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Security Turret
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Last Call
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The Security Turret is a stationary auto-turret used by the Fallen for brief incursions and position defense. Two variants exist, a fully automated, deployable version with one barrel, and a larger, static version with a three-barreled weapon and a manual mode.


The heavy version of the Security Turret was first seen in the Prison of Elders, during the prison break, where they were reactivated and manned by Cayde-6 in support of The Guardian to clean up a number of rioting inmates.[1] They were later seen as part of the deck defenses of the Spider's Ketch, used to fend off intruders.[2]

The portable version of the Security Turret was first seen during a Fallen covert operation in the Zero Hour Mission, where they attempted to stave off the Guardians and allow Siriks, Loyal to Eramis and his crew to escape.[3] They reappear in the Ketchcrash activity, where the Security Optic of the enemy pirate's Ketch summons them in its defense.[2] They were also employed by the House of Salvation in fortifying Seraph Station.[4]


While superficially similar to the Cabal Scorpius, Security Turrets have notable differences in makeup and behavior. Security Turrets are more akin to environmental obstacle than combatants, and several effects such as tracking projectiles and Witherhoard pools will not consider them. Their health pools are much larger than the Cabal's weaponry, and lack a weak point, which further increases the punishment they can take. Security Turrets take a couple of seconds to lock on to a target, which they will then fire upon with highly damaging bursts of Arc projectiles. The longer they fire upon a target, they quicker they can fire the next burst. Breaking line of sight is recommended when dealing with Security Turrets.


  • Their health bar refers to them as "Turret", but kill cams call them "Security Turret".


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