The Spider's Crime Syndicate

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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The Spider's Crime Syndicate


The Spider


Tangled Shore, Reef


One year after the beginning of the Red War


The Spider's Crime Syndicate is a Fallen criminal enterprise led by The Spider that resides within the Tangled Shore. It is currently working in tandem with the Guardians to fight back against the Scorn within the Reef.



At some point, the mob had a major dispute whereby the Spider and his brother, Siviks, disagreed over having Human allies. This led to Siviks spitting at the face of the Spider as he was taken away for imprisonment by the Spider's men.

The Spider's growing influence helped him control the Tangled Shore up until the Scorn began its civil war with the noble houses. Later the Spider made a deal with Queen Mara Sov to protect the Dreaming City in return for her overlooking his activities in the Shore.

Rise of the Scorn[edit]

Forced into hiding by the Scorn after their escape from the Prison of Elders and left with little options, The Spider and his mob were forced to work alongside the Guardians to clear out the Scorn and their Barons from the Reef,


The Spider's syndicate appears to be loosely organized. He rejects any notion of being a Kell and is an astonishingly generous employer by Fallen standards. The loyalty of his permanent "employees" is ensured by his daily payments of ether: one kilogram for one day's work, including days spent recovering from injury. The custom of freelance scavengers and spies is ensured by the high prices he pays for their goods. In his eyes, employees and freelancers both are simply making a deal with him: as long as they uphold their side of it, he'll uphold his. [1]

The syndicate includes many Servitors. How their loyalty is maintained is not mentioned.

The Spider also covertly employs a number of non-Fallen agents. He tolerates the presence of Cabal deserters[2] and had at least one contact in Dead Orbit routing him supplies from City shipping manifests, who he later had killed for asking too many questions.[3] In addition to payment, he also provides protection and transport to non-Fallen specialists, such as Koro, an Awoken who maintained a number of telescopes for him.[4]


Unique Forces[edit]


  • They are the second group of Fallen to be allied with Guardians, the first being the House of Judgment.
  • A common misconception among the Destiny community is that they are the House of Scar.
    • However in the Bounty description for Calzar, Scarred Captain, The Spider describes it as "This one's personal". Hinting at some possible history.
  • The Wretches of the syndicate have four arms instead of two like those in the House of Dusk.
    • This could mean that the Wretches escaped from their Houses before a higher power could dock their arms.
    • Or they could actually be Vandals based on how they act in gameplay.
  • The Spider employed the services of others before the Guardians, such as Howe, a Dead Orbit member, and Koro, an Awoken.


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