Thumos, the Unbroken

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Thumos, the Unbroken
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Biographical information




Red Legion
Blood Guard (Commander)




Blood Guard Centurion



Combat information




SolarS.png Slug Rifle


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Midair Levitation
Strafe Thrusters
Guard Keycodes
Summon Cabal
VoidS.png Melee


"Careful out there. The team I lost to Thumos... they were good people, some of my best."
— Suraya Hawthorne

Thumos, the Unbroken is a unique Centurion that features as the main boss of the story mission Unbroken. He is one of Dominus Ghaul's most trusted lieutenants, or as Zavala said one of Ghaul's "Chosen". He was responsible for the death of many of Suraya Hawthorne's people while operating on Earth, until his death at the hands of the Guardians. It is heavily inferred he is the commander of the Blood Guard, Ghaul's own personal guard.[1]


Thumos is a heavily armored foe equipped with a Slug Rifle for longer-ranged combat, as well as a Void vibroblade to get up close and personal. Throughout the fight, he will constantly surround Guardians with Blood Guard reinforcements. He will occasionally stand back and hover in the air to repeatedly fire his rifle from above, allowing him to deliver suppressive fire. However, his preferred method of attack is his blade, where he will constantly run down any Guardians that get too close.


  • Thumos can be seen during the mission Adieu leading Cabal forces inside the City two days after the attack, wearing his distinctive uniform of golden armor and wings.[2]
  • Thumos commanded the Orobas Vectura before being killed. After his death, Bracus Zahn began to control the ship.
  • Due to his regalia and position, Thumos may be a leader of, or the leader of the Blood Guard.
  • Thumos is one of the few bosses in Destiny to have the standard boss death animation while also able to have it changed to an elemental death animation if killed by that elemental damage.




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