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Uldren Sov
Fikrul, the Fanatic
Elykris, the Machinist
Hiraks, the Mindbender
Araskes, the Trickster
Reksis Vahn, the Hangman
Kaniks, the Mad Bomber
Pirrha, the Rifleman
Yaviks, the Rider


The Hollowed Lair
The Sunken Pyramid

At war with:

The Reef
House of Dusk
House of Spider
House of Kings
House of Wolves
Cabal Deserters
Imperial Cabal
Lucent Brood
Xivu Arath's Horde (Dreaming City)
Taken (Dreaming City)

Allied with:

The Witness
Mindbent Hive
Xivu Arath's Horde
House of Salvation
The Dread


Hunt for the Scorn
Clash of the Chosen
Endless Night
The Lucent War
Severing of the Nightmares
Battle of the War Gods
Clash of the Hive Gods
Hunt for Riven's Clutch
Operation Ahamkara


"Come... kill us! Death is our sword!"
Fikrul, the Fanatic

The Scorn are a faction of undead Fallen spawned by Darkness-tainted Ether and created using wish magic by the Ahamkara Riven. Led by Fikrul, the Fanatic, and formerly Uldren Sov, they orchestrated a massive breakout from the Prison of Elders and murdered Cayde-6 in the process, and have since spread throughout much of the Reef and the Dreaming City. Most recently, many have become enthralled under the influence of the Witness and its followers, using them as pawns against the Guardians and the turncoat Hive God, Savathûn.


Terror of the Reef

Capitalizing on the lack of leadership in the post-Taken War Reef, a group of Dregs who collectively titled themselves the "Scorned Barons" banded together after they were cast out from the House of Exile. They waged a civil war against the Fallen Houses for practicing the old Eliksni ways and terrorized Awoken settlements within the Reef, degrading the once-prosperous civilization into a lawless frontier. The terror they unleashed had almost grown as powerful as any Kell even having driven the House of Wolves to extinction through the destruction of all their Servitors. They even successfully took control of a local Hive brood with Hiraks, the Mindbender taking In Anânh, Brood Queen as his consort.

Sometime before the Red War, acting Regent-Commander Petra Venj enlisted the support of the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6, and with the assistance of a small group of his most trusted Guardians, together hunted down the Scorned Barons. At a final standoff, the Barons were defeated and those not killed were thrown deep within the Prison of Elders. Only one at the scene, their Archon, Fikrul, the Fanatic, managed to escape.[1] The Barons bonded together here in their shared situation.[2]

Rise of the Scorn

The Scorn Baron, Fikrul, the Fanatic

"Kill a Fallen, I claim it as Scorn. Kill a Scorn, I raise ten more!"
Fikrul, the Fanatic

At some point prior to the Scorn Breakout, Prince Uldren, who had been corrupted by Darkness and was working with the House of Kings, discovered a mortally wounded Fikrul. Uldren wished to save him, attracting the attention of the Taken Ahamkara Riven. Riven granted Uldren's wish, and part of Uldren's Darkness transferred into Fikrul's Ether, transmutating into Dark Ether which raised him as the first of the Scorn.

Fikrul and Uldren became allies and worked together to usurp Craask, Kell of Kings, immediately taking over the House of Kings; Fikrul docked the latter of his arms and demoted Craask to Dreg status before slaughtering the House in a grand betrayal as Uldren decides that the Kings are too bothersome for his ambitions. With the use of Dark Ether, Fikrul raised the deceased Kings as a new army of undead Fallen to lead, which became known collectively as the Scorn.

The Prison Break

Prison Break of the Scorned Barons with Uldren Sov

A year after the Red War, both Uldren and Fikrul were caught by Petra and Cayde-6, willingly surrendering themselves and taken to the Prison of Elders. During the warden's interrogation of Fikrul on the whereabouts of Kaliks Prime, the former prince took advantage of Variks' wavering loyalty and tricked him into releasing the prison's inmates, causing a massive riot of which The Guardian and Cayde-6 were forced to contain, unaware of the Scorn raised by Fikrul to aid them in releasing the Barons. During their escape, Cayde-6 was confronted by Uldren and the eight Scorned Barons in a tense standoff, to which Uldren finished the Hunter Vanguard off with his own Ace of Spades.

After the escape, the main horde of Scorn fled into the Tangled Shore behind the leadership of Prince Uldren, Fikrul and their seven commanding Barons.[3] Without the sanction of the Vanguard, the Guardian took it upon themselves to avenge the fallen Cayde-6 and hunt down the Scorned Barons throughout the Tangled Shore.

Hunting the Barons

"Divide. Conquer. Isolate Uldren. He'll wind up at your feet. And all you have to do... is pull the trigger."
— The Spider.

After their release, the Scorn entered into a war with the Spider for control over the Tangled Shore and forced the Fallen crime boss into a deal with the Guardian and Petra Venj for information on their whereabouts. The Guardian drove the Scorned Barons out of their den and scattered them across the Shore, taking out their forces bit by bit, and soon discovered each Baron had plans for when they would be done with the Reef.

Encountering a trail left by Araskes, the Trickster, the Guardians discovered the Trickster had developed a wicked plan to sabotage engram caches with explosives, which she intended to send to the Last City to incite mayhem. The Guardian manages to destroy her caches and chased the Trickster throughout the Shore to corner her. Despite her cloaking and constant traps, the Guardian was able to kill Araskes.

Later on, the Guardians find fiery trail blazes over the Shore and soon find the one responsible, Yaviks, the Rider and her Pike gang. Within the Shore, Yaviks intended to continue her trail of destruction and anarchy over the Reef while also wishing to beat Cayde-6's Pike riding record since the last time, the Hunter Vanguard bested her. The Guardian manages to procure a Pike of their own and initiate a destructive race with Yaviks. But, despite Yaviks' modified Heavy Pike, weaponry, and the aid of her gang, the Guardians were able to kill the Rider, thereby preserving Cayde's record.

After a while, the Guardians were contacted by Kaniks, the Mad Bomber who challenges them. Tracking the message, the Guardian encounters the Mad Bomber who gleefully attacks them with his arsenal of explosives. The Guardian survives the initial attack and chases after Kaniks, who continues to mock Cayde's death, but despite his erratic tactics and explosives, the Guardian kills the Mad Bomber.

Following intel provided by the Spider, the Guardians follow the evidence of Pirrha, the Rifleman, the one who killed Cayde's Ghost. The search leads the Guardian to Pirrha's initial sniper's nest in Hellrise Canyon. Once they enter, the Guardian realizes the nest was a trap as Pirrha's forces attack them. Surviving the trap, Pirrha contacts them, threatening to destroy their Ghost just as he did with Cayde's. Fighting past Pirrha's forces and keeping their Ghost safe from Pirrha's sniping, the Guardians manage to corner the Rifleman. Despite his Crossbow weapon and bothersome decoys, the Guardian kills Pirrha, avenging Cayde's Ghost.

Within the fields of the Tangled Shore, the Guardian finds remains of Servitors, completely drained of their ether. The Spider takes this as evidence that Reksis Vahn, the Hangman, a Scorn Baron with a hatred for Servitors, is nearby. Following a trail of ether to Quitter's Well, the Guardian encountered the Hangman within his lair. Despite his great strength and Flame Cauldron weapon, the Guardian manages to slay the sadistic Baron.

With another tip from the Spider, the Guardian searched for Hiraks, the Mindbender, a Scorn Baron with a morbid fascination for the Hive. The search for Hiraks takes them to a downed Hive Warship from the Taken War, which became a breeding ground for the Hive stranded on the Shore. Fighting past Hive soldiers under the control of Hiraks, the Guardian soon found a portal rupture that led to Hiraks' throne world, the Ascendant Plane which manifested from all the deaths of Hiraks' foes, including Cayde-6. Within the Ascendant Plane, the Guardian faced off against Hiraks, who was more powerful within his throne world, but despite his Hive servants and Ascendant powers, they killed the Mindbender which caused his Ascendant Plane to destabilize. The Guardian managed to escape just in time before the Ascendant Plane collapsed.

With most of the Barons dead, the Guardian managed to track down the Baron's second-in-command, Elykris, the Machinist to Salvage Zone QX. There, the Machinist challenged the Guardian and forced them to question their motives in the deaths of her comrades. Nonetheless, the Guardian battled with Elykris where she unleashed the full force of her stolen and salvaged weaponry. Even with the force of her weaponry and tactics, the Guardian managed to kill Elykris and destroy her stockpile.

The Fall of Uldren

With the Scorn's leadership reduced to just Fikrul and Uldren, Petra maintained her hunt for the Prince while the Guardians continued their vendetta on the Shore. She managed to track him to Earth deep within the Dark Forest of the European Dead Zone. There, she witnessed him taking a shard of the Traveler bearing its Light. Though she managed to find Uldren, Petra failed in her chance to kill him, leaving her position exposed to the Dusk Fallen, enabling Uldren to escape.

With the death of the Scorned Barons, Uldren escaped and walled himself inside the Awoken Watchtower, to find his sister, Mara Sov. Guarding the structure were his Scorn forces, led by Fikrul, the last Scorn Baron. When The Spider's agents heard of this, The Spider's Crime Syndicate, under the command of The Guardian and Petra attacks the Scorn. In his final battle, Fikrul questioned the Guardian's motives in killing them for revenge, or just for fun. However, despite his Dark Ether powers, the angered Baron was slain, and the Guardian continued to find Uldren. Upon arriving at the Gateway, they find a horrific Chimera, named the Voice of Riven, had captured him after using the rogue prince in releasing it. Despite the Taken monster's powers, it was destroyed, saving Uldren. Left crippled and defenseless, Uldren questioned his killers' motives and declares that despite his crimes, what he had done was for his sister. Uldren was then executed, leaving the Scorn broken.

War in the Dreaming City

"The Scorn seek revenge for the death of the Fanatic. They will never willingly leave the Dreaming City."
Petra Venj

Following the demise of Fikrul and Uldren, the Scorn lingered within the Dreaming City and engulfed themselves in a conflict against the Taken. The Spider noted how he was placed in charge of safekeeping the City, but lost control due to the rising Scorn presence.

Several Chieftains sought revenge and the thieves stole an oracle offering which fell into the hands of Elikaa. Later Scorn champions such as Sikariis, and Varkuuriis began plaguing the Blind Well and enlisted their heralds Macuii, Itzlii and Tezcaa to guard it. They were promptly defeated by the Guardians who sought to gain another offering to the Oracle Engine].

Still vengeful against the Awoken, Tirksnii and his group of Corsairbanes hunted down and killed Corsairs across the Dreaming City. Petra immediately issued a Bounty to avenge her comrades and sought the elimination of Tirksnii.

Later, she receives intel from Corsairs of a Scorn gathering by the entrance of the monastery. The Guardians are sent to investigate and depose the siege leader Drekaa outside and then defeat Kruvii within the Harbinger's Seclude. Petra also coordinates a team to rescue the Taken Sedia and Avakrii is defeated along the way. The Guardians also expurgate the Chieftains, Yirksii and Vilzii, out of their territories lost in the Dreaming City and Tangled Shore.

Return of Fikrul

"Hello, dead thing. Come to slaughter my children? Me, perhaps? You die instead."
— The Fanatic

Despite the Scorn's falling numbers, leadership finally came back in place, as the Fanatic returned from death for revenge and to raise the other Barons from the dead once more. Fighting through the Scorn, a strike team entered The Hollowed Lair, with Fikrul challenging them. Despite his hatred and Dark Ether powers, the Guardians defeated the Scorn Archon once again but he swears that he will return, no matter how many times they strike him down.

Another Baron, Elykris, the Machinist returned, but this time under the title "Reanimated Machinist" implying that she and the other Barons can be revived just like Fikrul. Despite the return of Elykris and Fikrul, the Scorn's power and numbers appear to be unknown as The Drifter mentions that Scorn are all over the place and that they must be breeding and have appeared in places like Titan and Nessus and other places in the system.[4]

Glykon Ritual

Following the Arrival of the Pyramids, many Scorn in the Tangled Shore would find themselves captured by Loyalist Cabal of former Emperor Calus, and sent to the Cabal Carrier, Glykon Volatus. There, the Scorn would be subjected to experiments to satisfy Calus' understanding of the Darkness. The experimentations would further develop after the Loyalists brought the Hive artifact, the Crown of Sorrow, aboard. Utilizing the Crown, Calus had a means of observing how the Darkness interfered with the Scorn's corrupted consciousness. Many test subjects would perish from "continuous neuron death" except for one who "spoke with many dead voices". This Scorn would become known as the Locus of Communion.

Though many of the Emperor's communions failed, he eventually succeeded when Egregore began to manifest among the Scorn. The Glykon was plunged into the Anomaly of Mars from its anchoring point of Phobos, and the Scorn were freed and hunted down all the other passengers. Eventually, the ship returned, and an exploration by The Guardian would find the derelict Glykon after intercepting its distress signal. After boarding the vessel, the Guardian defeated the Scorn and the Locus leading them, and discover the secrets of the experiments conducted upon them, supported by Osiris and Caiatl.

During the Endless Night, simulations of the Scorn would be used by the Vex to fend off the Guardians looking to gain access to their Network over the Tangled Shore.

Assaulting the Ley Lines

After the Endless Night, a large number of Scorn would attack the Ley Lines situated in and around the Dreaming City. Led by Kruutiks, Reefbane, they would also attack the Blind Well directly. Even worse, they seem to have made a pact of nonaggression with the Hive and Taken, if not an outright alliance. They would also somehow gain access to the Ascendant Realm and take over the Debris of Dreams located in the Shattered Realm. After multiple expeditions to the Shattered Realm, it was learned the Scorn seemed to be evolving. They were seen to have been mining Ascendent energy from the Realm, as well as engaging in a fighting pit that appeared to run on Sword Logic rules. The latter of which heavily suggests the Scorn are developing their own culture. Eventually, when the day of the Exorcism arrived, the Scorn participated in the final assault alongside the Hive and Taken but were ultimately driven off.

In the Witch Queen's Realm

Following the Scorn's failure to seize control over the Dreaming City or capture Savathûn, the Scorn were driven out of the Reef, but would soon reappear in the Court of Savathûn, looking to claim the Witch Queen's realm as their own. As the Guardian conducted their missions within the Throne World, looking to find out how Savathûn managed to control the Light, they noticed that the Scorn operated much more organized than previously encountered, leading Ikora to believe that the Scorn serve a new master. Throughout their missions against the Lucent Brood, the Scorn would attempt to impede the Guardian or clash with the Lightbearing Hive in their attempts to claim territory but ultimately failed in their efforts.

Guardians battling Scorn in the Dark City

After the Guardian succeeded in defeating Savathûn and thwarting her attempt in sealing the Traveler away within her Throne World, her Ghost, Immaru, managed to escape and would lead the Lucent Brood in her stead, organizing the Hive in combating the Scorn who are looking to take advantage of the loss of their queen. This forces the Guardians to intervene before either faction could gain any significant ground. However, during their investigations in Savathûn's Throne World, the Guardians discover a Sunken Pyramid in the outskirts, with legions of Scorn guarding it. They soon learn that the Scorn's master: Rhulk, one of the Disciples of The Witness, lies trapped within by the Witch Queen herself. However, with Savathûn gone, Rhulk was poised to break free but Mara Sov became aware of this and warned the Guardians of the danger he posed. The Guardians would form a Raid Fireteam and storm the Sunken Pyramid, facing heavy resistance from empowered Scorn, including one notable Scorn Abomination called The Caretaker. Despite their efforts to protect their master, the Guardians managed to traverse deeper into the Pyramid even as the Scorn fought alongside the Taken. Ultimately confronting Rhulk at the center of the Pyramid armed with immense power and the Scorn's support, the Guardians slew the imprisoned Disciple, leading the Pyramid to fracture and the Scorn to retreat.

Despite the Guardian's victory against the Disciple of the Witness, the Scorn were unwilling to abandon the Sunken Pyramid, hoping to claim it for their own and continue Rhulk's experiments in infusing Hive Worms on other living beings. Mara Sov became aware of this and informed the Guardians, leading them to enter the Pyramid again and clear out the Scorn's presence, as well as gather any useful secrets within.

The Leviathan's Return

Sometime following the battles in the Witch Queen's realm, the factions of the Sol System would be surprised by the return of Calus's personal pleasure craft, the Leviathan, hanging derelict over the Moon. Eris Morn would discover that the massive vessel is emitting a signal towards the Lunar Pyramid beneath the moon's surface, as per Calus's wishes, which causes the Nightmare phantoms to return and torment anyone who gets too close. The Scorn themselves would be drawn to the Leviathan, though it is unknown if they now serve the former Cabal Emperor or not, but they have begun to claim territory deep within the ship and have begun to conduct rituals involving the Nightmares.

As the Guardians investigate the Leviathan and conduct Nightmare Harvests to contain the Nightmares, they would occasionally clash with the Scorn, attempting to thwart the Lightbearers' efforts. Despite the Scorn's attempts, the Guardians would make progress in severing Calus's connections to the Lunar Pyramid and discovering any clues as to what Calus was looking to accomplish, which was to merge with the Lunar Pyramid, gain its power and become a Disciple of The Witness. Though the Guardians would succeed in severing Calus's connections to the Pyramid, the Emperor nonetheless succeeded in beginning the transformation, leading the Guardians to make one last desperate severance ritual to prevent Calus from gaining the Pyramid's power. The Scorn would aid the new Disciple but despite their efforts, the Guardians are able to push Calus back, preventing him from gaining the Pyramid's power. However, Calus nonetheless accomplished what he intended, the former Emperor had become a Disciple of the Witness and thereby became the herald of the Second Collapse.

Salvation's Punishment

Though the Scorn failed in aiding Calus in seizing control over the Lunar Pyramid, the Scorn would in time serve a new master in preparing for the Witness's return, the Hive God of War, Xivu Arath. To supplement her forces, Xivu Arath consolidated her Wrathborn forces in seizing control over the Warsat Network as Rasputin remained incapacitated since its failed effort to stop the Black Fleet's initial arrival. To aid her efforts, Xivu Arath assumed control over most of what was left of the House of Salvation, after their leader, Eramis, failed in her mission to claim the relics containing the pieces of the dead Disciple, Nezarec before the Guardians. To further punish Eramis for her failure, Xivu Arath killed a number of Salvation Fallen and resurrected them as Scorn, some of whom Eramis had known personally.

Fighting alongside the War God's Wrathborn forces, the Scorn would seek out one of the Warmind's creators, Clovis Bray I, and subjugate him to grant Xivu Arath full control over the Warsat Network and turn its arsenal on the Last City. However, the Guardians, Ana Bray and Osiris also sought out Clovis to conscript his aid in restoring Rasputin. After rescuing the scientist, Clovis would direct the Guardians to locate the Subminds that have the data needed to repair Rasputin and regain his control over the network. One submind, Malahayati, was located on Luna, within a Seraph vault and it was guarded by the Scorn, led by Once-Phyris, the Exhumed Tether, a Captain and Marksmen that once served under Eramis. Despite Phyris' efforts, the Guardians slayed her and recovered the submind's data. Further, Mara theorizes that without Phyris acting as a nexus of control, her hold over the Scorn on Luna will weaken for now.

Another former lieutenant of Eramis' would be resurrected as Scorn to serve Xivu Arath and the Witness's plans: Praksis, the Technocrat now dubbed as the Defiled, much to the Shipstealer's dismay. Praksis would be charged with guarding the Nexus Control hub of the Seraph Station, clashing with the Guardians as they infiltrated the space station to plant a virus and gather intel regarding a Clovis Bray weapon. Despite Praksis's efforts and Stasis powers, the Guardians would slay him again.

Experiments of Light

During the aeons, Savathûn had amassed several specimens within her Spire and Altars of Summoning, including several powerful Scorn, to study their ability of resurrection to see if it was similar to the Necromantic powers Nokris wielded. She would also conduct various experiments, which continued even in her absence. Vanguard forces would storm these areas to harvest the Scorn as tithes to empower Eris Morn into a God of Vengeance to rival Xivu Arath.

Hunting Riven's eggs

After Xivu Arath was banished from her throne world, the Scorn would continue to spread corruption in the Dreaming City. Managing to find a way into Riven's Lair, the Locus of Subjugation would lead Scorn in an attempt to steal an egg of Riven. But, they would be killed by a Guardian fireteam.

During the Dark Age, a castle belonging to a Warlord named Naeem was attacked by the House of Kings, with the Warlord herself being killed in the process. With her dying breath, she wished for vengeance. Many years later, after the Witness entered the Traveler and Xivu Arath was banished from her throne world, the remains of the Ahamkara Hefnd would grant this wish after luring the now leaderless Taken to the castle. He fed on their desire for a purpose to corrupt the dead House of Kings into Scorn. Those resurrected in the castle seemed to develop a culture surrounding Hefnd's bones, placing them in shrines across the castle and worshipping Chieftain Totems that held bone fragments within Taken Blights.

The news of these Scorn on Earth would eventually catch the attention of Fikrul, who has been leading a crew of his own Scorn independent from the Witness after fleeing the Tangled Shore. Aboard a stolen Ketch, he tasked five powerful Chieftains dubbed Knights to bring the Scorn to them before the Witness could claim them. However, the Knights would be broken and fall under the control of Hefnd. They would fight alongside the Dragon's Scorn and the Taken, only to be cut down by a Guardian fireteam sent to investigate the ruins.

When the Techeuns pulled the final egg out of the Ley Lines and into the Caliginous Expanse within the court of Mara Sov, the Scorn would infiltrate the Awoken Queen's court with the purpose of retrieving it. However they would quickly come into conflict with the Guardian, who would slay the Plaguewielders and enter the portal into the Catacombs. It becomes apparent that tho most of these Scorn were raised by the Witness, some of them bear Fikrul's mark. Upon arriving at the Caliginous Expanse, the Guardian engages with Elikaa, the Pale Rot, who was attempting to make a wish using the final egg. Despite it's resilience, it is unable to defeat the Guardian and is slain in a fearsome battle. Successfully retrieving the final egg, the Guardian makes the fifteenth wish to pursue the Witness. Despite their failure to make the wish, the Scorn would continue their assault within Riven's Lair, now being directed by the agents of Fikrul.


Scorn Army

"The Scorn aren't Fallen. Not anymore."
Petra Venj

The Scorn are created from deceased Fallen, either recently or after repeated deaths, reanimated by Fikrul, the Fanatic and later the Witness through the use of Dark Ether and transformed into warped, undead monstrosities.[3][5] Described as "frenzied, bloodthirsty puppets" by Petra Venj, they are unwaveringly loyal to the will of their master and throw themselves into combat with little care for self-preservation. This abandon of personal safety is likely down to their capacity to resurrect from defeat, unless their corpses are burned beyond recognition. [6]

Scorn vary drastically in size and form, with Abominations in particular nearly being the size of a Hive Ogre.[3][5] Many of them have docked lower arms as a remnant of their previous status as Dregs.[5] Rather disturbingly, some Scorn classes, including Ravagers and Abominations, seem to also lack heads. It could be possible that their interaction with the Dark Ether has allowed the Scorn extrasensory abilities as every class of Scorn have some kind of metal plating covering their eyes, aside from Screebs, that wear no armor, and the Barons.

Scorn generally wear crudely-fashioned armor fastened with chains and painted gray or ochre. Many of their unique devices and weapons follow a similar aesthetic, consisting of metal plates bolted or welded together. The Drifter said that their blood is flammable, as well as being able to breed quickly, implying that they are getting their numbers up in more ways than resurrection.

Following the events after Season of the Lost, numerous Scorn emerging under the control of the Witness of the Black Fleet would sport purple-colored armor and banners, though the reason for this is currently unknown. They would also be seen as more organized, with swathes of newly made Scorn champions having the strength close to that of the late Scorned Barons leading these Scorn. These Scorn are seen to work under the direction of those who are sworn to the Witness, such as Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness, an agent of the Black Fleet, and Calus, former Emperor of the Cabal who has become a Disciple.

The Scorned Barons

"The Barons had become heads of a new House, priests in their own rites, and arbiters of their own trials."
— Roll Call

The Scorned Barons are former members of the House of Exile who were cast out of the House before the Red War. As Dregs they banded together and self-proclaimed themselves as Barons and are not of traditional nobility held esteemed by Fallen Houses. Instead, they've formed a close kinship together and hold each other to high regard while the noble Fallen Houses disregarded them.

After their exile, they no longer affiliated themselves with any House and choose to follow Uldren Sov. He is given honorary titles such as "King Sov" and "Father" and the Barons will do anything to help pursue his goals. Beneath Uldren are eight Barons, led by the former Wolf Archon, Fikrul, the Fanatic. His most ardent follower is Elykris, the Machinist who serves the group as his second in command. The Barons challenged the sovereignty held by House of Spider and set their base of operations by the Tangled Shore. Each one has a unique set of skills and combat specialties.

Kaniks and Elykris respectively serve as the explosive and munitions expert for the group, while Araskes prefers to keep her operations behind the scenes and places traps for unsuspecting victims. She is also the spokesperson for the Scorn and sent for negotiations and to establish trades. Yaviks leads a gang of Pikers who steal supplies for the Barons, while Reksis Vahn brutally mauls Servitors to harvest their Ether. Pirrha acts as their line of defense by being an all-seeing sharpshooter. He is aided by a security network spread across the Tangled Shore and eliminates any threat who enters their territory. This gifts them the freedom to do anything they please as Hiraks can practice twisted experimentations on the Hive to the extent that they become loyal to him and command his own Brood called the Mindbent.

The group also differs in ideologies as Elykris prefers to hoard everything she salvages such as Servitors, while Reksis chooses to destroy them. The Hangman seeks nothing but destruction, while the Machinist aims to preserve Fallen technology. Pirrha is another example of Fallen enhancing themselves with technology and seeking evolution similar to Devil Splicers and Taniks. Similarly, Kaniks is also outfitted with mechanical limbs, a byproduct of his mad bombings that have disabled him. Hiraks explores a different path by studying Hive knowledge and transcended into an Ascendant Eliksni, while Fikrul appeases any tensions among the group as their spiritual leader. He is the propagator of the Scorn and once celebrated leader of Eliksni faith, banished for his heresies against it.

While the current status of the original eight Barons is uncertain, other Scorn have since rose to similar power thanks to their alliance with the Pyramids, such as Brutiks, Lightbane, and lead the army in their more recent endeavors.



Scorned Barons

Knights of Fikrul

Scorn Champions

Scorn Chieftains

Scorn Members

Unique forces


Scorn technology is based on the Fallen's, but possibly even cruder. While the Eliksni can make powerful weapons out of scraps, the Scorn seem to keep them in an even greater state of disrepair, with many of their items having exposed circuitry and apparent energy leaks. Much of their weapons are covered in crude bolts, which also adorn their armor, often apparently sewn into their bodies. The Scorn often go into battle with little more than bolted-on scraps and torn rags, uncaring of the rigors of combat.

The Scorn lack most of the machines and vehicles used by the Fallen, only rarely being encountered using Pikes and Skiffs, though they have modified Walkers to suit their own combat style. Their only use for Servitors is to turn them into Ether Harvesters, and they otherwise dismantle and torture them.

In contrast, the Scorn are rather adept in the use of esoteric arts, as seen with the Chieftain's Ether Totems or the Fanatic's Staff. Screebs and Abominations are also believed to be the result of Darkness-based rituals. Another example of this ability was when they adapted the technology of the Fallen drills to mine and later refine Ascendant Energy directly from the Ascendant Realm.

After becoming allied with the Witness they also started adopting Pyramid technology, such as the Crux of Darkness and Resonant Splinter, which they use to enhance their forces and establish footholds in Light saturated areas, such as The Wellspring.

Their main method of engagement seems to be teleportation through the use of Dark Ether.


Scorn Leaders

Scorn Units



  • They are the second enemy faction in-game to be led by an antagonist of a different species, the first being the Grasp of Nokris and their Worm God Xol.
  • The Scorn are the first faction of Fallen seen in the Ascendant Realm, and the first to ally themselves with Hive combatants.
  • The Scorn is the first Fallen faction in the Destiny series that does not possess its own Servitors of any kind, likely as a result of their hatred for the Fallen's old traditions and beliefs. However, many of their lairs are littered with their extracted cores, such as the Bay of Drowned Wishes in the Dreaming City
  • The Game Informer Forsaken issue reveals that the Scorn do not take cover, and have the most aggressive AI in the Destiny series.
  • The Scorn are the third faction of undead beings seen in the Destiny series, the first being Guardians and the second being the Grasp of Nokris of the Hive.
  • With the Scorn's Barons, nearly all of them can speak English, some broken while others are more fluent.
    • The Mindbender is the only one who speaks a completely unintelligible speech, similar to the Hive
    • The Hangman and the Rider only give growls and roars.
  • At the release of The Witch Queen, Scorn within Savathûn's Throne World had armor and banners colored a more muted yellow which can be seen in promotional material. Later on in the Witch Queen, their color would be changed to a dark purple. The reason for this change is currently unknown.
  • In the second issue of the Cayde's Six comic series, the Barons make use of House of Devils troops as backup as the Scorn themselves had not been created that that point.
    • Also in the comic, the only Barons present are Hiraks, Araskes, Kaniks, Pirrha, Elykris and Fikrul, suggesting that Reksis Vahn and Yaviks had either been captured prior to the comic's events or that they joined after Uldren and Fikrul destroyed the House of Kings.

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