Arc Blade

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"The Arc Blade movement represents a Bladedancer's top speed, which she can only maintain for so long. As with many Light-based techniques, timing is everything."
Lord Shaxx

Arc Blade is a Guardian Super available to members of the Hunter class that use the Bladedancer subclass.


"Charge your blade with Arc Light and consume your foes with lightning."
— Description

The user charges their knife with Arc energy and slashes at nearby foes with unerring accuracy and dealing large amounts of damage while they move swiftly across the battlefield. It can be upgraded to allow the user to to damage surrounding enemies, send fourth a destructive Arc wave that travels along the ground, or vanish from sight.

List of appearances[edit]


  • Showstopper: Press "RT/R2" during Arc Blade to damage nearby enemies.
  • Razor's Edge: Press "RT/R2" during Arc Blade to unleash a destructive wave of energy that travels along the ground.
  • Vanish: Press "RT/R2" during Arc Blade to disappear from sight.


  • Encore: Killing an enemy with Arc Blade extends its duration.
  • Increase melee attack speed attribute on gear.