Thul-Ar, Acolyte of Nokris

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Thul-Ar, Acolyte of Nokris
Biographical information




Lucent Brood




Lightbearer Acolyte

Combat information


Ghosts of the Deep


SolarS.png Splinter
SolarS.png Swarm Grenade


SolarS.png Blade Barrage
Summon Hive
Summon Runebound Visage
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Immunity Shield
KineticS.png Hive Melee


Thul-Ar, Acolyte of Nokris is a Hive Lightbearer Acolyte, servant of Nokris and commander in the Lucent Brood. They can be encountered as a boss in the Ghosts of the Deep. Killing Thul-Ar is a paramount to collecting the catalyst for the Navigator.


To summon Thul-Ar one must first acquire the Navigator Exotic Trace Rifle and will need a Vestige of Light buff, which is obtained by interacting with dead ghosts, which has a time limit of a minute and twenty seconds. The buff must be deposited at a Hive statue located on top of a large rock. Upon interacting with the statue, the first encounter begins. Thul-Ar has a shield that makes them immune to damage. To deal damage to the boss, the players must observe the Hive symbol above it. Three Runebound Visage Wizards will spawn around the area, and one has the same symbol as Thul-Ar. Once the Wizard is killed, one will gain the Piercing Light buff which will allow the players to destroy the immunity shield and deal damage. When enough damage is done, the first phase is complete.

Starting the second encounter bears little difference from the first. The players must arrive at the underwater caves where the statue resides. Then they must kill a horde of Revenant Acolytes and two Blistered Knights and then enter the underwater cave. There, they must kill enemies to interact with a pile of dead Ghosts to gain a Vestige of Light, and then interact with the nearby statue. Kill the Runebound Visage Acolytes with the same symbol as Thul-Ar and repeat the process until enough damage is done to complete the second phase.

After defeating Ecthar, the players will arrive at a traversing area with platforms. Near the entrance at the right tower with the fallen lantern is a pile of dead Ghosts, from which to gain the Vestige of Light. When traversing the platforms, beware of enemies including Luminous Eyes, Blistered Knights, and Acolytes. Reach the main platform and interact with the statue to start the final encounter. The mechanics remain the same, except that there are now Runebound Visage Knights instead. Once Thul-Ar is defeated, players can loot the chest, obtaining the Catalyst, and move on to the final encounter if they want.