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15:10, Monday, 17 June 2019 (UTC)

Greetings! My name is Dante. I am an admin and bureaucrat of the Destinypedia wiki. I own the Discord of this wiki, formerly hosted by its creator User:Spartacus. If you have any questions about this wiki's operation please do not hesitate to contact me.

A little about myself. I joined Destinypedia in May of 2016, right around when The Taken King had dropped earlier in 2015. My reasons for joining this wiki were simple, at the time -- the Strike walkthroughs were either low-information or nonexistent. I was determined to change that, and so I did. This single-mindedness led me to touch nearly every mainspace page (e.g. article) on the wiki.

Unfortunately I had to stop playing Destiny right around the time Rise of Iron dropped in late 2016, both because I used my brother's PS3 and my brother's grades were failing and parents restricted it permanently. But I stayed on in spite of this, continuing to edit and add onto the wiki. My greatest achievements are single-handedly uploading nearly all of the Rise of Iron Grimoire and beginning the overhaul of my now favorite page, Destinypedia's Books of Sorrow Cliff Notes, among other Hive-related pages.

After a brief dropout in late 2017 because of Destiny 2's release, I continued to edit, mainly old stuff but also keeping an eye on the new. For most of 2018 until July I had been absent from the wiki and occasionally dropping bye to make a few edits on my Watched pages. I did not approve of Curse of Osiris but found Warmind to be an excellent breath of air, in spite of... lackluster storytelling and content; and, of course, fan backlash. I am contemplating buying Destiny 2 once Forsaken drops, just to see how it'll live up.

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