Kaniks, the Mad Bomber

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Kaniks, the Mad Bomber
The Mad Bomber.png
Biographical Information

Other Names:

The Mad Bomber
Kaniks Two-Fingers
Kaniks, the Detonator








Raider (presumably)





Combat Information


Target: The Mad Bomber


Scorn Grenades
Splinter Mines


Rapid Movement
High Durability
Summon Scorn
Ultra Smash

— Kaniks, the Mad Bomber [1]

Kaniks, the Mad Bomber[2] is a Baron of the Scorn.


Kaniks' mindset was shrouded in speculation as to what drove him to his recent state, some say it was trying to find a life outside the cultures of a Fallen House that did it, and living on the Tangled Shore is not small feat, with billions of ways to die. To challenge those odds and come out of it while maintaining one's self and asks you do to things in order to survive there. Though it could possibly be that the Mad Bomber was always that. Mad, eager to inflict destruction and chaos. The Mad Bomber is responsible for a vast minefield throughout the Reef, which regularly claims Awoken lives, seeding Accretion Fields, Bombing of the Origin Libraries, Kaniks is a crazed lunatic who lives only to chase the adrenaline high of yet another fiery explosion. He was captured alongside his fellow barons and locked deep within the Prison of Elders. A year after the events of the Red War, Kaniks was freed by Uldren Sov, and was later present at the murder of Cayde-6 at Sov's hand.[1] Even after the Death of the Mad Bomber, it is only vainglorious to rejoice at his demise, only to remember of the tragedies and suffering caused by his explosions and that the Shores would never truly be free of the madness and the harshness that it is living there.[3]


Kaniks' main explosive weapon of choice is the Scorn Grenade, which he throws at The Guardian to continuously bombard their position, breaking their shields in just a handful of explosions, and not taking much longer to outright kill them afterward. He also moves rapidly and teleports to random locations as well, making him an erratic target. Occasionally, he will disappear from the area and transmat a Splinter Mine, which will immediately kill all Guardians in the vicinity if it is not defused. When defusing the mines, lesser Scorn units such as Screebs and Ravagers will assault the player on all sides and must be taken care of. While fighting Kaniks, it is best to keep one's distance and remain mobile, as to avoid the detonations as well as the Ultra Smash at close range.


"Emphasis on "mad.""
The Spider

Kaniks is arguably the least sane of the Scorn Barons. He behaves in a very childish manner, treating the Guardian's pursuit of him as a game, mocking the Guardian and Cayde-6 in an immature fashion, and generally speaking in a simplified manner. To further cement his childlike demeanor, his laughter is considerably more goofy and light-hearted than the insane cackling of Araskes or the boastful gloating of Pirrha. In spite of his mindset, he is shown to not be completely incapable of reason or logical thought, as he seems to share Fikrul's beliefs regarding Guardian's relationship with the Eliksni, and has demonstrated that he regards the Guardian as a serious enough threat that he would detonate the entire area they're in so as to ensure their death.


  • "Ooh, what luck! What fortune! A playmate appear! Hello! Hello, hello!"
  • "To begin-a gift! A gift just at you, from ME, good friend Kaniks!"
  • "BEST friend Kaniks! Go, go, go! Open gift!"
  • "Sur-PRIIIIISE! Gift... is DEATH!"
  • "Ah-ah-ah! Game go on! Close your eye and COUNT DOWN."
  • "Where am I hide? Ugly, stupid Cabal can knowing-but not you! YEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!"
  • "Lightbearer, Lightbearer, I see you, yesss, I dooo..."
  • "Ooh, WHEE! Now a game truly begin!"
  • "Friend Cayde? No fun to play with, no fun at all. Such a boring boy to kill-kill-KILL."
  • "Cayde beg and beg and beg. HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!! "Mercy, please, Prince Uldren! Oh pretty, pretty please, oh please!" ...SAD."
  • "Cayde MURDER Eliksni. Think you DIFFERENT, think you HERO? Joke at you."


  • Kaniks is the fifth Fallen known to speak English, as well as the third antagonist to do so.
  • Kaniks is the second known Fallen to have three arms instead of the contemporary four or two. The first being Vosik, the Archpriest.


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