Hammer of Sol

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"The Hammer of Sol is a flame in the darkness. But fire burns without thought"
Commander Zavala
Render of the Hammer of Sol

The Hammer of Sol is a Super available to Titans that have chosen the Sunbreaker subclass.[1]


"Summon a flaming hammer and wreak destruction down upon your enemies."
— Ability Description

The Hammer of Sol is a flaming war hammer that is thrown at a target. Upon impact, it generates a fiery explosion, decimating enemies. Upgrades can increase the duration and power of the super, enable users to ram their opponents in a veil of flames, or cause jets of fire to erupt from the ground where the hammer lands.


With the last of the Sunbreakers in allegiance to Osiris, the Guardian sought out the Burning Forge where they obtained the Hammer in order to help combat Oryx during the Taken War.


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