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Vehicles are armed modes of transportation used by alien and Guardian forces in the Destiny series. Vehicles can be piloted by both allies and enemies, can be entirely AI controlled, or simply used as setpieces and background.

Player Vehicles[edit]

Guardians piloting Sparrows

Players can use a variety of vehicles in the series. The most notable vehicle is the Sparrow, a Guardian's main mean of landbound transportation. In general, a vehicle can be boarded by holding the "interact" button when near it. When a player enters a vehicle, the HUD's healthbar will begin representing the machine's health, with an appropriate icon to match. Commands vary from vehicle to vehicle, and can include things such as boosters, side dashes, and onboard weapon controls. Enemies will take damage from being rammed by vehicles and can even be killed. When a vehicle is destroyed, the player riding it is usually killed in the explosion.

Drivable Vehicles

AI vehicles[edit]

Vehicles used by the game's Artificial Intelligence fall under three main categories: vehicle units, driven vehicles, and dropships.

Vehicle Units[edit]

The Cabal Goliath Tank

Vehicle Units are the broadest category of enemies the game recognizes as vehicles. They can come in many shapes, from stationary turrets to hulking battle tanks. They can have ranks from the usual Minor to Ultra, although this does not change the effects that improve damage against vehicles. Finishers cannot be used on vehicles. In general, if something doesn't seem like a living or automated being, can recieve damage, and cannot be finished, it is classified as a vehicle. Some vehicles also exist only as allied units.


Driven Vehicles[edit]

Some rare enemies can drive vehicles appropriate to their faction. This will give the enemies significant firepower and resilience thanks to the machine they ride. However, the pilot is usually somewhat exposed, usually from the flanks, and can be thus shot off, which will allow the player to take the ride for themselves. Drivers with Absorption Shields also pass their resilience to their rides.

Vehicle Drivers
A Ketch flying over the Cosmodrome, dropping off Skiffs


Between a setpiece and an actual enemy, dropships are used as means to add enemies to a fight while also providing fire support. Usually, a dropship leaves soon after depositing its crew, though it may remain longer. If they remain long enough to fire their turrets, they can usually be shot off.



A number of large vehicles exist only as a setpiece, a part of the map players can explore or used to enrich the world. The most notable is the player's Jumpship, which is used as a sort of loading screen. Other setpiece vehicles often seen are the Cabal Imperial Land Tanks, the Fallen Ketches, and the Hive Seeder Ships. Some spaceships are also fully fledged Destinations, like the H.E.L.M., the Almighty, and the Dreadnaught.

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