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An example of a Super being performed.

Supers are the various abilities that Guardians are able to use according to their subclass[1]. Manifestations of the Traveler's arcane power, the Guardians channel this power to attack or defend against the many threats to the City. Examples are the Hunter's Golden Gun, the Warlock's Nova Bomb, and the Titan's Fist of Havoc.[2]

Players have a "Super meter" above their weapon icons; when its full, the player can use their super. The meter can be filled in four ways:

  • Slowly but gradually refilling over time (can be sped up with a higher Intellect score on armor)
  • Killing enemies
  • Getting precision hits. (Critical hits)
  • Picking up Orbs of Light.

Once the player's meter is filled, it turns yellow, and the text "Super Charged" appears in the middle of the screen.

Known Supers





A Taken Captain's "Darkness Ball" suppresses a Guardian's super for a time, preventing it from being used even when fully charged.


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