Val Belyx, Gauntlet of Incaru

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Val Belyx, Gauntlet of Incaru
Biographical information




Savathûn's Brood




Taken Centurion

Combat information


Dark Monastery


VoidS.png Taken Projection Rifle


Summon Taken
High Durability
Rapid Movement
VoidS.png Axion Dart
KineticS.png Quake


Val Belyx, Gauntlet of Incaru is a Taken Centurion serving under Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return. It is encountered in the Dark Monastery Mission guarding the way to the Ascendant Plane, where its master is being resurrected.[1]


Val Belyx is appears as the final boss of the Dark Monastery mission, which is accessible only during the week of the Dreaming City curse, when it is at its strongest. Once the player has fought their way to through the Harbinger's Seclude, they will arrive at a large room with a bridge leading to a statue at the far end. After making your way down the steps, the Centurion will arrive to prevent you from entering the Ascendant Plane, and is supported by several other Taken enemies.

Belyx comes armed with a corrupted Projection Rifle, which fires powerful Void grenades that explode on impact. It have the ability to stomp the ground if players get too close, knocking them backward and dealing massive amounts of damage. Throughout the battle, reinforcements consisting of Taken Psions and Phalanxes will continuously spawn to assist their leader. Belyx is not particularly durable, however, and can be finished off quickly with a Super or a power weapon. Once the boss is dead, a Taken portal will appear, which you can use to enter the Ascendant Plane and go on to finish the mission.


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