corrosive Tusk09:36, November 28, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Randal, the Undying Legend15:53, November 26, 2019Chickenx4
Drâera-Hul, Visage of Blasphemy22:14, November 12, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Lore:Black Coffin14:47, November 12, 2019Kirito Beater3
Rise of the Kell (Fan DLC)14:35, November 11, 2019Kirito Beater3
Sword of Jolkris12:58, October 29, 2019Joskaa
Fervent Mind, Sol Inherent14:37, October 23, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Morma, Heart of Jolkris11:17, October 23, 2019Joskaa
Zealous Minds, Sol Inherent07:38, October 23, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Sight of Jolkris00:14, October 23, 2019Joskaa
Sol Inherent18:19, October 22, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Bekrath, Disdained by Hive12:30, October 12, 2019Chickenx4
Granook, Son of Taox12:22, October 12, 2019Chickenx4
Falkris, Partisan of the Pattern00:04, October 12, 2019Joskaa
Zoloks, Priest of Sorrow00:02, October 12, 2019Joskaa
Droviks, Ether Corruptor22:58, October 10, 2019Joskaa
Eilkis, Bane of Barons22:54, October 10, 2019Joskaa
Johzan, Splicer Baroness22:52, October 10, 2019Joskaa
Deothrion, Reinstituting Mind17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Daughter Of Nokris17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Sergeant Major Bonar17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Hera Sern17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Dominus Swadi, Student Of Srikes17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Cholchikk, the bold17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
The One Law17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Battle of the Wild17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Giltris, the Prowler17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Catoblepas17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Father17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Argos, Planetary Corruption17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Jackalship Semkis-Fel17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Arethras,Ocean Eater17:23, October 9, 2019Porplemontage
Sol Divisive Reimagined22:05, October 8, 2019Joskaa
Phantasms00:07, October 5, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Black Heart Reimagined23:10, October 3, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Sol Progeny Reimagined22:47, October 3, 2019Primus Draug'oth
The Undying Mind Reimagined22:36, October 3, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Simulating Servitor13:49, September 28, 2019Joskaa
Mirkos, Bonded Shank13:42, September 28, 2019Joskaa
Kalsos, Bonded Shank13:42, September 28, 2019Joskaa
Semkis-6, Jackal Relay13:40, September 28, 2019Joskaa
Fensik, Walker Engineer13:39, September 28, 2019Joskaa
Kithiks, the Pathfinder13:38, September 28, 2019Joskaa
Velraak, Scion of the Void17:58, September 27, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Kenron, Rebellious Mind23:36, September 13, 2019Joskaa
The Jackal's Den21:13, September 8, 2019Joskaa
Koroth, Beloved by Calus12:36, September 8, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Auren Sur, Void Warped15:33, September 6, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Barca-3, Void Warped15:03, September 6, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Goyris the Forgotten, Kell's Scourge14:28, September 6, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Hubasos-1913:38, September 2, 2019Joskaa
Heavy Turret22:53, August 29, 2019Joskaa
Kashemos-Beta, the Volatile20:24, August 26, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Prehistoric Eliksni21:39, August 24, 2019Chickenx4
Dreksor-1016:11, August 5, 2019Joskaa
Atheon, Might of Savathûn07:14, July 23, 2019Chickenx4
Rulnok, Shadow Paladin11:48, June 16, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Wyor, Shadow Sorceress11:01, June 16, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Scarlet Fortress00:08, June 13, 2019Primus Draug'oth
The Grey Void13:55, June 7, 2019Porplemontage
Battle for the Consensus20:39, June 5, 2019Chickenx4
Norlan20:38, June 5, 2019Chickenx4
House of Light20:16, June 2, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Dominus Khraghul, the Almighty03:44, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Haru’ulk, the Ambassador03:44, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Clumsy Storm (Joke Boss)03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Warden Cavuul03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Pact of the Gods (Fan DLC)03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Gall'usk, Elite Bombardier03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Analyst Rolak, Free-Thinker03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Loliks Prime (Joke Boss)03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Primus Ral'un, Enforcer03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Denigrates03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Time's End (Fan DLC)03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Myli’ikros, the Savage03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Pariphos, the Seeker03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Wrath of the Guardians03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
The Obhadr-Zhah03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Taox, the last proto-Hive03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Blight-Shaper03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Umu'urag, Icebreaker03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Karagh, Demolitionist03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Unn, the Necroworm03:43, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Iliksis, Dusk Light Stalker03:42, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Veresix, Silent Shadow19:09, May 31, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Calgos-Alpha, Communications Nexus18:16, May 24, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Hagrask, Jackal Enforcer15:25, May 23, 2019Joskaa
REEE (Joke Boss)20:25, May 19, 2019Joskaa
Vakaal, Ether Glutton21:24, May 14, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Ghalkor, the Butcher20:38, May 14, 2019Chickenx4
House of Cards22:25, May 11, 2019Joskaa
Black Reapers07:44, May 2, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Senior Private,Najmai17:53, April 28, 2019Chickenx4
Construction Or Destruction06:52, April 19, 2019Chickenx4
Arthroship Toxikor-Syn01:21, April 6, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Arthropod's Den21:06, April 4, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Exiled Taken17:27, March 26, 2019DarkGuardian
Ares Tower07:41, March 26, 2019Unscathed Legionary
General Foolhardy (Joke Boss)22:59, March 25, 2019Primus Draug'oth
Dragon's Den10:06, March 25, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Kavahn, Head Guardsman22:13, January 19, 2019Chickenx4
Thirteenth Battalion19:10, January 16, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Solitary Abyss22:49, January 7, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Masochist's Prison21:49, January 7, 2019Unscathed Legionary
Flashpoint20:02, January 6, 2019Chickenx4
Wilbur, Warlock Of 2nd Vanguard12:08, January 4, 2019Chickenx4
Oh Blind One Mine...04:16, December 31, 2018Ubb the Father of Worms
Troia, Banished Core18:58, December 30, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Kherdahl, Deathsinger20:38, December 26, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Vordyxx, the Simulacrum14:58, December 25, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Avatars of Darumel13:16, December 25, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Bharad, the Mutualist21:57, December 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Hunter's Palace21:09, December 23, 2018Chickenx4
The Gladorum20:15, December 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Rocky Mountain Exclusion Zone20:10, December 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Private Bully (Joke Boss)18:24, December 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Indomitable15:23, December 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Cyclades Macula15:20, December 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Noviks Prime, the Warmachine23:57, December 22, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Darumel, Pride of Xîn22:28, December 22, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Val Bragg, the "Butcher"21:18, December 22, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Admiral Weakling (Joke Boss)17:08, December 22, 2018Chickenx4
Commander Noob (Joke Boss)16:52, December 22, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Sergeant Pushover (Joke Boss)12:56, December 22, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Panavis, High Priestess17:34, December 21, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Evocate-General Umun'arath, Primus of All Legions02:23, December 21, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Freeborn Otzot, Psion Savant00:45, December 21, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Kell's Scourge23:37, December 20, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Cheghik, Battalion Commander22:31, December 20, 2018Chickenx4
Caiatl, Princess-Imperial20:42, December 20, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Praetorates20:20, December 20, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Bannertorn15:39, December 20, 2018Chickenx4
Tuliks, the Emissary22:13, December 17, 2018Chickenx4
The Dire Wolves23:17, December 12, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Tribals (Joke Faction)20:23, December 12, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Xîn, War's Eternity22:34, December 9, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Worm's Grave21:00, December 3, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Neon Triplets20:20, December 3, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Neon Wraiths20:17, December 3, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Time's Hold19:02, December 3, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Collective18:08, December 3, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Siviks, Lost to None02:14, December 2, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Prime Scourge Servitor00:29, December 2, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Edge Transit (Joke Quest)00:04, November 30, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Poorly Programmed Machinery (Joke Boss)23:27, November 29, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Searing Vengeance17:46, November 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Star Breaker14:05, November 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
High-End Bounties13:14, November 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Spawn of Quria09:21, November 9, 2018Vergil the Ghost
The Perfected Blade09:34, October 31, 2018Vergil the Ghost
Bloodbound11:18, October 27, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Dominus Bolk, the Supreme16:03, October 25, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Eye of the Ogre21:50, October 18, 2018104.222.21.33
Irrvian, the Lore-Ridden20:45, October 18, 2018Vergil the Ghost
Arakis, Daughter of Xivu20:31, October 18, 2018Vergil the Ghost
Ticklie19:58, October 15, 2018Vergil the Ghost
Redesigning the Loyalists11:27, October 6, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Blood Guards22:34, October 2, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Faiklor, the Fighter15:12, September 24, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Rau'ulsk, the Gladiator14:58, September 24, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Defense Net14:37, September 24, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Kaitra, the Assassin14:34, September 24, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Salzan, the Echidna14:32, September 24, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Jylzhan, Hell-Caller07:52, September 24, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Kal' Huun21:14, September 23, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Trau'urg, the Faithless19:39, September 23, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Scorn Barons Reimagined23:50, September 17, 2018Primus Draug'oth
End of Story11:03, September 2, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return00:20, September 1, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Rikizov, the Stalker23:53, August 27, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Qweyoks, the Collector22:30, August 27, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Haviok, Red Betrayer22:28, August 27, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Lightbreaker21:34, August 27, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Unwanted20:25, August 27, 201869.250.255.43
Nomad19:07, August 19, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Chronos, the Collective Mind19:22, August 12, 2018Unscathed Legionary
House of Waves15:22, August 11, 2018Virgil the Ghost
The Sol Minds14:50, August 11, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Collective Realm14:26, August 10, 2018Unscathed Legionary
The Tartarus17:50, August 9, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Checkpoint Ares13:00, August 9, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Crusher Gralurk11:41, August 4, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Machination Volkrion10:22, August 4, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Corruptor Hargolth08:44, August 4, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Reaper Calziks21:19, August 1, 2018Primus Draug'oth
The Warbringer11:12, July 23, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Betruve, Baron of Wasps11:30, July 22, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Tervin, the Mindbreaker17:00, July 21, 2018Virgil the Ghost
H7-38 Beta12:15, July 19, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Philech, the Manipulator17:06, July 18, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Talusk, the Earthshaker16:50, July 18, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Aurant Phantom22:34, July 16, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Primus Pyrhaeus21:07, July 16, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Beastmaster Volg20:26, July 16, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Primus Vahuln20:26, July 16, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Primus Yalari20:24, July 16, 2018Unscathed Legionary
Taken Hunter20:34, July 10, 2018Dante the Ghost
Dergixx, The All-Mind14:21, July 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Hezen14:05, July 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Dryad13:42, July 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Unterv, Collective Hate01:02, July 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
The Collective Minds00:43, July 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Qervon, Collective Truth15:32, July 3, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Sektrixx, Collective Fury13:08, July 2, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Vertirix, Collective Heart19:57, June 29, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Skolas, Corrupted Kell11:55, June 24, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Nitemare's Guard12:26, June 14, 2018Absner
Kholon, Lord Of Truth22:30, June 13, 2018Absner
Gra'zon, Seer Of Arzhun23:45, June 12, 2018Absner
Zujakk, The One Eyed11:21, June 12, 2018Absner
Vukane10:53, June 12, 2018Absner
House Of Oceans15:35, June 10, 2018Absner
House of SIVA23:32, June 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Rahndel, Exiled Legend23:08, June 4, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Uprising01:17, May 6, 2018Dante the Ghost
Xol, Will of the Thousands12:44, May 1, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Grasp of Nokris08:36, April 26, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Desmond, Sol's Protector00:29, April 18, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Vergaxx, the Constructive Mind20:40, April 15, 2018Virgil the Ghost
The Battle of the Abyss20:34, March 29, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Reel Leonph, the Headhunter20:30, March 29, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Shepard-912:54, March 28, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Behemoths10:25, March 24, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Stone Breakers10:14, March 24, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Skell, the Kell of Kells18:32, March 3, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Primus Val'ouk, Calus' Consul10:32, March 1, 2018Virgil the Ghost
The Spartans10:22, March 1, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Iris, Fanatic of Timur16:48, February 25, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Aphix Defensive01:44, February 25, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Russell, the Juggernaut15:23, February 11, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Wilson, the Paladin21:05, February 8, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Blackburn, the Distorter18:13, February 7, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Cass, the Bender18:13, February 6, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Theola, the Roamer13:49, February 5, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Cyrus, the Watcher13:22, February 5, 2018Primus Draug'oth
The Lothric14:00, January 28, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Kulrok, the Defiant00:12, January 21, 2018Virgil the Ghost
The Dark Frankenstein10:30, January 13, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Veil of Nokris09:59, January 13, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Nokris, Shadow Sovereign09:35, January 13, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Redesigning the Leviathan Raid00:50, January 13, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Royal Consumer21:33, January 12, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Gauntlet Centurion21:24, January 12, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Gauntlet Champion18:03, January 12, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Rabid War Beast17:43, January 12, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Submersed Bather17:34, January 12, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Argos Prestige Mode Concept23:36, January 11, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Sekris, Baron of Shanks17:05, January 11, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Wryime, the Dark13:09, January 11, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Skolas, the Corrupted Kell21:47, January 10, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Krouth, Flame Prince18:01, January 10, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Rhisling15:40, January 10, 2018Virgil the Ghost
The Dark Oath15:39, January 10, 2018Virgil the Ghost
Omega Collective09:58, January 6, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Primus Rala'usk, the Devourer09:32, January 5, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Werrak Orimph, The Dawning00:24, January 4, 2018Primus Draug'oth
Valus Tro'orph13:28, December 21, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Ordnance Juggernaut21:46, November 20, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Valus Bru'ork18:57, November 18, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Cerberus Tank11:53, November 10, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Viruses10:38, November 7, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Halkris, the Corrupted King13:09, October 30, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Dorusk, the Fracturer07:24, October 18, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Primus Tho'urgh22:29, October 17, 2017HouseofBlack
Quria, Blade Transform22:08, October 16, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Draliks, the Exsanguinator19:03, October 16, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Arath's Vengeance15:51, October 16, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Brotherhood Knight15:43, October 16, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Ir Aluk, the Executioner08:29, October 16, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Xydrakon, the Collective Mind16:02, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Zrygon, Reaper Mind16:02, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Breaker Goliath Tank09:51, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Primus Ko'rok09:47, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Vorpaleon, Serrated Mind09:45, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Varlak, the Corruptor09:44, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Krillnex, Kell Prime09:44, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Menkis Prime09:43, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Vornaax, Worm Guard09:43, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Lorkxyn, Scorpion Kell09:42, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Reklis, Scorpion Priest09:41, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Skolas, Perfected of Perfection09:41, October 13, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Thralkis, Kell Prime22:32, October 4, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Serkuleks Perfected20:44, October 4, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Kraviks, Archon Prime21:18, October 3, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Phryzzak, Dusk Kell20:17, October 3, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Xivu Arath, War Progenitor12:21, September 20, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Savathun, Mother Progenitor12:15, September 20, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Emperor Calus11:40, September 9, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Consul Karn18:39, September 2, 2017MorningWalker
Rezziks Prime22:25, August 30, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Karnix, Dusk Archon21:57, August 30, 2017Primus Draug'oth
MOTH PEOPLE22:01, August 17, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Red Goliath19:21, August 6, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Keeper of Nokris23:33, June 15, 2017Primus Draug'oth
Splicer S.A.B.E.R.-2 Concept13:22, November 19, 2016Spartacus
Noru'usk, Servant of Oryx Suggestion13:18, November 19, 2016Spartacus
Khvostov 7G-0X Builds13:17, November 19, 2016Spartacus