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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Ascendant realm (Dreaming City)
The Reef (Dreaming City, Tangled Shore, Prison of Elders)


A year after the beginning of the Red War

"Come... kill us! Death is our sword!"
Fikrul, the Fanatic

The Scorn are a horde of undead Fallen led by Fikrul, the Fanatic and Uldren Sov. They orchestrated a massive breakout from the Prison of Elders and murdered Cayde-6 in the process, and have since spread throughout much of the Reef and the Dreaming City.


The Scorn are created from deceased Fallen, reanimated by Fikrul, the Fanatic through the use of Dark Ether and transformed into warped, undead monstrosities.[1][2] Described as "frenzied, bloodthirsty puppets" by Petra Venj, they are unwaveringly loyal to the Barons and Uldren and throw themselves into combat with little care for self-preservation. Many of them have died and been resurrected multiple times, becoming increasingly deranged each time, coupled with progressive physical changes that eventually turn them into bestial Screebs.

Scorn vary drastically in size and form, with Abominations in particular nearly being the size of a Hive Ogre.[1][2] Many of them have docked lower arms as a remnant of their previous status as Dregs.[2] Rather disturbingly, some Scorn classes, including Ravagers and Abominations, seem to also lack heads.

Scorn generally wear crudely-fashioned armor fastened with chains and painted gray or ochre. Many of their unique devices and weapons follow a similar aesthetic, consisting of metal plates bolted or welded together.


The first Scorn were former members of the House of Exile who were cast out of the House at some point prior to the Red War. The Scorn are no longer affiliated with any House. They are led overall by Uldren Sov and help pursue his goals. Beneath Uldren are eight Barons, led by the former Archon known as Fikrul, the Fanatic. Each of the Barons has a unique set of skills and combat specialties.


Rise of the Scorn[edit]

At some point following the Taken War, Prince Uldren, who had been corrupted by Darkness and was working with the House of Kings, discovered a mortally wounded Fikrul. Uldren wished to save him, attracting the attention of the Taken Ahamkara Riven. Riven granted Uldren's wish, and part of Uldren's Darkness transferred into Fikrul's Ether, raising him as the first of the Scorn.

Fikrul and Uldren allied with six Fallen Dregs cast out from the House of Exile, who collectively titled themselves the Scorned Barons. With the help of the Barons, Uldren usurped Craask, Kell of Kings and immediately took over the House of Kings; Fikrul docked the latter of his arms and demoted Craask to Dreg status before slaughtering the House in a grand betrayal as Uldren decides that the Kings are too bothersome for his ambitions. With the use of Dark Ether, Fikrul raised the deceased Kings as a new army of undead Fallen to lead, which became known collectively as the Scorn.

Terror of the Reef[edit]

Capitalising on the lack of leadership in the post-Taken War Reef, the Scorn terrorized both Fallen Houses and Awoken settlements, degrading the once prosperous civilization into a lawless frontier; even having driven the House of Wolves to extinction through the destruction of all their Servitors. They even successfully allied with a local Hive brood when Hiraks, the Mindbender took In Anânh, Brood Queen as his consort.

Sometime after the Red War, Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6 gathered a small group of his most trusted Guardians and, with the assistance of acting-Regent-Commander Petra Venj, hunted down the Scorned Barons. At a final standoff, the Barons were defeated and those not killed were thrown deep within the Prison of Elders. Only one at the scene, their Archon, Fikrul, the Fanatic, managed to escape.[3] The Scorn bonded together here in their shared situation.[4]

Prison Break[edit]

A year after the Red War, the Scorn took advantage of the Reef's disheveled state and broke out en-masse from the Prison of Elders. During the breakout, the Scorn Barons and Uldren Sov killed Cayde-6. After the escape, they fled into the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City, behind the leadership of Prince Uldren and their seven commanding Barons and Archon. [1]

After their release, they entered into a civil war with the House of Dusk. They have also invaded the Spider's territory in the Tangled Shore, and he has enlisted Guardians to assist his men in clearing them out.




Notable Members[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]



  • They are the second enemy faction in-game to be led by an antagonist of a different species, the first being the Grasp of Nokris and their Worm God Xol.
  • The Scorn are the first faction of Fallen seen in the Ascendant realm, and the first to ally themselves with Hive combatants.
  • The Game Informer Forsaken issue reveals that the Scorn do not take cover, and have the most aggressive AI in the Destiny series.
    • There may be a canon reason for this; it is implied that repetitive resurrections cause mental deterioration for those on the receiving end, and enough resurrections will reduce a Scorn to a feral Screeb. The Scorn recklessly charging at the Guardian could easily be due to a frenzied, partially-bestial mindset from numerous revivals(as well as potential fearlessness with having the knowledge that their deaths will likely not be permanent, similar to that of Guardians).
  • The Scorn are the third faction of undead beings seen in the Destiny series, the first being Guardians, and the second being the Hive.
  • With the Scorn's Barons, nearly all of them can speak English, some broken while others are more fluent.
    • The Mindbender is the only one who speaks a completely unintelligible speech, similar to the Hive
    • The Hangman and the Rider only give growls and roars.


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