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Founder and leader of the Iron Lords

"We will gather those you trust. We will not wait for this to force our hand. We will ride against those that would use the Light against our own. Humanity must have protectors. Like the knights of old. Are you with me? Will you stand with me— as Iron Lords?"
— Lord Radegast

Radegast was a Titan, and first of the renowned Iron Lords.[2]


"We are stronger, together. We are mighty, together. All we have to fear is... this. Giving in. Allowing the power of the Light to blind us to what we truly are."
— Lord Radegast

Radegast was the first of the Iron Lords, and was responsible for assembling the motley crew that would rise to the renown all Guardians know. Originally, the four man team of himself, Perun, Jolder, and Saladin Forge fought against the Warlords in secret, living in fear of that other Guardians would destroy them.[3] Eventually, he had a particularly brutal battle against five enemy Warlords, resulting in the devastation of the surrounding area.[3] After this battle, Radegast became weary of Guardians fighting and fearing one another, and expressed his desire to see them unite as protectors of humanity, like the knights that existed long before the Golden Age. Radegast then had his friends name of wielders of the Light they trusted to ride with them; Jolder named Bretomart, Perun named Deidris, but Saladin did not trust anyone other than Radegast. He then called on them to gather those they trust to fight the Warlords out in the open, calling on them to join him as Iron Lords, coining the name for the first time. Everyone present agreed without hesitation.[3]

Eventually the Lords ended the reign of the Warlords and established peace in the world. Seeking to restore civilization, the now great organization of the Lords of Iron sought out SIVA. When the search bore fruit, Radegast was one of the many Iron Lords who went into the what would later be named the Plaguelands. Of all that went in, Radegast was one of the eight to meet their end in the SIVA replication chamber, containing SIVA at the cost of their lives.

In the present, the new generation of Iron Lords can take up his artifact, if they prove themselves worthy to Tyra Karn. Those who use it gain an ability reflecting his status as a swordsman; when using a sword, Guardians gain the power to reflect energy-based attack from agents of the darkness and contenders in the Crucible when using a sword's guard function.


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