The Dark Below

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DLC art

The Dark Below prologue

"Now you must face what lurks in the Dark Below."
Eris Morn[1]

The Dark Below is the first DLC for Destiny, released on December 9, 2014.[2] The Dark Below takes place in the Cosmodrome and within the Hellmouth, and involves stopping the Hive god Crota from being resurrected and invading Earth.[3][4][5] Players are guided by Eris Morn, a new Tower vendor with a grudge against Crota.[6][7]


Story Missions[edit]



Crucible Maps[edit]


  • Vanguard Roc - Strike playlist, level 26



  • The Will of Crota strike will not be available until the player performs a specific set of tasks for Eris: First, they must complete all the story missions. Then, turn in a bounty for killing 25 Knights or Wizards. Finally, the player must complete three bounties to track down the Heart, Hand, and Eyes of Crota in the Cosmodrome.[8]
  • Crota's End is available immediately upon starting the expansion, provided the player is a high enough level. The Undying Mind is also immediately available, provided the player has completed the story campaign from the base game.
  • The expansion introduces a new Questing system. Quests are picked up from Eris Morn; the first three quests are the three story missions, followed by a choice of two different quests: the Disciples of Crota and the Urn of Sacrifice. These quests are stored as special bounties.


  • The trademark for the expansion was filed in 2013. Activision had Blizzard Entertainment file the trademark,[9] which led to some confusion as to whether the expansion was related to World of Warcraft.[10]
  • The DLC was rebooted a few months before release. The pack's "crunch period" occurred over a period of nine weeks.[11]